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Consequences of Infidelity

by Curtsy

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Continues from

This is a continuation of Parts 1 & 2 of Consequences of Infidelity. New characters are introduced and if mistreatment of a sissy is bothersome to you please do not read. Hope you enjoy and remember this account takes place over a number of years.

Part 3

As I mentioned at the conclusion of the previous account, I have been totally feminized for about 12 years. I have not worn pants in 11 and 1/2 years. I am always in dresses and skirts. My lingerie always includes underwire bras, slips, open bottom girdles with garters, panties, seamed stockings, 4 inch or higher heels and petticoats. Why petticoats? Well, Rita, my former wife and now guardian, has put me in a 1950s style wardrobe 100% of the time. I have a surgically altered female voice and hormones plus castration have given me a beautiful female figure along with DD breasts. I can go out in public and easily pass as a woman. I do have one impediment though. I have a permanent scrotal ring and testicular implants that prevent its removal. It rings with every movement. I am in chastity all the time as well. Rita wanted me to experience femininity as much as possible so I have to wear a prostate massager all day, which makes me emit semen from my penis, which is always between my legs. For this reason, I must wear maxi pads all the time. At night when the prostate massager is removed, I wear an old-fashioned sanitary belt type maxi pad to catch any lubricant that comes out of my anus. To get more detail on all of this, refer to my first 2 accounts.

Rita has told me that she is pleased with my appearance, but would like to make me much prettier. For this reason she is taking me to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. When we arrived I curtsied (as I always do when I meet people) to the receptionist and sat down to wait. When called, Rita and I went in to see the plastic surgeon. Rita asked what could be done to give me more feminine beauty?

After the doctor examined me, she told Rita that there were many options. She said that my lips should be filled with more silicone. That had been done before, but should be done every 5 years. She felt that my nose was a bit too large and they could fix that. It would require breaking it and removing a tiny bit of bone. My upper cheeks should receive some silicone injections and my eyes could be touched up a bit. She said my ears were a bit large and they could take some off the top and lobes. Of course they would give me new piercings as well.

Rita liked what she heard and approved all the procedures. The doctor said that I would have bandages all over my face and ears for several days and I would need to stay in the hospital for three days. I would need my hands restrained in the bed to keep me on my back and not able to touch any of the bandages. Rita arranged for the surgery the very next day. Of course, I had no say in any of this as Rita has total legal power of attorney over me. 

The next day I was taken to surgery and later woke up in bed. My wrists were restrained to the bed and I had bandages all over my face. Rita held up a mirror for me to see and I realized that I could not move my mouth to speak. Rita said I should not try to speak. There was a small hole for me to take in nourishment through a straw. My nose was heavily bandaged with two plastic straws in my nostrils to keep them open for breathing. Also my ears were heavily bandaged as well also with straws stuck in them so I could hear. I could tell that I did not have my prostate massager in, but had a maxi pad on. Rita said I was wearing a catheter and had been given an enema before I woke up, so I should be ok to stay in bed. Mary had come to the hospital and was putting my hair up in rollers and curlers. I would stay this way for 3 days.

When it was time to feed me, a nurse put a straw in my mouth and fed me liquid baby food. It was terrible.

After 3 days Rita came to take me home. All the bandages stayed on and the nurse gave me a sponge bath. Rita and Mary got me ready to go home. The Prostate Massager was installed in my anus, inflated and locked and a clean maxi pad was put on. The nurse stood there and watched as Rita helped me dress. She was amazed to see my clothing and just laughed at me, knowing that I was a feminized man. The doctor arrived and said she would see me in her office in 2 more days for the unveiling. We went home with me still having tubes in my nose and ears. I could now talk and eat as the bandages had been removed from my lips.

Two days later and all the bandages were being removed. Rita and the doctor looked at my face. My ears were a good deal smaller and I looked a lot like an actress I had seen in old movies. Rita said I looked like Sandra Dee and the doctor agreed. Rita said I was beautiful. No one would ever suspect me of ever being a man. A picture was taken of me and the doctor asked Rita if she could put it on her wall. I was one of her greatest successes. We went home and Nancy, who is Rita's roommate and co-guardian over me, said I was the prettiest girl she had seen in quite a while. She said it was a shame to waste such beauty on a feminized male. She looked disgusted.

Maybe she was jealous, I thought.


A couple of weeks later, Rita informed me that we would be going to Cancun Mexico, as she had meetings there she must attend with other members of her law firm from all over the country. We would have a luxury suite on the ocean. I was a little confused as in nearly 12 years she had not taken me along on any trip since my visit to Thailand to begin my feminization nearly 12 years ago. She said that I was coming along because Mary won't be able to stay with me at home as usual.

I told her that she could leave me alone for a week.

She looked at me kind of funny and said, “who would install my prostate massager each day and make sure I was dressed as I should be? I'm afraid you would be running around with no girdle or bra and who knows what else?”

I had to agree that she was right. She handed me a new passport with my new picture and told me that I would do all the packing for her and Nancy as well as myself. I was given a list of what they wanted packed. Later that day a new set of luggage was delivered for me. Very feminine pink including a large trunk, and 3 large suitcases along with a makeup bag and carry on bag as well. I told Rita I wouldn't need all those bags.

She said that I would, with all my shoes, petticoats and dresses, along with all my sanitary supplies. I was given another list for what I would pack for myself. 

