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Bigger is Always Better

by Trash Mouse

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© Copyright 2008 - Trash Mouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: F2m; F/m; furry; magic; transform; anal; cons; X

The necklace was in an elaborate felt box with a blue bow. I smiled as I pulled the bow free and dropped it to the floor. Carefully I opened the box and smiled even wider as I saw what was inside. It was exactly as I was promised, a silver necklace on a silver chain. The trinket on the chain was an odd shape, the merging of both the male and female symbols into one.

I pulled the necklace free and dropped the box on the kitchen table. I ran the chain through my fingers and held the trinket in my hands, my tail flicking in excitement. The six weeks had been far too long of a wait, but I knew it would be worth it.

“Cleo? You coming?” my boyfriend called from the living room.

Taking a moment to compose myself I put the necklace on and shoved it down under my shirt so it rested against my breasts. Adjusting my clothing I flicked my tail and walked out of the kitchen. Fred looked up at me, the equine’s ears tilting back slightly.

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked.

I shrugged, swinging my hips as I walked into the room. I could feel the magic already starting to do its work on me. Reaching out I ran my hands over his head, rubbing between his ears. He was in for such a surprise.

He reached up and pulled me down onto the couch next to him. “You look hot tonight,” he said.

Landing next to him I leaned back on the soft cushions, feeling my shirt and pants starting to grow around my body. The fabric of my bra was already digging into my skin as my pants grew tight around my hips. I worked my arm around his back and leaned to nuzzle his thick neck. “Thank you dear.”

Fred nodded and nuzzled the top of my head, causing my ears to twist under his breath.

I felt a chill run through my body, a warmth rushing down across my breasts, my nipples growing hard through the fabric around them. The warmth went down to my crotch, growing hot for a few moments as I felt my body start to change. My pussy flexed and started to grow wet while at the same time the front of my pants grew tight.

My stallion took in a long breath, at the same time his own pants starting to swell around the crotch. “Oh, you even smell sexy,” he said.

“Thank you,” I replied as my pants started to strain to the point of pain, at the same time by bra was tighter then it had even been before. “Want to fuck?” I asked.

He smirked. “I thought you would never ask,” he said, reaching down to unzip is pants.

“Oh, it’s going to be better than that,” I said, climbing to my feet. Everything felt tight around me as the magic ran through my body. Turning around I smiled at him and thrust my crotch at him. The zipper of my pants was starting to pop.

Fred’s eyes looked me over, going a little wide as they focused on my breasts. “You’re growing,” he said.

I giggled. “In more ways than one,” I told him, pulling at the button on my jeans. The pressure from my full hips and ass made it just a bit too hard to open. With a grunt I pulled hard, popping the button and making the zipper rush down. My brand new cock strained at my purple panties, bouncing in the tight fabric now that it had some freedom.

My boyfriend looked down and let out a gasp. “What the hell?”

Pulling my shirt off, I threw it away, then stepped out of my pants. I tugged at my bra as I stuck a pose for him, smiling happily as my breasts and cock continued to grow. I could feel my large balls start to press back over my very wet cunt.

He looked at me dumbfounded before a small smile spread over his face. “What did you do?” he asked, reaching up and simply ripping my bra off, my large breasts bouncing free, now twice their normal size and still growing.

“Got a nice necklace,” I said, touching it as it rested between my breasts.

“I see,” he replied, reaching up to start to rub my breasts. I felt a chill rush though my body as my cock rushed to its full size, though that was changing. The fabric that encased it started to pull and creak, then with a sudden surge ripped free allowing my erection to bounce free and slap against my belly.

Fred looked down at my growing shaft and gulped. “You’re almost bigger than I am,” he said.

“I’m not done yet,” I said, running my hands down to rub his own hard cock, pulling it free of his boxers. My shaft started sliding up my belly to rub the bottom of my growing breasts. At the same time my balls rested against my hips.

He let out a soft gasp then reached down to stroke up under my balls, bringing a gasp from me as he touched my soaked twat. “Oh, you’re a herm, even better!”

I smiled and kissed him, our cocks rubbing against each other as my breasts pushed us apart. I was larger then his sixteen inches and still growing larger. My breasts were huge now, the nipples pressing out a few inches as my balls hung lower and lower.

Finally my chest pushed us far enough apart to break the kiss. Fred looked me over as my cock head slipped up over the top of my chest, itself somewhere around triple-Z. I took a step back and reached down to feel my balls, each one the size of a basketball to match my breasts.

Fred smiled and started to shrug off his clothing. “I can’t wait to fuck you,” he said.

I shook my head and let my cock fall down to bounce at full mast, thick and arching so far in front of me I couldn’t reach the tip. “Oh no hon, I’m going to be the one fucking you!” I said with a smile, feel the changes come to a stop.

The big horse pulled back and looked at me then at my huge cock. “But... would it even fit? You’re bigger than anyone I’ve had.”

