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by Lobo De la Sombra

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Storycodes: M2f; FF/f; transform; discovery; mast; climax; hum; cons/reluct; X

In the year 2147, scientists working on the human genome made a startling breakthrough. While still unable to completely map human DNA, they discovered a process that allowed them to swap X and Y chromosomes. In essence, they could now change anyone’s gender at will. Experiments performed on volunteers showed that, once the chromosome swap had been performed, the subject’s body slowly conformed itself to its new gender. Which meant that a man could have the procedure done, and, after about a month for his body to change, would become the woman he would have been had he been born female.

When the process was announced, the government of the recently unified earth quickly became interested. A new agency was established, which quickly took control of all equipment and data related to the process. After nearly a year of rigorous testing, the agency pronounced the process completely safe.

Immediately, the government enacted new laws regulating the use of this gender swapping technology. Most of these laws served to prevent anyone outside the controlling agency from using the technology in any way, as well as providing penalties for offenders. One law, however, was different.

Statute 38 of the gender regulation codes stated that: “In the interest of improving the understanding between genders, all citizens are hereby required, on the day after their 19th (nineteenth) birthday, to report to a GMA (Gender Modification Agency) facility to undergo gender modification. Once the process is complete, each citizen will be required to spend 1 (one) calendar year in their new body, after which time, they will return to the GMA facility to be restored to their original gender. During this time, all personal records will be temporarily modified to reflect the citizen’s new status.”

As part of the new law, anyone who failed to report faced up to a year in prison, after which they would be required to report anyway. Repeat offenders faced the prospect of being forcibly altered for sentences that could last the rest of their life. Citizens over the age of nineteen at the time the law was passed were given the option of spending a year as the opposite gender, but were not required to do so.

“William Marston?” Nervously, Billy followed the nurse out of the waiting area. Yesterday was his nineteenth birthday, and today he was to undergo “The Procedure”. As he followed the nurse down a hallway, Billy mentally crossed his fingers.

The process would alter his genetic code, transforming him into a female. It would not, however, modify his DNA in any other way, so he would basically become the woman he would have been had he been born female. Remembering some of his friends after the change, Billy mentally crossed his fingers, hoping he wouldn’t turn out to be too ugly a girl.

Reaching the end of the hall, the nurse ushered Billy into a small room crammed with equipment. Computers lined three walls of the room, while a stainless steel examining table occupied the exact center.

“Remove your clothing,” the nurse instructed him as she left, “and lay on the table. The technicians will be with you shortly.”

Mentally crossing his fingers, Billy complied, wincing as his skin touched the cold steel. Laying back, he closed his eyes and awaited the inevitable.

“She’s waking up, doctor.”

She? Who were they talking about, Billy wondered, blearily prying his eyes open. For a moment, everything was blurred, then the image before him resolved itself into a white tile ceiling. He started to raise his head, only to feel a hand pressing down on his forehead.

“Relax,” he heard a calming voice say. “You’ve been asleep for nearly a month. Just take it easy and give your body time to wake up.”

Nodding weakly, Billy let his head rest on the pillow, lacking the energy to argue. As he lay there, he mentally reviewed himself, finding that everything felt as it always had, with only a couple exceptions.

For one, he wondered if the bed were really that lumpy. It felt soft enough, but there seemed to be a lump or something part way down, right under his hips. It wasn’t much, barely enough to notice, lifting his hips slightly and causing his lower back to lay at a slight angle from what he was used to.

Also, there seemed to be something a bit heavier than the covers pressing down on his chest. Again, it was just enough to notice, but it seemed that every time he inhaled, something moved. And it seemed to be something outside, not inside. Experimentally, he inhaled deeply, and definitely felt something shift. Rolling his eyes, he gazed downward, startled to see the covers tented in a rounded shape over his chest.

Did something go wrong? Why did they have something under the covers there? Weakly, he raised his hands to his chest, discovering a pair of fleshy mounds. He squeezed, feeling his fingers indent the shapes, feeling also the sensation of being squeezed in a place and a way he had never experienced before.

“Her body is responsive,” he heard a female voice say, “but I don’t think her mind is quite up to speed yet.”

“Who…..?” he began to whisper, then stopped. Something was wrong with his voice, but his mind was still to fuzzy to figure out what. “Who are you talking about? Who’s ‘she’?”

“You are, dear,” came the reply, as gentle hands returned his arms to lay at his sides. “Now lay still and let yourself wake the rest of the way up.”

As he lay silently, Billy’s mind began to clear. The Process, he thought. He’d undergone the treatment, and now he wasn’t he any more. Those fleshy things he’d been squeezing were his breasts. Billy shivered slightly, and spoke the first words that came to his mind.

“Am I ugly?”

He heard a soft laugh. “You’ll see for yourself soon enough.”