As I packed Rita's and Nancy's clothes, of course they only wanted shorts and pants. It was easy to pack their things in one large suitcase. I noticed that they each had bathing suits. I asked Rita if I could get a bathing suit as well.

She told me that I could not wear a bathing suit, as I would not be able to hide my chastity or my maxi pads in one. Even one with a short skirt, wouldn't do the job. Then she said that the week we would be in Cancun, I would be on my period, and so it would not be good for me to be out in the heat. ON MY PERIOD!

I begged Rita to delay my period patch until after we got back, but she said a real girl can't delay her cycle, and neither would I. She told me that I would be staying in the suite every day of vacation, doing cooking and cleaning. Some vacation! After I had done all the packing, it looked like I was going away for about 6 months. 

Finally the day came to leave and someone arrived to take all our luggage to the airport. It's a good thing they had a truck as I had quite a bit of baggage. A limo came and picked us up as well. On the way to the airport, I started to cry. Rita asked me what was wrong? I said that I was nervous about the security screening as I was remembering 12 years ago, when I last got on an airplane. I was sure I would need to have my body inspected.

By the time we got to the airport, Rita had calmed me down. Nancy looked disgusted with me. She told Rita in a joking manner, "I should be checked in as an animal in a cage. That way I would not slow them down."

Rita laughed, but I did not. When it came time for me to go through screening as I guessed the alarms went off. I was told that I would have to be screened in a private room by a female agent. Rita went with me. I was screened with a wand and the agent said that I had metal in 3 places. My breast area, my genitals and my thighs. I wondered about my breasts and thighs? I was told to unzip my dress and it was pulled down from covering my breasts along with my slip.

The agent asked if I had an underwire bra on and she felt under my breasts to confirm. I zipped up my dress and I was asked to raise my skirts, petticoats and slip. The agent unsnapped my garters and rolled up my girdle. I pulled down my panties to reveal my genital area. When the agent saw that I was a male she laughed and said "another one." She asked what I had stuck in my anus.

Rita told her what it was and how it was used. All the agent said was that it was ingenious. Also it turns out that my garter snaps are metal and explained why my thighs set off the detector. We returned to find Nancy looking angry at having to wait so long. We headed for the gate, but all the activity caused me to have to go to the ladies room to replace my maxi pad. I apologized to Rita and Nancy for having to slow them down.

Rita said, "these are the feminine things you have to deal with." Nancy looked angry. I was feeling a little sick and was having hot flashes. My period had kicked in.

When we finished in the ladies room, we boarded the plane and Rita and Nancy sat together and I sat across the aisle next to a lady looking about my age. 

She introduced herself as Gail, and said, "You must be Priscilla?"

I said, “yes, but how do you know me"?

She went on to tell me that she knew quite a bit about me and my history. She related that she is Rita's personal secretary and has been since before I had been feminized. She admitted that she had a great deal to do with all aspects of my dress, surgeries and routine. I looked over at Rita and she nodded her head in an affirmative way and smiled. Gail went on to tell me that she has been responsible, with Rita's permission, for locating doctors for me. Also she has done tons of research in the best practices and ways to feminize a male. For instance, it was she who located the prostate massager I wear daily so I can milk myself and emit semen from my penis constantly.

“This is designed to simulate a menstrual flow and keep you in maxi pads all the time,” she said. She said that I had probably just gone to the ladies room before getting on the plane, and would probably need to change my pad in 90 minutes.

I said, "yes" with a little embarrassment.

She said that it was her research that helped me attain my DD cup breast size. "Unfortunately for you it had to include your castration. I personally did not want that for you, but Rita made the final call, as large breasts were required for you to be what Rita wanted." She said it was so great to finally meet me and that my recent plastic surgery looks like a complete success. She noted that I was very pretty and really looked like Sandra Dee. She even knew that I was on my period and she hoped I would not be too uncomfortable while in Cancun. She told me that she and Rita are old college friends and Rita confides in her about everything, which is largely about my feminization.

After about 90 minutes, she said, “you must have a wet pad by now.”

I said “yes,” and got up to go do my sanitary business. The restroom on the plane was like a phone booth. I struggled to get my pad changed and adjust my petticoats and stocking seams. Then I had to redo my makeup. There were two people waiting for me to finish. It must have taken a half hour. I asked Gail why I had never met her before.

She told me that when she was not working, she cared for her husband who had a serious illness.

I told her that I hoped that things would get better and she replied that I was sweet to say that. She promised we would see each other in the future as the plane touched down in Cancun. I thought to myself that she was kind of like a puppeteer. She and Rita were pulling the strings together and, unfortunately, I was the puppet.

We got off the plane and fortunately Rita had arranged for all our luggage to be picked up and delivered to our hotel and a limo waited for us to take us to the hotel. I asked Rita, “how long before we get to the hotel?”

"Perhaps you should do your sanitary stuff now, as we don't want an accident do we?" Rita and Nancy waited for me. As usual, Nancy looked angry when I finished, although Rita was fine with it. She realized that I did not have a choice. 

We arrived at our hotel on the beach and went to the 10th floor suite. It was big and had 3 bedrooms. I knew that Rita and Nancy would be in one room's king size bed. My room had a queen size bed for me. There was a rollaway bed in the corner which confused me. I wondered who would be in the third bedroom, which also had a king, size bed? All 3 bedrooms had large bathrooms attached and a beautiful view of the ocean and beach from the balcony. Our luggage arrived and I was instructed to unpack everything and put it away. I also would be required to iron items that had wrinkled during our trip. I continued to wonder about the 3rd bedroom and the rollaway bed in my room. 

