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Bad Bargain

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2006 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; other/m; majick; transform; sexchange; bond; straps; gag; F/f; tease; enslave; reluct; X

Brent looked around him with a sigh, wondering why he’d even bothered coming in here.  Everything in the little shop looked musty and ancient.  Shelves full of old bottles lined each aisle, their labels marked with mostly unreadable script.  Intermingled with the bottles were boxes full of dried things Brent wasn’t sure he wanted to identify.  Some magic shop this was!  And what a waste of time.  Shaking his head, Brent turned toward the door.

“Mr. Long?” At the quiet voice, Brent turned.  Standing framed in a doorway at the back of the shop stood a man of no great distinction.  Dressed plainly in black, cleanly shaved, he looked like anyone else you might encounter on the street.

“How did you know my name?” Brent asked.

“Knowledge is, after all, part of a wizard’s stock in trade, Mr. Long,” was the quiet response.  “I would be a poor wizard indeed if I failed to use my power to gain the knowledge I need.”

“Wizard?”  Brent shook his head again.  “Now that’s too much.  I’m not even sure why I came in here, but it wasn’t to talk to some quack.”

“Then it’s fortunate for you there are no quacks here desiring conversation,” the man in black smiled.  “Just a humble practitioner of the magical arts.  And also, as it happens, the man best suited to aid you in gaining the object of your desire.  Victoria , I believe her name is.”

Shocked, Brent stared at the man.  Victoria Wendt was, indeed, the current object of his desire.  Easily one of the most beautiful women in town, she was also one of the richest.  And to make things even better, she was single.  Just the type of woman Brent wanted.  Rich, beautiful, and lonely.  Ready to share her wealth with the right man.  And Brent was determined that man would be him, at least till her money was gone.

“Yes, Mr. Long,” the man said, smiling at Brent’s stunned expression, “I do know about your desire for the fair Victoria .  And I have the means for you to achieve your desire.”

Gesturing toward the shelves around him, Brent asked, “How?  Am I supposed to get her to drink out of one of these bottles, or recite some long complicated spell?”

“Oh, nothing of the sort.  You need simply gain access to her home.  Once inside, picture her in your mind, say her name, and crush this.”  From his pocket, the man drew a small vial.

“And what will that do?”

“You, Mr. Long, will become her perfect lover.  You will be everything she’s ever wanted in a life partner.  She will be totally unable to turn you away.”

“And how much will this cost me?”

Another smile.  “Oh, a mere thousand dollars.  A small price indeed for a lifetime with such a woman.”

Almost mesmerized, Brent reached for his wallet, then stopped.  “I don’t have that much cash.”

“Oh, no worries there.  I also take American Express.”

* * *

Once again, Brent stood and looked around him.  He stood in the center of Victoria ’s bedroom.  It had taken almost a month to get to this point, sleeping with the housekeeper until he could steal and copy the key to Victoria ’s front door.  But if this worked, it would all be worth it.  Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the vial, holding it carefully as he pictured Victoria ’s face in his mind.

“Victoria,” he whispered, crushing the vial into dust.

For long moments, nothing happened.  Then, suddenly, he began to feel like something was tugging on his feet from all directions.  Kicking off his shoes, he peeled off his socks only to stare as his feet grew longer and more slender.  The pulling sensation began to move up his legs.  Unable to resist the impulse, he quickly stripped, unable to take his eyes off his legs.

It was almost like a line was moving up his legs.  Above the line, everything was as it always had been.  But below the line, his legs were slender, toned, and perfectly smooth.  As the line passed his knees and approached his thighs, it became obvious that these were a woman’s legs.  Watching his thighs become full and rounded, Brent was struck by a sudden, horrifying thought.

If those were a woman’s legs, that meant…………  Frantically, he reached between his thighs, jerking his hand away when he felt, not the male anatomy he so frantically sought, but a lightly furred, distinctly feminine mound.  Shocked, he closed his eyes, afraid to watch as the tugging sensation continued to move up his body.  After what seemed an eternity, the sensation reached the top of his head, then vanished.  Almost afraid of what he would find, Brent opened his eyes.

