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Am I

by Trashmouse

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© Copyright 2010 - Trashmouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; furry; transform; bodymod; shemale; preg; sex; nc; X

It was between my second and third sips of coffee on a muggy and dark Sunday morning when I became a god. It came as a surprise to me as I suddenly found myself elevated to such a high level. My mind rushed in turmoil as so much new information filled it to the point I feared that it would burst. That there had been a war between the gods centuries before, one was destroyed in such a way that parts of its power and influence had spun free into the universe, and now one of those pieces had found me and had given me all of his powers.

It has to be said that I'm normally a good an honest person, the kind that would give a dollar back when someone dropped it and always buys cookies when they come around. It was to my credit that it only took five seconds before I was utterly and irrevocably corrupted by the power I now possessed.

Reaching out I could feel the fabric of the universe around me and all the people in it. I wasn't truly all powerful or all knowing, but I could tell I was the only one in the world who even had the same level of power. I was alone, and the world was at my feet.

Part of me debated just taking over the world, but I brushed it off. I didn't need the hassle of ruling the mortals. All I really needed was a few cults praying to me to increases my power. That would take time, and for the moment I wanted to have some fun.

Setting my coffee down, I looked around the small corner coffee shop, deciding that I should test my new powers. The first thing I did was summon a pack of cigarettes onto the table next to me, as well as a lighter. I had smoked all though college and quit like a good girl when I graduated. For now I just didn't care. Opening the pack I pulled one out and light it, feeling the smoke fill my lungs.

Letting the smoke trail past my lips I decided that whoever told me to put it out first would be my first victim. I leaned back in my chair and waited, my tail flicking in anticipation as I took a long swing of my coffee. A few people gave me dirty looks but it was a full three minutes before someone had the guts to come up to me.

She was a vixen, pretty cute, about twenty-five with a reasonable shaped chest and nice hips. I wouldn't say that she stood out in any real way, but wasn't that hard on the eyes. "Can I help you?" I asked, blowing smoke in her direction.

"You can't smoke in here," she said.

I shrugged. "Why not? It won't harm me," it was the truth. Immortality was part of the whole god package.

"It's bothering everyone," the vixen snapped.

"So? They can leave," I replied, debating if I should make her a smoker as well. Three packs a day would be just about right.

She snorted and put her hands on her hips. "Do you know what those things do to you?" she demanded.

I leaned forward in anticipation, licking my lips. "No. You should tell me," I said, allowing more smoke to roll out of my nose and lips.

"They make you old. You keep smoking those you'll look fifty by the time you turn thirty," she said with a huff, her tail flicking in annoyance.

Making a show of looking down at my cigarette I smiled to myself. That was just a better idea than making her a smoker. I tweaked reality a bit to make sure no one could see us then smiled up at her. "You must have been smoking for years with how old you look," I said. As I spoke she started to change, it was hard to see at first, just some small bags and wrinkles on her face, then a few stands of gray in her hair as she was now thirty-five.

She looked at me in surprised, not sure how to take my comeback as her body continued to rush forward in time. Her breasts started to drop a bit under her top as her belly filled out with a layer of fat. Her hair started to flatten over her head and her ears began to drop. The shine left her fur and her tail began to thin as she neared fifty. She began blinking as her vision started to go and her skin began to grow loose over her arms.

"How old are you?" I asked the stunned vixen as she looked over herself. The red was fading from her fur and her fingers were starting to curl with the onset of arthritis. Apparently Alzheimer's was encoded into her genes, a minor problem that I fixed for her. In return I replaced her teeth with some heavy dentures.

"I'm twenty-five," the seventy year old woman said in a tired voice. I peeked into her mind; I wanted to see what would happen when she went home. Sadly she lived alone with a cat, so I adjusted her mind a bit so she would collect more, and tell everyone how old she used to be. I wondered what would happen to her, and then put it out of my mind.

Blowing another puff of smoke at her I shook my head. "You keep telling yourself that. Now get along and maybe I won't complain about you to the staff," I said.

She looked at me, clutching her purse to herself then hurried away as fast as her old bones would carry her. I watched her go, appreciating how silly her young clothing looked on her old body. As soon as she was gone I turned back to look at the coffee shop, all of whom had taken to ignoring me. "Next!" I called out.

No one noticed. Looking around the small room and the small tables I tried to decide who would be next. As I thought I snapped my fingers and the barista brought me the next coffee he made. In thanks I gave him a ten inch cock and a huge sex drive.

