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Cedric Returns... Sort Of

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; M2f; majick; transform; bodymod; mould; force; punish; mc; M/f; sex; cons/reluct; X

this story is a continuation from Cedric

“Mother, when can I go out?”

Miranda glanced up from the page she was reading. “Out? Why would you want to go out?”

“Because I haven’t been out in ages.”

“What about your studies?”


Miranda’s eyes widened slightly. “Already?”

“Mother, I’ve been reading that dusty old book forever.”

Miranda smiled. “Not quite, dear.”

“Well, it seems like it. Mother, I know I still have a lot to learn, but I’m going crazy stuck here. The last time I went out was when you took me to see some stupid pyramids being built.”

“Not so. We’ve been out since then.”

“Oh, right. You took me to France to meet that one guy. Charlie something.”

Miranda smiled indulgently. “His name,” she said, “was Charlemagne.”

“Whatever. Mother, I can’t spend my whole life cooped up in this house, reading old books. And why does it have to be books? Why don’t we get a computer? Then I could study online.”

“The things you study,” Miranda said darkly, “have never been seen on any web page. And, with any luck, they never will be.”

“If you say so. All I know is, if I don’t get out of here for a while, I’m going to scream!”

Later, Miranda gazed out her window, looking at the dense forest that concealed her home from unwanted eyes. As time passed, it had grown increasingly difficult to remain unseen. Still, somehow, she had managed. So far.

As she gazed outside, she pondered the conversation earlier. Maybe she’s right, she thought to herself. Maybe it is time. After all, she had proved to be a very quick study, and she had already learned a great deal. Perhaps, Miranda thought with a smile, more than even she realizes.

Besides, times had changed. Increasingly, Miranda found herself feeling hopelessly out of date, unable to comprehend the way the world had changed, grown more complex. Perhaps it was time for her to pass the mantle of responsibility to younger shoulders.

Yes, she decided, perhaps it is time. Time for her young charge to remove herself from books and study of things long past. Time for her to see the real world, see the challenges that awaited her. Time to test what she had learned.

As always, the city bustled with activity. On the streets, cars flowed by in a never-ending stream. On the sidewalks, a river of people moved in every conceivable direction, all rushing toward their own incomprehensible goals.

Dominic strolled casually down the sidewalk, lithely slipping through the crowds. Around him, store windows bore signs promising nearly anything the mind could imagine. For a price.

Dominic loved the city. Loved the sights, the sounds. Loved the endless ebb and flow of humanity. Mostly, though, he loved the potential for profit the city gave him.

Dominic, as he loved to remind his friends, was a businessman, catering to the needs of his fellow city dwellers, providing services not readily available elsewhere. Conveniently, he overlooked the fact that many considered his line of work offensive, while others considered it illegal. None of which mattered, so long as the money continued to pour in.

Dominic dealt in flesh. Female flesh, to be more precise. Obtained by any means available, then rented by the hour to anyone with money in hand. In short, Dominic was a pimp of the lowest order.

Of course, such a business required a steady flow of new merchandise, to replace worn out items. Other than counting his profits, interviewing new prospects was Dominic’s favorite part of this job, and today looked no different from any other day.

Dominic’s office was on the second floor of a small, rather shabby building on a narrow street, directly above a pool hall. Using his private entrance, Dominic hurried upstairs, settling himself behind his desk and awaiting the first prospect.

Glancing at his watch, Dominic frowned. Lou was supposed to have someone waiting for him when he arrived, a young woman who seemed perpetually unable to keep up her loan payments. As a courtesy, Lou had referred the woman to Dominic, to earn the extra money she needed to make those payments. Glancing again at his watch, Dominic wondered if she’d changed her mind, preferring other, less pleasant options. He hated to be kept waiting. Business was business, and every moment wasted was money wasted.

When the polite knock sounded on his door, Dominic smiled, already visualizing ways to make his visitor apologize for her tardiness. “Get in here,” he called out, watching with anticipation as the door opened to admit a young woman.

Nice, he thought, watching as she stood in front of his desk. Very nice. Especially with those gold hints in her hair. This one, he knew, would go for high dollar.

