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Consequences of Infidelity

by Curtsy

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Part 1


My wife Rita and I were married in 1990. Rita is a year older than me and has always been smarter and more focused than me. We met when Rita was in college pursuing a degree in Law. I on the other hand never went to college and earned my way by doing jobs like mechanics and construction. I really don’t know why Rita was attracted to me, but perhaps she may have felt superior in some sense. Rita is so much smarter than me as I would find this out in later years.

When we married, Rita insisted that we get a prenuptial agreement so that we could both be protected in case it did not work out. After a year of marriage, Rita got her law degree and started working for a very prestigious law firm. From my viewpoint we had a normal sex life, but little did I recognize, Rita was unfulfilled. She never seemed to be satisfied after we had sex, whereas I always seemed to be fulfilled. I had just assumed that she was someone who did not care much for sex.

After a year of marriage, I did a stupid thing and had a one-night stand with a woman I did not know well. Rita found out about it and confronted me. I am and always was kind of like putty in Rita’s hands so I admitted everything. Rita told me to move into one of the spare rooms for now and she will decide what she wants to do within a week. Since we had a prenuptial, she could easily divorce me. I was scared to death that she would, because everything I had was in her name. She earned lots of money and the house as well as both of our vehicles were in her name. I begged her not to divorce me as I still loved her and I would be out on the street with nothing. A week later she told me that she would give me her decision at dinner that night. I had to be home by six and we could discuss it then.


When I got home Rita asked me to come into her office and when I did there was another woman waiting there. I recognized her as another lawyer from Rita's office. Her name was Nancy. Rita told me that Nancy is a specialist in contract law. There were many documents laid out on the desk. Rita explained to me that she wanted to divorce me, but that she still cared for me and did not want to cut me loose with nothing. She doubted that I could make my way alone in the world without her help. She said that she would refrain from divorcing me if I would agree to her requirements and sign the contracts in front of me.

Nancy explained that she had drawn up several agreements as instructed by Rita. Basically these contracts gave Rita total control over my health care including final say in any surgery she wanted me to have along with my daily care and needs. I would not be required to work outside the home. By agreeing to these contracts, I would be giving her power of attorney over every aspect of my life. It was also explained to me that if I chose to exercise my prenuptial, I would be able to, and leave with all I owned (which was only my clothes) and whatever Rita decided to give me.

Rita then told me that she wanted my decision in 24 hours. If I decided to agree and sign the contracts, I would have to do so the next evening. If not, the divorce would take place and I would leave the home forever.

I thought about my options the next day and wondered what plans Rita had for me. Rita is a very smart woman and always has a plan and always follows through with her plans. I knew that Rita still cared for me or she wouldn’t have given me any choice. I knew our marriage would never be the same, but I also knew that I needed Rita, as I was so very helpless without her. The next evening I told Rita that I would agree to all of the contracts. With her friend Nancy present, I signed the contracts and Nancy witnessed and notarized them. I did not know where my life would go from there, but I would find out very soon. I was told I would continue to occupy the spare bedroom.


About a week later, Rita told me that we were going to leave the next day to travel to Thailand for me to have some medical procedures performed. I asked what kind of procedures, but she said I would find out later either just before or after I woke up from the surgery. I started to get angry, and Rita reminded me that I have made agreements and if I did not want to follow through with my agreements, I was free to leave and move out. Immediately I realized that I had little choice, as I would not leave Rita.

We left for Thailand and when we arrived, I was checked into a hospital. We met with three doctors: an ENT, a plastic surgeon and a urologist. I was informed that I would have surgery on my vocal cords and have my Adams apple (trachea) shaved. I would also have some facial plastic surgery done which would feminize some of my features. I was also to have procedures performed on my penis and other areas. I was asked to sign an authorization for the surgeries. I was told they didn't need my approval, as Rita already had the legal power to order the surgeries, but they preferred to get it anyway. I knew if I didn’t agree, Rita would kick me to the curb, so I signed.