Sipping my new coffee I looked onto a couple, both lions, who were having a disagreement which was quickly starting to turn into a full on argument. Collecting my things I walked over to them, wanting to hear what they had to say.

The male was growling under his breath. "You don't understand," he said in frustration.

"I understand perfectly. You're more interested in that hussy then me," she said pointing across the room. I followed where she was pointing to find an attractive skunk female who was protesting not getting her drink. With a shrug I shank her full breasts down to double AA and filled the space left behind with stuffing. She wouldn't notice until much later.

The male shook his head, his made fluttering around his ears. "It's not that dear. You're the woman for me. Sure I look at the others, but you're the one for me, I just can't help myself."

"Bullshit, you can help it if you just try," the lioness said, slamming her fist onto the table as she started yelling. A quick tweak made sure no one noticed.

He sighed. "I'm a guy, what do you expect?" Damn, he was pussy whipped I would have to fix that.

She stood up and growled at him. "You need to stop thinking with your dick and use your head," she snapped, then started storming out.

"You. Stay right there," I told the lion then followed after the lioness. She was storming for the door but I redirected her to the restrooms. She never noticed that she went into the men's room, and I that I followed after her. She walked up to the sink, trying to hold back her anger as I moved the two men in the room out, swapping their dick sizes for the fun of it.

"That wasn't very nice of you," I told the lioness, allowing her to see me as I punctuated my statement with a long draw on my cigarette.

She turned around and glared at me. "He's a jerk," she said.

I shrugged. "Maybe, but maybe if you knew what it was like," I said, walking up to her and pinning her against the sink. My hand went down to rub at her crotch which brought a gasp from her. She wanted to protest but the rush of pleasure that ran through her silenced the words in her voice.

Rubbing my paw over her pants I smiled as I felt her crotch start to swell and push against my paw. The pressure of it was hot and sent a chill over me and through the lioness, lust burning in her eyes. "What are you doing?" she managed to squeak out.

"Letting you see what it's like to think with your dick," I told her, taking a step back. The crotch of her pants was bulging with the tell tale shape of a cock, and a large one at that.

She let out a small cry and looked down at herself, her hand rushing to her crotch. She rubbed herself though he fabric for a moment before she struggled with the button and pulled them free. Her white panties strained to hold her in, the fabric already started to give. I smiled at this sighed, my own lust starting to grow.

Shoving her hands into her panties she pulled her brand new cock free. It was a good foot in length and very thick. All in all it was a very impressive example of manhood. "What did you do to me?" she asked, pulling at the sheath as it grew to full hardness, her other hand ran down to cup her large balls.

I shrugged. "Made you a she-male, seems to fit you better," I said, looking down at the hard cock, precum already dripping from the pointed tip.

The lioness tried to protest but her eyes instead locked onto my breasts as I made her strongly into woman. She licked her lips a bit as her cock twitched. "Please, turn me back," she said, fighting to keep her hands off of me.

I smirked. "Only if you can resist fucking me," I told her, and then made my clothing fall away, at the same time I tweaked my body, removing the belly fat I still had, improving my curves, enhancing my chest and adding a couple inches to my height. I wasn't going to be a short mouse anymore, or anything other than gorgeous.

She took a step back, gasping out softly as she looked over my nude form, her cock bouncing with each breath she took. I increased her libido to what she thought a man should have and moved closer to her. "Come now, all you have to do is to keep from grabbing me and throwing me to the ground, that's not hard is it?" I asked her with a long smoky breath.

The lioness gulped a bit and tried to look away, but her eyes instead focused on my breasts, then flicked down to look at my pussy. I could see her fighting her lust, but it was a losing battle.

"Just take me you sexy she-male, right here, right now. I want it as badly as you do," I cooed. "all you have to do--" my words were cut off as she pounced me. She took me by the shoulders and kissed me hard on the lips as she pushed onto the white tiled floor.

I spread my legs for her, feeling the head of her large cock tease at my lips for a few moments then trust inside of me. As she entered she let out a cry of pleasure, the lust controlling her.

Laughing to myself I started to fuck her in time with her hard thrusts. She was eager to get herself off, her paws manhandling my breasts as she kissed me again, her tongue forcing its way into my muzzle. I returned the kiss, enjoying the energy she was giving me. It ran over my body with quick jolts and made my juices flow.

She kept thrusting into me, growling louder each time her hips hit mine. She didn't care about me, not as anything but a way to get to her own orgasm. That suited me just fine. I was getting more from her feelings then the sex.

