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Celestial Body Shop

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; M/f; F/f; D/s; dream; bodymod; transform; sex; cons; X

“Welcome to the Celestial Body Shop. My name is Arnold, and I‘ll be your guide while you‘re here.”

“The what?” Charles Higgens glanced around him. What he saw looked like an average office building, with people sitting in cubicles, working on computers.

“The Celestial Body Shop. This is where we do all the changes that happen in anyone’s body. If you gain weight, we added it here. If you lose weight, we’re the ones who took it.”

Charlie shook his head. “I’m dreaming, right?”

“Actually, yes. The only way a mortal can come here is in a dream.”

“So why am I here now?”

Arnold frowned slightly. “It’s a new policy, actually,” he explained. “We never would have allowed a mortal in here before. But, with the recent budget cuts, our director decided that, if we could get mortals to vouch for our work, we might not have to cut back on our staff as much. So now, once a month, we choose a mortal at random for a tour of the facilities.”

“Right,” Charlie said. Of all the dreams he could remember, he decided, this one had to be about the strangest. “So how does it all work?”

“I’m glad you asked,” Arnold replied, taking Charlie by the arm and leading him to an empty cubicle. Once Charlie was seated, Arnold activated the computer.

“Now,” he said, “you’ll be using my login, so be careful what you do. The program is pretty self-explanatory, so I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it quickly. To start you off, who’s body would you like to change?”

Naturally, the first name that came to Charlie’s mind was Grace, his girlfriend. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever met, but even so, there was maybe just a bit of room for improvement.

“How about Grace?” he asked. Arnold responded by typing Grace’s name into the computer. Once he hit enter, the screen divided. The left side showed what looked like a real-time image of Grace asleep in their bed. The right side showed what looked like a 3D representation of her body, with options listed down the edge.

“Just select the body part you want to modify,” Arnold explained, “and a new window will come up with options on possible changes. Once you’re done, click OK, and you’ll come back to this screen. Enjoy.” And with that, Arnold turned and walked away.

For a moment, Charlie just watched the left side of the screen. As usual, Grace was sleeping naked, laying atop the covers. For a moment, he simply watched, then turned his attention to the right side of the screen.

“Let’s see here,” he murmured, reaching for the mouse. “What does she have that could be better.” Then, with a grin, he clicked on the breasts of the figure on the right. Immediately, a new window opened, giving him options on size, shape, and a few other things he wasn’t sure he recognized.

As a test, Charlie, began increasing the number in the size option. As he did, he watched the real-time image change, Grace’s breasts growing steadily larger until, eventually, they hid the entire top half of her body. Shaking his head, Charlie began reducing the size until her breasts, while larger than they had been to start with, weren’t quite so enormous. Glancing at the numbers, he saw that she was now a 38DD. Perfect for her frame, he decided. He enlarged her nipples somewhat, then, with a grin, raised the number marked “sensitivity” as high as it would go. Satisfied, he clicked OK, then looked for something else to change.

After about ten minutes, he decided to quit. Grace was now, to him, the perfect woman. He’d widened her hips just a bit, enlarged her ass, and narrowed her waist. Her pussy had been tightened just a bit, with the sensitivity raised to maximum. A click on the head had allowed him to increase her devotion to him to the limit at well. As he gazed at the sleeping beauty he’d created, he noticed, on the lower left corner, two buttons. One was marked “Complete” and the other “Delete”. Charlie clicked “Complete” and the screen went nearly blank, with only a line for entering a name.

On a whim, Charlie typed in his own name. Again, the screen split, showing his sleeping body on the left and a representation on the right. Charlie cracked his knuckles, ready to make himself the perfect specimen. As he pondered what to do first, he noticed another button on the bottom right of the screen, this one marked “Gender.” Curious, he clicked, watching in amazement as both his real-time image and the representation changed from male to very flat-chested female.

This could be fun, he thought, and set eagerly to work. First, he made this female body a bit shorter. Then, experimenting with different body parts and options, he made her into a voluptuous dream. Firm legs, flaring thighs, wide hips. Large, firm ass. Large, firm breasts with pronounced nipples. Long, flowing black hair framing an innocent face with huge blue eyes. Again, he set any sensitivity number he found to maximum. Then, while working on the head, he saw a setting for something called “D Level”. Curious, he changed the numbers, watching the level rise from “Neutral” to “Dominant.” When he move the numbers the other way, the level went back to “Neutral,” then to “Submissive.” Unsure what any of it meant, he shrugged and clicked OK to get back to the split screen.

