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Battery Hens

by earlofnexus

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© Copyright 2023 - earlofnexus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f+; farm; cage; chain; chastity; gag; intubate; collar; toys; buttplug; mittens; force-feed; inseminate; objectify; bodymod; cons; XXX

Chloe was a young animal rights activist with a penchant for bondage. She was appalled at how farm animals were kept and it was something that had driven her to be a vegan.

She saw how for example battery hens were kept in confined cages their whole lives and how pigs and cows sometimes didn't even have room to turn around in their cages. They were merely fed and their eggs collected or their milk taken or used for breeding. Then there were animals at places where they were on display at zoos.

She often wondered what it would feel like to be in that position with no control over your own destiny merely existing at the whim of a higher power. Whilst her feelings for the animals were that they should be free, she often thought "would humans like to live that way?" 

That got her thinking and her mind kept wandering to the idea of swapping places with these animals. How, whilst they have no choice, she could choose to try it. But this was all fantasy. There were no human farms or human zoos.

She looked into the laws around animals kept indoors and discovered the dimensions for each type of animal. She averaged out and scaled up these laws to a human and came up with dimensions for a 'container', cage or cell, however you term it, that by animal standards, would work for a human. It shocked her. It was about 1m wide by 2.5m deep by 2.5m high. Wide enough to contain the person, for them to lay out, and to stand up, and to stretch, but not a lot else. 

Her bondage side was kicking in. Could she find a way to make such a container? Could she find someone to make her fantasy come true?

A few years passed with her idea only ever that, however one day as she browsed porn she spotted some devious video clips of women kept in small cells.

There were maybe 10 women each in a tiny cell, naked, in a barn environment. Her heart jumped. Her immediate thought was to find out where the video came from so she could enquire.

She eventually found a contact email and spilled her fantasies into words. She hit send and hoped for a reply. It took a few days and a reply came from the director of the video, inviting her to visit the filming location.

Having arranged some leave from work she hopped in her car and drove the 300 miles across state to the location.

On arrival it appeared to be a working farm, animals everywhere. She saw a farmhand and asked where she could find the director. He pointed towards a barn. She wandered over and opened a steel door on the side of the barn. Once inside, it clanged shut behind her. In front of her was the bank of cells. Women inside all came forward and peered at her. They were each gagged so nothing more than muffled noises escaped their lips. They seemed to be intubated too, with a feeding tube up the nose and hooked up to a wall in the cell. The women had their hands in what looked like metal gloves taking their dexterity away. They seemed to be on a tether too, hooked to a collar round their necks.

Each woman had a chastity belt, and a barcode tattoo across their foreheads and on their ass.

There was one empty cell on the end and inside looked tiny. Like an under stairs cupboard or the back of a very small van. 

There was a drain on the floor where the women must go to the toilet. There was also sawdust on the floor at the rear of the cell on a slightly raised up area. There didn't appear to be anything else.

The eyes in the cells looked pleadingly at her but each door was padlocked.

In the empty cell the door was open and a gag was hanging, along with some mittens, a collar, and a feeding tube. A chastity belt lay on the floor.

Chloe said out loud to herself "Oh wow, this is one of my biggest fantasies right here. Look at these women, all young and beautiful like me, kept like livestock." The woman nearest her shook her head pleadingly. Chloe ignored her. "What would you know, dumb animal," she said under her breath.

Chloe shouted "Hey, mister, anyone around?" Silence greeted her back.

She decided to take the initiative and she crept into the empty cell. She imagined what being in here would be like. To be like livestock. To just exist for another's whims.

She felt the walls. They were tiled. Wipe clean. There was a faint odour of disinfectant. The gag seemed to have someone else's drool on it on closer inspection. Maybe the occupant had been taken somewhere.

Chloe laid on the sawdust bed and found it not too uncomfortable. She found the cell was just large enough for her to stretch out fully, though the width of the cell was only maybe twice her own width. "Snug", she remarked.

She walked out again and inspected each cell. Each one contained a beautiful girl pleading for release, silently.