After about an hour, Rita told me that we had guests staying with us. It was a friend of hers named Brenda and her husband Stephen. Also a friend of Brenda's named Jane. Jane and Brenda would share one room and Stephen would sleep in my room. I immediately protested, saying why can't he sleep with his wife? Rita said I would understand when I met Stephen. 

About an hour later they arrived and I greeted them with a curtsy. Brenda looked at me and said that I was adorable. Stephen kind of stood to the side and kept his head down. Brenda told him to put the luggage in the room and get into his appropriate clothes. His clothes looked appropriate to me, but when he returned, I understood everything. He had on a short yellow sissy dress with petticoat and yellow panties. Stockings and yellow high heels rounded out his outfit.

Brenda introduced her sissy husband as Stephanie. I was going to curtsy, but Rita stopped me and said no need to curtsy to a sissy. Brenda put Stephanie to work unpacking their suitcases, and I proceeded to make lunch. Brenda said that Stephanie would eat whatever I eat. I was really curious about Stephanie and could not wait to talk to her about her life. I didn't have to wait too long as all four of the girls had an orientation meeting in the afternoon. 

After lunch the girls left and said that they would be gone for a couple of hours. We were told not to leave the suite. Stephanie and I were busy with chores that we were given and as we worked we got acquainted.

Stephanie asked me how I wound up a feminized man. I proceeded to tell my story, which took quite a while. Then I asked her about her situation. She told me that Brenda and her were married about a year when Brenda figured out that she (Stephanie) liked to wear feminine garments. She said that Brenda has always been dominant and he had always been submissive.

“Brenda wanted to divorce me not only for my sissy tendencies, but my inability to satisfy her sexual needs, but her friend Rita suggested they see a gender psychologist. When we met with the doctor, she told Brenda that having a sissy could be a great advantage. Since sissies are very compliant, they can serve a lot of needs. She said that Brenda should keep me in chastity 24/7 and that it was ok to go out with other men and have them satisfy her needs. If she wanted to cuckold me, then I could assist her with that as well.”

“After talking with the gender psychologist, Brenda decided to keep me as her sissy husband. Since then Brenda has taken to bondage and found that she really enjoys putting me in uncomfortable bondage for long hours at a time. I have to endure many indignities, including butt plugs, chastity, mouth plugs and all kinds of sissy clothing. When Brenda wants, she has me satisfy her male dates with either my anus or mouth and usually bound and helpless.

“She has become an expert using me that way. Of course, since I am a sissy cuckold and totally submissive to her, I obey in every way. Although I still wear masculine clothes to work during the week, I always wear panties and bra underneath. She wants to have me quit my job sometime soon so I can be a full time sissy. She talks quite a bit about hormones and castration for me and I get a little upset, but whatever she decides is the way it will be.”

The girls came back and I had dinner ready for them. Brenda told me that although Stephanie will be sleeping in my room, she would not disturb my routines in any way. After dinner she went into my room to prepare Stephanie's bed. Later I found that she had installed restraint straps on the rollaway bed.

It was getting late and I went and took my shower and put my hair in curlers. Rita removed the prostate massager and I put on my pad and negligee. While my hair was under the dryer, Brenda came into the bedroom and put Stephanie to bed. I went into the bedroom to go to bed and went to see Stephanie. She had been completely strapped down by her ankles, knee's waist, wrists and elbows. She had a catheter tube connected to the end of her chastity and a urine bag hung from the bed frame. An inflatable plug was in her anus. She was in a posture collar that would not allow any movement of her head. It was attached to the bed frame as well. An open mouth gag was strapped to her head with a special inflatable plug in her mouth that allowed her to breath through her mouth. She could not move at all. As I looked down at her, Brenda came in with a couple of blankets and covered her up to her neck. Stephanie had tears on her cheeks, so I took a tissue and wiped them away. Brenda was right when she said that Stephanie would not disturb me in any way.

I got up in the middle of the night to change my maxi pad, and looked at Stephanie. She woke up and just stared at me, unable to move or speak. I returned to my bed. 

I got up in the morning and took my shower, douched, and Rita came into the room to install my prostate massager, inflated and locked it. Together we looked down at Stephanie, and Rita remarked that if she had wanted to, she could have made me a sissy as well. She said I should be thankful that she did not. While I was brushing out my hair and getting dressed, Brenda came in to release Stephanie. She took her into her room to get her ready for the day. 

The girls were going to the beach and after they had left in their bathing suits, Stephanie and I cleaned and did other chores. We went out onto our private balcony and could see the girls on the beach. They were talking to a couple of guys. It looked like Brenda and Jane were getting pretty friendly with them, I looked at Stephanie and she had an ominous look on her face.

The week passed by with Stephanie and I doing our assigned chores everyday and the girls enjoying their vacation and meetings as well. Stephanie was always strapped into her bed at night. Then on Friday morning, Brenda mentioned that I would not need to fix her and Jane dinner as they had dates. I asked if her dates were coming back here for drinks afterward and she said yes. In the afternoon a knock came at the door, and a hotel employee delivered a heavy folding steel table about the size of a card table. Brenda had requested it. 