Sitting back, he looked at the left half of the screen and grinned. If this woman were real, she would be bouncy, busty, and very sensitive. Exactly the kind of woman he’d like to meet, if he weren’t’ already with Grace. Shrugging, he moved the cursor to the lower left corner, hovering it over “Delete.”

“Having fun?” At the sound of Arnold’s voice, Charlie jumped, his finger coming down on the mouse button. He glanced at the monitor, seeing only the name screen. Shrugging, he turned away from the screen.

“Yes,” he said, “that was a lot of fun.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” Arnold said, smiling. “Unfortunately, it’s getting close to morning in your world, so I’ll need to return you now. By the way, did you make any changes to your girlfriend?”

“Yes, I did,” Charlie replied, watching as Arnold typed a command into the computer.

“Let’s just see what you did,” he said, examining Grace’s new body. “Nothing major, I see. Just some, shall we say, tweaking of what was already there.” Arnold grinned. “I think we can leave things as you set them. Let me just log off so the changes become fixed.” Arnold logged himself off the computer, then led Charlie back toward the front of the room.

“One of our representatives will be visiting you in a dream,” he told Charlie. “It should happen in about two weeks, after you’ve had a chance to explore the changes you’ve made. Just tell the representative your opinion, so we can add it to our database.”

“Sure,” Charlie agreed. “So am I about to wake up now?”

“Yes, you are. Enjoy the changes you’ve made. I’m sure they will make your life much more interesting.” And with that, Arnold, and the room, vanished.

“Are you ever going to wake up?”

Charlie opened groggy eyes to see Grace kneeling on the bed. With her new, larger breasts, not to mention the other changes, she looked like something out of a fantasy.

“It’s about time you woke up,” she said. “I was beginning to think you were going to sleep the whole weekend away.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” Now, where did that come from? And who’s voice was that?

“It’s ok, hon. I’m just feeling a bit horny today.” With a grin, she reached down and stroked between Charlie’s legs. Charlie’s whole body jumped at the rush of pleasure that raced from head to toe. Grace’s grin widened.

“I see someone else is in the mood. Now scoot over to the middle of the bed so we can have some fun.”

“Yes, Mistress.” As Charlie moved toward the center of the bed, Grace whispered, “That’s a good slave girl.” At those words, something seemed to shift in Charlie’s mind.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Charlotte Higgens now lay quietly on the bed, waiting for her Mistress to start the fun. Somewhere in her mind, she remembered being someone named Charlie, but the memory was vague, and it faded fast as her Mistress fastened her lips on one prominent nipple, washed away in a flood of pleasure. With a moan, Charlotte surrendered herself completely to the feelings, and to her Mistress.

* * * *

“You missed a spot.”

“Sorry.” Turning, Arnold ran the mop over the indicated portion of the floor, watching as his supervisor walked away. As he pushed the mop bucket along, Arnold pondered his fall from guide to janitor. It just wasn’t fair, he decided. After all, he’d only stepped away for a moment. How was he to know that Charlie had changed himself as well, and so radically? Besides, if they didn’t want the gender option used, why did they have it there in the first place?


“Yes, Master?”

“Actually, I’m Brad, a representative of the Celestial Body Shop. Do you remember your visit there two weeks ago?”

“Celestial what, Master? Does that involve sex?”

“Well, for you, yes, I suppose it does, in a way.”

“I like sex. But only if Mistress says it’s okay.”

“Yes. Well, I have a couple of questions to ask you. Are you satisfied with the way you are now?”

“Oh, yes!” Mistress is so good to me. Last night, she even let me cum twice.”

“Um, yes. Now, given the choice, would you prefer to remain as you are?”

“Why would I want to change? Would it make my Mistress more happy with me?”

“Actually, I think she likes you just the way you are.”

“Then why would I change? Mistress loves me, and I love her. I bet, if I asked, she would even let me have sex with you. Want me to ask? I bet you could make me feel real good.”

“Um, well, that is to say, I’m afraid I don’t have authorization to enjoy that particular luxury. Although I must admit, your breasts are quite appealing.”

“Oooh! Touch them again, please, Master?”

“You mean like this?”

“Oh YES! Please, Master, touch me here too!”

* * * *

“You too?”

Brad looked up from his mop. “Yes, Arnold,” he replied, frowning, “me too. And I hear the whole tour idea has been shelved for now. It seems the director has decided that mortals are too easily corrupted by the opportunities for change they’d find here.”

“Must suck to be a mortal. I’m glad we’re not so easily swayed.”

“Agreed.” Nodding to each other, the two went their separate ways. After all, it was a big place, with a lot of floor to be mopped.



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