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Can I Borrow you for a Second?

by ConvolutedPlot

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© Copyright 2018 - ConvolutedPlot - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; trick; zipper; transform; M2object; skinsuit; worn; arousal; first; mast; climax; remorse; reform; cons/reluct; X

"Hey, um... Turn around real quick. I uh, I need to check something..."

"Huh? Okay..."

A kinda unusual request, but he shrugged and obliged without suspicion. It was quite forward of her to start lifting up his shirt, placing something against the small of his back and rubbing until it stuck.

"W-what is that?"

"Just a sec..." She stammered and dodged his question again, instead pressing the mysterious object further up his spine. He was on the verge of turning around to get a peek when, suddenly, she pulled.

"What did y-"

A shocking chill took his body by surprise, radiating from where she'd stuck some long strip to his skin. All the breath was stolen from him, and his vision went dark in an instant. He tried to move, to react in shock, but his whole body felt like it had turned to melted ice-cream. 

"Oh... oh my god. Oh my god it worked. Oh...!"

He could hear her freaking out. Her fingers still clutching his loose skin, as he felt himself collapse like a punctured balloon. He wanted to yell in panic, a million questions battling for attention, but all he could do was blindly experience her hands grasping his collapsing body. 

"I-I'm... I can't believe it... I..."

His confused protests went unheard as she began to tug, pulling his clothes off one-by-one. Leaving him as some kind of floppy hollowed-out skin only able to feel and hear whatever she was doing to him, a confused shout trapped in his limp throat. With the sound of a zipper, and hurried rustling of jeans, he surmised that she was getting undressed as well... what the hell was she doing?!

It was unnervingly cold without her touch, and he couldn't help but feel relief when she grabbed his shapeless form off the bed once more. He didn't understand what the hell she'd done, but he knew it felt awful when she let go... 

"I... I need to... Mmnhhh..." she mumbled in her breathy excitement, hugging his body tight, pressing their naked flesh together like she'd always dreamt of doing. "You feel so good... d-don't worry, I'll take care of you..."

It began at the lower back, where she'd stuck that thing to him. He sensed fingers prodding and pulling, worming their way inside. It was like she was pulling his now-hollow skin open, and before he could fully comprehend the idea her foot had slid inside. Down it went, an extremely unsettling feeling as his leg was filled up from the inside. A foot made itself snugly at home, and it was only now he realised with icy horror - she was wearing him! Like some sort of body-suit! He could feel toes wriggling, but he wasn't the one causing it.

"Mmmmmmmm...." and, worse yet, it sounded like she was really enjoying the experience. Her mumbling and moaning continued as she drew his skin up to the waist, squirming in delight as it slid up her torso. How the hell she'd fit, he had no clue - but she stretched and pulled him up over her chubby cleavage nonetheless. One arm invaded, then the other, pinching and tugging like an extra-tight pair of gloves until she had both of them to herself. She clearly wasn't gonna slow down to let him grasp the extremely bizarre sensation - how often do you get worn by the cute girl in your class?! 

He felt her take his hair in one hand, his chin in the other and... put something into her mouth? "Mmmmh..." was all she said as something tugged on his lips, dragging his tongue towards her. With the sound of gulping, he sensed his facial features sticking into place over hers, like some freakish fleshy mask. He could do nothing but wait as her hands pulled him tight, snug and securely wrapped around her. 

"Mmnnhhhnhmm." He didn't catch what she said, but it was impossible to mistake the last step of the process - a hand reached back, grasping hold of something small and metallic. A pull-tab, dragging it up his back until it reached the end with a firm stop. 

Perhaps now there was a chance to calm down and comprehend what in the world she'd just d- nope, it kept going. 

He felt his floppy, suit-ified self grow extremely tight around her body. Gradually he started returning to his original form, and for a brief second he was actually worried about crushing her, the pressure was so great. But those continued grunts and moans of ecstasy indicated that instead, somehow, she was enjoying this too? He wasn't sure which was worse. He could distinctly sense a whole host of things squeezing in on her, worming inside her nostrils and further down her throat. Even finding their way up into her groin, pressing between her cheeks in this unconscious quest for an utterly perfect seal, his body encompassing hers.


