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All I Want for Christmas

by Trashmouse

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© Copyright 2009 - Trashmouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; furry; object; transform; oral; cons; X

The snow was drifting around Brian and me as we walked through the Christmas tree lot. It was already laying heavily on the ground and the branches of the trees around us. It swirled about us, catching on our fur. Without a word my boyfriend reached over and took my hand in his. The selection of trees was pretty slim, but with only a few day left before the holidays there wasn't much left to pick from.

"I don't think we're going to find anything here," I told Brian.

My wolf shrugged his shoulders, the snow sticking to his gray fur and making him look older then he really was. "I think we could find something here if we look hard enough," he said.

"You said that about the last four lots and none of them had anything worthwhile. I hope we can find something soon, the snow is getting worse," I said, then stopped in place. As he looked down at me I stood up on my tiptoes, placed my hands on his shoulders, and kissed him on the nose.

He smiled in return, wrapping his strong arms around my waste and pulled my closer to him. He kissed my nose, then bent down and nuzzled under my upturned chin. It only last a moment before he pulled away and smiled to me. "I'm sure this is the place," he said, running his hands up my sides and down my arms.

I slipped my arm around him as we started back through the trees. A moment later he stopped, rose up to his full height, the lifted up onto tiptoes. The combination raised him over seven feet tall, high enough to see over all of the trees. A moment later he dropped back down and chuckled happily. "I found one that will be perfect," he said.

"Really? Where?" I asked, trying to see through the trees, but I couldn't make out anything through the snow covered branches.

He took my hand and started to pull me along through the man made forest of trees. "Trust me, this is perfect." The snow was starting to grow heavier, spinning around us in the wind from our movements. I tucked my ears close to my head, burying them against my red hair, trying to keep them warm. Not for the first time I wished I had brought along a hat.

We moved around the trees, finally reaching the sales booth at the back of the lot. It was a simple enclosed affair with dark sheets of plastic hold up by white plastic piping, making a crude set of walls. I could see light peeking through the joints in the wall, and through the door that was sitting half open.

Brian reached out and pulled open the door, a wave of heat washing over the both of us as we stepped inside. My ears lifted from my hair, the gathering snow falling down the back of my jacket. As we walked in he slipped his hand around my waist and pulled mo to his side.

The inside of the stall was about the same as the outside. Plywood had been laded down to make a floor, with a folding table set up at the back covered in a red and white stripped table cloth. A heater flanked each side of the table and a cash register was set up on top. Behind the desk was a feline around my own age, with green fur and brightly light black eyes. She stood up as we came in, a long red dress hanging from her shoulders and accenting some rather nice curves.

"Oh! I was just about to close up the shop. Come in, good evening, and could you please close the door?"

I pulled away from my boyfriend and stepped back to the door. I pulled it close and fiddled around with it for a few moments until I found a way to latch it closed. When I turned back around I found he was making eyes at the feline, and she was giving him the same look in return.

Suppressing a giggle, my tail flicking, I walked up to my boyfriend and grabbed his ass. "I thought we were here for a tree?" I asked.

"I was just sharing some small talk," he replied, slipping one hand back to goose my ass in return.

This time I did giggle, unzipping my jacket. "Small talk, sure," I said, giving the feline a knowing smile which she returned.

"Did you pick out a tree?" she asked, turning her attention back to my wolf.

He slipped an arm my waist to pull me to his side; he then scooped my up into his arms and lifting me off the ground. I let out a squeak in surprise as he held me tightly. "I want this tree," he said.

I kicked at my boyfriend's leg and tried to wiggle free. "I'm not a tree you silly wolf!" I said.

He just ignored me; instead he pulled me closer and took a few steps to the table. "This one will be perfect."

The feline nodded her head, a smile on her face as she came around from behind the table. She came up to us and looked at me closely as I kept protesting. "An excellent choice, not many people go with living trees anymore, just cut ones. I have a perfect stand for it. Stay right here, I'll be right back," she said, then turned back and bent down under the table.

"Brian, what are you doing? I'm not a tree," I asked, lookup up at him.

He looked back at me and smirked. "Pretty talkative for a tree."

"I'm not a tree!" I said again, trying to pull out of his grasp, but I wasn't able to get free.

He just shook his head and smiled a bit. Leaning down he nosed my slightly and chuckled a bit. "Hush up you," he said.

The feline stood back up, holding a large green tree stand that looked far too big to hold up a normal tree. She sashayed her way back over to Brian and bent down, setting the stand down on the floor. From that position she looked up at me and my legs. "I'm going to need to remove the wrappings first."

"No problem," he said, reaching down with one arm to hold my legs together. I started to protest again, and he gave me a look and I went quiet. Whatever going on, he wasn't going to let anything bad happen to me.

I relaxed into his arms, feeling the feline's hands on my legs. She worked my boots off, throwing them to the side. A moment later my socks followed. As she did that Brian lifted his hand up and undid my belt and the buttons on my pants.