At about 6 pm, Brenda beckoned Stephanie into her bedroom. She was gone for nearly an hour. When Brenda and Stephanie came out of the bedroom, Stephanie had her arms tied behind her back in a reverse prayer. It was so complete and tight that her elbows met in the back. Brenda went into the den and set up the metal table. I purposely stayed in the kitchen, until Rita told me to go into the den and watch Brenda and Stephanie.

Jane came in carrying a large duffel that she said contained Brenda's toys. Stephanie was ordered to stand in her 5-inch heels facing the table. Brenda got some rope from her duffel and proceeded to tie Stephanie's ankles and knees to the 2 table legs on one side of the table. Then she bent Stephanie over face down on the table. Stephanie had no panties on at all. Brenda took a length of rope and tied it to Stephanie's wrists in the back between her shoulder blades and took the two ends of that rope over the table to the opposite table legs and tied them off.

Stephanie was now immobile. Her head hung over the edge of the table so Jane got a stool and positioned it under her head for support. Stephanie never said a word and was totally compliant, even though she knew what would happen that evening. Brenda retrieved a urine bag and tube, which she clipped to the end of Stephanie's penis between her legs. Her penile insert of her chastity acted as a catheter. The bag was hung under the table.

Next from Brenda's duffel came a large inflatable butt plug, which was inserted in Stephanie's anus. She winced in pain and then it was inflated with 5 or 6 pumps on the inflation bulb. An open mouth gag was next strapped around her head and a large inflatable dildo was inserted into the opening of the gag. Stephanie gagged as it snapped onto the gag. Brenda inflated it and Stephanie was silent only for an occasional gag reflex. Jane brought in a couple of large bowls and placed them on the floor below Stephanie's butt and mouth. I assumed this was to catch any spills.

A little later, a knock came at the door and it was the two gentlemen to take out Brenda and Jane. I curtsied and showed them in. Brenda told the men that after they had their dinner, they could come back and have their dessert.

She asked them if they would like to see their dessert. They agreed, and Brenda took them in to see Stephanie. They both laughed at Stephanie and made some crude jokes. Stephanie just lay there quietly. She looked like a trussed-up lamb, ready for the slaughter.

The four of them left for dinner. I purposely avoided going into the den, not wanting to humiliate Stephanie, but Nancy was quite cruel as she talked to Stephanie and made fun of her. Calling her a sissy slut and totally someone lacking any manliness and she would get what she deserved. She told her that she hoped it would hurt. Rita seemed a little put off by her behavior. Stephanie just lay there on the table and never struggled since she knew what was going to happen and even looked forward to it. I thought to myself, if Nancy ever got control of me from Rita, I will be tied to a table as well.

It was getting around 8pm and Rita told me to get ready for bed. She said she wanted me to see what was going to happen to Stephanie. I asked her to let me just stay in my room, but she declined. When I had showered, changed into my negligee and put my hair in curlers, Brenda and their dates had returned. I was ordered to bring them all drinks into the den.

One of the men said that I would make a great dessert as well as Stephanie. Nancy said yes, that we could get another table and put me on it like Stephanie. She said to Rita, that it was time that I lost my virginity. I was crying in the corner, and Rita, obviously angry at Nancy, said absolutely not. I was handed a box of tissues and told to be quiet and watch.

The two men each dropped their pants and positioned themselves at Stephanie's head and ass. Brenda removed Stephanie's two plugs (anus and mouth), and the men inserted their tools. They pumped on Stephanie at the same time on each end. This went on for about 20 minutes, until the man at Stephanie's butt exploded and about a minute later the other man exploded in her mouth.

The men were tired and put their pants back on. They sat down to have drinks, as I watched their semen running out of Stephanie's anus and mouth. The bowls caught it all. Brenda got up and went to her duffel and produced a funnel and it snapped onto Stephanie's open mouth gag. Jane held Stephanie's head still while Brenda poured the men's semen from the two bowls into the funnel. Stephanie was told to swallow it, but in an act of defiance she did not swallow.

Finally, Brenda pinched her nose, and Stephanie was forced to swallow and down her throat it went. The funnel was removed and Brenda held up each bowl to Stephanie's mouth and made her lick them clean. They were replaced below her head and butt. That meant that there was more to come. The men said they needed about 10 minutes and they would be ready again. I asked Rita to please let me go to bed, and she said good night to me. In my bed I could hear the men pounding on Stephanie again and it made me sick. Perhaps my nausea was from my period. I was really tired and fell asleep. 

I got up to change my pad at about 2:30am and after that I opened the door to see if anyone was still up. It was dark and quiet. I tiptoed into the den to find Stephanie still tied to the table. This is where she would spend the rest of the night. I noticed that Brenda had put a blanket over her but it had slipped off. I picked it up off the floor and noticed a super tampon wrapper on the floor. I looked and the string of the tampon was coming out of Stephanie's anus. She was gagged by the dildo and her head rested on a stool.

I covered her with the blanket and suddenly realized that Rita was standing behind me. Rita told me that she wanted me to see what happened to Stephanie and realize that things could have been harder for me if she had made me a sissy. She said that poor Stephanie would have a hard life, as Brenda could be quite dominant and cruel at times. She said that Stephanie was so submissive that she could never be a man again. I nodded my head and she told me to get back to bed. Tomorrow would be a busy day traveling back home.