“Noooooo!”  Directly in front of him stood a full length mirror.  And framed in that mirror was a naked woman.  Long, toned legs led up to full, firm thighs framing a softly furred mound.  Wide hips and a narrow waist led up to a set of high firm breasts capped with large nipples.  His shoulders were slim, his arms long and slender, hands slim and delicately formed.  His neck formed a graceful column leading to a face of almost classical innocent beauty.  Large blue eyes gazed back at him in shocked confusion, the whole framed in waves of soft auburn hair that fell to brush the top of his round, firm ass.

Stunned, Brent stared at his image in the mirror.  This couldn’t be!  He was supposed to become Victoria ’s perfect lover, not a naked woman.  That so-called wizard had tricked him.  He had to get back to that shop and set things right.

Before he could move, a black leather strap seemed to snake around his ankles from behind, pulling tight and binding his feet together.  A second strap wrapped itself just above his knees, and now his legs were fused together into a single column.  More straps, at wrist, elbow and just below his shoulders, quickly bound his arms to his sides.  As he writhed helplessly, he saw yet another strap peek out from beneath his left ear.

“Nooooommmmmmmnnnnnnnnfffffff!!!!!”  Even as he opened his mouth to shout denial, the strap whipped around his head, forcing something that felt suspiciously like the end of a penis into his mouth.  The strap pulled tight, thoroughly gagging him.  His shouted protests came out only as muffled moans and grunts, and he soon fell silent.

How long he stood there helplessly, Brent would never know.  Finally, he heard a door close somewhere in the house.  Grunting, he hopped carefully, turning slowly until he faced the bedroom door.  Slowly, the door opened, and what he saw framed there took his breath away.

Victoria was every bit as beautiful as he’d ever imagined, and the outfit she wore left no doubts.  A black bustier was wrapped around her waist, demi cups framing and lifting her breasts while leaving the nipples fully exposed.  Garters clipped to the bustier held up sheer black stockings that only enhanced the long columns of her legs.  Black high heel shoes held the muscles in her legs taut.  With her long red hair and flashing green eyes, she was a vision out of an Irish fantasy.

“What have we here?” she asked softly, walking slowly around the helplessly bound beauty she saw before her.  “So lovely.  And so deliciously helpless.”  Smiling, she raised one hand and brushed her fingers over Brent’s nipples.

Brent steeled himself for that first touch, but the sensation that burned through him nearly buckled his knees.  Never had he felt anything that powerful, so strong and sweet it was almost painful.  Another gentle stroke, and Brent’s eyes closed, soft moans spilling from behind the gag.

“Oh, and so sensitive, too.  We are going to have such fun, you and I.”  The ringing of the phone distracted her, and Brent heaved a sigh of relief when she stepped away to answer.  His relief was short-lived, though, as he heard her side of the conversation.

“Hello?  Oh, Charles.  Yes, I got my gift.  And I love it.  So beautiful.  And so sensitive to my touch.  Are you sure she can only cum with my permission?  Wonderful.  And she can only speak when spoken to?  Divine.  I’m sure I will enjoy her very much.  Of course, poor Brent may not approve.  Or should I call her Brenda now?  Yes, please come by when you’ve closed the shop for the night.  By then, I’m sure little Brenda will be most anxious for some relief.  Thank you, big brother, for looking out for me this way.  And thank you for the gift.  It’s the best birthday present I’ve ever received.  Yes, Charles, I will enjoy.  See you this evening.”

As Victoria returned the handset to it’s cradle, Brent’s eyes closed in defeat.  Naked, bound, and incredibly horny from just those few soft touches, he knew he’d been beat.  Hearing the object of his desire move back toward him, he contemplated a life as her sex slave.  Her female sex slave.  As lips closed around one nipple, and an even stronger bolt of sensation speared through his helpless body, he had two final coherent thoughts before his growing need consumed him.  The first was that he had, indeed, become Victoria ’s perfect lover.  The second, almost lost in a rising tide of need, was that, maybe, bargaining with a wizard wasn’t the wisest thing a greedy man could do.  Then Brent’s thoughts fled as Brenda’s body responded more and more passionately to the attentions of her new Mistress.

In a small shop blocks away, Charles Wendt, resident, wizard, smiled.


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