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Anywhere She Wants

by Trashmouse

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© Copyright 2009 - Trashmouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; godzilla; furry; transform; grow; oral; sex; cons; X

I woke up when my bed hit the ground, to this day I'm not sure why I stay on it as it must have flown a great distance, but I did. The jolt shook me awake and I rolled out of bed, expecting to yell at either the downstairs or the upstairs neighbors, I wasn't expecting to find myself outside in a pile of debris that use to be my apartment complex, and a good five hundred feet from where my bed room normally was.

I sat up on the bed and looked around, trying to figure out what had happened. It was early morning, and the sun was just peaking over the horizon, but it was blocked by the clouds. Another typical morning in Seattle. There was some glow of the city lights and a flicking redness in the distance. I could hear the sounds of sirens. Looking up I suddenly found the source of my odd condition. A large mass rose in the half darkness over me, standing at least three hundred feet above my head. It took a few moments for me to process everything, but when I did I felt my heart sink.

Like most people I had watched the TV reports as the monster dubbed Godzilla had flattened a good part of Japan. Apparently some sort of oxygen thing had supposedly defeated him, but it was clear that it wasn't true. The big monster was standing over me, his thick legs spread out as he looked down over his belly at me.

Letting out a scream I pulled back on my bed, falling off it and onto my tail, blunt bits of wood poking at my back side. I tried to cover myself, the only thing I even had on was my night gown and my panties, but I doubted the beast ever cared. I looked around, trying to see if anyone could help me, but they had either run away or were already dead.

I kept crawling away, never taking my eyes of the monster. He watched me as I scrambled away, a strange look on his huge face. Behind him his long thick tail was swaying, flattening more buildings behind him.

"Leave me alone!" I cried out, doubting it would have any help.

Godzilla lowered his head slightly and opened his large muzzle. I let out a cry, I had seen this before on the TV, he was about to blast me with his breath. I covered my face with my arms as the beast let out a blast. It wasn't green, but blue, at least it looked that way through the grey fur. It felt cold against my skin and my large ears, causing Goosebumps on my arms and my fur to rise up. As the blast finally past over my I looked up over my arms and back at the beast.

He took a few steps back, looking intently at me as helicopters starting to circle around us. He didn't seem to care about them, just me.

A moment later pain rushed over my body, but it wasn't really pain. I call it pain because there wasn't a better word, but it was more like an erotic ache, running from the tips of my feet to my ears then back down to my tail. It took a moment to concentrate on my crotch, sending a wave of lust flowing through me. The real pain started after that, but it was from my night gown as it pulled against my skin, my panties doing the same.

The gown grew tighter, pulling against my breasts and teasing my nipples. I let out a cry and grabbed my chest through the grown, pawing at it as the tightness continued to go. There was a short moment where everything seemed tight around my chest before the gown ripping along the seams. Without a thought I grabbed the gown and tore it away from my body. My hand went right to my breasts, rubbing at them as I twisted on the ground, my arousal rushing through my body in growing waves.

I kicked out with my leg, my panties cutting into my skin, and was surprised to feel myself kick over my bed. It shook me out of my pleasure for a moment and I lifted my head. I could see myself around the debris on the ground and Godzilla himself. I didn't have to think hard to realize what was going on.

My normal five foot tall body was now fifteen feet tall and still growing.

Above me Godzilla let out a chuffing sound, and opened his jaw again. I looked up at him without really thinking and was able to watch his blue flame crash over me. The flames tickled my skin, pulling my fur and increasing my arousal ever more. I threw my head back and let out a cry as I orgasmed from the power, my hands ripping my panties away and giving into my cunt.

My growth increased in speed, so much that I could feel the debris move under my prone body. I fingered my sexy with one hand, the other reaching up to rub my breast. I twisted over the ground as my large ears hit something firm. Looking up I could see one of the few standing buildings in my complex nearing my head. I was over one hundred feet tall.

Twisting my body I brought my tail up and shove the tip into my pussy, stating to work it like a dildo. It fit better than it ever had before and sent jolts of pleasure up through my body. In a moment I felt another orgasm rushing through my body, this time I let out a scream and threw out my arms, flattening the remaining building.

My scream was matched by that of the monster above me, then a shaking of the ground as he stomped at it. As my bliss started to fade I lifted my head and looked at him. He looked back at me, his legs spread and what could only be a cock jutting from between his thick legs.

I smiled at him and slowly climbed to my feet. If we were in a normal scale I would have been a head shorter then him, but in this case that was about fifty feet. It didn't matter much to me; my arousal was ebbing a bit, but not going away. Reaching up I placed my hand on his face, my grey fur contrasting with the dark green of his skin. "You just wanted a fuck, didn't you?"

