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A Change for the Better

by Michelle Stevens

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© Copyright 2010 - Michelle Stevens - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; transform; F/f; M+/ff; bond; leather; hogtie; kidnap; susp; boxed; oral; sex; cons/nc; XX

Steve was a Professor in a government science department dedicated to the effects of various substances have on living things. Their reseach was in depth and every conceivable element was tested. Minerals, gasses, plants, liquids, or anything else they could imagine, was brought in to be examined. The tests were performed on rats and mice in the main and even though the upmost safety was observed, some died. The work was interesting and he was totally dedicated, even to the point of having his own personal laboratory at home.

In most things, he was an average, everyday guy, yet like most people, he had his fetishes. One of them, which he didn't quite understand the reason for, was his love of female clothing. This had started at an early age and although not particularly becoming an obsession, was definately something he adored. His wife knew of his hobby, but didn't mind, as most of the time he was a good husband and father. He also had a fetish for bondage, which she had indulge in with him many times. Not particularly into it, she gradually lost interest, yet didn't mind when he took girlfriends to fulfil his passions. She knew the pleasure he felt when indulging in his harmless passtimes and wanted him to be happy.

One Tuesday afternoon, he was finishing up an experiment, using various intensities of ultra violet light. He was returning the female rat to it's cage. He placed it gently inside, but something was niggling at his brain. Something wasn't right and putting a finger on it was elusive. Records were kept on all animals used and he pulled out the file on this one. Everything seemed alright until, with a gasp, he saw that the creature was male. He took the rat out of it's cage and examined it, he also ensured rat was now a female.

Placing the animal in his bag, he took it to his laboatory at home and placing it in a cage, began his observations. Months passed and it showed no ill effect. In this time he had performed the same treatment of five other male rats and the result was identical, all were now female. In the privacy of his home, he collected data and soon had set up a working machine to produce the ultra violet rays at the required intensity. He tested it many time and always received the same results.

He confided in his wife about it and she guessed immediately what he had in mind. Surprisingly, she was pleased and suggested he would need to take clothes to the lab. As all of his clothes were in the fetish style, for bondage, She offered to get something of hers. It was something she had never done before, even though he was her size and even took the same size shoes. To his astonishment, she raced off to get an outfit for him. On returning with it, he asked if she was sure about this. She said it was something he had always wanted and was happy for him to do it. She even went as far as saying that he would probably get more bondage opportunities as a woman, than he did now. This thought excited him more than ever.

Over the next few weeks, he double checked all of his findings, then it was time to make the big decision. He knew this process would change his sex, but what would he look like? He'd never made a very attractive girl and his voice was far from feminine, but what did it matter? No one would know even if he still dressed as a man. He set up a bed and directed the beams at it, then he layed down, naked on the bed. He took a deep breath and reached out and pushed the activation button. The machine performed as usual, yet nothing seemed to happen. He realized that it was likely that it might take time to take effect. He got up and went to his desk to write his notes of the experiment. Suddenly he felt very sleepy and put his head on his arms.

When he awoke, with a start, he instantly knew things were different. Long blonde locks flowed over his shoulders and could be felt hanging to the small of his back. This was not an expected result and when he looked down, the usual sex organ was no longer there. He felt below and found what felt like a perfect vagina. Excitement ran through him, but when his fingers touched the small bud, he felt a thrill like nothing before. His wife was out with friends, so he quickly ran through the house to the bedroom and looked in the full length mirror. What he saw was unbelievable. In the glass was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. The same height as him, yet with a figure that was out of this world, smooth pale skin that was firm and unblemished and breast that would make any man's head turn, as would the well shaped legs. Yet the most amazing thing was that the creature looked to be about eighteen.

On hearing a car pull up in the driveway, he hurried back to the lab. His wife had returned with a couple of friends and being naked would be hard to explain. In the lab, he put on the outfit his wife had brought, but it was not a good fit. Still it would have to do for now. Then he thought about his own play clothes in the garage. Sexy outfits, but how many teenage girls wore things like that? Also, he wanted to show off this new him and wanted to look as good as possible. He went throught the back door of his lab and made his way to the garage. Going through the items he had, he suddenly remembred a dress that one of his girlfriends had left behind. She was short and petite and he doubted the dress would fit, but he decided to try it on anyway.

He had plenty of pairs of pantyhose and grabbed a new pair of tan ones and slipped them on. The well shaped legs looked magnificent. A pair of white lacey panties follwed, then he decided that a bra wasn't needed with such firm breasts. He found the dress in a drawer, it was a fine knit, red, woolen dress that he hoped would have enough stretch to fit him, or her as she was now. She pulled it over her head and slipped her arms into the long sleeves, then pulled the material down over her new body. It was a little tight and because his girlfriend had been short, so the dress was quite short. She knew she had the ideal footwear to go with it and pulled out a pair of red ankle boots that had rather high heels. With the boots zipped on, she went over to another full length mirror and almost climaxed at the sight. She was absolutely stunning. She spoke words of astonishment and thrilled at the very feminine voice that came out. Make up wasn't necessary, so she made her way around the house to the front door.

