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Billy 3

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; Solo-F; FM; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

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Part Three

Billy Marston rushed up to her room, her package clutched firmly in her hands. It had finally arrived. Now to see if she had the nerve to use it.

It had been two weeks since she’d undergone the change from William Marston, male, to Wilhelmina Marston, female. From the time she got home after the change, she’d eagerly followed her doctor’s advice that she masturbate often, in order to get used to her new body’s sexual responses. But after the first week, her fingers weren’t as much fun as they had been. So she’d gone online and sneaked an order out past her parents’ radar. And now it had arrived.

Good thing they’re both at work, she thought, rushing into her room. Mom would freak if she saw this. Grinning nervously, she ripped open the box, thrusting her hand inside and wrapping her fingers around an all-too-familiar shape. Drawing her hand from the box, she gazed at the contours of the thing she held.

It looks almost real, she thought, her nerve beginning to waver. It’s almost like I’m holding some guy’s cock in my hand. Staring at the dildo she held, Billy eyed it doubtfully. It seemed huge, but her fingers wrapped around it nicely, so it couldn’t be too big. Critically, she noted that it was a little bigger than she’d had when she was a boy. Would it fit?

“No time like the present to find out,” she said quietly, carefully laying the dildo onto her bed. Quickly now, she stripped, then stretched her nude body out on the bed, her hand reaching down to grasp her new toy. Raising it, she placed the end against her lower lips and pressed gently.

Her mind might be nervous, but her body was more than ready. Just the sight of this new toy, the feel of it in her hand, had her wet. The dildo slipped into her easily, and she increased the pressure, pushing until it was all the way inside her.

Oh God, she thought, squirming. She felt filled, stuffed, and it was wonderful. For a moment, she simply lay and reveled in the feeling, then she slowly began working the dildo in and out, her other hand slipping up to pinch one sensitive nipple.

Is this what real sex feels like? Pushing the dildo deeper into herself, Billy decided that, if it felt this good, she might not mind if it was a guy doing it to her. Then the thought fled as she gave herself to the sensations coursing through her body.

Deliberately, she kept the pace slow, teasing herself. She was glad she no longer came at the first touch, since she wanted to prolong this feeling as long as she could. Maybe those two weeks with her fingers had been worth it after all, if they helped her make this time last.

Slowly, she began to pick up the pace, wanting nothing more than to slam the thing into herself until she came, but holding back. It’ll be worth it, she promised herself feverishly. Just let it build.

Finally, though, she couldn’t resist, and began thrusting the dildo into herself as hard and fast as she could. With the slow buildup she’d forced on herself, it didn’t take many of these fast, hard thrusts before her body exploded. With moans and soft cries, she rode the waves that rushed through her, before relaxing into limp exhaustion.

For several moment, she simply lay there, then drew the dildo out of herself and held it up. “You were great,” she said, then glanced at her other hand. “And you’re fired,” she continued, giggling. Impulsively, she slipped the tip of the dildo into her mouth, pushing it in slowly as her tongue cleansed it of her juices. She’d developed a taste for herself from licking her fingers after masturbating, and now she enjoyed this new way of tasting herself. After a moment, though, she froze, then drew the dildo from between her lips.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “Am I giving this thing a blowjob?” For a moment, she gazed at it, then smiled and slipped it back into her mouth. If I am, she thought, I hope it’s enjoying it. I think I am.

* * * *

“Should I be here?” Jack asked nervously. “I mean, your parents are at work, aren’t they?”

“What are they going to do if they find out, ground me?” Yesterday, Billy had pleasured herself with her new dildo three times, and today she felt great. “The doctors said a month till I could be trusted to control my urges, and my folks won’t let me out of the house alone till then. So, technically, I’m grounded already. What else could they do?”

Grinning, she led the way up to her room, knowing Jack was staring at the sway of her ass beneath her robe all the way up the stairs. Once in her room, she made sure the door was locked, then grinned.

“Do you remember,” she asked, “when I was still a boy, how we used to watch dirty movies and jack off together?”

“And you would tease me because your dick was bigger than mine?” Jack replied, nodding.

“It still is,” Billy said wickedly, reaching under her pillow and brandishing the dildo. Jacks eyes widened.

“Where did you get that?” he asked.

