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Storycodes: Solo-f; M/f; truffle; ingest; transform; chocolate; lactate; statue; reluct; X

Cheryl was what you’d call ‘Strictly Business’ and seldom ever wanted to deal with the likes of the Production aspects of Kay’s Confections, formerly a simple candy store now turned into a big corporation. She always wore the same drab colored suits day in and day out; just so that people were reminded she had no intention of not being taken seriously.

Cheryl’s job was supposed to involve Sales and Marketing, as well as to perform as acting Head of the Assets Committee. She was supposed to make sure the business ran like a business and not just some mom and pop candy store.

So why the heck did they send her to the Testing and Development Facility?

“It all has to be a mistake…” she muttered, “either that or the boss is out for my head… but I was just hired here!” she whined. She always did that when nobody was around… it made her felt young and pretty for some reason.

This time however someone overheard.

“I zee you have zome troubles, Miss.” An elderly gentleman spoke from behind her. She whirled to find an old man wearing a white lab coat and large looking goggles.

“Oh dear… please don’t tell my boss I said that!” she glanced at him worriedly.

“No vorries… Miss…” he tried.

“Just call me Cheryl, everyone else does,” she rolled her eyes as she said this.

“Miss Cheryl, I’f been expecting you.” It was then she noticed he had something of a heavy German accent. “Come, come… ve must head to ze Laboratory!”

“I was told I was to be given a full status report on the latest Confection project Kay is working on.” She jumped into high gear, not even bothering to ask the man his own name.

“You truly are ‘ztrictly buziness’ az your manager mentioned to me… you vill be ze perfect zubject vor my ‘experiment’.” The gentleman chuckled.

“I don’t understand… I’m not here to write a business report?” she blinked.

“Oh you vill… but ov courze zis iz a zpecial experiment that vill vequire your veedback und ztimulus information.”

“I still don’t follow.”

They entered into the laboratory proper where several assistants were checking the status of various chemicals and other compounds under extreme heat or pressure. Steam was rising from each of them and swirled to the top of the lab into a massive vent, most like to prevent anyone from suffocating on the various fumes.

“To introduce myself… I am Doctor S. Ugarhigh…ve are conducting experiments on ze very nature ov Chocolate und its role az un Aphrodisiac. Ve are on ze verge ov perfection, but ve have yet to test ze chocolate on a human zubject of ze female persuazion.”

“Forgive me for being rude, but I do believe it’s illegal to test things on human beings without testing them on animals first.” Cheryl was already beginning to realize this man was a kook.

“No vorries… ve haf tested ze chocolate on several zpecies and ze results haf been zuccessful zus far. Also ve haf tested ze chocolate on a male human zubject vith reasonable results.”

“If you’ve already tested the chocolate on a human subject, then why do you need me?”

“You mizunderstand… ve tested ze chocolate on ze male test zubject, but he iz immune to ze chocolate’s effects… it merely tastes of chocolate to him.”

“Chocolate’s effects? You can’t be serious.”

“Ze chocolate iz a ztimulant that iz zupposed to enhance ze zexual drive, but it iz ztructured after ze hormonal chemicals in ze female brain.”

“I see…” she sighed. Wondering about why exactly she was chosen for the test as apposed to the other women in the factory wasn’t exactly something she wanted to think about… but anything for the paycheck, she supposed.

A lab assistant with large black-rimmed goggles came with a platter of what appeared to be small chocolate truffles.

“Dr. Ugarhigh, the samples are ready.”

“Now, Miss Cheryl, if you vill please come thiz way…” he continued.

They walked over to a set up table where a single piece of machinery stood.

“If you vill notice, zis is a zimple microwave, and ze energy output iz ztandard to any household cooking appliance.”

She nodded. He proceeded to place the platter of chocolates into the microwave and turned the microwave on for a few minutes. When the timer finished, he pulled the tray out and asked her to try and touch the chocolates.

“They’re cool to the touch!” she marveled.

The lab assistant explained, “We’ve been able to produce a special anti-heat agent in the chocolate that allows it to withstand any large amounts of heat so that it won’t melt…”

“But how do you eat something that won’t melt?” she asked.

The doctor explained, “Ze chemicals in ze chocolate react on DNA contact, zpecifically DNA found in human zaliva.”

“Which means it literally won’t melt in your hand or anywhere else except your mouth!” This is definitely a startling revelation to her, and most likely good news for the company.

She proceeded to take notes on this find, when the doctor placed his hand on her notepad.

“I am afraid ze report vill haf to vait, Miss Cheryl, for you zee, ve need you to test ze chocolate for us.”

She really didn’t want to try something without first knowing what was in it. So she asked.

The assistant replied, “Good question, we use a specially cultivated enzyme variant of phenyl-ethylamine, the so-called “love” chemical found in chocolate as well as a cultured drug related to the chemical, Bremelanotide which was originally cultivated to produce minor sexual desire, but we’ve been able to create an evolved form of it within the chocolate.”

