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Bikini Beach Body In A Bottle

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2017 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; caught; bond; punish; bdsm; crop; transform; bodymod; breasts; M2f; pills; femmiweed; sex; cons; X

"WHAT HAVE YOU'VE DONE?" I asked my sheepish husband of a little over three years with a tone he well knew meant he was in deep poop. I had discovered his transgressions accidentally not five minutes earlier and I was fit to be tied.

"Oh come on now" he replied while trying to soothe me withreasonable tones, (what little masculinity he had in his voice these days conspicuously absent), "they couldn't sell it if it wasn't safe."


"Look at the bright side of this Honey Pumpkins, I lost some of that belly that you hated, that's all I was really after you know, to look better for you at the beach this year."

"Oh, so that was it" I thought to myself, the young and tan muscular studs on the beach making him feel inadequate when they stopped by and chatted me up with their backs to him while ignoring my husband's presence entirely, (their posture no accident as they presented their impressive man hardware to my bikini wrapped self and their asses to him). It was easy to know what they were after, and a part of me was more than curious to give that a whirl, but I had made a vow to this man of mine who was my first that I intended to keep.

"How many did you take?" I asked more reasonably, as if a baby sitter that had just discovered a curious child in her care with a bottle in her hand and trying to do some damage assessment. I held the open bottle in my hand and shook it's contents while trying to remember how many were left in there the last time I had needed one. It had been quite some time since I had, but I kept them around just in case I needed a touch up, also while knowing most prescriptions lost potency over time.

"Just a few, but I was smart about it, I spaced them out over the last few weeks so the results would look natural... What made you look anyway?" he asked as casually as he could while not meeting my stare, I knowing with intuition that he couldn't possibly have that he wasn't telling me the whole truth.

I had lingerie in my lingerie drawer obviously, and if he found my hidden prescription wrapped in a pair of old panties deep in the back of it, he likely did so by accident. Was his initial intention to merely search for some of my panties and bras to prance about in while I was away, perhaps this man of mine curious about a great many things he wouldn't care to openly discuss with his recent wife?

He was after all slightly built, and other than the belly he had developed, (and his hairy flesh), his body about perfect for such things, although it was impertinent to point such things out to ones husband. Still this discovery of mine made me curious, and opened the door for a rather candid conversation I never wanted to have to have, the law of unintended consequences rearing it's sometimes ugly head once again in my life...

There was an easy way to tell approximately how many he had taken, and if their potency had remained in tablet form out of the direct sunlight that I had been warned against. The psychological effects were quicker than the physical ones by design in this form, this particular weed in it's raw natural form rumored (in certain circles) to wreak it's magnificent havoc in a single night on the unsuspecting... or desperate.

Upon reflection the clues had been there for weeks, this man of mine embracing the joys of submission while we played our bedroom games with toys that he had bought himself, that a kind of fun that I thought was no longer available to me. It should have warned me that something was changing in our happy little home, as did his softer manner about the house overall...

"I think you've been very naughty" I opined reasonably with a playful smile on my face to let him know it was really going to be all right, despite my earlier reaction to his understandable curiosity.

"Yes I have, I'm very sorry for snooping dear" his head hung low as it should be.

"Not as sorry as your going to be" I warned under my breath, wondering in my heart if that was even true. What was done was done though, I having but a single option now that my secret was out, I liking this little place of ours on the beach but knowing that I would now have to move once again.

"Shower and wait for me in the spare room, I'll lay an old blanket out for you as I don't want a mess in my bed" I commanded. It was always my bed these days when he needed some playful discipline with our new toys, this however several significant steps from that.

I found him laying on the blanket I had laid out on the floor for him, his head toward the old fashion radiator as I had intended, our toys there and waiting. He had buckled the leather wrist and ankle cuffs on himself by the time I had walked in, either in anticipation of my attention, or to mitigate my punishment if not ever so slightly.

We had played with the cuffs just recently, he wearing them with a simple padlock to hold them together behind his back and cumming like never before with lovingly light swats of my paddle, but on reflection at less than full mast while simultaneously entertaining me in other rather pleasant ways. He was incredibly good at that lately, it almost like having a submissive girlfriend again, but that seemed like a lifetime ago.

I discovered his man hardware (that I had obvious intimate knowledge of) hiding and not presenting itself as it should with the kink of the moment, telling me he had in fact taken more than just a few of the special pills in question, or possibly that he was truly frightened and expecting more than a playful swat or two with my paddle for his snooping. If so, it said a lot that he was still willing to place himself under my control, that being a trust I had to carefully consider before I went any farther with this man.