I was prepped for surgery and awoke from surgery a day later. My throat was very sore. My face had some bandages and I had soreness between my legs although I had little or no pain. The doctors were all there when I awoke along with Rita. I was informed that all the procedures were successful, but I should not try to speak for a few days. I was also informed that my voice would be different, and several octaves higher. It would be a woman’s voice. Plastic surgery on my face gave my chin a weaker, more rounded shape and my cheekbones would be fuller. My lips would also be much fuller from injections I had been given. In the genital area, my penis had two frenulum piercings just behind the head and at the base. I also had a ring pierced behind my scrotum sac and in front of my Anus. This area is called the perineum.

After 3 more days of healing, a steel chastity sleeve was installed on my penis with 2 rivets holding it in place through the frenulum piercings just behind the head and one at the base. A doctor who has the appropriate tools could only remove it. It will not allow any erections. Electronics inside the sleeve will track my attempts at erections and their duration. A tiny steel chain was attached to the sleeve behind the head of my penis, and attached to the ring in my perineum, keeping my penis drawn down snugly between my legs. I would have to sit to pee from now on. I was told not to get excited, as an erection attempt would probably be painful.

I was also informed that I was to get an injection every day of various female hormones. This hormone therapy would be unending. I asked the doctors through writing if I had been castrated? I was surprised to hear that I had not, although one of the hormones I would get daily would be a male hormone blocker.

At this point I was told that since sex was impossible for me, I would be required to have regular prostate milking to keep my prostate healthy. “Your wife Rita has asked us to provide you with a self-milking tool, as she does have neither the desire nor the time to do this. You are therefore going to be fitted with a prostate massager to be worn daily inside your rectum. It is similar to a butt plug; but has a shape that will gently rub against your P-spot as you move around during your daily activities. Once installed in your rectum each day, you cannot remove it as it is inflated just behind your sphincter muscle and has a lock over the outside air valve, which needs a key to open. Your wife will keep the key. This device will not interfere with your activities including sitting as it sits neatly between the cheeks of your rear. Also this device has a reservoir inside which will be filled with a lubricant that will release inside your rectum throughout the day, and will help prevent you from getting toxic shock.

“By the end of the day, your rectum will be holding this lubricant inside, so each night you are to wear an extra long maxi pad to cover your rear upon going to bed. At some point during the night, you will have to change to a fresh maxi pad, as the first pad will be filled as it absorbs the lubricant. Since your prostate will be milked throughout the day, you will need to wear a maxi pad inside panties to catch the semen dripping from your penis. Oh yes, I forgot you will need to wear ladies panties to hold your maxi pad in place. From past experience, we have found that you will need to change your maxi pad every 2 to 2-1/2 hours. We have informed your wife that you will always need a large supply of maxi pads on hand for your daily and nightly use.”

After hearing all this my head was just spinning. How could I ever live this way?

Later that day, the nurse came to my room with the device for my rectum. The nurse was there as Rita and I were shown how to add the lubricant to the device. I was instructed to bend over and Rita watched as the nurse inserted it in my rectum. It slid easily into my rectum but hurt a bit going in. The nurse cautioned me to relax my muscles to make it easier on me. Once the device was inserted the nurse had Rita pump the inflation bulb and I felt it swell behind my splinter, locking it in place. Then Rita disconnected the inflation bulb and closed the cap over the valve, which locked away any access by me. Rita kept the keys. I was instructed to walk around and see how it felt. For some reason the device forced me to sway my hips to accommodate it, which the nurses found very amusing. I did not! I spent the better part of that day trying to get used to it, but could not stop swaying my hips. About 2 hours later, I could feel the wetness in my maxi pad. I had to change to a new one. It was now time for bed so Rita unlocked the device, deflated it and removed it. My rectum was full of lubricant, so I was instructed to put on an extra long pad, which I did.

The next morning I was asked by the ENT doctor to try to speak. What a shock it was to hear my new voice. I never dreamed it would be so high. I was now a definite soprano. The bandages were later removed from my face and I definitely now had feminine features. I wanted to crawl into a hole. How could I go out in public? I would find out the very next day.


In the morning Rita was there and said that we would be flying back home today. I was told to remove my pad and take a few minutes to have a bowel movement. Then I was instructed to shower and to my surprise I was given a douche to clean out my rectum. I was instructed to do this every morning. After my shower the prostate massager was reinstalled in my rectum, inflated and locked by Rita. She instructed me to get dressed so we could leave. I was a little surprised that Rita allowed me to wear my old male clothes. I had a hat along so I pulled it down over my face to hide it somewhat. We checked out of the hospital and went straight to the airport.