“I ordered it. Got it yesterday.” Billy sat on the side of the bed. “The doctors told me I needed to masturbate regularly this first month, to help me get used to my body’s physical urges. Something about the hormone thing. And I’ve been almost constantly horny, so it’s been easy. You’ll understand when you’re in my place next month.”

“Anyway, I got tired of using my fingers, so I ordered this. Jack, you would not believe how good it feels. It makes jacking off as a guy seem like nothing.”

“So why are you showing me this?” Jack wanted to know.

Suddenly, Billy looked nervous. “Well,” she said hesitantly, “I was thinking, I mean, I was kinda wondering if you’d like to, you know, jack off together again, like we used to.”

Stunned, Jack swallowed convulsively. “You mean, you with that thing, and me with my hand?” he asked? Billy nodded. “And I get to watch you?” Another nod, and Jack suddenly grinned. “How do we start?”

Returning the grin, Billy reached into a drawer of her bedside table, handing Jack a rubber. “First,” she said, “you put this on so you won’t make a mess.” She watched as he nearly tore his cock from his pants and rolled the rubber into place.

“Now what?” Instead of replying, Billy simply shrugged, allowing her robe to fall away. Underneath, she wore absolutely nothing. Jack had seen her naked once before, during that unfortunate first visit, but the sight was still enough to make his breath catch in his throat.

“Remember,” Billy said sternly, “we’re jacking off, nothing more. So behave yourself.” She held up the dildo. “This is going in me, not you. I have no desire to become one of your conquests.”

For as long as they’d been friends, Billy had been a little jealous of Jack’s success with the girls, listening enviously whenever Jack would describe his latest conquest. Unwilling to admit to still being a virgin, Billy had invented his own stories, just to make it sound like he had as much experience as his friend.

“I promise,” Jack said solemnly.

“Ok then, let’s get started.” Billy stretched out on the bed, patting the mattress beside her. Once Jack was seated, she smiled and began easing the dildo inside herself. Again, she was already wet from anticipation, and the toy slid easily into her. Working it slowly in and out, she watched Jack wrap his fingers around his cock, pumping in time with her own thrusts.

Closing her eyes, she moaned softly, letting the feeling build. Then her eyes flew open as she felt a hand over hers. Glancing down, she watched in surprise as Jack removed her hand from the dildo, replacing it with his own.

“If I can’t put mine there,” he said, grinning, “at least I can work this one”. And before Billy could reply, he began slowly thrusting the dildo deep within her. Any protest Billy might have had melted at the thought that someone else was doing this to her, and that she loved it. But something wasn’t right.

Reaching down, she removed Jack’s other hand from his cock, wrapping her own fingers around it and pumping it slowly, in rhythm with the dildo filling her. Jack’s eyes nearly crossed.

“Oh man,” he whispered, “your hand feels so good.”

For long moments, the only sounds were heavy breathing, along with Billy’s moans of pleasure. Then…..

“I think I’m going to cum,” Jack panted.

“Not before me,” Billy replied with a moan. “Faster, please, and harder.”

Jack’s reply was to increase his thrusts, his arm working like a piston as it drove the dildo deep within his best friend. Suddenly, Billy’s back arched, a cry escaping her lips as her orgasm burst within her. Almost immediately, Jack’s cock began throbbing, pumping it’s load into the safe confines of the rubber. Two arms slowed, stopped, then Jack fell forward, landing on the mattress beside a thoroughly sated Billy.

“That was fantastic,” he whispered, his voice catching. Billy nodded.

“Yes, it was,” Billy replied. “I think that’s the hardest I’ve ever cum in this body.”

“Think we could do this again?”

Billy grinned. “Well,” she replied, “I do have another two whole weeks before mom and dad let me out of the house on my own. Who knows what will happen?”

Later, lying on her bed, Billy thought about the day. Jack had left well before Billy’s parents got home, and now they were downstairs, bustling about with the regular after dinner routine. Upstairs, Billy lay and stoked herself softly.

Somehow, it had felt even better with Jack working the dildo. She almost wished he could come over every day, but that was a risk she couldn’t take. Just let one of her parents come home early one time, and she’d be busted.

Still, she thought, one visit a week wouldn’t be too much risk. After all, her probation would be over in two weeks, and the week after that was Jack’s birthday. So they could have three more times like today before Jack became a girl too.

Smiling, Billy turned out the light and settled herself in for sleep. It might be an interesting three weeks, at that.


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