With no key, she had to knock. Her wife answered the door and ask if she could help her. "It's me" She said, "Steve"

Julie was stunned and looked the girl over. "Is it really you? You look so young and so gorgeous" A few questions and answers soon had Julie convinced that this amazing girl was her husband. The girl suggested that Julie should tell her friends that she was her cousin Michelle. They went into the loungeroom  and both nearly laughed at thier friend's reactions. Their jaws almost hit the floor as they stared at this vision, but Julie calmly introduced her as her cousin, Michelle Stevens.

Michelle felt fantastic as Julie's friends complimented her, telling her what a beautiful young girl she was. She had no problems walking in the ultra high heels and found that she handled them much better now. She could feel that her posture had improved and she sat with poise and complete feminine stature.

Finally the girls left and Julie began a babble of questions. Eventually she asked what Michelle intended to do about her bondage fetish. Michelle thought for a moment. She had only ever tied up girls, but she also had a submissive side, so perhaps she would be better off being submissive. She decided to check the websites related to bondage and see what was available. She found a lot of professional Mistresses and decided this would be a good place to start.

Over the next few weeks, she visited several Mistresses, but although beautiful and sexy, they weren't what she was looking for. She had always liked strict bondage and this was usually quite mild. One showed promise, yet she was old and getting beyond it, so Michelle moved on.

Shopping trips were fun and she purchased many new skirts, dresses, blouses and shoes, all leaning towards the sexier side of life. Her hair was sensational and her make up skills improved no end. When she went to pubs or discos, she was the centre of attention with the boys and even some of the girls. She thought about a lesbian relationship, yet women rarely were good at bondage. The months passed and she was becoming frustrated at the lack of bondage in her life. Julie offered to help, but the offer was refused as Michelle knew that Julie had lost all real interest in bondage.

Then one night, she decided that it pays to advertise, so when she arrived at the disco, she was dressed in tight cream blouse, tucked into a very short, tight leather miniskirt. She had on fishnet stockings and black thigh boots tightly zippered up her immaculate legs. The heels were very high and for good measure, she had placed a leather collar around her slender throat. She thought about attaching a dog leash to the collar, but the outfit already hinted at bondage. She did however put on some slim wrist cuffs and also some ones on her ankles. If people didn't get the idea in this outfit, then they were pretty thick. She felt a little trepidation as she entered the disco and the bouncers at the door commented on her look. She ignored the suggestive remarks and went in. Half a hour after arriving, a husky voice behind her said, "nice outfit slave"

Michelle turned to see and amazing woman, tall and slim, with raven black hair to her waist and wearing the tightest black PVC dress imaginable. She also had matching thigh boots with heels almost as high as Michelle's. The girl said her name was Anna and asked boldly if Michelle was into bondage. Michelle gave her name and simply answered "yes".

Michelle could instantly see the interest in Anna's eyes and became interested herself. Anna led her to a back booth saying they could talk better there. Michelle followed meekly and once sitting down, lowered her head so as not to make eye contact with her possible new Mistress. Anna asked how flexible she was, but Michelle was unsure. Her flexibility had not been tested in her new form and the thought was interesting to say the least. Anna grabbed hold of her biceps and turned Michelle's back to her, then gently she pulled Michelle's arms behind her. Her arms gave no resistance and none at all when Anna pushed her elbows together. As Michelle was released and turned back to Anna, she could see that Anna was pleased. As she quickly lowered her eyes once more, Anna said, "how would you like to come back to my place so we can see how much flexibility you really have? I think you can handle some extra strict bonds and I would love to try them out on you."

Michelle could feel herself becoming aroused and assented  to Anna's suggestion. In seconds, they are outside and into Anna's car. A short drive and they arrive at an expensive looking house. Michelle was ushered inside and given a drink, while Anna prepared some bondage gear. Michelle finished her drink and Anna held up a harness ballgag. "Shall we start with this? I don't want you complaining once we start"

Michelle stared at the gag, it is very big, about the size of an average orange, yet very red. Michelle said that the ball will  never fit into her mouth, but  Anna quickly went behind her and pulled her arms back, clicking on a pair of handcuffs, and her tone changed. "Of course it will fit. It may take some force and it may hurt, but it will go in. You may as well cooperate, because no matter what you do, you are going to be gagged with it."