The feline reached up and grabbed the waistband of my pants and pulled them down in a single quick move, revealing my bright green panties. They were a lighter shade of green then the feline's fur and were cut in such a way to make me look sexy, and the made me feel pretty. The green furred cat smiled as she threw the pants with the boots, and then reached up for my panties.

Brian pushed her hand away. "Keep them on for now," he said.

"Okay then, let's get it into the stand," she said with a sweet looking smile. She grabbed my feet, holding then together as Brian lowered me into the tree stand. Once my feet where inside she reached under the table and pulled out a steel bucket filled with dark brown dirt. She upended the bucket around my ankles, the dirt running over my feet until it was overflowing over the top of the stand.

Brain let go of me, and I pulled at my legs. The dirt kept me firmly in the tree stand. About the only thing I could move was my toes.

I flicked my tail slowly as I looked between my boyfriend and the feline. Placing my hands my hips I gave them a slight smile. "Okay, this is fun and all, but what is going on?" I asked.

My wolf smiled at the feline as she stood up. "I'm just buying a Christmas tree," he said, walking over to me and tugging at the hem of my jacket. With a slight sigh I lifted my arms and let him pull it off. Dropping it with the rest of the clothing he took my shirt and pulled off over my head, revealing my lacy green bra holding my nicely sized breasts, about the same size as the felines.

She smiled and came up with me, looking me over. "Oh, you have a nice body," she said, breaking the scene for a moment.

"Thank you," I said with a slight blush. "So do you," I replied.

Brian reached up and pulled off my earrings, then placed them with the rest of my clothing. The heaters were enough to keep the chill out of the air, but wasn't enough to really make it warm, and in response my nipples pressed out against the fabric of my bra.

Stepping away my boyfriend moved to the feline and slipped an arm around her body and pulled her to his side. "This is Mavin," he said, leaning down to kiss her on the lips.

My eyes brightened behind my glasses as I looked her over in a new light. "You sneaky little wolf, you set this whole thing up!" I looking her over again and licking my lips, wondering what exactly was under her red dress, and noticing her nipples were very prominent under the slinky fabric. He had told be all about her for the last week, teasing me about all the fun the three of us would have one she got into town.

He smirked a bit as the pair kissed, moving from slightly passionate one to something much deeper, their hands staring to explore each other's body. I smiled, watching them, wishing they were close enough to reach out and touch them.

Finally they broke a kiss and looked at me. "It's nice to meet you, you're a very sexy tree," Mavin said, pulling away from Brian and walking over to me. She placed her arms over my shoulders, leaned in, and kissed me as well.

I returned the kiss, my lips parting as our tongues meant, teasing together between our muzzles. I reached out and rubbed her sides, the slipped around and grabbed her firm ass under the fabric of her dress. Her own hands ran through my hair as we pressed a bit closer.

She broke away and snapped the strap of my bar. "I would love to see you tits," she said.

"Later, I want to see her with them on," Brian said, coming up behind her.

"Okay," Mavin replied, taking a step back out of my arms.

My boy friend reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress, starting to lift it up. "How long until it starts?" he asked as he pulled it up over her hips, revealing that she wasn't wearing anything under her dress, and that she had a very pretty looking pussy.

The feline giggled, lifting up her arms so he could pull her dress off. Her breasts were nice, full and firm. She dropped her arms and smiled at me. "There is one last thing we need to do," she said, reaching down to rub at Brian's crotch, which pulled tightly as his cock surged erect.

"Oh, what's that?" I asked, enjoying the show.

They just ignored me. I guess that was fair as apparently I was just a tree for the moment. I had never tried the object bondage thing before, and I would need a bit more bondage to make a good Christmas tree.

Mavin worked his belt off and started to undo his fly while he kicked off his shoes. Reaching around she undid the button over his tail, then pulled his pants and underwear off in a single motion, his long pointed cock bouncing is the air.

She helped him out of his pants as he pulled his jacket and shirt off, leaving him in just his socks. Reaching down she took him by the cock and walked over to where I was planted. I smiled and reached out for him but she pushed my hand away. "The tree gets to watch," she said.

I giggled and pulled my hands back, letting one settle over my crotch and staring to rub myself through the green fabric.

Brain leaned back, his arms over his head while she reached down and started to stroke his cock, teasing the length with slow strokes as her other hand reached down to rub at his heavy balls. The precum was already dripping from the pointed head of the shaft.

He closed his eyes slightly, letting out a low growl as he humped into her hands, which were working with quick moves, smearing the precum over his length. He dropped a hand down to rub at her sides, turning his head to the side. Their lips meet in a kiss as her tail wound around his, both of them flicking in excitement.

I moved my hand from outside of my panties to the inside, my fingers pressing into the folds of my cunt. My other hand moved up and slipped into my bra, rubbing at my breasts and teasing my fat nipples. I felt a shot of pleasure that ran through my whole body, my tail snapping out to slap against the stand I was planted in. My ears flicked back and I felt my glasses sliding down my nose. I flicked my ears up to hold them in place; I didn't want to lose the show going on in front of me.