When I awoke in the morning, Rita came in and put in my prostate massager, inflated and locked it. I put on my negligee robe and went into the kitchen to make coffee for all the ladies. Stephanie had been removed from the metal table and Rita told me that breakfast would not be necessary except for her and myself. She said that Brenda, Jane and Stephanie had an early flight and were getting ready to leave. I asked about Nancy, and Rita said she had left early and was flying home alone.

As I was getting Rita's breakfast Brenda, Jane and Stephen (now in male clothing) emerged from their bedroom. A knock came at the door and it was a bellhop to get their luggage. I hid in the kitchen, as I didn't want him to see me in my negligee. I asked Stephen how he felt and he said very tired. He told me he would need to sit on a pillow today, as he was pretty sore. I asked him to write to me and let me know how he/she was doing. He promised he would, with Brenda's permission. In a flash they were gone to the airport.

Rita had selected one of my prettiest outfits for me to wear home. All of my undergarments, bra, girdle, panties, slip and petticoats were red. My seamed stockings were black. My dress was white with the skirt having 4 tiers and a red satin sash and large red bow in the back. The sleeves were bell shaped puffed with lace at the elbows along with red bows. I wore a large red bow in my hair. My shoes were 4 inch white heels, with red bows on the toes. My purse was white with red bow accents. It was large enough to hold all my sanitary supplies. I finished packing all Rita's and my bags and the trunk and the hotel picked them up.

Before I knew it we were at the airport. As usual, I had to be inspected before getting on the plane, but it was not as bad as in the USA. Just a quick look & embarrassing feel under my skirts confirmed that I was a feminized male. I was sent on my way.

When Rita and I got to our seats, after I changed my pad in the ladies room, Rita sat next to the window and I sat on the aisle. Rita looked at me and commented that she had never seen me looking so beautiful. She was proud of what she had created.

I thanked her, and asked, “what about Nancy?”

She said that Nancy would be moving out of the house and that they realized that they disagreed too much about my care. She said that Nancy really hates men in general and wanted to demonstrate her hatred on me. “If it were up to her, you would have been tied to that table last night. There were many things she wanted to do with you, but I would not allow it. If she had her way, she would have cut off your penis and scrotum and had a tube installed in your bladder. You would have been dressed in tight lacing corsets and Victorian or 19th century clothing all the time. She wanted you to be bound and gagged all the time.”

Rita told me that she would be looking for someone to become my new co-guardian. If something happened to her, someone would have to care for me.

I told her I could care for myself, to which she laughed and said, “if that happened, you would try to become a man again,” or something similar, Rita said that she intended me to be a feminized male for the rest of my life, on her terms and that would not change!

I lowered my head and said, “yes mistress.”

I asked about Gail and if she were on the plane, and Rita told me that she had gone home early, as her husband had gotten very sick.


We landed at our home airport and left the plane. I immediately had to visit the ladies room to freshen my makeup and change my pad. I really have to be careful in my white dress, so as not to get marks on it. It shows everything.

Rita and I began walking toward the exit, when she said that she had to have something to eat, so we stopped at an upscale restaurant in the airport. The waiter showed us to our table, and people just looked at me as I walked, probably my bells drew their attention. We sat down and ordered our dinner and of course, I went vegetarian. There was a small band playing and some people were dancing. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere. 

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and it was a man who asked if I would like to dance. I was totally caught off guard. I looked at Rita as if to say, "What should I do?" She nodded her head up and down and I said "yes."

As the man took my hand and led me to the dance floor, I didn't want to mess up and try to lead. I needed to be the woman. Fortunately it was a slow dance so we could waltz. We joined our hands (my right and his left), and he put his other arm around my waist. I rested my left hand on his shoulder. So far so good. I was able to follow his lead even in my high heels. He pulled me close and I felt his strength holding me tight. For a moment, I remembered my last dance when I was pulling Rita close to me. Now the shoe was on the other foot.

He told me his name was Mark and I said, "mine is Priscilla." My bell was ringing between my legs as I moved about the dance floor, and Mark asked me, “what is that for?”

Thinking quickly, I said, "it's just a girl thing. The bells were sewn in my petticoat lining."

He laughed and said that it was really cute. The song ended and he asked me to dance another, I started to refuse when I realized it was another waltz, so I said, "okay." During the dance, Mark asked if he could call me sometime, but I said "no thank you." I really did not want to push the envelope. I asked why he had asked me to dance, and he told me that he "noticed that I had no ring on my finger and after all I was the prettiest girl in the room." I think I blushed a little. After the dance, he escorted me back to the table, and thanked me for the dance.

Rita was smiling and asked me about my experience. I told her, "I felt so vulnerable when we were dancing and very feminine. He was strong and could have done whatever he liked with me. He also told me I was the prettiest girl in the room."

Rita was pleased and asked if he commented on my genital bells.

I told her "he did, but I told him they were sewn into the lining of my petticoat."

Rita said that I gave a perfect answer and that I was really thinking like a woman. We then ate our meal and left. I had to visit the ladies room as the movement of the dancing had forced me to pump a lot of semen into my maxi pad. As we rode home, I thought about how I could pass as a woman even with my bells, and I gained confidence I had not had since I wore pants years ago. I would use this confidence soon.

When we finally got back to the house, I started to unpack our things and noticed that Nancy had already been there and all of her things were gone. Mary was there to greet us, and said I had never looked so feminine. Of course I curtsied when I saw her. 