"Why you're all so ungrateful I do not know. I can't think of a hotter scene than you're all in. I'm sure he's paying you to act all 'woe is me'." 

The girls shook their heads but Chloe wasn't having any of it. Here was her chance to star in a porn movie and experience her fantasy. Even better if this turned out to be real life ...

"I've decided I'm going to join you all on the farm." she said to everyone and no-one. She kicked off her boots and stripped down to her skin. She checked and the girls in their cells were butt naked.

She noticed her cell door had a padlock and no key. She figured she could lock it from the inside.

She folded her clothes neatly, including her cell phone and bag, and stacked them neatly out of reach of the cell. Just in front.

Entering the cell a shiver ran down her spine. Firstly she slid the chastity belt up onto her hips. Inside there were plugs front and back and the previous owner was still deposited on them, the front plug slick with juices, the rear plug showing signs of someone else's faecal matter. Both plugs were huge, far bigger than any toys she owned. The rear plug was hollow, so presumably once installed, she'd wave goodbye to the control of her sphincter and she'd defecate whenever and wherever. She shuddered at the thought. 

Thinking nothing of it, she slid the plugs home one at a time, grunting as she struggled to impale herself on them. After much pushing and squatting and developing a sweat, she felt a sudden fullness and the belt was as high up as it would go. Both plugs felt like they were deep within her. 

She clasped both ends of the waistband together and it was maybe a size or two too small, but she breathed in as best she could and pulled tightly until the two ends of the waistband mated together. There was a padlock on the front. She clicked it and realised without the key she was now stuck in it. She smiled.

Next came the feeding tube. She had a fair idea how to get it in. She poked it up her nose and fed it down the back of her throat, swallowing as she did so. Eventually it reached the right spot and she looped it over and behind her ear. To hold it in place she next took the gag, which was a harness gag with a ball gag and panel, and placed it over her head.

She placed the still damp ball gag into her mouth and then tightened the straps, the panel sitting over the top of her mouth. She gave each strap an extra tug "Mmmmphhh," to make sure it was attached solidly and wouldn't come off.

The straps served to hold the feeding tube in place. She connected the feeding tube to another tube in the wall and she saw liquid snaking down the tube and moments later a cool sensation in her stomach as it filled with whatever was in the mixture.

She stopped and took in her situation. She was willingly tethering herself into this situation. She was super horny. She didn't want to stop now.

Grabbing the tether, she clipped it to the top of her head harness. She walked forward and found she couldn't go more than a few inches past the doorway of the cell. Just enough to look at her neighbour who seemed to give her a pitying look.

Back into her cell and she pulled her door closed. It clanged. Chloe reached through the bars and padlocked the door shut. That was it. She was stuck in here now.

Finally, she found the steel mittens and applied them one at a time to her hands. She found they locked easily enough with a click when she used the pressure between her legs as leverage.

She now stood looking out at the barn. Suddenly there was a strange sensation again and her stomach filled with liquid. It felt cold and her stomach visibly swelled over the course of a few minutes. She felt her stomach bloat as she was force fed.

An hour or two passed and she really needed to pee. She squatted over the drain and let herself go. She felt humiliated yet also free. Her hollow plug ensured that periodically her rear would be emptied.

After staring out into the barn seeing nothing of consequence happening, Chloe went over to her wood shaving bed and curled up. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She awoke with a start when a man's voice shouted at her "Get up bitch. Who said you could sleep right now?" Chloe hopped to her feet and looked straight at the man. He continued "I ain't seen you before. These your clothes bitch? You that bitch who emailed the other day?"

Chloe nodded and mumbled a 'Mmm hmm.'

"I didn't give you no permission to be in here. I have a bitch here who now has no cell." Beside him a naked girl looked perplexed how another girl was in her cell. "Y'see I'm full up. I use these girls for breedin' stock. Artificial insemination. Rich folks who can't have kids pay good money for me to rear 'em a child."

Chloe just stared blankly.