Smirking I started to stroke my cock, as much as I could reach of it. “I knew you had been fucked. No virgin ass looks like that. Don’t worry hon, it will fit. What would the fun be if it didn’t?” I asked.

He blushed and nodded his head. That was one piece of information I had been trying to get out of him for over a year. “You’re so much bigger than they were,” he said.

I nodded and touched the necklace, licking my lips as he pulled off the last of his clothing. I felt fantastic and very horny. My figure was perfect with wide hips and a thin waist, just with a huge cock.

As soon as he had the last of his clothing off I grabbed him and pulled him back to me, kissing him as much as I could with my breasts between us. He kissed me in return, rubbing my breasts and teasing the nipple, each one the size of a normal man’s cock.

He started to stroke my cock, spreading the precum over the length of the huge shaft. I broke the kiss, letting out a cry of pleasure. It wasn’t like anything I had felt before but it was also so very right. My juices had soaked the back of my heavy balls and legs.

Fred pulled back, shivering a bit and licking his lips. “Oh, I do want that up inside of me.”

“On your knees,” I whispered.

He flicked his ears back and smiled, kissing the blunt tip of my cock. Then he turned around and dropped to the floor, resting his head and arms on the couch. He lifted his hair, flicking at me and showing off his puckered and stretched ass.

I came up behind him and rubbed the tip of my cock against his ass. He was just a little too far away from me to grab his hips, but that wouldn’t last much longer. I twisted my cock a bit, smearing pre around his ass, watching it start to flex and pull open.

The stallion whimpered softly. “That tingles.”

“Good,” I said, then started to press my cock inside of him. There was a moment of resistance then his ass parted, pulling tight around the head of my cock as I slipped inside.

He let out a cry of pleasure and bucked under me, his tail flying about as his cock slapped at his belly. “You feel so good,” he said, panting hard.

I reached out finally able to grab his hips as I worked more of my length inside of him. I bottomed out when I had half my length inside of him. “You’re a real tight mare,” I said, starting to thrust.

Fred glanced back at let out a soft whinny, lowering his head and lifting his ass a bit more. “Fuck your mare.”

I started to fuck him for real, pounding my cock against his ass as my balls swung around and slaps against his legs. I finally had to spread my legs and shove the fat sack back behind them so I had room to get a really good run at him. With each thrusts I sank it a little bit deeper.

He whimpered and cried with each thrust, his body twisting under me and he pawed at the couch. I leaned down so my breasts rested on his back, the heavy weights of the round flesh causing him to arch his back.

With one last thrust I felt my hips pressed against his, every inch of my cock deep inside of his ass. He was stretched tight around me and was letting out the familiar moan of pleasure I knew so well, though it usually came from him fucking me.

“You like that?” I asked in a soft voice as I leaned over his back as best I could, my tail flicking behind me as I held myself in place, allowing him a bit of time to get used to being my sheath.

Fred nodded, enable to anything. One hand had slipped down under his body to start to stroke his own cock.

Smiling I started to fuck him. I wasn’t going easy like I had before, this time it was all about giving us both pleasure. I held onto his hips as tight as I could, my body shaking with each thrust, my hips slamming into his and sending his chest sliding over the couch.

My huge balls here rolling around in my tight sack, the balls churning with seed, gallons of it, all waiting for the right moment to rush free and fill my little mare. I continued to pick up speed, gasping and moaning, enjoying ever jolt of pleasure that ran through my body.

I pulled at the fur on his hips, my ears falling back as my tail flicking in excitement. Finally I couldn’t hold myself back. I thrust my cock in as deep as it could go and let out a long cry as I finally came. I felt the cum rush through my body, swelling my cock and gushing into Fred like a fire hose. At the same moment I felt my pussy gushing as it joined my cock in orgasm.

Fred let out a cry under me, his own cock slapping at his belly as he started to cum. I held tightly to him as my cock pumped gallon after gallon into him, bloating out his belly until he looked pregnant. My orgasm lasted much longer then his, but when it was done I fell onto him, my breasts landing on his back.

My boyfriend panted and shook out his head. “I feel like I’m going to pop,” he whimpered.

I pulled my softening cock free of him, sending a huge gush of cum spurting out over my legs. “it will pass soon enough,” I said, watching my cock slip back into my sheath, still larger then he was when erect.

My boyfriend slowly turned his head to look at me, the cum pooling under him. “How long will you be like this?”

I smiled, touching the necklace. “As long as I want to be.”

The stallion slipped of the couch and sat in the growing pool of cum as more of it ran out of his wide open ass. “Never take it off,” he said.

“You’ll have to stay the mare,” I told him, touching his nose.

His eyes twinkled with a large smile. “That would be just fine.”

I never did take the necklace off, though I did get one for him. The wedding was fantastic, and neither one of us wore white.


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