He said nothing, but thrust his erection at me. Taking the cue I reached down and grabbed his cock, giving it a slow stroke. It was thick, thicker than any man I ever had, and ridged near the blunt head. The color was best described as purple and brown, and was dripping precum.

I dropped to my knees, crushing more of my old home, and took his cock into my muzzle. I couldn't take it all, not easily, but I was going to try. My hands worked back to rub between his legs and around the slit that had hid his penis. I could feel mass under the skin that was probably his balls, judging by the reaction my touch brought from him.

I took as much of his length as I could into my mouth, lucking the underside of the shaft and teasing the top with my teeth. This brought a growl from the beast and a quick trust at my face. His precum was running heavily into my muzzle and I lapped it up. It tasted like fish, but in a good way, and I wanted to taste more of it.

While I worked my head up and down his shaft I reached up to rub his belly, teasing it gently with my fingers and tracing the edges of the scales. He cried out a bit at this and shook his long tail. Around us I could hear the sound of police cars, just a bit too late, and even more helicopters. He silenced a few of them with a smack of his massive tail. I decided to join in on the fun my swinging my now large tail around to flip a few of the cars. I couldn't crush them like my lover could, but it was fun.

There came soft rumbling sound and I felt something pepper against my tits. It wasn't even annoying, in fact that soft touches were a bit of a turn on. Looking down I saw that the police were shooting at us, not that it did much good. With an annoyed sigh I pulled my mouth off the lovely cock and stood up. With a smile I lifted my foot and brought it down onto the police. They popped like grapes, becoming gooey between my toes. I wiggled my toes in the mess, murring softly at the feeling of them.

Just an hour ago I would never have thought about doing such a thing, but now I wanted to do it again, and it wasn't just because of the blue flame that my lover had used on me. I turned to smile at him as I ground my foot into the ground. The beast smiled back at me and humped the air.

"If we're going to fuck, and we are going to fuck, we should have some fun while we do it," I said, and then turned to point at downtown Seattle, easily visible at my new height. I could also see the path of destruction that brought him to me, and he had only gone through the south side of town.

Godzilla looked at me a bit, and then leapt into the air landing maybe half a mile away before he started charging at the city. I smirked a bit and I started after him, running as fast as I could. For a big beast he had a lot of speed, and his jumps took him high into the air. I tried to copy him but I couldn't quite match him. As I ran I made sure to place my feet on as many buildings as I could, even tripping over one and flattening a school with my tits.

My lover reached downtown before I did, towering over most of the buildings except for the tallest of them. I ran up behind him and jumped, crashing into his back, his thick spine plates pushing into my chest as I hit him. We both fell to the ground, crashing through the tallest building in town, sending it falling down around us. I arched my back as it bounded against my fur, none of it making even a mark on me. I guess whatever had made me his size had made me as near indestructible as his was.

Grabbing him I rolled him onto his back and kissed him full on the lips. He didn't seem to know what to make of this action, but he humped his cock in the air. I stroked his belly as I kissed him and positioned myself over his cock. Lifting my tail high I relaxed myself down onto the erection. The blunt head of his shaft pushed open the folds of my sex and pressed deep inside. I let out a cry of pleasure as it pressed against parts of me I had never reached without a toy.

I ground myself against him, starting to ride the large shaft as he started to fuck me in return. It wasn't quiet matched, so I had to work myself to keep in sync with his animalistic pounding. His tail shook the ground behind us, knocking more buildings down in its wake. I wrapped my tail around his as best that I could, and rocked myself over the big cock.

He started to growl and buck, his back arching under my as he pounded me even harder. His big claws dug at the ground as he picked up even more speed. I started to break my rhythm, riding him as hard as I could, working the muscles of my cunt to tease his shaft.

There was a moment of silence as he pressed forward then let out a cry as he came. His seed was hot inside of me, rushing into my body like a fire hose; I could almost feel my belly bloating from it all. I ground myself down over his cock, let out my own cry to match his as my body shook with an orgasm.

As our mutual orgasms passed I fell down on top of him, panting happily and nuzzling his thick neck. He reached up and stroked a clawed hand over my back, growling soft.

"Thank you," I whispered to him.

He grunted happily and held me close to his large body, the vibrations in his chest making my body warm. We stayed that way together for a few more hours before we went on to finish leveling the city one fuck at a time.

The rest is history, at least how I let it be written. Together the two of us couldn't be stopped. One might go down, but the other could save the first, and nuclear weapons were an aphrodisiac. It was even better when I got pregnant. It's no surprised that we basically run the world now; he as the king of monsters, and I as his queen.


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