Michelle started to back away, although she knew that with her hands in the steel cuffs, she was helpless to resist. Anna smiled as she approached, holding the ball to Michelle's lips. Michelle make a token gesture to keep her mouth shut, but knowing the futility, she opened up as Anna pushed harshly on the huge ball. The solid rubber hit Michelle's teeth and seems to jam there and it felt as though her jaw would break as Anna put all her weight behind the gag. Eventually it finally popped between her teeth, completely filling her mouth. Then as Michelle was wondering if would ever come out again, Anna began fastening the straps. The first around her head and buckled at the back, then one from the corners of her mouth, up the sides of her nose, over her head and buckled to the back as well. Yet another strap went under her chin and over the top of her head and as this one was tightened, Michelle's mouth was clamped onto the massive ball. Anna then gave each strap and extra tighten, until she was satisfied that it was not coming off.

Michelle felt slight trepidation of what might be to come. She didn't mind being tied up, in fact it was quite exciting, but the tone in Anna's voice was worrying. The way she had forced the gag in was a hint of what she may be in for. Anna ran her long nailed fingers over Michelle's face as if smoothing down the gag straps, then smiled, "now young lady, lets see if you can take what is going to be done to you. Not to matter if you can't, because you have no choice now. You cannot scream and with those cuffs on, you cannot get free. By the time they come off you will be helpless anyway." Michelle, allthough extremely turned on, still had doubts about her future. Anna was beginning to sound vicious and may be capable of anything, but as she said, Michelle had no choice now.

A few muffled protest was about all she could give around the mouth filling gag and she saw Anna get a pile of ropes out of a bag. Anna leaned over to her and placed a soft kiss on her ballgagged lips. "There now sweetie, just relax while I tie you up. It will be so much easier if you do. The more you resist, the tighter and more severe your bindings will be. You should know, that the bondage is going to very strict no matter what, so you will just have to accept that. Once your arms are secured, I advise you to submit as you will not be able to escape anyway."

Anna picked up the pile of ropes and placed them behind Michelle. The first rope was pulled under her arms and well up to above her elbows. As Anna looped the rope, it tightened and Michelle felt her elbows press together. It didn't hurt and actually sent a surge of excitement through her. Elbow bondage had always been a passion, yet it was something that had not been possible in her former male body. Now Anna had her elbows pressed firmly together and was still tightening the rope. There was a slight discomfort in her shoulders, but that didn't bother her. Anna cinched the rope and then tied another under her elbows and yet another on her forearms. The steel cuffs hurt as her wrist were pressed close by the roping, but Anna now removed them and bound her wrists with yet another extremely tight, cinched rope.

Anna checked the tightness of each rope and seemed satisfied, but she was far from satisfied. "Just a little more work and your arms will be nicely secured."

Michelle wondered what she could possibly do to make them more secure. Already they were rivited together and she could barely move them. Anna reached into the bag and came out with a leather sleeve with lacings and straps. She slipped it up Michelle's arms and fastened the straps over her shoulders. The straps were buckled up, pulling the sleeve high up onto her arms. The base of the sleeve covered Michelle's wrists completely, but her hands were still exposed. Anna began at her wrists and commenced tightening the laces. Even despite the extremely tight ropes, she could feel the leather closing over her wrists in an even tighter bind. Anna worked her way up, tugging hard on the laces and welding her arms together. The sleeve finished well up her biceps and to the tops of her arms.

As Anna finished the lacing, Michelle's shoulders really started to feel the tension. Anna grabbed a short, yet wide leather belt and placed it around Michelle's wrists, buckled it up as hard as she could and then locked the buckle shut with a small padlock. Another strap went around her forearms and another below her elbows, all extremely tight and all locked on. The forth belt and the longest, went under her arms and Anna pulled it as far up her arms as possible. She put all her efforts into tightening this one and Michelle gasped around her gag as it bit into her flesh through the leather. She also put her knee into it to give the most levergage she could obtain. The buckle was finally fastened and locked on. Surely Anna must be happy now.

Of course she wasn't and taking a  length of small cord, tied Michelle's thumbs together. Then she continued to tie each finger in turn to it's opposite finger. Then she wrapped her hands in a massive amount of electrical tape, until Michelle's hands were totally encased. Michelle's arms were now utterly useless to her and she knew that any struggles would prove totally futile. Whatever Anna decided to do now was inevitable and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop it.

Despite the ultra extreme arm bondage, Michelle felt wonderful. She could feel a quiver of excitement between her legs. This sensation was new to her and felt oh so good. Anna made her sit forward on the edge of the sofa and then pushed her body back into the soft cushions. "Now for these gorgeous legs. We can't have them missing out on the fun."

Michelle's legs were roped in eight places, ankles, above and below her knees, two places on her calves and three more places on her upper legs, going all the way to her crotch. As Anna cinched the top rope, her fingers brushed Michelle's now wet pussy and she shook with pleasure and the accidental touch. Each of the leg ropes were securely tied and exceedingly tight and cinched. Michelle felt as though she only had one leg.

Michelle thought that this must be the end of her binding and as though Anna read her mind, she said, "don't worry dear, I have plenty more ropes and bondage gear. I had three slaves at one stage and needed plenty to accomodate them all at the same time. I definately won't run out of stuff to use on you."

