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Alien Technology

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; M2f; transform; bodymod; dna; mc; condition; cons; X

“Ok, Bob, where’s the fire.” James Bliss stopped short as he caught his first sight of his friend. Robert Wise had always been a healthy, energetic man, but now, he looked years younger than the 42 Jim knew him to be. At the sound of his voice, Bob looked up, smiling.

“Fire? Oh, yes, sorry. I simply had to show you this right away.” For the past several years, the two had been friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) competitors. As scientists and amateur inventors, each was constantly trying to outdo the other. This had, at times, put considerable strain on their relationship, but it had also led to some serious breakthroughs by both.

Now Bob threw his arm around Jim’s shoulder and began urging him toward the back of the workshop. “Remember that wreckage I found a couple years ago?” he asked. “The stuff you said was some military experiment?”

“I remember. But I thought you were going to turn it over to the authorities.”

“I was, until I realized how wrong you were. Oh, it may be military, but its no military that exists on this planet. Jim, this stuff is totally alien. And some of it still works!”

Stunned by this revelation, Jim allowed himself to be led through a door he didn’t remember ever being there before. On the other side, he found himself in a circular room. Lights blinked and danced across the wall. The room’s only furnishings were a pedestal and what looked like a doctor’s examination table.

“What is this?” he asked.

“It’s a miracle, Jim,” Bob replied. “Look at me! I’m stronger, healthier, even smarter than I’ve ever been in my life. And it’s thanks to the equipment running this room.”

“What does it do?”

“In this room, I can map, analyze, and even alter the human genome.”

“DNA?” Jim frowned. “Bob, you know that can’t be done. Human DNA is so complex, our best computers can only analyze a fragment of it, even now.”

“Our computers, yes. But these are alien computers running this room. But you’re right about one thing, Jim. DNA is very complex, even more so than anyone thought, more than anyone could even imagine.

“Do you realize that everything that happens in your life is recorded in your DNA? If you break a bone, the location and nature of the break is stored in your genes. Everything about you is there. And these computers can understand it.”

Bob struck a pose. “Look at me if you don’t believe. I did a complete scan of myself, then had the computers rewrite my DNA to its optimum. I’m still me, but now I’m the best me possible.”

They stopped beside the table. “Jim, I want you to see what this thing can do. No, I want you to feel it. Let me show you. Take off your clothes and get on the table.”

“My clothes?”

Bob nodded. “Otherwise the computers will also read the latent DNA of the organic materials in your clothes. We don’t want your jeans to become part of your genes, do we?” Bob chuckled at his own joke.

“Well, ok,” Jim said reluctantly. There had been some outrageous arguments over the years, but he knew Bob would never intentionally endanger him. Slowly, Jim disrobed, then stretched out on the table. As he did so, Bob stepped behind the pedestal and began pushing buttons.

“First,” he said, “we need to map your DNA. This will only take a few minutes.”

Jim became aware of a hum, more felt than heard. “What’s that?” he asked.

“Oh, that’s the sensors mapping you,” was the reply. “Jim, you have no idea what this means. Let’s say I found a tumor in your body. The computer can examine your DNA, extrapolate the necessary changes, then rewrite your DNA so that the tumor no longer exists. Ok, done. Hmmmm. Jim, have you been having chest pains?”

“Occasionally. Why?”

“Well, according to this, you’ve got a weak valve in your heart. Hang on while I fix that.” Bob pressed more buttons. Suddenly, Jim could feel something changing. It wasn’t a feeling he could define, but he knew, somehow, that something within him was different. At the same time, he began feeling an energy he hadn’t felt in years. He said so, and Bob smiled.

“That’s because parts of your body are receiving more blood, hence more oxygen, then they were before. No, don’t get up. There’s one more thing I’d like to do.”

Jim, on the verge of rising, shrugged and relaxed back onto the table.

“Good. Now, this may take just a bit, so you might as well stay relaxed.”