At the airport, my humiliation increased greatly. Obviously I could not get through security screening as the metal sleeve and piercings on my gentiles kept setting off metal detectors. I was informed that if I couldn't remove the metal from my body, I would need a personal inspection. I was taken to a private room where a man asked me to drop my pants. When I did he saw my panties and when I lowered my panties, he saw my maxi pad, and chastity sleeve. He then understood why I could not get these items off. He kind of laughed and told me to get dressed. I was then permitted to board the plane.

On the plane in first class, I sat next to Rita and took a window seat. I kept my hat pulled low over my head so as to disguise my feminine features. When the stewardess asked if I needed anything I just nodded no, as I didn't want her to hear my feminine voice. About 2 hours into the flight, I whispered to Rita that my maxi pad was soaked and needed changing. Rita only said, "you know what to do." I grabbed my small carry-on bag and headed to the restroom, trying not to sway my hips too much. Inside the restroom I lowered my pants and panties, sat down to pee and got a fresh maxi pad out of my bag, disposed of the wet one and put the new one on. This would be my bathroom routine for the years to come, so I better get used to it. I returned to my seat relieved that I was able to do what was required. A couple hours later I had to do the same routine.

About 2 hours later I knew I was coming up on another pad change. Rita gave me a nudge, and whispered to me that the prostate stimulator had been in me for 12 hours and it was time to come out. She said she was going to call the stewardess. I was horrified. When the stewardess came over, Rita informed her that she needed to go to the restroom along with me, as I needed some assistance from her to remove something from me. She said she didn't want to alarm the stewardess when we both went into the rest room at the same time. The stewardess smiled at me and said it would not be a problem. We got up and Rita held my hand and led me to the restroom like a small child. I was just mortified. The restroom was small for 2 people but Rita had me drop my pants and panties and bend over as best as I could. I had an extra long pad ready and she unlocked and deflated the device in my rear. She slid it out and I prepared to put my long pad on. Rita surprised me by giving me my hormone injection right then. She left the rest room and I sat down to pee. I washed my hands, made sure my pad was in position and went back to my seat. As I passed the stewardess she smiled at me and asked if everything went ok. I nodded yes and wanted to cry.

Rita reminded me that there was about 5 hours remaining in the flight and that I should change my pad before we landed. I said that I wanted to wait until we landed and change it in the restroom in the terminal. She advised against waiting, but told me I was on my own. As I sat there I could feel the pad soaking as it absorbed the lubricant. I was determined to wait to change it, as I was sick of the embarrassment of using the restroom on the plane.

Finally we landed and I rushed to the nearest restroom. The pad on my rear felt like a wet rag. I pulled my pants and panties down and noticed that there was lubricant on both. I had left the pad on too long. I put a clean pad on and clean panties. I tied my jacket around my waist and went back to Rita. Rita saw me and knew what had happened. She whispered to me that I had learned a valuable lesson. Women on their periods don't wait to change pads when they should. I realized that I was just like a woman at that time. The only difference was that I was having my period from both my locked up penis and my rear. Also, my period was every day and not just 2 or 3 days a month. Life from now on was going to be a challenge.


When we arrived back home, I noticed that my truck was gone. Rita told me that she had sold it and that I wouldn’t need it anymore. When we entered the house, Rita explained that I had a new room. When I saw it, I noticed that it was decorated in a very feminine manner. My clothes were in the closet and my underwear had been replaced with panties. There was a door to another room, which was locked. Rita explained that it would be unlocked when the time was right. There was another smaller room off my bedroom, which led to a room with a sewing machine and chair with knitting, crochet and needlepoint supplies. Another woman came into the room and Rita introduced me to her. Her name was Mary and I believed she was about 35 or so. Rita explained that Mary was hired to assist me in my training going forward. I would be learning to clean, cook, do laundry and iron along with other things when the time was right. At this point I realized that I had no say in anything. I was free to move out and take my clothes, with little or no money. I was trapped and I knew it. Having a woman's voice and nothing else. Rita was right when she said I wouldn't be needing my truck, as she knew that I would not want to leave the house without her. Besides, Rita had taken my drivers license and credit cards away while we were in Thailand.