Anna tied another long rope through the cinch at Michelle's ankles, then left it. A very wide, stiff leather collar was placed around Michelle's throat and the three buckled straps were tightend and locked on. Michelle's head was now forced up and had little movement sideways. Anna grabbed the rope from Michelle's ankles and ran it through a small pulley the was attached to a strong D ring on the back of her head harness  There was another pulley on the rope at her ankle cinching and the rope was run through this one also and back upto the head one. Anna began to pull on the end and Michelle's feet were drawn back easily. Because of the tight roping on her legs and around her boots, this caused some pain on her knees from the stretch of the leather boots. Anna kept pulling and pulling and Michelle's body arched backwards as her feet were pulled closer to her head. Her head strained back, causing the stiff collar to be very uncomforable and the massive ballgag to push deeper into her mouth. This was turning out to be the most severe hogtie Michelle's could imagine and Anna hadn't finished yet. The pulley wheels gave Anna easy purchase as she kept pulling. Michelle couldn't believe how much her body was arching. Suddenly a stinging pain appeared on the back of her head and with amazement, she realized it was her boot heels digging into her. She could hardly move a muscle now 

Anna stepped back and admired her handywork. "Would you like to see what you look like? I think you look excellent, especially in that outfit, ideal for bondage. I pictured you just as you are now the minute  saw you. Don't go away, I'll go and get a mirror."

Michelle could feel the wetness between her legs as her arousal grew by the second. She looked around as best she could, but Anna had disappeared into a bedroom. She writhed around, enjoying her stunning captivity, when something caught her eye. The long curtains on the window had moved slightly. Michelle watched intently for another movement and eventually it came. A hand pulled back the curtain a little and someone peeked through the opening. Anna returned with a large mirror and placed it where Michelle could see herself. She writhed madly and grunted, trying to direct Anna's attention to the curtains, but Anna just smile at Michelle's attempts to free herself.

Anna had her back to the window and knew nothing, until a strong hand clamped over her mouth. There were three men and with two of them holding Anna's arms and the other sealing her mouth with his hand, her struggles were just as futile as Michelle's. The gag man slowly released her mouth, telling her that if she screamed her would smash her face in. He was large with muscular arms and as his hand came away from her mouth, Anna remained silent. She didn't have to force her silence for long, as the man pulled another ballgag from her bag and rammed it into her mouth. He wasn't gentle and the ball was as massive as Michelle's. Soon Anna was strapped into the gag and the straps look very tight. The other two men held her arms behind her as the third roped her wrists together. Anna had no chance of resistance as they were far too strong for her.

The men grinned at her as one said, "We've been keeping an eye on you at the disco for a few weeks now. We always noticed that you dressed sexy and began to wonder about you. Tonight we saw you leave with this slut and followed you. We have been standing behind the curtains watching you as you tied the bitch up. Quite exciting for us as we are all into bondage. You did a good job on her and now we are going to do exactly the same to you, only perhaps tighter."

Anna knew what they meant, the ropes around her wrists couldn't have been any tighter. The men then proceded to carry out their threat and over the next hour, Anna was secured the same way Michelle was, even to the boot heels in the back of her head. A rope was placed on Anna that looked like a carrybag handle and one was put on Michelle also. With seeming ease, they were both lifted up and carried out to a waiting van, where each were put in the back and received a leather, padded blindfold. The other man collected all the bondage gear and brought it out to the van and tossed it in with the girls. "This will come in handy later. We have lots of bondage things and some really inovative devices, which I'm sure you are both going to enjoy for the rest of your lives. Of course you realize that we can never let you go as you have seen our faces."

As the van rolled away, Michelle and Anna made eye contact. Michelle could see the fear in Anna's eyes, which didn't help her confidence at all. She had been hoping these men were friends of Anna's and this was all a roleplay, but Anna's fear put paid to that thought. From all appearences, they had both been actually kidnapped and what the future held for them was anybodies guess.

The trip took a long time and when they were lifted from the van they  could see that we were on a farm. They were carried , like a couple of shopping bags, into the huge barn and then suspended from their handles, about ten feet off the floor. Michelle already knew that escape was utterly impossible and now it was worse still. Michelle still felt arousal at her bondage, yet the thought about what might happen to them dampened any chance of her first orgasm as a girl. She felt sorry for Anna, she had watched as Anna had been bound and saw that her bonds were indeed tighter than her own, The men were ruthless as they had tied the ropes and Michelle had seen how they dug into Anna's flesh. She hoped Anna was as flexible as she herself seemed to be, because it appeared that they were to be left this way for a long time. The men had left the barn and didn't look like returning until morning. Michelle had already been bound for several hours and another six or seven looked very likely. She drifted in and out of sleep as the night wore on. She could see that Anna was awake, when their eyes occasionally meet as the suspension ropes allowed them to spin slowly around. She found herself thinking how hot Anna looked, all bound up in her tiny PVC dress and she remembered her brief glances in the mirror that showed how fantastic she looked herself. The men had said they were to be tied up for the rest of their lives. Could this be true, or did it mean that they didn't have long to live?

