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Beth's Wardrobe

by Rubberbando

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© Copyright 2015 - Rubberbando - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; bedroom; makeout; spandex; caught; wardrobe; transform; M2object; unitard; worn; mast; climax; cons; X

Beth was your fitter than average high school senior. At just over 18 years old and 110 lbs, she stood about 5ft tall with red hair that reached all the way to her shiny spandex clad bottom. Most of the guys in school would stop and stare in awe as she passed by while the other girls would frown out of jealousy. Every day she would show up to school in some sort of spandex outfit. As such, it earned her nicknames like "Spandex Beth" and "Shiny buns".

Mike, on the other hand, was a shy nerd who had a huge crush on Beth. Every time Beth would come near him, he would freeze up and stare. One time she even said hello but all Mike could muster was a studdered "h-h-hi". After months of chickening out, Mike finally built up enough courage to ask her if he could walk her home.

To his surprise, she accepted his offer. Mike was estatic. After a short walk filled with a lot of small talk and awkward silence, they reached Beth's house. It was an average two story suburban home.

"Hey Mike. My parents shouldn't be home for a while. Would you like to come inside?" Beth asked.

"S-Sure." Mike studdered. "W-Why not." He managed a nervous smile.

"Great. I can show you my room." she blushed.

They walked inside, she took his hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom.

It was a typical teenager's bedroom with a small bed, posters on the walls, and a small desk with a mirror for applying makeup. Instead of a closet though, there was a large two door cabinet adorned with gems and had odd symbols carved into it.

"What is that?" Mike pointed to the cabinet.

"Oh, that is my wardobe. You know where I keep my clothes." Beth replied.

Beth led him over to the bed and pushed him down onto it. Mike sat there stunned as she pulled off her oversized sweatshirt to reveal that she wasn't just wearing shiny black spandex pants, but a whole unitard that clung tightly to her firm body.

Mike blushed, "W-Wow.."

"Have you ever been with a girl before Mike?" Beth giggled.

"N-No. N-Not yet." Mike managed to squeak out as Beth sat on his lap and leaned in for a kiss.

Mike was in heaven. He kissed her passionately and began to run his hands through her soft silky hair. Beth took one of Mike's hands and put it on her thigh. Mike began to rub his hand across the smooth stretchy spandex clinging so tightly to those athletic thighs. It blew him away at how good it felt to touch that miracle fabric. He had always admired it from afar but had no idea how good it would feel against his skin. Beth began to moan as Mike's hands continued to explore her shiny spandex clad body.

Suddenly, they heard a car door slam shut just outside her bedroom window.

"Oh crap, my Dad is home early." Beth said, leaping off of Mike.

The sound of the door to the house opening and closing was heard, followed by the sound of her Dad walking up the stairs.

"Beth, you better not have another boy in your room again." Beth's Dad announced as walked down the hallway, approaching her room.

"It's too far of a jump to have you go out the window. Hide in here." Beth whispered as she opened her wardrobe, revealing her massive collection of spandex.

Inside were dozens of pairs of leggings, tights, leotards, and unitards.

Mike was awestruck.

Beth shoved him inside and closed the doors just in time as her Dad reached her bedroom doorway.

"Uh Hi Dad." Beth greeted her father. "You're home early today."

"We finished up our project earlier than expected so my boss let everyone have the afternoon off in celebration." He responded.

"You didn't happen to bring another boy home again did you?" he peered at Beth.

Beth crossed her arms, looked away from him and shook her head.

"Well then, you wouldn't mind if I had a little look around..." he grinned.

Beth just shrugged.

Mike was terrified on what Beth's Dad would do should he find him. But he was stuck in this wardrobe with nowhere to go. He tried his best to be perfectly still and not make a move but it was hard as he felt the smooth, stretchy garments all around him rubbing against his body. It was if they had come to life as they started to slither over his body wrapping themselves around him, coccooning him. He tried to remain completely still as to not get the attention of Beth's Dad but found it difficult as the spandex seemed to be tightening more and more around him.

Meanwhile, Beth's Dad lifted up the comforter on her bed, got on his knees and peered under the bed. "Hmm....nobody down there..." he grunted.

"I guess there is one other place, your friend could be hiding." he grinned and he got backup and quickly pulled open the wardrobe's doors.

Mike froze as the doors opened. Beth's Dad was looking directly at him but didn't seem to notice him. Her Dad peered around in the wardrobe for a minute, shoved a few things around, including Mike but didn't seem to acknoledge him.

"Sorry about that princess. I guess you didn't bring anyone up here after all. I will let you get back to whatever it was you were doing." He said as he left her room, closing the door behind him.

Mike sighed in relief and went to climb out of the wardrobe. Unfortunately, he seemed to be stuck. "Hmm...must be still tangled up in her spandex." he thought to himself. He tried to move but found doing so pretty much impossible.

Beth grinned as she reached into the wardrobe towards Mike.

"Well look at you, all nice and blue." she giggled, pulling him out of the wardrobe.

It felt like she was suddenly super strong as she lifted him right up as she pulled him out. He still couldn't move but he managed to get a glance of the mirror on the wall. To his horror, she wasn't holding a person in her hand. Instead she was holding a shiny blue spandex unitard up on a hanger.

"Oooh. You turned out really nice." Beth giggled as she rubbed the garment against her face.

Mike felt waves of pleasure with every little touch. The unitard quivered and moaned softly.

"I can't wait to wear you." Beth grinned seductively.

Beth proceeded to lay the blue unitard on the bed and slipped out of the black one she was wearing.

She then picked up the blue unitard and gave it a big hug against her naked body.

The unitard quivered some more in excitement.

Beth sat on the edge of her bed and slipped her feet into the unitard, pulling and stretching the spandex fabric as she slid it up her legs.

The unitard quivered some more. Mike was lost in bliss as wave after wave of pleasure shot through him as he was pulled and stretched over Beth's body.

Beth pulled him up the rest of the way over her body and slid the straps up over her shoulders.

The unitard quivered more and more, starting to vibrate causing Beth's nipples to become errect and her loins to moisten. Beth curled up into a fetal like position, hugging herself, taking in the pleasure the unitard was bringing her. She slipped her hand between her legs and slowly began to pleasure herself through the silky stretchy fabric.

Mike felt the waves of pleasure intensify as Beth orgasmed. His mind growing foggy. Memories of being human fading away. His thoughts changing to those of a unitard, to be worn and touched and stretched across a person's body.

The unitard was now soaked with Beth's juices as she laid there exhausted.

"Whew...I hope it was as good for you as it was me Mike..." Beth sighed.

The unitard seemed confused at who this "Mike" was but just assumed it was a nickname she applied to it.

Beth got up and peeled off the soiled unitard, tossing it into the hamper.

"Until next time, my stretchy little friend." Beth giggled as she head off to take a shower.



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