I was tired from the long flight and so I was told to get some sleep in my new feminine quarters. Mary told me to put on a fresh long maxi pad before going to sleep. Mary told me to set an alarm for about 2am to change my pad. I did as told and woke at 2am and my pad indeed needed changing. Then I went back to bed. I awoke at 8am and Mary was there to instruct me. I was told that today would give me an idea of my daily routine.

  1. Undress 
  2. Remove pad 
  3. Sit down on toilet and pee and defecate. (This would be the only time of the day that I could defecate, and if I could not defecate for 2 days in a row, I would be given an enema to keep me regular).
  4. Take a shower and use a douche to clean out my rectum. Mary showed me how to douche my rectum.
  5. After showering, Mary or Rita would insert my prostate massager, inflate and lock it. I would then put on a maxi pad and panties.
  6. Finish dressing.

At this point I would begin my training with Mary instructing me in cooking, cleaning, ironing, doing laundry, sewing, crochet, and needlepoint. I wouldn't have much if any free time, but if I did I would be allowed to read women's magazines pertaining to sewing, fashion and makeup. I would be strictly forbidden from watching TV or any sports. My diet would be that of a vegetarian, with no meat. I would however prepare meals for Rita and Mary with meat. Salads, fruit and vegetables would be my main nourishment. I was told I needed to drop some weight as soon as possible.

For the next 3 months I learned my responsibilities well. My days were full and I lost about 25 pounds. My clothes were very loose on me except in the chest area and in my hips and rear end.

It was obvious to me that the daily hormone injections were causing this change. I had developed breasts and my hips and rear end were much fuller. I wanted to go out of the house, but was too afraid to.


One morning when I awoke, Rita informed me that I had a doctor’s appointment in about an hour. I showered and instead of being plugged in the rear with the device, I was instructed to just put on an extra long maxi pad. I remember not wanting to do it or wear panties, but was ordered to by Rita.

I wondered what kind of doctor I was going to see. Rita drove me and we arrived at the doctor’s office. To my shock it was a gynecologist. Rita instructed me to sit in the waiting room. Obviously there were all women there and they looked at me wondering what a man was doing there.

The nurse called my name and I followed her. She looked at her chart and commented that I would be in room 6. She told me that per the doctor’s instructions I would always be examined in room 6 as the examination taken in room 6 had special equipment. I entered the room and was told to strip and lay on the table. I did as told. The nurse took my blood pressure, weight and temperature.

Then Dr. Baker came in. Dr. Baker was a woman about 38. At this point she introduced herself to me, and proceeded to tell me what would be happening. Per a request from my wife Rita, I was to always be restrained during my examinations. I would be examined every 3 months. Dr Baker instructed the nurses to strap my arms down and secure my feet in the stirrups. The nurse adjusted the stirrups so my feet were well above my head and wide apart. A blindfold was put over my eyes. I was told that Rita did not want me to have freedom either to touch or see my penis, as it would be freed from its metal prison.

I could hear equipment and tools being gathered and suddenly a needle went into my arm. The nurse was drawing blood from me. Next I heard a sound like a nail gun, which, I was told, would remove the metal rivets that held my penis between my legs and opened the metal frenulum sleeve. It was a strange feeling to have my penis once again free, but it felt wonderful! I could feel the doctor manipulating my penis and scrotum. I felt an erection coming and immediately an ice bag between my legs halted it. Dr. Baker commented that I had done an excellent job keeping everything clean. She cleaned and disinfected between my legs and then something went into my rectum. The doctor was examining with a light and camera. She said everything looked good.

I then realized that Rita had entered the room as the doctor spoke to her. She told Rita that evidently my penis had shrunk slightly in the last 3 months, as my frenulum sleeve was a little loose. She would go down one size to a tighter one. Rita gave her approval. I felt the doctor put the new one on and closed and sealed it shut. Then the chain was pulled down between my legs and attached to the ring and connected and riveted. I was back in my chastity only it was much tighter.

