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by Lobo De la Sombra

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"I can't believe they turned us down."

Silence greeted the remark as the four young men walked despondently along the forest trail. Around them, the trees blazed with the colors of fall, but the beauty of nature went unnoticed by the reluctant hikers.

The four men, James, Jeff, Robert and Wayne, had just made their way to the secluded hideout of The Marauders, a local band with links to nearly every illegal act in the area. The four friends had thought to join, but the seasoned criminals of the gang had simply laughed and chased them off. Now, to make matters worse, they were lost.

"I knew we should have taken the other path back by that tree," Robert said. "Why don't we just go back?"

"Back where?" Pausing Wayne glanced around. "We don't even know where this path disappeared to. Face it, man, we're lost, and we're gonna stay that way for a while."

"Maybe," James said, turning back toward the others, "but at least we won't have to spend the night out in the open." Hearing this, the other three crowded around him, staring at the small opening in the side of the hill.

"Wonder where it goes?"

"No idea," James replied, looking at the steep hillside, then turning to look behind them. "But it looks like it's recent, like the side of the hill collapsed during the storm the other day."

"Oh?" Jeff turned a scornful look toward his friend. "So you're the expert on these things now?"

James shrugged. "Not my fault I'm the only one who paid attention in geology class back in school," he replied.

"Argue later," Robert interrupted. Frowning, he glanced down at the baggy sweats he wore, then glanced at his friends in their identical outfits. "Let's just get in there in case it rains again."

Carefully, the four made their way through the small opening. Beyond, they found themselves in a large cave, dimly lit by the small amount of light coming through behind them.

"At least we won't be squeezed together like sardines," Wayne remarked, dropping to the dirt floor. "At least something went right today."

"Big deal," Robert said sarcastically. "We got turned down, we're lost." He glanced down again. "And we wasted good money to buy this crap so we'd look like them."

"Settle down, you guys," James said. "We're going to be here at least for the night, so we might as well make the best of it. Pretend it's one of the camping trips we took back when we were in school. Relax, enjoy the peace and quiet....what is this?"


James had moved toward the back of the cave while talking. Now, joining him, the others stared at what looked like a small piece of flat metal embedded in the cave wall. As the others watched, he began to clear dirt away from the edges of the metal.

"If feels like a plate of some kind," he said, "bigger than it looks. Wonder how it wound up buried in this cave."

"Another landslide?"

"Funny, man, real funny. Besides, this thing is straight up and down. The odds of a collapse burying it in exactly that position are....well, they'd have to be huge."

"Or this thing is," Jeff observed.

"Maybe it's a treasure chest," Wayne suggested.

"And maybe it's too dark to see what it is. Why don't you guys back off and let what little light there is..." James' voice died as something clicked beneath his fingers.

"What was that?"

"I think," James said slowly, "that was a button of some kind. And I think I just pressed it."

"Don't be stupid," Robert scoffed. "What would a button be doing here? It's probably just a lump of dirt. And you didn't press anything. So don't start....wait, do you guys hear that?"

Silently, the four listened as a faint hum became audible, slowly growing louder until it sounded like a small electric motor.

"Lumps of dirt," James remarked, "don't hum. That was definitely a button, and we don't know what it's for. I think we should get out of here."

"Second that." Slowly, the four began to back away, only to flinch as lumps of dirt began to fall from the ceiling, filling the cave with dust as they shattered on the floor. Coughing, the four turned toward the cave entrance, only to freeze as the cave was suddenly plunged into darkness.

"Where did the light go?" Blinded, the four began groping around them. "The entrance has to be here somewhere," Wayne whispered. "We got in, we have to be able to..."

"Able to what?" Hearing no reply, James said, "Wayne, what is it?"

"More metal," came the reply. "I can feel it under my fingers. And...and I think it's right where the entrance used to be."

"So you're saying we're sealed in?" Jeff's voice carried the first hints of hysteria. "Oh, that's just great. Trapped in a dark, dusty cave with something that hums. What's next?"

