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Billy 9

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; transform; F/f; hotel; bond; straps; gag; tease; strapon; insert; climax; cons; X

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Part 9


Billie nodded. Not that it mattered, really. Laying on the motel room’s floor, her arms bound securely to her sides, her feet spread and tied to the bed’s legs, she was going nowhere soon.

Experimentally, she tugged at her bonds, but soon gave up. As usual, Jackie had done a thorough job. A strap around her body at wrist level, as well as straps above and below her elbows, kept her arms pinned securely to her sides. The ropes around her ankles were just as secure, holding her with her legs helplessly spread, her pussy open and vulnerable. No, she decided, she wasn’t going anywhere until Jackie released her.

“Good,” Jackie said in response to her nod. “Now open.” Obediently, Billie parted her lips, allowing Jackie to slip the gag’s penis shape between them. Once the strap was buckled, Billie lowered her head, watching the dildo attached to the outside of the gag’s panel bob gently.

Smiling, Jackie buckled an identical gag over her own mouth. Puzzled, Billie watched as her friend straddled her, lowering her hips to impale herself on the dildo protruding from her gagged mouth. Jackie’s back bent, and Billie felt something nudge between her thighs. Smiling, she now understood.

Together, she and Jackie had explored every way they could think of for two woman to pleasure each other. Their Saturday nights had been spent with Jim and Ron on that huge motel room bed, at least till both guys’ years had ended. Their days, however, had often been spent together in one of their rooms, playing.

They’d tried everything they could imagine. Dildos, double dildos, strapon and double strapon, vibrators. In their bondage play, Jackie had turned out to be the decidedly submissive one. Except for occasional times, like now, when she enjoyed turning the tables.

So, Billie thought, closing her eyes, this time it was double gag fucking. Bound as she was, she could only push up with her head and hips to meet Jackie’s thrusts. Slowly, she felt her arousal grow.

Now Jackie straightened her legs, laying flat atop her, her pussy pressing down on Billie’s gagged mouth. Her head dropped as well, pressing the dildo attached to her own gag deep into Billie’s pussy. Now the only motion was the rocking of two sets of hips.

Billie moaned. With such limited motion, orgasm seemed a long ways away. For Jackie too, she decided, forcing her head to remain still so the only pleasure her friend got was from the rocking of her own hips.

Slowly, their moans rose to mingle in the room’s air, as their hips moved faster and faster. Suddenly, Jackie stiffened, raising her head slightly, only to drive it back down, plunging the dildo deep into her friend. Billie stiffened as well, and the two girls writhed through their orgasms together.

“That was great,” Billie said, “but I do have a question.” No longer bound, she now lay on the motel bed, with Jackie cuddled against her.

“You mean like, why are we here, instead of with a couple of guys?” Jackie asked.

“Well, yes,” Billie replied.

“This is our last Saturday like this,” Jackie said. “Wednesday, you go in to become Billy again. And next month, I go in to become Jack. I wanted it to be special.”

Billie smiled. “It’s always special with you,” she said. “I wish it didn’t have to end.”

“Me too,” Jackie said fervently. “As to the guys question, I haven’t been with a guy since Ron changed back to Veronica.”

Billie had noticed that, but had said nothing. Now she did. “Why not?”

“Did you hear about Jo?” Jackie asked, instead of replying to the question. “She evidently decided to waive her option to change back. I guess she liked being Josephina better than being Joseph.”

“Don’t change the subject,” Billie said, causing Jackie to smile innocently.

“What subject,” she asked. “Anyway, the temporary changes to her records are being made permanent, so I guess she’ll be female the rest of her life. Maybe even get married and have kids”

“If that’s what she wants. Now stop evading the question. Why no other guys?”

Jackie shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong,” she said, “the sex with Ron was great. I’ll never forget how it felt to have his cock inside me.” Smiling, she turned her head and kissed Billie gently.

“He was great,” she continued, “but you’re better. Nothing will ever be better than your pussy. And now that Ron is a girl again, pussy is all I want..”


“Seriously. If you like it so much, stay a girl like Jo.”

“I might be tempted,” Billie replied, smiling. “If it meant staying with you.”

“That would be up to you,“ Jackie replied, her casual words hiding the pleasure she felt at hearing Billie say that. “As for me, no thanks. No guy is ever getting his cock close to my body again. Ever.”


“No.” Crossing her arms over her large breasts, the girl, who until a month ago had been a guy, glared defiantly up at her parents.

“But honey……”

“I said no, mom, so don’t ‘honey’ me. I hate being a girl, I hate this body, and I am not leaving this house for the whole year. So I do not need new clothes.”

An exasperated sigh, then, “Dear, you talk to her. Maybe she’ll listen to you.”

“Not me. You’re the mom, you talk to her.”

“Talk all you want,” the girl said stubbornly. “I am never going to change my mind.”

Later, as they lay in bed, the couple discussed their daughter’s attitude.

“I’m worried about her.”

“Of course you are. That’s part of a mom’s job.”

“Do you think she’ll be okay?”

“I’m sure she will.”

“Maybe you’re right. After all, we both made it through ok, we both adjusted.”

“Maybe a little too well, in your case.”

“What’s that mean? Unhappy with the way things turned out?”

He smiled, reaching up to cup one breast. “Definitely not,” he said, pinching a nipple and drawing forth a moan. “A little surprised though.” He pinched again, causing another moan.

“You are evil.” Throwing one leg across him, she rose to straddle him, positioning him carefully, then lowering her hips to impale herself on his cock. Throwing back her head, she rode him with slowly increasing speed, until both erupted into orgasm.

“What’s to be surprised about,” she gasped, collapsing on top of him, her lips brushing his ear. “After all, I did say I didn’t want to share you with anyone.” And, smiling contentedly, Jackie Marston cuddled herself against the body of Bill, her husband.

(The End)

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