With my husband's wrists cuffed firmly to the radiator with a short but strong chain and lock combination, (ironically purchased by him) he was as helpless as he was going to get, soothing my conscience ever so slightly that it was willingly by his own hand.

First a kiss, then another more delicate one as we explored each other for not the first time, and hopefully not the last. I could tell he was bewildered, he expecting discipline and getting something else entirely, but he was chained and at my mercy, and I had all the time in the world to work my magic. Our little beach house was remote enough that he could scream his pretty little head off and not draw any unwanted attention, at least in the off season.

I would miss those masculine lips, but I also liked a woman's kiss as well. Wouldn't that be a twist? I thought to myself with a smile as I continued to make out with my bound husband. I moved down to his hairy chest, (I might actually miss that on rare occasions, but other men with hairy chests could always be found when needed), I playing with his nipple between my teeth and tongue as he groaned in ecstasy. That was new, and I wasn't the only one to notice either. Still he thrust his hips into the air with remembered reflex despite his man hardware being conspicuously flaccid, telling me there was no turning back.

I then moved to the other, and as I brushed some of his chest hair out of the way I noticed some of it fell loose. I then tormented the second with my teeth as I pinched the first, he having his first ever orgasm from his new erogenous zones, his breasts a fair bit more pronounced than I remember them being under all that hair. It was to be expected, he was loosing belly fat, it had to go someplace.

"What just happened?" he asked me once his breathing returned to normal.

"Something wonderful, be quiet now and I'll be right back, I still owe you a punishment you know." I leaving to retrieve some necessary things, checking on my way the shower drain. I found a fair amount of hair there, and it wasn't mine either.

I returned with some more chain with which to more firmly bind him to the iron radiator, itself firmly anchored in place to the concrete pad our little house was built upon. It wasn't going anywhere, and neither was he. I also had with me a blindfold and my prescription bottle, and a bottle of water for obvious reasons.

The blindfold was first, he offering no resistance, nor did he when I used a carabineer to secure his ankles together, and to the radiator in a side laying loose hogtie with our second play chain. Such a position offered his entire backside to my paddle which could be employed in a playful manner, or could in fact apply a rather stinging correction for his misbehavior. He wouldn't see it coming either, and he knew this, as did he know that this was a very different game than the others we had recently played.

"How many did you take?" I whispered in my husband's ear, my soft words sounding more like a threat from another time.

"I don't remember." He lied.

I then cracked his butt with my paddle a single time, not softly, but not nearly as hard as I could either. He flinched in response to the surprise of my swat, but to his credit didn't utter a peep of protest. I then watched his manhood start to stir, or at least try to, I having knowledge of such things and suspecting that this was turning him on. Was it the sting of my paddle though, or his utter helplessness before me? There was of course a third option...

"I think you were snooping in my lingerie drawer for some things to try on when you came across my prescription. Did you loose any weight by the way?" I further taunted. "I'm willing to wager that you didn't, and a critical mind might wonder about that."

"What do you mean?" he asked, logic getting through where my paddle had failed. The paddle could have gotten me the answer I desired eventually, and I suspected a little playful torture not all that much a hardship to this new man of mine and better reserved for another day.

"Fat doesn't just disappear, it is either consumed, or relocated." I driving this point home by grabbing a handful of his left man boob and rolling the scant flesh in my hand as he groaned.

"How about we conduct a little test?" I went on to my captive audience. "I'll slip you into a pair of my soft and silky panties, and if I get a reaction I'll know what you were up to in my drawer. Or, if your really curious I could help you truly go where few men have before..."


The Femmi weed extract as it turns out had lost little of it's potency, several of the little tablets taken willingly at the same time by my husband and a night chained to the radiator on the floor completing what he had inadvertently started. I myself had done much the same to both escape justice, and to at the same time serve it in helping convict a rather bad bunch of people, there being little doubt what they would do to me and those around me if caught by one in their organization.

I would have to move again to another safe house in another part of the country, but this time with my new girlfriend, right after we found her a man to consummate her transformation with so she could seal her own deal just as I once had.

She looked simply magnificent in one of my short dresses and heels as we made our way to a club where neither of us would have to buy a drink, but a part of me selfishly wanted to keep her all to myself. I knew however we would both have to share our bed from time to time to keep this perfect disguise, but perhaps not with the same man at the same time less we inadvertently kill him...

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