As if in reply, the cave was suddenly flooded with light. Blinking, the four men could vaguely see light pouring from the center of the cave's ceiling.

"Sunlight? Another collapse?"

"No." James shook his head, one hand held out. "There's no warmth. That light's artificial."

"The button," Robert suddenly said. "Whatever this is, you turned it on when you hit that button. Hit it again, and turn this off so we can leave."

"Can't hurt to try," James replied, turning toward the back of the cave. Even as he did, the humming sound suddenly increased, becoming a loud, angry sound. The light flickered slightly as all four men doubled over, their bodies consumed by wracking pain.

"Got to shut it off!" Desperately, James began to claw his way toward the back of the cave, only to stop, eyes locked on his hand. As he stared, his hand seemed to change, growing slightly narrower even as his fingers lengthened slightly. Behind him, he could hear his friends writhing on the cave floor.

"What...?" The word echoed his own confusion, but it hadn't come from one of his friends. James knew he had never heard that voice before

Slowly, the pain faded, leaving the four limp. Slowly, James raised his head. He looked toward his outstretched hand, only to find his view blocked. Reaching up, he brushed at his face, his vision clearing as his fingers closed on something soft.

Hair? Puzzled, James focused on the blonde locks now clenched in his strangely slender fingers. He began to pull his hand away, only to pause as his scalp suddenly began to sting. My hair? It was the right color, but his hair had never been this long, this soft.

Next to James, Robert stared at hands that, somehow, had become smaller, softer. Stunned, his eyes began to work their way up his arms, only to freeze as something else drew his attention.

"What the...?" With these words, all four froze. The words were easy to understand, but the voice, soft, lilting, belonged to none of them. Slowly, they began to pull themselves to their feet, wide eyes staring at each other.

"Guys," Robert said in that same soft voice, "I think we have a problem."

With wide eyes, the four stared at each other, stunned by the realization that, somehow, everything had changed.

"We...we're women?"

Stunned, the four quickly stripped off their sweatsuits, then simply stared at each other. Gone were the four young men who had entered the cave. James, once a tall, muscular man, was now an equally tall and muscular blonde woman with flaring hips and large, firm breasts. Robert was still nearly as tall, but his slender frame had become willowy, with the slender limbs and small breasts of a dancer. Jeff's beanpole physique remained almost painfully thin, was now less wiry, softer, the subtle curves of tight ass and small breasts softening his outline. Wayne, stocky before, remained so, his flaring hips, full ass and large breasts making him look like a country girl.

"Does anyone," Robert asked in his new, lilting voice, "have any idea what just happened?" Absently, one slender hand brushed long red hair from a face now adorned with a spray of freckles on either side of a small, upturned nose.

"Whatever it was," Jeff replied, shaking his head and sending masses of auburn hair flying around his the face of a fashion model, "I don't like it."

"That button," Wayne said, staring down at large, firm breasts before glancing up, wide eyes framed by a face that seemed to radiate innocence. "When you hit that button, it caused this. Maybe if you hit it again, we'll change back."

"One way to find out." Turning, James moved to the back wall of the cave. Under the bright light, he could easily see the button. Reaching with long, slender fingers, he pressed, but nothing happened.

"So we're stuck like this?" Robert looked at the others. "And we're trapped here?"

"No." Hearing this, the others turned to see James brushing at the edge of the plate. "There has to be more here than just this button. Maybe there's another one that reverses it. Help me look."

Desperately, the others crowded toward the wall, fingers brushing and clawing at the dirt. Under their frantic efforts, the dirt fell away to reveal a panel set into the wall. There was no second button, only some kind of dial and what looked like a short, narrow display screen.

"There has to be..." Reaching, James twisted the knob, then pressed the button again. Once more, all four dropped to the floor under the assault of blinding pain. As before, the pain slowly faded, allowing the four to slowly climb to their feet.

"We're back!" Grinning, Robert glanced around him, seeing his friends exactly as they should be. "It worked."