At this point, the doctor took my blindfold off and asked the nurse to do a breast examination. The doctor took my old frenulum sleeve and plugged a cord into it to extract the data from the last 3 months. I could see and hear the doctor and Rita talking as they looked at a computer screen. The doctor told Rita that I was having several erection attempts daily and that with the continued hormones and being locked in chastity we would begin seeing less erection attempts. Rita wondered how long before I might become totally impotent? The doctor could not say, but stated that it should happen sometime in the future.

Rita asked about my breast development and how large they might get? The doctor said that I could achieve a C cup. Rita said she wanted me to be a DD. The doctor said that was possible, but time and hormone treatment would be key. The doctor said that to achieve DD, some kind of surgery might be needed. I wondered if the doctor was talking about implants or something else?

The doctor then looked at my blood work and stated that everything looked good, but she noted that the hormones that cause breast development could be raised. Rita said to adjust the hormones. The doctor also said my PSA was good and that the prostate massager should keep it healthy. Rita and the doctor talked about my mental health and was Rita having me seen by a specialist? Rita said yes and that our first appointment was today. The doctor made the statement that this was essential in helping me to accept my future life. Rita agreed.

At this point the doctor reminded me to use a feminine deodorant spray each time I changed my pad. Since I am wearing a pad all the time, I am not getting air to my genital area and to prevent bacteria from forming it is essential to keep dry. She noted that when I begin to wear feminine undergarments, this would be even more essential as nylon and satin don't allow air to circulate well.

Before we left, the doctor said to me that she would see me in 3 months and that my breasts should be large enough to have my first mammogram then, and that I would probably be wearing something a lot prettier by then as my body would change quite a bit. I asked the doctor what a mammogram was and she told me it was basically a picture of my breast tissue.

When we left and were in the car, I questioned Rita about the specialist I was going to see. She told me she is a gender psychologist and dealt mainly with helping people with gender change issues. She treats a lot of sissy men, transsexuals, transvestites and other trains gendered people, and also people who are being forced into feminization and womanhood. I wondered where I fit in?

We arrived at the psychologist's office and she welcomed us. Her name was Doctor Jones, but I could call her Betty. Almost immediately I asked if I could use the restroom as my pad was getting soaked. I remembered to use the feminine deodorant spray (FDS) and returned to the doctor’s office. When I came in Rita and Betty were having a long discussion. I'm sure they were talking about me. I listened to Betty as she explained what the purpose of me coming to her was. She said that many men who are entering into feminization either voluntarily or by force have confusion and depression. Her goal was to assist me in maybe not being happy about the situation, but learning to deal with it and accept it as something that was going to happen with or without my approval.

She then asked me if I had any questions? I asked where I fit in as far as what exactly she thought I was? She said that she did not think I was a sissy as sissy men are usually forced into feminine clothing and some are usually required to service men either with their mouths or their anus. She also did not think that I was a transsexual or transvestite, as these men usually want to act and dress as women. She said she thought that I was more on the Forced Womanhood side in that I did not and do not want this to happen to me, but because of my infidelity, Rita had maneuvered me into a situation both legally and physically where it was going to happen. I kind of agreed with her.

She asked if I was aware that soon I would be forced into wearing female clothing and how I felt about it? I told her I was not happy about it, but I hoped I could get used to it. I realized that my body was quickly changing and that it was inevitable. She commended me on my attitude. We then talked about my going out of the house on my own. She said she understood that since my surgery and genital lockup, I had been reluctant to leave the house. I said that because of my voice change and difficulty with maxi pad requirements and the device in my rear, I did not want to mix with anyone. I was surprised when she told me that Rita was happy with my feelings and would prefer that I am housebound. Betty of course said that I would need to venture out for doctors appointments and beauty treatments. She also said that I need not worry and either Rita or Mary would always accompany me and I could not and never would be allowed to drive a vehicle. Rita said that the only way I could get out of the house on my own was to take a taxi.

I felt I was being made a prisoner. Betty said that it would not be long before I would be in female attire. From the looks of me, I was busting out all over. Buttons were straining on my shirt and my pants looked like they were about to rip because of my hip and rear expansion. Betty told me that she had recommended that Rita hire Mary to help and she was also working closely with my gynecologist, urologist and any other doctors required. We talked for 2 hours and I had to go change my pad again and use the FDS. Rita stated that it had been a long day and she needed to get me home, as I had to cook dinner.