Ever since my recent plastic surgery and trip to Cancun, I have received so many compliments on how beautiful I am. When I was asked to dance at the airport, my confidence in my being able to totally pass as a female in public has grown greatly. I got to thinking that why shouldn't I take a day, and go out in public. Of course, the scrotum ring that tinkles all the time would be a challenge, but if anyone asked about the tinkling, I could say the same thing I said when I danced: "the bells are sewn into my petticoats."

Just one day out on my own and test the results. Rita, I knew would never allow this as she says I always have to be chaperoned when I leave the house. I would have to do it when she was not at home. This happens from time to time, but not very often. I would need a little money, which I had in my dressing table. I got this money by doing seamstress work for some of Rita's coworkers. When they needed pants hemmed, any alterations made, they would stop by and leave their clothes with me. Rita approved this as it improved my sewing skills. After all, I have been sewing now for over 10 years and I have become very proficient. They always give me a few dollars when they pick up their clothes, so I have accumulated over $200. 

I knew that by having an outing by myself it would probably make Rita angry with me, but what more could she do to me than she has already done? Besides, I wanted to build my confidence. My plan was to walk to the bus stop about half a mile away, and take a bus to the shopping mall, which was across town. I would spend the day browsing, see a movie and eat lunch at the food court. I even planned to stop and buy myself a new bra that did not have under wires. It might be difficult to do, so I made my plans in advance. I checked the bus schedules. I could only do it on a day when I had on my shortest heels, which would be 4 inches. I would buy a new wire free bra and put it on in the dressing room, and wear it all day. I would take a large purse, so I could carry enough maxi pads. All of that walking will probably cause me to pump out a lot of semen. Now all I had to do was wait for a day when I would be alone and have good weather.

That day finally came, Rita told me the night before that she had to run into her office as she had a court date with a client. I checked my required wardrobe for tomorrow, and I had been assigned a pink full skirt with a front lace white blouse with buttons up the back. Pink four inch heels and a pink bow for my hair. Fortunately I had a large matching purse to use. In the morning, Rita left me at about 8:30am and told me nothing special for dinner tonight. The weather was warm and sunny. Everything was perfect.

As soon as Rita left, I packed up my purse with plenty of maxi pads, hanky, makeup, FDS (Feminine Deodorant Spray) and other things like perfume and what was needed for my hair. It was pretty heavy. I left the house at about 9:30am and took a key with me. I began walking to the bus stop. I knew that the bus would be there at just after 10. Now a half-mile is not too far, but in 4-inch heels it seemed like a mile and a half. I couldn't walk fast as I did not want to perspire and also pump out too much semen. Also in heels my stride is much shorter. Eventually, the bus stop was in sight and I just made it to the bus. I entered the bus and dropped in my 50 cents and moved to the back.

I tried to rustle my petticoats so as to mask the bells between my legs. I found a seat near the back and tried to relax. My heart was just pounding. Just think, a little bus ride and I felt like I would have a heart attack. This was the first time I had been out on my own in 12 years. The bus ride across town took only about 15 minutes. I got off near the entrance to the shopping mall. It was getting really hot outside, so I went into the air-conditioned mall immediately. The cool air felt good, so I sat down to calm myself. People looked at me and probably wondered why I was dressed up so much. I looked around and saw maybe 40 or 50 women and not one had on a skirt or dress. No wonder they stared at me.

The walk to and from the bus stop had caused me to perspire a little. I also noticed that my pad was wet already. I went into the ladies room and took care of my sanitary needs and freshened up a little. I was pretty nervous and I noticed that my hands were shaking. The underwire bra I had on was digging in pretty well, so I decided to find a place to purchase a new wire free bra. I left the ladies room and started slowly walking around. Right near the entrance I had just come in was a ladies lingerie shop. I walked inside and noticed that I was the only customer in the store. I guess women don't wear lingerie much anymore since they don't wear skirts and dresses.

I found a huge selection of bras and started to look for a white one in my size. A very nice lady about my age came over to assist me and asked if she could help? I immediately curtsied and I told her I was looking for a 34DD wire free bra. She looked surprised to see someone curtsy.

She said, “It looks like you are wearing an underwire bra now?”

I wondered how she knew that, but then I remember Rita had always told me that underwire bras lift and separate better. The saleslady showed me a couple and asked me if I would like to try them on. I said that would be fine, and I asked if I could wear the one I chose out of the store.

“Of course!” Then I was a little surprised that she said her name was Vivian and that she would assist me. I was a little shocked, but realized I would not be giving anything away as I am totally female above the waist.

In the dressing room, she asked me about the sound of bells below my skirt. I told her they were sewn onto my petticoats. She seemed to accept that and smiled and unbuttoned my blouse in the back. Believe it or not I felt a little proud of my large breasts at this time. She would never guess that I was a man or had ever been one. She was behind me and I was standing in front of a mirror. She took my straps from my full slip off my shoulder to get at my bra hooks in the back. As she unhooked my bra, I noticed she glanced down at the top of my girdle and she noted that I had on a ton of clothing for such a hot day.

I said, "yes, that's true, but I like to be ladylike."

When my breasts were fully exposed, she said that they were just beautiful, and I should be very proud of them. She put on my new bra and hooked it up in the back.

I said that it felt just great and I would take it.

“Would you like to try some others? We have some that aren't quite so feminine.”