Wrapping my arms around her back I pulled her down until her head was buried against my neck. "Cum for me, cum for me and keep your cock forever," I whispered.

She paused for a moment, almost as if she was going to stop herself, but then she slammed into me with all her might. Throwing her head back she let out a roar the shook the walls as her cum gushed into my cunt, jetting in like a hose and pressing into ever place it could. Three thick jets of the powerful lion seed filled me enough to get any mortal woman pregnant, before she dropped down on me, panting hard.

I panted in return, wrapping my arms around her, holding her close. I felt the slow horror of what she had done filling her. It was a great feeling, better then the orgasm her lust had denied me.

"No, no, no, no," the lioness whispered as she pulled herself free of me, her cock flopping against her hips. She looked down at me for a moment later then turned away, pulling her panties back up and tucking her cock away as best she could in the tight pants.

Once her package was put away she rushed out of the bathroom and out onto the street. I could feel her worry and fear right before lust filled her again as she saw another attractive woman. I decided to go easy on her and turn down her sex drive, I didn't need her fucking in the street, that could call too much attention to me.

Cleaning myself up I returned my clothing to by body, adjusting them to fit better and show everything off. I took another long draw of my cigarette and held it in my perfect lungs. I was nearly full of energy from my manipulations, but I still had more to do.

Walking back out into the coffee shop I sat down across from the lion. He had his face in his hands and was looking miserable.

"You're not much of a man, are you," I said to him.

His head snapped up and he glared at me. He tried to tell me off but no words came.

"Don't bother talking. I don't want to hear it. I heard your little comment," I chose to speak in his own voice. "I'm a guy, what do you expect?"

He was startled by this, and tried to talk again but with the same lack of success.

I shook my head. "I expect men not to feel sorry for being men. Maybe I should take that away from you? I did give your girlfriend a cock, maybe you would do with a pussy," I shook my head as I spoke. "Nah, not worth repeating myself. I have a better idea."

The lion pulled back, not sure what was going to happen, but afraid none the less.

"Let's see," I said, snapping my fingers. The table between us vanished as did his clothing. I gave him an appraising look and tisked a bit. He was a nice man, muscular with only a little bit of flab "What a waste of a cock for a guy like you," I said, pointing at his dick making it rock hard. It was a nice six inches, not too big, not too small, and then with a flick it shrunk down to be barely three inches long. "There, that's much better."

He tried to struggle, but couldn't move. I just shook my head and make sure his balls matched his cock. "I don't think you need the build" I said and his toned muscles melted away from his body leaving him thin and weak looking. It emphasized the weight on his body so I decided to work with that, returning him to his old weight, but as a nice layer of fat over his body.

The lion let out a soft cry as he looked down at his new self.

"Don't bother, I'm not done yet," I told him. I adjusted his fur, giving him a small case of mange and thinned out his mane. He now looked scrawny, hardly half the man he had been. Not satisfied I reached out and played with his eyes, making him so near sighted as to be unable to read his own watch. I blessed him with a nice pair of glasses. I decided instead of going for something nerdy to go for something a bit more female.

He was crushed by this; I could see it in his soul. I allowed him to talk as I redressed him, starting with a cute pair of pink panties and a matching bra. On top of that went a pair of white pants and a button down shirt that was very clearly a female cut. For a final touch I put everything that had been in his pockets into a cute flowered purse at his side.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked in his old voice. That would never do.

"Because you're hardly a man," I told him, adjusting his voice to be softer and a bit more sing song. I avoided the lisp, I hated that in cute gay guys.

"But, but," he said, gasping a bit at his new soft voice.

"I think a femmy twink is perfect for you. Go out and find a nice bear to fuck you like you need to be. Trust me, you'll love it, but then again now you'll love any man."

He blushed at this, his ears flicking back to send his ear rings bouncing as he looked away. "Yes ma'am," he said in a whisper, then gathered up his purse and hurried out of the shop, his hips and tail shaking like a proper woman's. I made sure to put a nice trace on him, I wanted to see him get his first man.

Finally I had my fill. Standing up I took a fresh cup of coffee and started home. As I walked out I passed a tigress in a very expensive suit who busy on her phone and glaring at the pregnant rat that was in her way. With a shrug I made the tigress eight months pregnant with twins that she would never deliver. The pleasant sound of her surprised yelp filled my ears as I strolled back to my home.



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