For several minutes, Jim once more experienced that strange, indefinable feeling that something within him was changing. As the feeling slowly faded, he heard Bob say, “Done. You can get up now.”

Jim sat up and turned to sit sideways on the table. Feeling something unfamiliar in the motion of his body, he looked down.

“Um, Bob?” Was that his voice?


“Um, Bob, why do I have breasts?” For some strange reason, the sight of the two rather large mounds now adorning his chest was merely a curiosity, nothing more.

“Because all women have breasts,” was the reply. “And yours are quite lovely, I might add.”

For some reason, the compliment sent a rush of pleasure through Jim’s body, yet the strangely detached curiosity remained. “But I’m not a woman.”

Bob smiled. “Actually, you are. Or at least, you are now. Go ahead, examine yourself.”

Jim shook his head. “I’m not really sure I want to.”

“Do it now.” Immediately, Jim began running his hands over his body, starting with the breasts he’d first noticed. They were, he found, very firm, yet still quite soft and pliant. The nipples were very pronounced, and began hardening almost as soon has his hands touched his breasts. Experimentally, he pinched one hard bud, then froze, his eyes closing at the sudden, intense burst of pleasure that rushed through him. Waiting until the feeling faded, he ran his hands down his sides, feeling his waist taper, then flare into hips that, under his hands, felt extremely feminine.

Below the hips, his thighs felt firm and muscular. At a sudden thought, his hands moved to the juncture of those thighs, freezing when they found a furred mound. He ran one finger along the cleft of that mound, then froze again at the intense pleasure the contact sent rushing through him.

When the feeling subsided, he opened his eyes and turned to Bob. “Why have you changed me like this?” he asked in his new, duskily feminine voice. “And why doesn’t it bother me? I should be panicked by now, but I’m not. Why?”

Bob’s smile widened as he left the pedestal. “I’ll answer the second question first. One of the changes I made was to your mind. You now accept anything I do unquestioningly. Your curiosity is intact, since it is, after all, a byproduct of intelligence, and I want your intelligence intact. Otherwise, you will accept anything I do to you.

“As to the first question, well, it does get a bit lonely out here. I want someone who can keep me company, provide mental stimulation. You can provide that.” Bob stroked one breast, and Jim’s eyes closed again at the wash of pleasure. “And, in your new body, you can provide ample physical stimulation as well. You will also find that you have become quite obedient to me.”

“But what about my life, my work?” Somehow, these thoughts didn’t seem as important as the feel of Bob’s hand on his breast.

“Your work will now be combined with mine. Together, we will explore all the capabilities of this new technology. At the same time, we’ll be exploring the capabilities of that new body of yours.

“But we can’t keep calling you ‘Jim’ now, can we? Lucky for us, your name is easily feminized. The man named Jim no longer exists. You may keep his memories, but that is all. From now on, you are a woman named Jaime, is that understood?”

At these words, Jim felt something shift in his mind. He could remember being a man, but now, with new thoughts filling her mind, the memories already seemed distant, unimportant.

“I understand,” she said. “I am Jaime. Jim is someone I remember, nothing more.”

“And you belong to me.” At these words, Jaime rose from the table, turning to wrap her arms around Bob.

“Only to you,” she purred softly. “I will do anything you say, and I will always make you happy. But may I ask a question?”

Stepping back, Bob glanced at her. “Certainly, my dear. What do you want to know?”

“Is Jim gone forever?”

“Not completely. His DNA is stored in the computer. In a year, or ten years, or even a hundred, I can return you to the way you were at the time of the original scan.”

“So I can be Jim again, some day.”

Bob frowned. “Do you want to be?”

Jaime slowly shook her head. “I’m Jaime now, and I’m yours. You said so. If I became Jim again, that would no longer be true. So, as long as I’m yours, I can’t want to be Jim.”

Bob smiled. “Very good, my dear.” At his praise, Jaime flushed with pleasure. Still smiling, Bob took her hand and led her from the room. It was time to begin exploring the possibilities of his newest creation.



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