Chapter two.

Michelle could see the sunlight filtering into the barn, heralding the new day. Everything was quiet, except for the groaning of the suspension rope and she turned in the air, She was still OK with her super strict bondage and actually wondered how long she could stay tied up like this before it became a problem. Her only problem was her huge gag, it was becoming very uncomfortable. She estimated that it had been ten hours since Anna bound her arms together behind her and slightly longer since the massive ball had been forced in. She looked over at Anna, seeing that she was also immovable like herself.

Not long after, the three men came in. They all looked as if they had hangovers from the previous night, which wouldn't help their disposition much as they dealt with their two captives. Michelle was lowered to the floor, her legs released and completely untied. Nothing was done to release her from her incredible arm bondage or her awesome gagging. They stood her up and had to hold her, as she was so unsteady on her high heels. One of them stroked her skirt into place and admired her booted legs and slim waist. His hand ran over her bound arms and he commented, "this slut's arms are still well tied, we can leave them like that for today. Her gag looks OK too, no need to change that just yet."

Michelle felt a twinge of excitement in her pussy as she realized she was not be be untied today, At least it would answer her question about how long she could be tied. The gag staying in was more disconserting. A trifle more worrying was that now, with her legs untied, the men might get ideas about what they could do to her. One of them must have read her mind, because he grabbed her arm and said, "lets stake her down and fuck the arse off her."

Fortunately, the other two had different plans for her. She didn't think it would be pleasant, but it had to be better than being raped by three roughnecks, especially as she was still a virgin. Instead they tied ropes to each of her ankles, spread them wide and tied them to a bar, which was hoisted up the the barn roof. The ropes were painful around her ankles as they took all her weight, but as usual, there was nothing she could do about it. Being thirty foot off the floor with your arms tied behind you and your mouth filled to bursting, wasn't the best thing, although it could have been worse.

The men then turned their attention to Anna. She was lowered to the floor and they began untying her. Michelle felt a twinge of jealousy as she watched from above. It looked as though Anna was going to be used, where as she had been discarded, not that she minded having a ringside seat to whatever was going to be done to Anna.

Anna was also shaky on her feet once she was stood up, but soon her boots were taken off. Her stockings and panties went next. One of them moved behind her and as he was releasing her arms, the other two began feeling Anna up. Their hands roamed to every inch of her body. As her arms were at last free, she still couldn't stop them as her arms were so weak from the hours of extreme bondage. Her collar was taken off and then the gag unstrapped. It then took a while to extract the huge ball from her mouth. Unable to resist, she was stripped naked and Michelle notice what a magnificent body she had. She was backed up to a St Andrews cross, where she was strapped to it. The straps covered her arms from shoulders to wrists and her legs were pinned from groin to ankles. Michelle doubted if she could move at all.

Now the entire cross was hoisted up from the top and then the bottom of it was hoisted. Anna finished up in a horizontal position and the cross was lowered to the desired height the men wanted. Her hair was hanging down to the floor and it was bunched together and a cord tied to it and fixed to a strong ring in the floor, forcing Anna's head back viciously. One of the men pulled up a small table on wheels and removed his clothes. He layed back on the table and one of the others lubed his cock. The man with the lube obviously didn't mind playing with his cock and he had a firm grip on it as it hardened. The table was then pushed under Anna and she was lowered a little more. The man's cock was guided into her tight rear hole and a little more lowering and she was impaled on his big shaft.

Another stripped and moved between Anna's parted legs, pushed his huge cock to her pussy lips and thrust into her. As the third man stripped, Michelle gave a gasp around her gag. His erect cock was enormous, long and thick and definately a monster. He moved around to Anna's head and easily force the head between her teeth. Anna pushed at the huge intruder with her tongue, trying to push it out, but only exciting the man more as it probed into the eye of his cock. The other two began to pump into Anna, their thrusting causing her to be pushed further onto the massive cock in her mouth. Anna clenched her fist as the men bored into her and the one in her mouth went deeper and deeper. The man was rough and obviously had no regard for Anna and with each thrust, his cock went further in until it was buried to the hilt. Michelle could see Anna straining at her bonds and she must be gasping for air as the huge cock must have bloked off her throat. All three were moaning and fucking hard as their orgasms neared. Then in one combined burst, they all shot their hot cum deep into Anna's orifices.

As the man removed his cock from her mouth. Michelle noticed that no cum came out. It obviously had been shot well down her throat and as she gasped in air, had swallowed it all. Of of them produced another gag and told Anna not to worry as this one had a breathing hole through the middle. The gag had a full head harness, but the gag itself was a huge rubber penis that would definately go deep into Anna's throat. Two of the men held her head and forced her mouth open, as she tried to prevent the gag being inserted. A brave, but totally useless effort and soon the ten inch phallic rubber was all the way in. All the straps were secured and locked on, then her hair was untied and she was raised up to the roof also. Having had their morning fun, the men left the barn, leaving both girls suspened helplessly from the roof. Michelle couldn't imagine escape being more impossible for either of them.