When Rita and I arrived home it was time for me to prepare dinner for Rita and Mary. I would be eating yogurt and a green salad. I fixed Rita and Mary steak and baked potatoes. I looked longingly at the steaks and wished I were allowed to have one, but had to watch my weight. After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and as it was getting late I went to get ready for bed. I was to be in bed by 9pm. Rita gave me my hormone injection, unlocked and deflated the device in my rear and removed it. I put on a clean maxi pad, and got into bed. I was so exhausted from the day, I immediately fell asleep. Something happened during the night that forced a change in my situation. Somehow while I was sleeping my panties shifted and took my maxi pad with them and uncovered my rectal opening. As the lubricant in me leaked out and was supposed to be soaked up by my maxi pad, it leaked all over my panties, pajama bottoms and bed sheets. My alarm went off at 2 am for me to change my pad, and I saw the mess. I immediately tried to clean up the mess, changed the sheets, put on clean panties and a fresh pad. I hoped Rita and Mary would not find out as I was doing all the laundry. I felt pretty safe about it.

The next day, things were going ok when Rita summoned me into her office. She had been reviewing the tapes from the security cameras around the house (at least 3 in my bedroom and 2 in my bath) and discovered what had happened the night before. She scolded me for trying to hide it. Then Rita and Mary were discussing how this happened and realized that it would surely happen again. Rita got my gynecologist on the phone and asked for a recommendation. Rita did not want me to have to wear diapers at night, but the doctor recommended she start having me wear maxi pads with tails and a sanitary belt like women wore on their periods in the early and mid 20th century. The belt will keep the pad tight against the crack in my butt and since they are longer, they will also cover my gentiles. Rita didn't realize that they were still selling these things. The doctor told her that they could get them from any medical supply.

At this point, Rita said to Mary that they needed to stock up on all my sanitary supplies I would be needing for a year. Here are the numbers they came up with:

Rita commented that I probably would not like the night time maxi pads, as they are much bulkier. As her mother told her, they were like having a pillow between your legs all the time. But it was necessary to avoid accidents. I realized in addition to my feminization, I also had no privacy. When we got the new nighttime maxi pads and sanitary belts, Mary assisted me in learning how to put them on and changing the pad during the night. I felt like I was wearing diapers.


About another month and a half went by and my body was really changing. Kind of busting out all over as my gender psychologist said. I could barely get my pants zipped up and was having difficulty buttoning my shirts. One day as I was cleaning the kitchen, Rita came in and dropped something on the floor. I instinctually bent down to retrieve it for her. Immediately the seam in the rear of my pants ripped open and 2 buttons popped off my shirt. Rita looked at me and smiled and said, "I think the time has come."

Rita called Mary and they escorted me to my room. They told me to take my clothes off and only be in my panties. Rita then explained to me that my body shape had changed so much that I could no longer wear my old male clothes. While Rita was talking to me, Mary was busy gathering up all my male clothing and shoes and putting them in large plastic bags. Rita said they would all be recycled. I said to Rita, that "now I have no clothing at all." Was I expected to walk around in panties all day?

Rita explained that she had already built me an extensive female wardrobe. She went to the door in my room that had always been locked and opened it. Inside was another room that was even a little larger than my bedroom. There were clothing racks and drawers along the walls. My eyes were drawn to the clothing racks and noticed that dresses, skirts and blouses were carefully hung on the racks. Rita mentioned that there were 70 dresses, 25 skirts and the same number of blouses. I was led to the drawers and shown that they were full of lingerie such as prettier panties, slips, bras, girdles, one-piece girdle and bra shapers and stockings. Other cabinets had shoes. I noticed that all the shoes had very high heels. There were also numerous hats in various colors and styles. Lots of ribbons, bows and flowers on them along with attached netting that would cover my eyes and face. The dresses and skirts were, I thought, very long.