"I sees there only bein' one choice. I can get rid of this girl, she was bein' prepped for insemination, if you want to take her place. But decide now. I ain't got no time for fantasies. I was gonna give you a tour but you've made yourself right at home bitch."

Chloe wanted to be an animal. She wanted to be bred. To be used for her body. To be a commodity. Like animals were.

The girl was looking at Chloe with an expression of "Please God let me go. Don't change your mind."

Chloe wanted this. She didn't know why but it had been her fantasy for so long now. So she nodded that she would stay.

"Right you are bitch. This one can spend the rest of her days cleaning the cells, and you can do her job. I'll be back in a moment with the insemination equipment."

Chloe thought about what was about to happen and she felt herself getting wet between her legs. She always thought one day she might have children but being bred like an animal ... 

The cage door unlocked and he entered the cell with what looked like a huge turkey baster filled with a creamy coloured liquid.

"To make sure we've got a good chance here, all the farm hands have contributed to this. We want to make sure this works first time." Chloe wondered how many men had contributed. Must have been loads of them as the device had a cup full of semen in it. It was now a total lottery whose genes would be mixed with hers.

She realised she had just finished her period and was at her most fertile.

"On the floor and on your back. This will be over in a few seconds."

Chloe laid in her straw bed and spread her legs. The farmer undid the front shield of her chastity belt revealing a slit through which he fed the tip of the syringe. It seemed the plug she wore had a tunnel through it. She felt it's long tip going deep inside her. Seconds later she felt a cool sensation inside her as the syringe was emptied quickly. It was removed and the chastity belt shield replaced.

That was it. No orgasm. No pleasantries. She'd just been seeded.

"That's done now. All the other girls are done too, you were the last. In about 8 or 9 months we should have our first delivery that we can put onto the market. I'll get our vet to check you over."

A woman in riding boots and jodhpurs that clung to her ass strode over to her cell. She had a slicked back ponytail and a smart blouse and jacket. She looked down her nose at Chloe.

"Turn around and put your ass in the air," she demanded. Chloe did as she was told. The vet rummaged around in a bag she had with her and pulled out a syringe. "You'll feel a few sharp pricks."

"Mmmmph…!" Chloe mumbled as the first syringe was emptied into her butt cheek. "Mmmmmmph!" as the as second went in. The final one really stung "Rmphhh!" The vet said "First one was a worming injection. Food hygiene here isn't great. Second one was a vitamin booster as you won't be seeing sunlight again. Third one was an experimental hair growth formula, you'll find your hair follicles across your body will be hyper stimulated. In a few weeks you should have a bit of a fur coat. You'll need it as winter is approaching."

Next she pulled out a punch of some kind and a tag. She placed it on Chloe's ear and with a heavy click the gun threaded it through her ear seamlessly. She was now tagged with what she thought looked like a neon orange label.

"You aren't real livestock until you've been branded." The vet pulled out some sort of portable laser device. She entered some information and then seated it on Chloe's ass. "Stay perfectly still or we will have to start over!" Chloe felt a searing pain on her ass and it took about a minute to etch into her perfect smooth skin a barcode and a string of letters.

"Get up and turn around." She noticed the girl who's stall she had taken was still nearby looking on. "See her? You're about to get the same facial treatment." The vet sniggered. The girl opposite her had a barcode and letters etched across the left side of entire forehead. It wasn't subtle and it wasn't small. On the right side of her forehead it stated "BREEDING STOCK" in huge capitals, and in smaller letters "PROPERTY OF HUFARM". Between her hairline and her eyebrows it took up her whole forehead. There was no doubting she was either a slave, an animal, or an object. Certainly something in someone's inventory.

Chloe had a beautiful face, she had always looked after her skin, it was smooth and perfect. She was about to be objectified. Any thoughts of this being a scene evaporating, replaced with a certainty this was her new life and she could never go back to being human.