Mavin started to pick up speed on my boyfriend's cock, teasing over his length with skill as they continued to kiss. She took her other hand from his ball, reaching out rub at his chest as he groaned. I could see his knot starting to swell at the base of his shaft.

She pulled away from the kiss for a moment to give me a look, and then started to kiss again, her hand starting to twist around his shaft as she stroked him.

"Pull on his knot, he loves that," I said, fingering myself at the same speed of her stroking, imagining it was his cock in my sex and not my fingers. My other hand moved from breast to breast, teasing each one in turn. My lust starting to build, growing as my heat dripped down my fingers and soaked into my panties as I wrapped my tail around my legs, digging the tip into the dirt at my feet.

Mavin growled around his tongue and brought her other hand down to grab at the back of his knot, pulling on it as she kept stroking him.

My boyfriend let out a growl of his own, thrusting at her paws and pulling back at her hand, his knot swelled to its full size, large enough to tie any woman he wanted to. I know, he usually tied me on a nightly base, and sometimes at lunch.

I dug my tail deeper into the dirt, whining happily as I rocked in my base, feeling my whole body shake as I felt my orgasm starting to come on quickly. I rubbed my clit, thrusting in my soaked panties. I bit my lips, whimpering in pleasure.

Brian's moans matched my own as he pulled away from the kiss, his balls pulling up tightly to his body as he thrust hard into the feline's paws. He fell silent for a moment then cried out as he came.

The feline pointed his cock down, his cum gushing out and spraying over me, my legs and the dirt I was standing in. The moment it spattered over me I cried out and came as well, my whole body shaking in the stand as I shoved my fingers deeply into my cunt, my hands gripping my breast so tightly I was surprised they didn't sink in.

My boyfriend and I panted together as the last of is cum rained down on the dirt. I felt my own pleasure starting to fade, but as I tried to relax I found that I couldn't move. My hands felt like they were stuck against my skin, and my tail was held firmly into the dirt.

"It's starting," Mavin said, walking Brian away from me.

He smirked and nodded his head, his eyes flicking over me.

"What--" I tried to ask, but felt my tongue go stiff in my muzzle.

The feline shrugged a bit. "Sorry, I didn't bring a mirror," she said, sound like she meant it.

My body started to shake again, my clit starting to feel heavy between my fingers, my nipples doing the same thing. I could feel small points running up my legs. A moment later something rushed though my feet and the tip of my tail, like they had exploded, but with pure pleasure instead of pain. Even muffled like I was I still managed to let out a gasp.

"Oh, She's taken root," she said, rubbing her hands together.

I wanted to protest, but I still shook, my clit started to press forward, growing out with a rush, tenting the fabric of my panties. A moment later the fabric tore, ripping apart as my clit rushed outwards. A moment later my nipples did the same thing, spearing out through the fabric. My extended nipples reaching into my locked vision, but they weren't nipples, they were branches.

The shaking finally came to a stop as I felt a mix of pressure and growth covering my body, my breasts becoming hard under my hand. More branches started to slip into my vision as I felt something rough arch over my body. Crossing my eyes I watched as bark covered my muzzle, feeling my lips and nose seal closed, but I didn't seem to need the air.

A moment later my vision went away, filled with a strange blackness. My whole body felt tight, pressing and twisting. I felt myself stretching up higher, my arm, my shoulders, all compressing into single thick trunk, though I could still feel my hands on my wooden breasts and bark covered twat. At the same time I could feel more branches arching out from my changed body.

Then, with a flash my vision came back, but not my eyes. Even so I could see the entire world around me, more of it then I had ever seen before. In front and back, up and down, and Brian and Mavin all over each other like a pair of teenagers.

A new feeling starting to fill my body as my bare branches swayed in the warm air. A moment later a tingling ran over my branches and then needles budded and grew out from me, filling me out a perfectly shaped Christmas tree.

Mavin and Brian pulled away and he looked me over. "How long will she be a tree?"

"Three weeks, maybe four, then she'll turn back. Unless we add some more seed," she said, teasing his softening cock.

"Good," he said, moving up close to me. He bent closer and ran his hand over my branches. It sent a shiver through my body. It felt truly wonderful, better than anything I had felt in a long time. Leaning closer he took in a long breath through his nose and slowly let it out. "Smells like a nice pine tree with a mix of mouse musk. Perfect for the living room."

She came up and hugged him from behind. "It doesn't always have to be a pine tree. Being a grand old redwood is worth trying at least once."

"Can you help me get her into the car? After that we can trim her up nice and pretty, then fuck in front of the fire."

Mavin giggled and kissed my boyfriend. "You promise?"

"Of course, and next time she and I will make you the tree."

She feline smiled and picked up her dress. "I can't wait," she replied. Once they were dressed they picked me up and carried me out into the snow then tied me on top of his car. I felt myself settle down into the snow as more fell down over my new branches. For the next few weeks I was going to enjoy being a pretty Christmas tree.



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