“So,” he finally said, tearing his eyes from the woman’s chest to look into deep blue eyes. “you’re here to pay off your loan, right?”

“Actually,” the woman replied, “no, I’m not here about a loan.”

Dominic shrugged. “Well,” he said casually, “your reasons don’t matter much. If you’re here, we both know how this is gonna go. Might as well get started.” Smiling, he rose from his chair. “Strip.”

“Gladly.” Reaching up, the woman slipped the straps from her shoulders, letting her simple dress fall to the floor. “By the way,” she added, unhooking her bra to allow firm, medium sized breasts to fall free, “my name is …...”

“I don’t care what your name is,” Dominic interrupted, stripping off his own clothes. “All I care about is what you have, and how well you use it.”

“Of course.” The woman stepped forward, wrapping her fingers around Dominic’s already hard cock. “Shall we begin?”

Dominic watched silently as she stroked him several times. Suddenly, she stepped back. Dominic stared in shock at his cock, still held firmly in her hand. Looking down, he could see only smooth skin where his cock had been.

“What did you do?”

The woman smiled. “Don’t worry,” she said. “The human body is amazingly adaptable. It can adjust to almost anything, given the right incentive.”

Sure enough, as Dominic watched, the skin of his crotch began to bulge outward. Slowly assuming the shape of a small cock.

“Oh, that’s not supposed to happen.” Reaching down, the woman pressed her finger to the end of the forming cock, pushing softly. Under the pressure, the bulge subsided, turning instead into a shallow crevice. Smiling, the woman removed her finger.

“Silly me,” she said with a soft laugh. “I had it pointed in the wrong direction.”

Slowly, under Dominic’s horrified gaze, the crevice between his legs began to deepen. At the same time, the skin on either side seemed to bulge out slightly. Soon, he stared at an entirely feminine mound. Stunned, he raised his eyes to stare at the woman, noticing as he did a slight glow in her own blue eyes.


“Just relax,” the woman said. “This won’t hurt a bit.” Glancing down, she gazed for a moment at the hard cock still held in her hand. With a smile, she set it on the desk. “Never know when that might come in handy,” she said. “You might not believe it, but fingers get old after a few hundred years. First things first, though.” Still smiling, she gently pinched both of Dominic’s nipples, pulling gently.

Under the soft tug, the skin of Dominic’s chest seemed to stretch outward. Soon, his nipples perched on the ends of two cones which jutted out several inches. Releasing him, the woman stepped back.

“Hmmm,” she murmured, placing a finger to her lips, then shaking her head. “No,” she declared, “Madonna you’re not.” Placing her palms against his nipples, she pushed and squeezed. When her hands withdrew, a pair of rather large, firm breasts adorned Dominic’s chest, moving softly with each stunned breath.

“Much better,” she said, reaching for Dominic’s arm. As if molding clay, she reshaped both arms, leaving them slender, the hands attached to them small, with long, delicate fingers.

Slowly, the woman molded every inch of Dominic’s body. His legs became slender, shapely, with softly flaring thighs rising to meet just above the newly formed mound between them. His hips got wider, his waist narrower. Slowly, carefully, she was shaping his body into that of a woman! And through it all, Dominic could only stand silently, unable to move even a single muscle.

Next, the woman gestured, and something appeared in the corner of Dominic’s vision. Gently, the woman turned his head, directing his gaze down slightly. Dominic found himself looking into a mirror, seeing his body reflected in profile.

“I think you’ll enjoy this part,” the woman said, dropping to her knees, and placing her lips against the soft mound between Dominic’s thighs. Her cheeks puffed, and then she blew, hard. Dominic moaned as the blast of air rushed through him. In the mirror, he saw his ass expand, like a balloon being inflated. When the woman drew back and rose to her feet, he could only stare at the firm, softly rounded curve of his new, feminine ass.

Gently, the woman took Dominic’s face between her hands. Under her touch, he could feel his eyes being reshaped, his cheekbones becoming higher, his mouth widening. Soft pinches reshaped his lips. As a last touch, the woman placed her finger at the tip of Dominic’s nose and gave a gentle push.