After a few moments, Billy felt the head of the bed begin to rise. Glancing over to one side, he saw a nurse holding the bed’s controls, her thumb pressing a button. Smoothly, the head continued to rise, tilting his upper body toward a seated position. As he made the transition from vertical to horizontal, Billy could feel his new breasts shifting slightly, adjusting to their new position.

Once he was upright, the nurse picked up a mirror and held it toward his face. Billy closed his eyes, afraid of what he’d see. As a young man, he’d been considered somewhat handsome, but nothing spectacular. As a girl………. Finally, he opened his eyes and risked a glance at his reflection.

What he saw stunned him. Gazing back at him, eyes open in shock, was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen. Her eyes, still the same shade of blue, widened, turning into deep pools of surprise. The high cheekbones, small nose, and lush mouth gave the face an almost elfish look, the light olive complexion a nice compliment to the auburn hair framing this face.

If my face looks this good, he thought, what about the rest of me? Nervously, his hands rose to pluck at his gown.

“I think she’s ready for the unveiling,” said the nurse, smiling. Another woman, this one with a doctor’s badge, stepped to the bed. Standing on either side, they grasped Billy’s upper arms and helped him to his feet, facing a mirror mounted on the opposite wall. Once he was steady, each woman reached to one of his shoulders. A pair of soft tugs undid the simple ties there, and the gown fell to pool at his feet.

“Oh my.” Starting at the bottom, Billy’s eyes roamed upwards. Small, delicate feet, slender, shapely legs, firm thighs flaring into trim hips. Nestled between those thighs was a soft mound, a fine nest of auburn hair covering it. Slim waist rising to a chest that supported medium sized breasts. Slender shoulders leading to equally slender arms, ending in long-fingered hands. Staring, he watched the nipples in the mirror harden, even as he felt a warmth begin between his thighs.

“I’m beautiful,” he whispered, running his hands down his sides, then back to cup firm buttocks.

“Very,” the nurse agreed. Billy continued to stare, then started as he noticed his hands slowly making their way down to his crotch.

“Um, I, um, I think I need to pee,” he said. The two women smiled.

“Of course you do, dear,” the doctor said, pointing. “The restroom is right there.”

Nodding, Billy moved toward the indicated door, feeling his breasts shift with each step, not quite bouncing, but definitely making their presence known. He could also feel his hips swing in an unfamiliar way, and wondered what the motion of his ass looked like.

In the restroom, Billy closed and locked the door, then moved to the mirror over the sink. Watching his reflection, he reached up and pinched both nipples, biting off a moan as the feeling seemed to shoot straight to his crotch. Dropping one hand, he stroked along the juncture of his thighs, his moan deepening. He’d masturbated before, but the feelings had concentrated along the length of his cock. Now, the feelings his fingers created seemed to well within him. Slowly, he increased the pressure of his finger until the tip slipped past the lips. At the feelings that caused, his knees nearly buckled, and he quickly dropped to sit on the toilet.

Spreading his knees, he slowly pushed his finger deeper within himself, gasping as the feeling grew more intense. Suddenly, his finger brushed the nub of his new clit, and his hips bucked so violently he had to grab the sides of the toilet with both hands to keep from falling as his first female orgasm rushed through him. Biting his lip, he tried to muffled his soft cries of pleasure.

Once the tremors had subsided, Billy made his shaky exit from the restroom. He found both women smiling at him, and he blushed hotly, realizing they’d heard everything.

“It’s ok, dear,” the nurse said. “Everyone has to try out their new equipment. We had one girl who stayed in there for nearly an hour.” Billy’s embarrassment faded only slightly at the news that he wasn’t the only one.

Still smiling, the nurse now showed Billy the best way to put on a bra. With the bra safely in place, he was given a light blouse, along with panties, a pair of shorts and a pair of sandals. Instead of a wallet, he was handed a small purse, along with his new identification. Glancing at it, he frowned.

“Wilhelmina Marston?”

“Yes,” the doctor replied. “We try to keep your new name as close as we can to the original. And this way, you can still go by Billy.

The doctor looked Billy up and down. “Ok, it looks like we’re done here. Just remember, we want you to experience life as a young woman to the fullest extent, but use caution. Until you get used to them, your body’s sexual responses are going to seem extremely powerful. We actually recommend you masturbate often until you get used to the feelings, before you try sex with a partner. And remember, if you become pregnant, you’ll have to remain a woman until the baby is born. We do not condone abortions caused by accidental pregnancy. Come back when you get your first period, and one of our nurses will show you what all you need to do.”

Nodding, Billy turned and left the room, making a slow way down to the front doors. Pausing there, Billy gazed outside. How would the world see this new person?

Only one way to find out. He…… no. I’m not a he any more, Billy thought. I’m a she, and I might as well get used to it. His……her fingers strayed down to brush lightly at the crotch of her shorts, and Billy though, I already know I’m going to enjoy one part of it. Smiling, slinging her purse over her shoulders, Billy Marston stepped outside and went to begin her year as a woman.



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