"Yes," James said softly, "it did." Nodding, he pointed toward the panel. Turning, the others could see that the screen, formerly dark, now displayed a short message:

Transfer Complete

"Transfer?" Wayne shook his head. "What transfer? And why is that in English?"

"Doesn't matter," Jeff replied, turning away. "We're back to our old selves, and that's what matters. And we have light, so let's see if we can find a way out of here."

"Are you crazy? What did you want us to come back here for?"

It had been just over two weeks since their strange transformation. Now, standing once more before the cave, James smiled.

"I've been doing some thinking," he said, "and I think this might be something we can use to our advantage."

"To our...?" Eyes wide, Jeff shook his head. "How can what happened before be to our advantage? Where's the advantage in becoming women?"

"Problem is," James replied, "you're thinking in the wrong direction. You're thinking about using this to change us into women. I'm thinking about how it can change us into people who, technically, don't even exist. No pictures, no fingerprints, no records of any kind. People nobody has ever seen. People who can, oh, I don't know, pull a job and then vanish into thin air while we spend the loot."

The other three stared at him, then Robert began to grin. "Four women rob a bank," he said slowly, "but the police can't find them because they no longer exist. And there's absolutely nothing to link any of it to us."

"We hit small places," James said. "Banks in small towns, no big city joints. Smaller places mean less security, not to mention fewer armed guards."

"So," Jeff asked, "how you figure on doing it?"

"Easy. We change ourselves, hot-wire a set of wheels, and hit the target. Afterwards, we ditch the wheels, come back here and change back to ourselves. The cops drive themselves crazy looking for four women who no longer exist, and we enjoy the fruits of our efforts."

"Ok," Jeff said, sounding unconvinced, "but how do you know our fingerprints will be different?"

"I don't," James replied, shrugging, "but even if they don't change, what does it matter? So what if they find our prints? All of their evidence will point to four women, and we are definitely not women."

"I like it," Wayne remarked, grinning. "And I know exactly how to make sure there's absolutely no confusion."

"Ready for this?"

Robert glanced around the small bank's lobby, then nodded. "Let's do it."

James grinned. "Alright, ladies," he said, "showtime."

The four had entered the bank moments earlier, each dressed in a long duster. Now, four dusters hit the bank's floor. Customers and staff alike stared as four naked women brandished guns.

"Everybody, on the floor!" As the small crowd began lowering themselves to the floor, he nodded to Robert. "Watch the street." To Jeff and Wayne, he said, "Watch them." Turning, he moved through the offices adjoining the lobby, ushering more people out to join the small group on the floor.

"What's wrong, honey? Never seen anything like this?" Grinning at the woman who'd caught his attention, Wayne ran one hand suggestively from large breast to flaring hip. "Maybe I should take you along when we're finished, give you a better look."

"Keep your mind on the job," Jeff scolded, earning him a scathing look.

"You're just jealous," Wayne shot back, "because you don't have tits."

Jeff glanced down at the decidedly smaller mounds on his own chest. "I have tits," he retorted. "And mine don't look like they belong on a porn star."

"Enough, you two." As he spoke, James pulled one of the bank officials to his feet. "I want the master keys to the lock boxes," he demanded. Keys in hand, he turned toward the vault. "Who's got the bags?"

Moments later, four naked women dashed from the bank toward an old van parked nearby. Throwing open the doors, they threw in two bulging duffel bags, then piled in and roared away.

"I think we're clear," James said from behind the wheel.

"That was fun," Robert laughed, glancing out the rear window. "Let's do it again soon."

Miles from the bank, four women dressed in baggy sweatsuits climbed from an old van and into a parked car. Two duffel bags rested in the rear floorboard as the car drove sedately away. At the bank, police combined witness statements with security footage to try to identify the bandits.

"Hey guys, listen to this!" Seated atop a picnic table at the park, Jeff grinned and turned up the volume on his smart phone.