Later that day one of the men came in and lowered Michelle to the ground. She was untied from the bar, but her arms remained bound and her gag stayed in. It took quite a while before she could stand and longer until she could walk. Eventually she was led out and across to the farmhouse. Here she was seated in a dining chair and her legs were pulled to the sides and her ankles tied to the back legs. Her knees were also tied to the chair and she felt a little vulnerable with her legs apart. It seemed though, that sex wasn't on their minds at the moment. One of the men came in and placed another gag on the table in front of her. She shrunk back into the chair at the sight of it. It was a penis gag like Anna's, but much bigger and fatter. The man smiled at her reaction and said, "we are going to remove your gag in a minute. Screaming is pointless as we are miles from anywhere, but if you do scream, that will be going in your mouth and I don't care if you choke on it. Actually I wouldn't mind seeing you with it on anyway. I'll think about it."

Michelle was horrified, the penis was as thick as her arm and had to be fifteen inches long. They couldn't possibly put that in her mouth... surely. Then she remember how they had rammed the one into Anna and began to worry.

Finally they unstrapped her ballgag and with difficulty, took it out.  Michelle was expecting the worst, but instead of the huge gag, she received a plate of food. They had no intention of releasing her arms, so one of them fed her. She ate ravenously as she hadn't eaten for a long time. She was given plenty of water and later was taken to the toilet. This was embarassing, because one of then had to remove her knickers and clean her up after. The knickers were not replaced either, which led her to believe that she was about to be the next course on their sexual menu, but she was taken back to the barn and forced onto her knees. A steel bar was placed behind her knees and her legs were parted and her ankles tied to her thighs. They roped her legs really tight, with lots of rope. Then she was hoisted upside down about three foot off the floor. Her leather skirt was tight, but the slightest movement made it ride up, or down in this case. It wasn't long before her soft pussy was exposed.

The guy with the smallest cock moved in front of her and positioned himself at her lips. He was still quite big and he forced his way between her lips and deep into her mouth, pumping harder with each thrust. At the same time, he leaned over and ran his tongue over her clit. This sent a bolt of elecricity through Michelle, it was like nothing she had ever felt before and within seconds she was lost in a wave of sheer pleasure and she climaxed with such force, that her body almost exploded. The man responded to her and shuddered as he pumped hot cum deep down her throat. The same thing happened when the second guy took her mouth and then the one with the big cock moved in, only he held a phallis vibrator and he slid it into her wet cunt. Michelle went wild with excitement and writhed around, straining against her bonds and sucking him so hard that she almost swallowed him whole. This caused him to cum immediately and once again her throat was filled with hot creamy liquid.

Michelle's long hair hung down magnificently, yet was no hinderence when they gagged her once more. This time it was a penis gag, but not the one from the dinner table. This one was like Anna's. Michelle, still in raptures of pleasure, offered no resistance as the long thick shaft was pushed into her mouth. They even moved it in and out, like it was fucking her mouth and each time it went a little deeper. The jellylike rubber slid easily down her throat and the only way Michelle could get air was from the hole through its centre. A few more minutes and the choking gag was completely strapped in and locked on. Then Michelle was hoisted up to the top of the barn once more.

Michelle saw the anguish in Anna's eyes in the brief glance she had, before Anna was lowered to the floor. It was her turn to eat and it was plain that their captors were taking no chances with their captives, only allowing one inside at a time.

This continued for several days, with particular care given to make sure the girls couldn't escape. They were tied and gagged in different positions, but always secure. One of the men told Michelle that they were too valuable to be allowed to get away. Michelle pondered the possibilities of this comment. He could have meant they were valuable playthings or perhaps he meant that they were to be sold or ransomed. Frightening thoughts, that were soon answered when, one morning the men appeared and said they were to be prepared for shipping to their new owners.

Michelle was the first to be prepared. She was removed from the rack that she had been stretched out on, naked. The men began preparing the items they needed. Michelle felt quite odd being completely untied, that wouldn't last for long.

Michelle was told that she needed to be converted before she would be severely restrained. She wondered what sort of conversion they had in mind, but she was sure that she'd find out soon enough. As she looked around, each man was doing their own thing and getting ready for her conversion. She started to worry a little, the severe restraint didn't bother her, but what was this conversion?