And with that, it was over. Like snapping on a light, his vision returned. There was his naked body, kneeling on the bed beside a pile of their clothes all mixed up together. There were his hands, held up in front of him in awe. There were his toes, curling and flexing as she experimented.

"Oh my god."

And there was his voice. 

"Oh my god it worked. Ohhhh holy shit. Mmnh..." 

His fingers cradled his face in glee, so greedy to grab hold right away.

"You... your skin feels so good... so goood... oh my god, yes..."

She reached behind and fidgeted with the edge of the slit she'd placed on his back. Peeling it away, he could feel that strange icy sensation disappearing as it went. 

"This... this is amazing." Before his eyes she held up a metallic strip, with a zipper-tab at the top. "I can't believe it worked so well. I... ahhh... I thought about telling you, about... maybe even... letting you use it on me, but... I needed to have you, I couldn't take that chance... now you're mine, at last... I want you, I love you so much... "

It was undeniably creepy to listen to her express such obsessive lust via his own voice, made into a passenger in his own body. But at the same time, he couldn't ignore that twinge of excitement rattling in the back of his mind as she groped and clawed at the flesh she was hijacking from within. Tossing the detached zipper to one side, a hand went straight to his navel, clearly debating whether to 'explore' further or to hold off...

"N-nuh... I need to see it all... I need to see you... n-not yet..." 

In an odd show of restraint, she hurriedly put his clothes back on (even taking a deep sniff of his shirt, just to weird him out further). She'd even brushed a hand against her discarded lacy panties, as if contemplating putting them on... but first things first. With an undeniably perverse moan, she finished dressing his skinny body and stood up, striding over to the mirror. In that mirror, he only saw what he'd always seen - himself, ruffled blonde hair and grey eyes, slender and pale. Himself, as usual. But someone else was driving, and they stared in utter shock for several moments. 

"... Oh... y-yes...."

In those wide eyes reflected back at him, he could see such a burning desire, an obsession that he'd never even realised was there... She was so shy, and seemed so terrified of approaching him. He'd been the one to ask for her help on this partner project, and the way she reacted was as if he'd got down on one knee and proposed. But never something like this. something utterly manic and invasive, like a horror film. But if it was so creepy, why was it so exciting?

"I'm... oh god, it feels so good... I'm gonna take care of you, I know this must be scary but I promise never to hurt you, never..."

The way she crooned made it sound like she wasn't gonna get out anytime soon. Worry was there in his mind, yes, but...  a confusing warmth spread from his navel, and her hands seemed to slide lower and lower towards it. This was all turning him on. He didn't know why, but the way she hungered for his body so much that she became him, it was intoxicating. His heart was pounding so hard - or was it her heart? He couldn't distinguish between them. What he did know, however, is that his jeans were developing a noticeable bulge. And she noticed too.

"Mmm..." she stared at it, feeling every twitch and throb. "I... feel so good, inside you... I never want to leave..."

One hand sat on his aggressively erect mound, and the other was laid over his chest, digging in nails like she was clinging to his very heart.

"Yes, mine... you're mine forever, now, and I want to take care of you... I want... ahhh..."

She couldn't resist any longer. Trembling, she undid his jeans and let his furious erection spring from his boxers. With those pants slipped out of the way, she had an uninterrupted view of his eager girth.

"Oh wow... oh my god, so this is what it feels like..." 

Apparently everything he felt, she could feel just as vividly. Those fingers of his poked and prodded, investigating his throbbing member as it stood ready. He was so pent-up and horny, and her utter possessiveness just added fuel to the fire. For whatever reason, a raging stalker using him like a sex toy was hugely arousing. And she could feel it alright, his cheeks glowing red, urges overtaking them both.

"I... It's mine... Mmmmh... "

For him, it was like someone else had grabbed his dick and started experimenting, figuring out how best to play with it; for her, it was unlike anything she'd experienced before. Such a concentrated, hungering arousal that she fed with eager strokes, growing in intensity and speed. It turns out there's not a lot of complex rules to jerking off a dick, especially one you can feel, and she followed those urges like an out-of-control car rolling down a hill.