My head was spinning and then another bomb was dropped. Rita had decided that I would only wear dresses and skirts. There were no slacks in the wardrobe nor would there be any. Over in a far corner, there were several racks with crinoline petticoats in multiple colors hanging from them. I realized that this wardrobe was from an earlier time period. The clothes were not modern styles. Rita told me that she had decided to dress me in clothing from the 1950s. My skirts and dresses all fell at about the knee or slightly lower. She said that in the 50s, women’s dresses were very elegant with no pants. The clothes were not especially comfortable, especially the bras and girdles, but I would eventually get used to living in them. I was shown another cabinet, which contained my nightclothes. There were multiple negligees and very feminine slippers. I then noticed that each garment had some kind of number or letter assigned to it. It was explained that Rita would control everything I wore, from day to day. I would not have to worry about what to put on, as I would be instructed.

It was my bedtime and Mary helped me into a negligee. It felt very good and I realized I would begin my training in the morning as to how and what to wear. Unfortunately my other routines such as sanitary needs (douching, applying and wearing maxi pads, FDS and wearing my Prostate Massage Rectal plug) would not change. I realized that my life would be busier than ever as it would take me longer to dress and that I would have more extensive beauty routines.

The next morning I was awoken early to begin my training. Mary would give me my instruction. Mary unlocked several drawers in my dressing table that I had never had access to. They were full of things like accessories (bows, ribbons etc.), jewelry, hair curlers and rollers along with setting gels, makeup and nail care items. There was also a 1950s type hair dryer with a bonnet for my head.

Mary told me to take a shower. She followed me into the bathroom and helped me put a depilatory (hair removal cream) all over my body below the neck. I could not put it everywhere around my genitals as my chastity blocked the way. She told me that my gynecologist would get rid of that later. After the shower I was pretty much hairless below the neck. Mary cautioned me to shave my underarms and legs regularly as Rita would notice if I did not.

Then Mary showed me a binder on my dressing table. In the binder there were numbered pages that explained everything I needed to know to dress properly. She told me that today I was to dress in outfit number 59. I turned to page 59 and everything was laid out in the order and the items I was to wear. Below is an example:

Description: Full pink skirt with 3 crinolines and white lace blouse.

Match a purse with shoes.


If going out in public, wear a pink pillbox hat with face netting and matching gloves.

Mary told me this is how I was to get dressed each day. Just follow the book. I began to gather the items I required and brought them into my room. I removed my negligee and panties. I took off my nighttime pad and sanitary belt. Sat down and went to the bathroom. Took my shower and douched. Mary inserted my rectal device, inflated and locked it in my rear. I put on a maxi pad and my new fancy panties. Mary showed me how to put on my Bra. The underwire was very uncomfortable, but Rita preferred I wear under wires as it gave me a more defined and pretty bust line. Mary showed me how to insert pads in my bra to attain DD cups.

Next came the girdle. I stepped into it and began pulling it up. I looked at Mary and said it was way too tight. She said it is supposed to be very tight. I continued to pull and tug and after some time I managed to get it up over my hips. It was a high waist type so it almost reached from my bra to the tops of my legs. Next were my stockings. Mary showed me how to kind of roll them up my legs so as not to get runs in them. When they were on, Mary showed me how to clip them onto the garters attached to my girdle. At this point Mary gave me a strict warning. I was to check the seams on the back of my legs several times a day to make sure they were always straight. Rita did not want me to have them crooked. I stood in front of my full-length mirror and had to adjust the seams a bit, but got them straight.

Next item was my slip. It went on over my head and fell to just above my knees. Next came 3 white crinoline petticoats. They were a set labeled 1,2,3, to go on in that order. I stepped into each and secured each of them at my waist with tight drawstrings. I could not believe how they poofed out from my legs. As I moved around the rustle of the petticoats was very noticeable.

Next came a white lace blouse that buttoned up in the back. I struggled with reaching all the buttons and expected Mary to help me, but she said I must button all the buttons myself, as she would not always be there. I struggled and stretched until I managed to get all buttoned. The blouse was long sleeved with lace and ruffles at the cuffs. Also there was lace and ruffles at the neck and down the front. Next item was the pink skirt. Mary gave me instruction as to the relationship of my petticoats and the skirt. Ideally, skirt hems should hang about 1 inch below the hem of the petticoats. The petticoats should never be seen when I am standing. Also the skirt hem should not fall too low to create a waterfall effect. She said if the skirt fell 3 or 4 inches below the petticoats it would kind of drop off like a waterfall creating a poor visual effect. So much to adjust and remember!