The vet placed the device on the left of her forehead, and for the next minute the device etched into her skin her unique identifier. The device was then moved to the right of her forehead, and her purpose in life was now being burned into her skin. She could actually feel each letter being etched. B. Then R. Two E's. The whole word continued to be permanently written into her skin. Moments later it was done.

She smiled to herself as best she could with the gag in her mouth. She knew she now looked just as the girl did opposite her. Though the girl opposite looked tormented, Chloe was enjoying her new station in life.

The vet also applied a smaller barcode and identification label to the back of Chloe's hands. "This will remind you of what is on your face and your ass. As you can't see what everyone else can see, it will help you know your place."

The vet then undid the ballgag from the harness. "Don't say a word or I'll just remove your tongue, animal." A moment later the vet produced a different gag, more like something a horse would wear. It was like a bit-gag but with a plate that extended from it. She felt it being placed into her mouth and it pushed down on her tongue. Chloe had always had a tolerant gag reflex from giving so much head in college, but this pushed even her abilities. She choked a little and drool streamed from her mouth. She could only make gurgling noises and she had no way to remove it from her mouth.

The vet said "For no reason other than to try and wipe that smile off your face. You're not here to have fun. It's a good way to train behaviour."

Lastly the vet produced another syringe from nowhere. "Some of the shots have nasty side effects so I'm going to knock you out for a while while they get into your system." Chloe felt a prick on her arm and she slowly staggered to her straw bed. She collapsed onto it.

"One last thing. We are feeding you extra hormones and nutrients to swell your breasts and fatten you up. By the time you're ready to pop you should weigh twice to three times as much. Your sexy slender body will develop rolls of fat, huge tits and a fat ass. Your lack of movement and exercise in here will speed up the process. Beauty isn't required here. We just want your body for breeding. Plus there's a feeder fetish we can cater for."

She turned and walked out of the cell and locked it.

Chloe looked out contemplating her situation. She had been reduced to breeding stock, her purpose in life to rear offspring and consume nutrients against her will. Her cell was just about manageable as slender as she was, but she realised if she doubled or tripled in weight she would have much less room in her tiny cell.

She fell into slumber and dreamed of her former life.

She awoke again an unknown time later. She felt groggy. She staggered to her feet and realised she must have been out for a long time. Maybe a day or so had passed. She instantly needed to use the toilet so staggered to the drain and squatted, peeing into the drain. She then uncontrollably emptied her bowels, a possible effect of the drugs she had been laced with.

The next few months went slowly. Her routine was boring. She never left the cell. The only excitement was when the other prisoner came along to clean her cell and wash her down.

She had gained a lot of weight. Her once slender barbie doll figure was ballooning. She noticed her feed was increasing from once a day at the start to five times a day.

She couldn't see herself as she had no mirror but she could see she now had a huge belly, podgy hands, and fat hanging off her arms. She was also getting a round belly from her pregnancy.

More months passed and she was about to give birth. The vet arrived and delivered her baby in the cell. Once the baby was born it was taken away and the cell locked again.

A month or two later she was impregnated again and the cycle continued. She spent many years in her situation, giving birth to endless babies. Just a commodity. She was in a happy place.

Very quickly her mind had gotten used to the simple existence. What she didn't realise was that the food she was given also reduced her IQ gradually. For every week on the food, she dropped an IQ point. So by the end of her first pregnancy she'd dropped from an IQ of around 100 to an IQ of around 70. By her second pregnancy it had dropped to 40 and by the third pregnancy she pretty much stared blankly around her. She'd stopped understanding language; it was all just noise. She'd become a simple creature now. 

Maybe this is how animals exist?

Eventually, many years later, once she could no longer conceive, the farmer took her from her cell and placed her instead into a human zoo. She spent the remainder of her years in blissful ignorance that once upon a time she was free, intelligent, and on the other side of the glass. She was happy when people came to look at her and point at her.

She'd been taken off her IQ dulling food and whilst she would forever be mentally dumbed down, she did get periods of clarity. She would sometimes remember her old life. How she came to this existence. 

In those moments she had no regrets.


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