One man was mixing something in a large bucket and one was preparing a huge pile of ropes. The third was holding what looked like three large dildos. He said, "ready" and all three came over to Michelle. Two of them held her arms, while the third lubricated one of the dildos and pushed it deep into her pussy. One told her that these were sleeves made exactly to measurement of her new owner and although quite stiff, would allow her normal body functions to transmit through them. The shaft slid home inside her and was uncomfortable at first, because of it's size. Michelle tensed in knowing where the other two would be going, she just hoped they wouldn't be inside her for too long. Her doubts increased as the man took a tube of super glue and ran it around the rim of the dildo. Once applied, he pushed the last inch in and the rubber attached to Michelle's delicate lips. That certainly wouldn't be coming out anytime soon. Michelle thanked her lucky stars that she had kept her pussy smooth and clean shaven.

The dildo soon became easier to handle and Michelle could feel waves of pleasure beginning to grow within her, but then the next shaft was placed at the entrance of her rear. She tensed even more as the tip penetrated her tight hole and made its way inside her. This was also sealed in with the glue and was quite painful. She knew that resistence was futile with two of them holding her, so when the third cock was presented to her mouth, she meekly opened wide. Being so big, it stretched her mouth to the limit as it slid between her teeth. Further and further in until it hit the back of her throat. Looking down, she could see that it still had about three inches to go, but oddly, she could still breathe. The man told her it had holes in it for her to breathe, as he applied the glue and rammed it home, sealing it to her lips. This was really uncomfortable, as was the one in her butt, but she couldn't do anything about it, so tried to relax and accept them.

Now her hair was grabbed and piled on top of her head and pinned into place, then the man not holding her shaved all the neck hair that grew under her flowing locks. The reason for this became obvious as he grabbed the bucket and began to brush its contents onto her shaved neck. The stuff was applied right upto her hairline, then around her throat. Earplugs were pushed into her ears and the goo brushed over them, then around onto her face. He took particular care around her mouth insert and soon her entire face was covered. Taking a larger brush, he began covering her body with the rubbery goo. As he painted away merrily, the stuff around her head began to dry and tighten on her. Soon she could feel the pressure it was applying and could only imagine what it would be like when her whole body was covered. The men held her fingers and pulled her arms out, so the the stuff could coat her arms to her wrists, even under her arms. Her breasts were coated and down to her waist, then over her hips, care being taken around her pussy and anal insertions. Her legs were coated down to her ankles and she was now encased in the rubber stuff. When it dried, she was lifted onto a chair and her feet and hands done. It wasn't long before the whole lot had dried and she was entombed in it's rubbery grasp. The man brought up a full length mirror and she could see her new outfit. It was skin colored and extremely tight and smoothe. It had even enhanced her figure, making her breasts stand out and her waist was microscopic. Everything was taught and terrific.

The man then took three real dildos and began inserting them into Michelle's inserts. Each one fitted perfectly and she could feel everything as the shafts entered her holes. The man smiled and said, "these will keep you happy on your trip. They are powered by special batteries that will last for months if needed and they are also attached to random timers, just so you don't get bored." Well, thought Michelle, this suit will certainly keep my attention, not to mention these massive inserts. I wonder how long they will be in for. Batteries that lasted for months didn't sound good. "Now to dress you." The man sniggered.

The latex coating was almost taking her breath away, it was so tight and when instructed to stand up, she found it hard to move freely. Once on her feet, a rather severe looking corset was placed around her body. It was a full corset that covered most of her upper body. As the metal catches were fastened at the front, the bone stays formed to her latex encased body, pushing her breasts into magnifcent orbs and her waist and hips looked fantastic. The man moved behind her and with the help of one of the others, started tightening the laces. The third man held her steady as the other two tugged really hard on the laces, slowly closing it around her. With the force of two strong men, the corset closed harshly around her waist, until it was drawn in so far that she though she would fall in two. Once the laces were tightened to their satisfaction, she looked in the mirror and could hardly believe her ultra slim waist, flaired hips and full busom, the perfect figure. A strap went from the bottom of the corset at the front, under her crotch and fastened at the back. Once buckled up and locked, it pushed the dildos a little further in. Now she would have no way of getting them out until they released this strap.

Her legs were now encased in tight, black latex stockings and a pair of extremely high heeled ankle boots were put on her feet and laced up snuggly around her ankles. Now running away would be virtually impossible in such high heels. She could do nothing but submit to whatever they had in mind for her.

A large pile of ropes were produced and one was looped around her ankles. With one man holding her, the other two, one each side, pulled the rope tight. It closed painfully around her ankles and was then cinched through the middle, making it even tighter. Her ankles were now welded together. Another rope was tied under her knees and tightened the same and yet another above her knees. The forth rope was tied at the top of her legs, just under her crotch, then they tied more ropes in between the ones already in place. Each one was tied just as tight and eventually, her legs were a sea or ultra tight ropes. Obviously still not satisfied, she was lifted up and a leather sleeve was pulled up over her legs, positioned and then laced up at the back. Michelle couldn't believe that her legs could be secured any tighter, but they proved that wrong. The leather sleeve was the ultimate binding and left her already useless legs, even more useless. One of the men laughingly asked if it was snug enough for her. With the massive shaft down her throat and completely filling her mouth, she could only shrug her shoulders. Even with her arms free, except for the latex coating, escape was totally out of the question.