I got the skirt on and zipped and buttoned it in the back. I checked everything in the mirror, and it looked good. Mary cautioned me to check everything many times throughout the day and make adjustments when necessary. She said I should carry safety pins with me in my purse and have them handy at home for use in making adjustments. For instance, if my petticoats were either too low or too high, I could pin them to my slip to keep them in place as my slip hangs from my shoulders and is stable. Now it was time to put on shoes. The shoes were 4-inch heels with ankle straps. I stepped into them and thought I would fall over on my face. How could I walk in these?

Mary assured me that I would learn with practice. She cautioned me to just take small steps. I asked if I could try something with lower heels? Mary said that 4 inches were the lowest heels I had. I would soon be learning to walk in even higher heels. It was now time for me to put on my jewelry. Pearl necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings. My ears had been pierced in Thailand. Mary led me to my dressing table and sat me down. Mary reminded me to always arrange my skirt and petticoats when I was going to sit so as to be ladylike and not create wrinkles. Mary said usually women put on their makeup before putting on their dresses or skirts and blouses, but since this was my first time she produced a kind of smock to drape over me to protect my clothes.

I put on eye makeup (shadow, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil). Next came powder (rouge) and finally pale pink lipstick. To top things off I dabbed some perfume behind my ears. I stood in front of the mirror and checked everything again (seems, petticoats etc.). I could not believe that women went through this torture daily in the 1950s. Mary said that I would adapt. As I stood there I couldn't believe that I actually looked like a woman. Now I could match my female voice. The girdle was awfully tight and I wondered to Mary if it was too small? She said that I would feel that girdle squeezing me throughout my day. That was normal. Another reason to watch my weight. If I put on a couple of pounds, I would pay the price.

Finally I was ready to go fix Rita's breakfast. I slowly walked into the kitchen and Mary told me to put on an apron. It was pink and very feminine. I moved about slowly so as not to fall in my heels. I took Rita's breakfast to her and also underwent an inspection from her. When she saw me she smiled. She looked very satisfied with my appearance. The petticoats rustled loudly as I moved around. Rita informed me that I had an appointment at the beauty parlor in the afternoon. Suddenly I began to panic as I realized that my maxi pad was wet and needed changing. How would I possibly get that done with all I was wearing? Rita and Mary laughed, but I did not think it was one bit funny. Mary took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom.

She said you do not have to get undressed, but it can be quite a production to relieve myself and take care of my sanitary needs. She said this is why women in the 50s didn't leave the house much while on their periods as doing these necessary things was just too difficult. But since I am basically on a period or menstrual flow 24/7, I would need to do them. Mary told me to reach down and gather my skirt, petticoats and slip in both hands and hike them up to around my waist. Then while holding my skirt, petticoats and slip at my waist with one hand, use the other hand to unsnap my garters from my stockings. Then slowly raise my girdle by a rolling action up to above my hips.

At this point I should be able to lower my panties to my knees and sit on the toilet. Do my business and replace my maxi pad and use the FDS. Then stand up slowly while continuing to hold onto my skirt, petticoats and slip with one hand and using the other hand to pull up my panties then lower my girdle and reattach all my garters. Then I can release my skirt, petticoats and slip. Wash my hands, and check my stocking seams for straightness in the mirror and make sure my petticoats are not hanging below the hem of my skirt and are not too high causing a waterfall effect.

Once all this is done, I should check my makeup and correct any blemishes and add more perfume. Also this is the time to make sure my hair is arranged perfectly. Mary also reminded me to always carry a purse. There are no pockets in any of my clothing and the essential things I need when going out of the house, must be in my purse. For example, I always carry maxi pads, FDS, and one extra pair of panties should I have an accident. Perfume, makeup and a hanky as well. I would get my new hairdo this afternoon so I need hairspray, comb and brush as well as hair pins and other hair care items. Small purses are not good enough for everything I need, so I have a good collection of large purses.

Mary told me when all this was done, to report to Rita in her office.


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