"...Ahhh... a-ahhh...." 

His breaths picked up the pace accordingly, and they could both feel his excitement spiking. Kneeling there, wearing a body that wasn't hers, groping his torso with her free hand, she was having the time of her life. All he could do was watch and enjoy the ride. 

And enjoy it he did - hot, sticky fluid finally erupted in enormous spurts, a stolen climax by her doing. Cum spilled shamelessly over his bedsheets, furiously squeezed from him by someone else's hand... in a manner of speaking.

"G-gah! Ohhhhh! Ffffffffuck!" she cried, a sharp gasp of surprise as orgasm rocked through them both. Giddy and lightheaded, she kept clenching several more times until one last throb. At last, the two of them collapsed back onto the bed in a messy, exhausted heap. As bizzare and screwed up as this was, it was... still one hell of an experience. Several breaths went by, the two of them soaking in the afterglow.

"Oh my god..." she huffed, closing his borrowed eyes. "That was a... wow, that was... I, uh..."

Their raging arousal finally subsided as she caught her breath, touching his chest tenderly as she closed her eyes. She felt like sinking into the covers and sleeping, safe inside the person she craved the most... but doubt and regret began to creep in. Her hunger was tamed by the post-orgasm clarity that washes over the mind, as her usual worried self considered all the things she'd said. She didn't even know how he'd react, even if he'd been very visibly turned on in the moment.

"I... oh, god, I'm... I know I said some crazy stuff, but... h-hold on, one second..." Now that she'd had her fill, she took a deep breath and sat up. Crawling, awkwardly tucking his deflating penis back into his boxers, she found the zipper amongst the folds of the bedsheets. Lifting his shirt, fidgeting to flatten the strip of metal against his back once more. "I'm just... y-yeah, just gonna give you your body back, o-okay..."

The ice-like chill stabbed through him yet again, and he almost didn't want her to leave - but before he knew it, his skin grew loose and stretchy yet again, her body reshaping to its original size as she dragged the tab of the zipper down. Everything went black again, and he had to rely on the sense of touch to figure out she was pulling his face, peeling him away from the sweaty and flustered girl beneath. Arms, chest, finally the legs were the last piece to slip back through the seam in his skin, and then it was time to zip back up. 

Like a reinflating balloon, once the zipper had been closed, warmth and substance began to fill his extremities once more. It didn't take long before he was back to normal, and before he knew it, he could see and hear and touch again - but under his own volition. She reached out to peel the zipper away hurriedly, and retreated back to the other side of the bed in anticipation of his angry reaction.

"I-I'm sorry... I didn't meant to... go so crazy, I just... uhm... Uhhh..." 

This sounded more like she usually did, in classes and quiet study where she'd struggle to ask even innocent questions. He just took several breaths, staring at his hands in amazement as he mentally processed what had just occurred. Should he ask her why she'd done it? Or what he hell she had used to unzip his body and crawl inside? He had more questions than he could possibly handle at once.

"I... I should go. I'm l-late... uhhh... the..." In the time he'd been sitting there dazed, she'd shoved her clothes back on and gathered her books. She panicked, lacking the words to explain her transgressions, the awkward situation she'd put him in, and the inevitable mountain of questions she wasn't even confident answering.

She was halfway to the door when he spoke at last.


Struck by lightning, she stood ramrod still with her back still turned. Scared to face him.

"I.... " I mean, what could he say after... that? "I... wanted to know... if you were gonna come over tomorrow, too."

She turned, slowly. Their eyes met, and instead of anger or fear or confusion, she saw... a faint grin on his flustered features. He... wanted her to come back? After what she'd done?

"... w-what?" 

"I mean, if you want." 

He couldn't really hide anything from her now. Not after that experience. He'd forgiven her trespass and creepy approach, in favour of being flattered that she'd take such drastic measures as to steal him to satisfy her desire. What if he could satisfy that desire anytime she liked? What if he enjoyed letting someone else have a turn?

"... Really?"

She could hardly believe it. But he nodded, showing no motivation to call the police (or an exorcist, or a witch-burning mob). 

Seeing that smile spread across her shocked face was worth it. 

"Yes. Really." 


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