Next came a leather dress. It was knee length and had long sleeves, a high neckline and laces all the way up the back. Once installed within, the laces were tightened, until the dress moulded to her constricted form. A zippered flap went over the laces and was fastened and locked shut behind her.

Now snuggly enclosed in leather and latex, her arms were pulled behind her and her wrists tightly bound palm to palm. The rope dug into her flesh as it was so tight. Next, her elbows were forced together and yet another rope placed around them. With a man either side, they pulled the rope up so tight, that Michelle gasped, but they still tugged until her elbows were pressed hard against each other. The rope was also cinched and another was tied around her forearms and cinched as well. Now her leather encased arms were tight against each other, but true to form, they pulled a leather armbinder over her tied arms. As it was laced up to the extreme, Michelle wondered why she had to be restrained so well. The binder closed on her arms and straps were run over her shoulders and buckled and locked on, then three leather straps were placed around her wrists, elbows and forearms. All were tightened to the limit and locked on. Another wide strap went around her tiny waist and held her wrists firmly to her back. Other straps above and below her breasts finished the securing. All three belt were locked on.

Michelle was now ultimately tied and gagged and couldn't imagine any more severe restraints. She strained against the bonds, but it was futile and had no give whatsoever. Yet the men hadn't finished with her. With the massive shaft in her mouth and down her throat, she was very effectively gagged and now they placed some foam pads over her eyes. She could feel them adhere to her and guessed they had been superglued on as well. All sight was lost to her, then the earplugs were removed and replaced with some bigger, more effective ones that pushed well in and also seemed to form to the shell of her ears. She could feel these stick to her as well and there was a deathly silence now. The men began wrapping her head with some very strong duct tape, not the non stick type bondage tape, but very sticky tape that was pulled very tight. It went from her slender neck, up over her chin and the lingered over her mouth as many layers were applied, forcing the dildo insert deeper. The tape continued up over her nose and lots of layers were wrapped around her eyes and ears, until, finally her entire head was covered, only a small hole for her to breathe through the gag.

Next, a leather hood was pulled over her head and laced securely in place. The leather moulded tightly over her face, leaving it completely enclosed in the latex, tape and now leather. A very wide, stiff leather collar was placed around her neck and laced on. It was more like a neck corset and was very strict, holding her her perfectly in place and not allowing any movement.

What Michelle hadn't seen, was the ingenious catches on her leg binder and dress, but she was laid down on the floor, face down and her feet were pulled up behind her thighs. Because of the extreme leg bindings it was hard to get them to bend and the leather put a lot of strain on her knees. Her feet were just over the vertical, but one of them sat on her feet and began pushing them down. Her feet went closer and closer to her rear end. The man began jumping up and down to get more force behind his weight and finally the steel prong on the back of the legbinder, clicked into place to the socket on the back of her dress, leaving her feet locked to the back of her thighs and her heels digging into her butt. A full head harness was placed on her, with soft leather straps over her mouth and eyes. Straps went under her chin and over her head. All the buckles were tightemed to the limit and the buckles locked with small padlocks. Then a metal bar was clicked into some sort of catch near her knees and the other end attached to the top of the head harness, near the back. A threaded adjuster on the bar was turned and the bar began to shorten, pulling her head back and slowly pulling her knees up, making her arch her back painfully. Michelle couldn't move a muscle and even though the pains from the various restraints were dulling, she was very uncomfortable. She made one final effort to free herself, or even loosen the bonds, but it was like being encased in concrete.

Michelle was then lifted up and carried over and placed in a large wooden crate. Several straps were put over her and soon she was fixed to the bottom of the crate. A hose was conected to her gag, that ran to the outside of the crate, so she could breathe and the wires from the three didlos were connected to the very longlife batteries inside the box. Nothing happened with the probes at the moment and the men started filling the box with polystyrene pellets, covering her entirely. Once the box was full to overflowing, the lid was pressed into place, forcing the packaging to squash Michelle and then the lid was nailed shut.

Anna had been watching the whole process and as she was slowly lowered to the floor, knew that she would be dealt with in the same way. Just another one of two packages to be labelled and shipped to their new Masters.

As Anna was prepared and bound, the dildos inside Michelle came to life, sending vibrations and mild electric shocks through her body. It didn't take long for Michelle to climax and only trembled as much as her bonds would allow.

As the nails drove home on Anna's crate, one of the men laughed. "I suppose we should have told them we were sending them by ship and the trip will take about four weeks. Oh well, never mind, they'll just have to put up with it. I'm sure they will eventually begin to panic when they are not released and the time drags on, but we don't care, the money is great and we can buy whatever we need for our next batch of merchandise.This could turn out to be a very lucrative business. How about that chick at the pub? The one that always wears the leather skintight pants. Her and her friend could be an interesting propersition.



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