"In what has to be the most bizarre robbery in recent memory, police are searching for any lead that might help them identify suspects after a rural bank was robbed yesterday by four naked women. According to our sources, police have no clue as to the identity of the robbers, even though the bank's security cameras caught clear images of their faces."

"And other things," Wayne laughed, using his hands to pantomime large breasts. Seeing this, James shook his head.

"We'll have to be careful now," he told the others. "Those faces will be posted everywhere. So from now on, any time we're on our way to or from a target, we have to keep a low profile, make sure nobody notices us."

"Which means," Jeff added, glancing toward Wayne, "no bouncing your tits at every woman you see. I can't believe you actually suggested taking her with us? You in the mood for some lesbian action?"

Wayne grinned. "No," he said, "but after we got back it wouldn't be lesbian, would it?"

"Oh, that's rich." Robert shook his head. "Let's bring any good looking woman we find back with us, let them see who we really are. And what then, genius?"

Wayne's grin collapsed. "I was just kidding," he said sulkily. "I wouldn't have done anything like that."

"Enough." Frowning, James handed Wayne a slip of paper. "Here's the address for our next target. You and Jeff go check it out."

"The bank," Jeff teased as the two rose and walked away, "not the women who work there."


"Hey guys, check this out." Grinning, James turned up the stolen car's radio.

"Police have just announced the possible capture of the group some are calling the Nude Banditas. According to our sources, concerned citizens called police to a downtown bank after four women were seen entering separately, all dressed in long dusters. As you may know, the so-called Nude Banditas all wore similar dusters prior to their daring bank robbery just over a week ago, the dusters of course being quickly discarded to reveal no clothing underneath. Now, downtown, it would appear as if they were trying again, only to....wait, we've just received an important update."

After a moment, the voice on the radio resumed. "Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear that the four women currently in police custody are not the Nude Banditas. None of the women matches footage taken during the first robbery, and all of the women were apparently fully dressed under their dusters. Again, the naked bank robbers are still at large."

"Well," Robert remarked, "if nothing else, that's drawn everyone's attention in that direction. Should make things easier for us."

"Hope so." James stopped the car in front of the small bank. "Let's go find out."

Inside the bank, the four quickly shed their dusters, standing naked in the center of the lobby with weapons drawn.

"Ok," James announced, "you know the drill. On the floor, everybody."

As before, the group quickly gathered all valuables from the bank's lock boxes. This time, however, there was a slight hitch.

"Problem," Robert reported from his post by the window. As James joined him, he pointed toward several police cars. "Looks like they weren't as distracted as we hoped."

"Damn." Turning from the window, James moved among the group on the floor. 'You," he said, pointing to one woman, "and you. And you. You too. On your feet." Slowly, the women rose. "Good. Now strip."

Once the women were naked, the four friends quickly donned their clothing. "You're kidding, right?" Jeff squirmed as he fastened his stolen skirt. "This thing is so short, it shows everything."

James laughed. "Two minutes ago," he pointed out, "you were buck naked. Why worry about what's showing now?" Sheepishly, Jeff grinned.

"Ok, ladies," James went on, turning to the four now naked women. "Out the door you go. Now, and don't stop, or I'll shoot you in the ass."

Before the door had a chance to close, an amplified voice filled the air. "Halt. On the ground, all of you." Squealing, the four women quickly dropped.

"Now." With James in the lead, the four friends rushed out the bank's back door. "They got them!" James yelled to the police positioned outside, his hand held up as if to shield his eyes from the sun. "Out front!"

"Are you alright, ma'am?"

James nodded. "We're fine," he replied. "Just scared."

"You need to stay here," the officer said. "We'll need a statement from you."

"Of course. We'll stay right here."

With a nod, the officer turned away. "Come on, men," he said, "let's see if there's anything left for us."

"That was close," Robert remarked, watching as the officers rounded the corner.

"Too close," Wayne said, reaching inside the bank's back door and lifting a pair of duffel bags. "And we lost our car, too."