I declined, as I was feeling a little uncomfortable, like she was a bit suspicious of me.

She helped me dress and handed me my old bra, which I deposited in my purse. I was sure she noticed that I had a load of maxi pads. I asked her how much I owed and she told me the "bra was $40, and on sale for $35 plus tax."

I paid her and said, "thank you for your help." She handed me her card and I left the store. The new bra felt great. I felt so free and easy. I couldn't believe that I had never worn a wire free bra in 12 years, and probably would never again. I went into the ladies room to take care of my sanitary needs again and looked at my profile in the mirror. I knew now what Rita had said was true. My shape was a little different in this bra. But it felt so good.

I came out of the ladies room feeling pretty confident and headed for the food court. I would have some lunch. I was able to find a vegetarian meal, even though I wanted to eat some meat for the first time in 12 years. I realized it might be a shock to my system and did not want to get sick. As I sat down in a very ladylike manner and ate, I noticed that two men were staring at me, which made me very uncomfortable. They were actually talking about me to themselves. I prayed that they would not approach me.

They didn't, thank goodness. I thought to myself that I had to get going from here as too many people were taking notice of me. I walked into a large department store and just wanted to browse a little. I headed for the woman's section and figured that I would look at skirts and dresses. Not to buy, but to see what modern women were wearing, dress-wise.

There were what seemed like unending racks of jeans, pants, pantsuits and shorts, but no dresses or skirts. All the sales lady's were in pants as well. A woman asked me what I was looking for and I told her skirts and dresses. She said they had a few and showed me one rack. She apologized and said women don't like to wear that kind of stuff anymore. They feel it weakens them somehow.

I left the department store and found the movie theater. I wanted to see a movie and just get off my feet for a couple of hours. First I had to take care of my sanitary needs. I bought a ticket and sat down in the theater. It of course would have to be a sad love story. I made sure I had my hanky, as I knew I would cry.

I noticed the 2 men who were looking at me in the food court, were in the movie theater as well, and I became frightened. Halfway through the movie I noticed my pad was wet again and I went and changed it. I decided to leave the movie early and head for the bus. As I walked away from the theater, I saw the two men leaving the movie as well. What were they up to I thought? Could they be trying to pick me up? I knew they would not do anything as long as I stayed in the mall, but they could be waiting for me to go outside. I was afraid to head for the bus stop. I went into several ladies shops to browse around and even bought a new lipstick. I knew they would not follow me into strictly ladies stores.

Finally I decided I would sit on a bench near the exit and not too far from the bus stop outside. I would sit there until I knew the bus was about to arrive and try to make a break for it. As I sat there, my imagination got the best of me. I imagined these men beating me up or even killing me. Now I know how vulnerable women can feel. I was weak, feminine and unable to defend myself. I felt myself starting to cry.

Suddenly a woman said to me, "are you alright?" It was Vivian, the nice lady who had sold me the bra this morning. She sat down next to me and said that she had suspicions about me earlier, so much that she had called security when I left her shop and had them watch me on their cameras. She said she did not want to offend me, but she felt I might be a trans woman. She told me that working for years in that lingerie shop, she had seen about everything. Women often bring in their sissy husbands to buy them stuff. Transvestites often come in as well. Something told her that I was neither. She proceeded to lay out all the clues I had given her:

  1. My "clothing was way too feminine for someone just going to the mall. Women hardly ever get dressed up anymore sadly to say."
  2. "You had an uneasiness about you."
  3. "I noticed you when you entered the mall and you immediately went to the ladies room, and immediately went again when you left my shop. I was thinking you might have bladder problems."
  4. "When I saw your beautiful breasts, I realized they were 100% real. At that point I knew you were not a transvestite. Transvestites always get implants when they want big breasts."
  5. "Even trans women want comfort, so who would be wearing an under wire bra on such a hot day, unless they were forced to."
  6. "In the same line, who would be wearing a hot heavy girdle as you are"?
  7. "The big give away was the bells under your skirt. When you told me that they were sewn into your petticoats, I knew that was not true. I deal in lingerie, and know that they never do that."
  8. "Besides, you tried to rustle your petticoats to hide the bells. If they were attached to your petticoats, they would have rung even more."
  9. "If you had wanted to hide the bells, you would have removed them yourself. If you could! I realized that the bells must be attached to your body. You don't want them there, but you cannot remove them."

"I have worked as a part time receptionist for a gynecologist and I know a lot about hormones and feminizing devices. I believe that you are wearing a scrotal or penile ring that has bells. I believe you have been castrated. Your wife or mistress has you on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) to change your body. From the looks of you it has been years. You probably had good breast growth, but couldn't get any larger than a B or C cup. At that point your wife or mistress had you castrated, eliminating testosterone from your body. To obtain good breast growth, the male hormone needs to be removed from interfering. In short after putting all the clues together, I believe you are a forced feminized castrated male."

I was crying now and she put her arms around me, hugged me and said it was all right. 

She went on to tell me that security had watched me all day and noticed that I visited the ladies room at every opportunity. "I had noted that this morning you were carrying a lot of maxi pads. I am curious as to what is happening to you. Do you have bladder leaks that you have to wear pads?"

Since the cat was now out of the bag, I decided to tell her everything. I told her about my prostate massager and how I constantly emit semen from my penis. "I am in permanent chastity and my penis is positioned between my legs by a chain attached to a ring in my perineum."

