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Animal Cruelty

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; D/s; captive; drugged; bond; collar; frame; gag; insert; bodymod; lactate; nc; X

Her jaw ached. She groaned and tried to close her mouth. She was suddenly alert, discovering the ring gag holding her mouth open. Georgia couldn’t move at all, forced into a kneeling position and securely fixed to some sort of metal frame. Her arms fixed behind her back, ankles held firmly held in place and her neck held tight by some sort of metal collar. She was totally immobilized and couldn’t even turn her head, forced into a forward facing position. She could only move her eyes. She desperately tried to look around her. In despair, her eyes darted back and forth trying to gain as much information about this small grey room she was in, but her vision was devoid of any thing. She could only see the plain wall a short distance ahead of her and could she nothing else from the glimpse she could gain from the corners of her vision.

“Ah, she’s awake” A voice rang out and Georgia strained to see it’s source as a woman stepped into her line of sight, then knelt in front of her so as to be face to face with her.

“Just a little longer and we’ll be all set up… Then we can begin” She smiled sweetly at Georgia as she produced some sort of penis gag, she began to easily slide past her ring gag and deep into her mouth. Georgia’s mind was racing.

“This will supply you with your nutritional needs plus the additional supplements you’ll need to reach your full potential” The woman added as she deftly secured it into place and fixed the thin tube to the front.

“It’ll pump everything you need straight into your mouth, you‘ll just need to swallow” She smiled and winked. Georgia had no idea what was happening, how she’d gotten here, who had done this to her. The last she remembered was being on a night out with a couple of her friends. The woman looked away from her a moment.

“What’s this one getting?” She asked obviously talking to someone outside Georgia’s limited field of vision.

“Let’s see, all the usual necessities, then a triple dose of L-sixteen hourly for the first four days and then double L-sixteen daily, that’s it” The unseen woman’s voice replied. The woman in front of Georgia stood up, her face disappearing out of view.

“That can’t be right, with that much L-sixteen her breasts will swell to nearly twice their size, she’ll be producing far too much milk and what about the D-four to dumb her down!?” The woman sternly said. Georgia did her best to strain her gaze to look the woman’s face, but with her head fixed into position she could only see up to her bust. She was terrified. What were they talking about, breasts swelling to twice their size, producing milk and what the hell did dumb her down mean? What did they intend to do to her.

“There must be some sort of mistake, you can’t have a milk cow without taking away it’s intelligence!” She continued. Milk cow! Georgia thought. They were going to turn her into a milk cow!

“No mistake, a special order from Mistress herself for this one” The unseen voice returned.

“Let me see that” The woman before her strode swiftly from view. After what could have only been a few minutes she paced slowly back into her field of vision and slowly knelt to look into Georgia’s pleading eyes for a second.

“It seems that Mistress, has a very specific plan for you” She quietly said looking down, uncomfortable to meet Georgia’s sad gaze.

“You’re to be turned into a milk cow… we do it all the time, we give them the L-sixteen drug to cause rapid breast growth and cause constant milk production… but we give the others a special drug, the D-four reduces their intelligence to that of a farmyard animal, so they don’t even remember who they used to be” The woman whispered only looking her in the face for the briefest of moments. Tears streamed down Georgia’s face.

“But it would seem in your case Mistress, wants your milk production to be huge… You’d need to be milked hourly just for the relief, but you’re only going to be scheduled for milking twice a week…  That means your breasts will be twice as big as they are now and for the most part painfully swollen and engorged with milk” She paused uncomfortably as Georgia sobbed in front of her.

“But worse than that… Mistress doesn’t want to dumb you down… She wants you to maintain a full sense of awareness… To still be who you are now… She wants you to suffer and be very well aware of it” The woman explained sadly, the discomfort of Georgia’s intended fate obvious in her quivering voice. She touched her face softly and stood slowly. She gently walked away from view.

“This can’t be right, to do this… I‘m going to see Mistress” The woman sternly announced to the other woman and her footsteps could be heard quickly fading as she hurried away.

Georgia was hoping she’d return to release her. She didn’t want to be turned into a cow for milking. To be some sort of farmyard animal. Georgia had no idea how long the woman had been gone. She’d lost all track and sense of time when she was suddenly startled. A rush of warm fluids flooded into her mouth. She had no choice. She did her best to gulp and swallow it down as fast as she could as more and more fluid flowed through the penis gag and was pumped into her. It seemed like the warm fluid kept pumping into her for an age before it stopped. Georgia was horrified. Her course of drugs had obviously begun. Her panic stricken mind raced. How long before the drugs began to take affect, would it be reversible when she got out of this, if she got out of this.

She hoped desperately for the woman to return. She hoped she would come back and say this had all been a mistake, that she’d be released. She waited. Hopefully she waited, but an hour later. She was being pumped full of the warm fluid again. Georgia was desperate, but she was utterly helpless. She could do nothing to free herself. She was entirely dependant on the mercy of the woman who had knelt before her. Again the warm fluid was pumped into her an hour later. Sometime after this third dose Georgia began to feel a dull ache growing slowly from her breasts. She wanted to look down at her bust, but couldn’t. The dull ache was growing steadily by the time the next dose of fluid was pumped relentlessly into her mouth. She wondered if her bust was already beginning to swell. The ache was rapidly becoming uncomfortable. Georgia’s hope for mercy was fading fast, as she faded into unconsciousness, exhausted by the events that had befallen her so far. She was woken suddenly.

“Subject eighty seven, double L-sixteen, triple D-four… I want this one to be the dumbest we‘ve made yet… And that one… Increase it’s L-sixteen dose to a quadruple and have it moved to my room within the hour… position it in front of my mirror so it can watch itself changing” A stern voice commanded. Georgia listened intently.

“Yes Mistress” The other woman’s voice immediately replied.

Georgia was desperate to know what was happening. Her mind was reeling. The woman had said before that her drugs were a triple dose, that would expand her breasts to twice their size. Was she going to be given a quadruple dose now. How big would she get if she did. She desperately wanted to make sense of it all. Her thoughts were interrupted as something was wheeled slowly into her view. Her heart sank at what she saw. It was the woman who had knelt before her, had spoken to her. She had gone to speak to Mistress about her.

Now the woman was positioned directly in front of her, secured tightly to a metal frame that she could only imagine was the same as her own. It seems that she was now intended to be a milk cow too as she noticed a number stamped into the metal collar that held her in place. Eighty Seven. The woman had gone to seek mercy for her and returned with the answer. The woman was going to be reduced to a mindless animal… And Georgia was now going to be punished even more. To be given even bigger, more painfully swollen breasts.



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