James shrugged. "We stole that one, we can steal another. Now let's get out of here before they realize they've got the wrong women." He grinned. "Again. And Wayne, button your blouse, would you?"

"We need a new tactic."

Seated inside the cave, the four friends drank cold beer while they recovered from their most recent change. Counting that first, accidental change, this was the third time they'd changed back to their own bodies, and the pain had been every bit as intense as the first time.

"Is it just me," Jeff asked, "or is it worse when we change back?"

"I don't think so," Robert replied. "I think what's wrong is the timing. When we change, it's been at least a week, but when we change back, it's only a couple hours. Maybe we haven't had time to recover from the first change before we change back."

"Are you suggesting," Wayne asked, his voice clearly expressing disbelief, "that we stay that way next time?"

Robert nodded. "For a few hours, anyway," he replied. "Maybe overnight. After all, who's going to look for us here? And it might make the change back easier to take."

James glanced around him. In the few weeks since they'd discovered it, this cave had become their hideout. The four sat in lawn chairs in the center, while four cots lined the walls. Coolers holding beer and sandwiches provided refreshment. Rising, he moved to the door, pressing a small hidden button they'd discovered during their first time here. Soundlessly, the cave's metal door slid closed, sealing them inside.

"It might," he said as he returned to his chair, "be worth a try. Next time, we spend the night here, then change back in the morning before we leave."

Wayne nodded slowly, his expression doubtful. "If you say so," he said, "but I still don't like it."

"What kind of new tactic?"

"Well," James said in reply to Jeff's question, "it's pretty obvious they're watching for women in dusters now." He grinned. "Not to mention naked ones. Which means we need a new look."

"In other words," Robert said, "clothes. So how do we get some?"

James grinned. "Why," he asked, "do you think I insisted we get accurate measurements of our other bodies? Tomorrow, we'll drop some of this cash into a prepaid credit card. And then, my friends, it's time to go shopping."

"I could almost learn to enjoy this."

Jeff frowned. Beside him, Wayne walked proudly, his generous curves packed into softly gleaming, skin tight black leather. "You would," he muttered, glancing down at the identical outfit covering his own much more subtle curves.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You farm girls are all alike," Jeff replied. "Give you something shiny, and you fall in love with it."

Wayne grinned. "Better a farm girl than a walking ad for hunger relief," he quipped.

"Enough," James said from behind them. "We're here to do a job, remember?"

"It'll get done," Wayne assured him. After a few steps, he added, "But now I know that sales girl was right about this outfit."

"How so?"

"She said I should tell my girlfriend to make sure she wore a good pair of panties under these pants."

"Did you?"

Wayne shook his head. "And the crotch seam is getting to be...interesting."

"Don't get too horny," Robert admonished. "We're here to rob these people, not seduce them."

Moments later, the four reached the front of the bank. Reaching into the duffel bag he carried, Robert handed out weapons, and then the group burst through the doors.

"Everybody, freeze! Nobody moves unless we tell you. Hands up and eyes down!"

Like a well oiled machine, the four split up, each taking their station. Within seconds, all of the staff and customers lay in the center of the floor, while James worked to fill their bags with the contents of the lock boxes. Afterwards, he went along the back of the counter, scooping up any available cash and adding it to the haul.

"Got it," he announced, glancing toward each of his friends in turn. "Time to move." His eyes fell on Wayne. "And stop twitching."

"Sorry. This seam is trying to go places I'm not supposed to have."

Shaking his head, James led the group from the bank. At the door, the weapons were stowed atop the loot in one of the bags. Laughing, the four strolled to their stolen ride. As they rounded the first corner, James, glancing in the mirror, saw the lights of responding police cars behind.

"Slick," he said with a nod, driving casually and watching behind them in case anyone had noticed them.

Back in the cave, the group settled into their lawn chairs. "Get comfortable, ladies," James announced. "We'll change back in the morning."

"Get comfortable, he says," Wayne groused. He squirmed in his chair for several seconds. "To hell with this," he finally said, rising and stripping off his leather. Seeing this, Jeff grinned.