She smiled and said, "So that explains everything except, how and why did you allow this to happen to you?" I went on to relate the whole history (read parts 1 and 2).

Vivian told me that security said that two men were following me and probably intended no good when I left the mall. Vivian wondered why I was unchaperoned as I was.

I told her, "I just wanted to see if I could pass as a woman on my own. I can see that I failed." Vivian went on to tell me that if she were going to feminize a man, she would have done it the same way. She said that my mistress must really be smart. 

I was scared to leave the mall and by now had missed my bus. Vivian said that my mistress had no doubt reported me missing by now and that it was getting late. She told me that she would drive me home or she could have the police come and take me home whichever I preferred. I asked her if she would drive me, and she smiled and said "yes." I once again went to the ladies room and took care of my sanitary needs. 

On the way home Vivian told me to expect my mistress to have something in store so this didn't happen again. I said "what more can she do to me?" Vivian said don't be surprised. If she were my mistress, she would do nothing short of barring up the windows and doors.

She told me that "my long ago infidelity got me into this situation and I should accept my feminization and learn to obey my mistress without question. You were very near to getting beaten and/or murdered today."

As Vivian pulled into the driveway, I started to feel sick. Perhaps I was worried how Rita would react.

We went to the door and I opened it and went in. I asked Vivian to join me. Rita suddenly was standing in front of me and I curtsied. Rita surprised me and put her arms around me and kissed my cheek. She said thank goodness you are all right. She turned and hollered to Mary that I was home. "Please call the police and let them know."

I walked into the den and Vivian followed me. I proceeded to introduce Vivian to Rita and explain that Vivian had saved me from either being abducted and beaten or murdered. Rita said she was glad to meet her and hugged her and thanked her. Vivian said that she was happy to help and turned to leave me alone with Rita. Rita suddenly asked her to stay a while, as she wanted to know all that had happened. "It's late and I'm sure you are all hungry. I put a casserole in the oven that you made yesterday Priscilla for dinner."

Rita looked at me and asked me to serve it with some wine. I left the room after curtsying and went to the kitchen. I put on a pretty apron and did my duty. Rita and Vivian sat at the dining room table and Mary joined them. I set the table and poured them some wine. I then brought them their meals, and I retired to the kitchen. Vivian asked Rita if I was going to join them for dinner.

"Here at home,” Rita said, “Priscilla always eats in the kitchen. Only real ladies eat in the dining room. That's why Priscilla always curtsies as she shows respect for those that are better than her. She understands her place."

I listened as Vivian told Rita all that she knew from her perspective and how she figured out I was a feminized male. Rita and Mary both laughed. Vivian told Rita that she was very impressed with how well I had been feminized. She added that since I was so vulnerable; she didn't think I should ever be left alone in public places.

Rita added that she realized that I am much too feminine to be unchaperoned long ago. She said she would deal with today's defiance in good time. She was just glad I was back safe.

After dinner, Rita and Vivian went into the den to talk some more. I was summoned to join them. After curtsying, Rita asked me to describe what happened in great detail. I proceeded to fill in all the blanks as Rita listened. Mary stuck her head in and said she had to leave. Rita and I said good-bye. Vivian said that she should be going as well, but Rita asked her if she could stay until I went to bed. Vivian said yes as she did not have anyone to go home to. 

I finished cleaning up and Rita told me to start getting ready for bed. Vivian wondered if I was being sent to bed early as a punishment. Rita said that my bedtime was always 9pm and it takes me about an hour to get ready. I went off to shower and get ready for bed while Rita and Vivian talked. During that time I am sure that Rita was filling Vivian in on my history.

After my shower and powdering myself down I went to my room to begin doing my hair. Rita and Vivian walked in and Rita instructed me to go into the bathroom and bend over. I lifted my negligee and Rita unlocked my prostate massager, deflated it and pulled it out. Prior to doing that she gave Vivian a guided tour of my genital area. My locked up penis, scrotum bell and chain attached that kept my penis between my legs at all times. Vivian was amazed at how small my penis was.

Rita told her it was much larger when she started feminizing me, but that it was now only a third of its original size. “Kind of like a penis on a small boy,” she added, “it no longer works either.” They both laughed at my expense.

I quickly put on a sanitary belt and fitted myself with a heavy pad. Vivian said that she never realized that they still sold those. They were like having a pillow between your legs. I sat down at my dressing table and started putting my hair up in curlers and rollers. As Vivian watched me, she said that she didn't think that women did that any more?

Rita smiled and said, "Priscilla always does."

I put the dryer on my head and began doing my nails for tomorrow. Rita gave Vivian a guided tour of my room, sewing area, and adjoining clothing room. Vivian was shocked to see how many dresses, skirts, blouses, and how much lingerie I had. She said, "it was like a small department store. And no pants at all, and all my shoes are four inch or higher heels." She seemed amazed. My nails and hair were done and I put on my sleep bonnet and started to go to bed. 

Rita told me to "retrieve the scissors from my sewing basket and get the wire free bra I had purchased and worn that day." I did, and as I sat on the bed, she told me to "cut the bra in half between the cups."

I hesitated and she glared at me. I did as I was told. The bra was destroyed. Rita looked at me and said, "what is my rule regarding your bras?"

“Only underwire bras for me.”

Rita and Vivian left me in the dark and shut the door. I could hear them talking and laughing for at least a couple of more hours. Rita really seemed to like Vivian.


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