“There,” she said, stepping back and nodding with satisfaction, drawing the mirror to stand in front of the reformed Dominic. Slowly, his eyes traveled up the well curved body, halting at the face. He saw full, firm lips, high cheekbones, a slightly upturned nose, and catlike eyes of pale green.

“Oh, one more thing.” Stepping behind Dominic, the woman began running her fingers through his hair. As she did, his hair lengthened, its color fading from the previous black to soft, shining blonde. At the same time, his new mound became covered with a soft nest of gold.

“There,” the woman said with obvious satisfaction. “All done.” Stepping back, she watched as Dominic, with movement restored, slowly ran his hands over his new body. “I just hope mother approves,” she added, then vanished, just as the office door swung open.

“What’s this?” At the sight of the figure in the doorway, Dominic heaved a sigh of relief.

“Al,” he cried desperately, surprised at the soft, alluring sound of his voice, “you have to help me.”

“I’d be happy to, honey,” Al replied, wondering briefly how this naked beauty knew his name. Closing the door, he stepped forward, running his eyes over the soft curves displayed so openly before him. With a grin, he reached toward softly bobbing breasts.

“Al, stop. Don’t you know me?”

“Not yet,” Al replied, leering. “But I will soon.”

“But I’m……I’m……” Try as he might, Dominic couldn’t force the word out. Instead, what came out was, “I’m Domino. I was told you might have a position for me?”

“I can think of several positions,” Al replied, cupping soft breasts and squeezing softly. At the sudden rush of pleasure, Dominic’s eyes closed, a soft moan escaping from full lips. Unable to resist, he could only watch as Al lifted him, stretching him out on the desk before stripping off his own clothes. Dominic’s eyes were drawn to Al’s cock, already hard. Horrified at what was about to happen, even more horrified at the rush of pleasure that suddenly surged through him, he could only watch as Al moved toward him, stepping between thighs that, as if on their own, parted to allow him entry.

Miranda waved her hand. At once, the image of the naked woman, sprawled on a desk, her legs wrapped around the waist of the man thrusting into her, vanished from the mirror, replaced by swirling smoke.

“Celia,” she said, glancing at the young woman beside her, “was all of that necessary?”

Celia shrugged. “Wasn’t that what you sent me to do?”

Miranda frowned. “You were sent,” she said, “to exact punishment for his treatment of women, not to show off. Don’t you think sculpting him like a statue was a bit extreme?”

Celia shook her head, light shining from the golden highlights in her hair. “He’s destroyed too many lives,” she declared, “shaping them to his own needs without considering the needs of the women he’s abused. I thought what I did was appropriate.” She grinned suddenly. “Not to mention fun.” Celia’s face grew serious as she continued.

“Mother,” she said, “I know I used to be just as bad.” She saw Miranda’s eyes widen at her words. “Yes, mother,” she continued, “I remember. I remember being a king named Cedric, and I remember every single woman I misused. I was wrong, just as wrong as him.” She gestured toward the mirror.

“But I was lucky,” she went on. “You punished me by giving me this body, but then you took me in, taught me so many things. I know how wrong I was, and now, thanks to you, I have the chance to redeem myself. If I got a bit extravagant on my first time, can you blame me?”

After a moment of silence, Miranda smiled, wrapping the younger woman in a soft hug. “Of course not, dear. And you do seem to have a flair for the work. You surprised me, that’s all. And,” she continued, drawing back to look into deep blue eyes, “you neglected to inform him why you were punishing him.”

“I’m sorry, mother,” Celia said contritely. “It won’t happen again.”

“I know, dear.” Briefly, Miranda tightened her hug, then let her arms drop. “Now,” she said, “back to your studies. I’m sure someone else will require our attention soon enough.”

“Yes, mother.” Turning, Celia dashed from the room. Once in her own chambers, she carefully locked the door, then moved to take up something that lay on the table beside her bed. Wrapping her fingers around the soft warmth, she reached between her thighs, slowly inserting the shape within her.

“At least,” she moaned softly, “part of him is still male.”

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