"What's wrong? That seam getting to be too interesting?"

"Damn straight." Wayne dropped back into his chair, one hand resting at the juncture of his thighs. "I don't see how women can concentrate wearing stuff like that."

"Take it to your cot," James commanded, then turned toward Robert. "You stock up the coolers today?"

Robert nodded. "But not sandwiches this time. I got steaks, and there's a grill out in the trunk of the car." He glanced toward Jeff. "I was hoping our resident chef might be willing to treat us tonight."

"My pleasure," Jeff replied, watching as Wayne moved toward one of the cots, hand still between his thighs. "Anything that lets me not see that."

"Let me see."

"Go away."

Jeff dropped to a crouch beside Wayne's cot. "Man, you've got it bad, don't you?"

"I can't stop," Wayne complained plaintively. "It feels so damn good. And I think I came a few times."

Jeff's eyes widened. "What, really? What did it feel like?"

Wayne laughed. "Why do you think I can't stop? It feels good, man. And when it happens, it's like it happens to my whole body."

Jeff watched quietly for a moment. Then, slowly, his hand reached up, gently brushing Wayne's fingers aside.


"Let me," Jeff whispered, leaning down and softly kissing Wayne. "After all," he added with a smile, "what are friends for?"

"Get any sleep?"

Standing just outside the cave, James glanced back as Robert joined him. "What, with those two going at it all night long?"

Robert laughed. "Well," he said, "not all night. Just most of it. They're asleep now, and they make a cute couple."

"I hope it was worth it," James remarked, moving into the cave and beginning to remove his leathers. "And I hope they can look at each other after. Strip off, it's time to change back."

Naked, James moved toward the cots. "Rise and shine, lovebirds," he said, smiling as he watched Wayne and Jeff slowly begin to untangle themselves.

"Is it morning already?" Blinking, Jeff began to pull himself up, only to have Wayne pull him back down.

"I'm going to hate you later, you know," Wayne said, kissing Jeff soundly, "when I'm myself again."

"You're always yourself," Jeff replied with a laugh as he pulled himself away. "You're just wearing a different body at the moment. Now get up. Time to be guys again."

Slowly, Wayne pulled himself to his feet, and the four gathered at the panel. James twisted the knob, then thumbed the button. Tensing, they waited for the pain, but nothing happened.

"What's wrong now?"

Frowning, James leaned toward the panel. Normally, when he pressed the button, he saw some words flash on the display, words he'd never been able to read through the pain. Afterwards, the screen always displayed the words Transfer Complete. This time, however, he saw a different message scrolling across the display.

"Um, guys, I think we have a problem."

"What do you mean?"

"Maximum Transfer limit reached," James read slowly, "Unable to continue."

"Unable to..." Desperately, Robert pressed the button again, but still nothing happened. "It has to work, it just has to."

"What's going on?"

James glanced toward Jeff. "I don't know," he replied, "but it looks like this thing can only change us so many times, and we've used them all."

"No!" Scowling, Robert repeatedly pressed the button, his jabs growing more frantic with each jab of his finger. Finally, gently, James pulled him away.

"Face it, man," he said softly, "it's done. We're stuck like this."

"As women?" Robert shook his head slowly. "No, not just women. Women who don't officially even exist. Women who faces are on wanted posters all over the area. Women who are supposed to be men." Shoulders shaking, Robert buried his head in James' shoulder. "I can't live like this."

Gently, James wrapped his arms around Robert, pulling his friend close. "It's ok," he said soothingly. "We'll make it. If we don't go crazy, we've got enough money built up to keep us all comfortable for the rest of our lives. But not here. We'll go somewhere else. How bout Europe? You always wanted to see the Colosseum, right? We'll go there, buy new identities, start over."

"And then what?"

Over Robert's shoulder, James watched as Jeff took Wayne's hand, the two moving back toward the cots. "Well," he whispered, one hand slipping down to cup Robert's ass, "when in Rome..."

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