“And you want me to try this and see if the chocolate makes me horny?” she said, not exactly amused.

“Well… yes, but…” The lab assistant was unsure of how to reply at this point.

Doctor Ugarhigh cut in, “Do not vorry, ze chemicals in ze chocolate are temporary in effect in zmall doses zuch as a zingle truffle. No doubt you shall be fine within ze next day or zo.”

The doctor was genuinely serious about his work, so it appeared, and who was she to condemn a man who was trying to improve the aphrodisiacal effects of chocolate? She wasn’t a big fan, but if it was all for science.

“I only have one condition.” She smiled.

“And that vould be?”

“You better have milk handy, I can’t stand the after taste of chocolate.”

Of course they did procure some milk for just such an experiment. Pouring a glass the assistant handed her the tray of truffles.

“Well… bottoms up…” she said, resignedly.

She popped one of them in her mouth, and was surprised at the taste. It certainly tasted like normal chocolate. It didn’t have the coffee taste of heath or the oversweet taste of dark chocolate… it was pretty well textured. The minute it hit her tongue it began to melt and almost swell on contact.

“Mmm… wow, this tastes great…” it was good even by her standards, and she didn’t care for chocolate all that much.

She chewed on it a bit and rolled it around on her tongue, the texture was smooth and creamy, and there was no trace of powders or even artificial flavoring. Swallowing it, she took a swig of the milk and that was all she wrote.

“Zo…?” The doctor asked.

“So what?” she replied, “Oh… you mean do I feel anything? Well nothing really… it just tasted like chocolate to me.”

“Hmm, I see. Very vell… ve shall vait a day or zo for ze results, for now, you must go home and rest, for ze chemicals vill most certainly be reacting in your body by zen.”

“So you’re basically telling me to take the day off? I don’t think you have the authority to do that…” she smiled.

The lab assistant handed her a slip of paper, signed by her manager, “Your boss knew you were going to participate, so she signed you an excuse for medical leave. Report any symptoms you may have and when you begin experiencing them, okay?”

“Alright, but all this for a single truffle?” she shrugged. Maybe she was worried all for nothing.

Taking her car and driving home, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat uneasy about what the doctor had said about the chocolate being a mild to heavy aphrodisiac. It worried her somewhat… as normally she tried to come off as a strict and rigid businesswoman, and if any of that changed, she wouldn’t know what would become of her.

By the time she came home, she was hot and tired, her gray suit felt heavy and itchy for some reason, so she was all too eager to take it off when she drew the blinds in the house.

Not many people knew this, but she had a habit of not wearing any clothes in her house when relaxing. It was just a habit of hers that in order to relax; she took off everything, even her panties. She just liked the feel of the cool air on her skin as she sat and watched TV. She definitely had worked on her figure over the last few months, despite working in a candy factory, and the results were definitely a marvel to her.

She had a natural set of double C breasts and her hips had a nice round curve to them that she was almost certain most men would die for. If it weren’t for the fact she always had her hair tied in a tight bun, hiding behind rimmed glasses, and that gaudy set of business suits she wore to keep men away, she would probably pass for a celebrity.

“Or a porn star.” She muttered derisively in the mirror. Her naturally blonde hair hung in long curls across her back and despite being a mess to brush; she always kept it up and tight when working.

“And now I’ve taken a chocolate to feel horny… what else can go wrong?” she whined again. She found a long time ago that she had an especially sexy voice, and so she tried to hide it by sounding deep and male when at work.

Hours passed, and she still didn’t feel much of anything. Not that it bothered her that she wasn’t feeling anything, it was just something she figured was a flop on their part anyway. She decided to go to bed after that.

Only now she couldn’t sleep! For some reason her skin felt very hot and she felt her pulse begin to rise. She wasn’t having a fever, or even in pain… but it was definitely something she hadn’t expected. Throwing back the covers, she realized that even without them she still felt like she was in a sauna.

Running to a nearby thermostat, she checked the temperature: 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal room temperature, but now she felt like she was roasting… and she was completely naked! She decided to go over the refrigerator and cool herself down. It worked for a few minutes, but then she started feeling hot again.

“What is wrong with me? Is this the chocolate’s doing?” she felt like she was panting heavily. She went to a nearby mirror to get a good look at herself.

Her skin was a darkish red, and getting darker! What was going on!

Her breasts felt heavy and sensitive to the touch at this point and even her vagina felt very sensitive… but that wasn’t even half the problem!

She was staring at her heavy breasts, and she could see what appeared to be a brown substance inside them… and the longer she stared the darker her skin got.

“I’m turning into a chocolate woman!” she gasped. Despite the irony she felt at her awkward situation her breasts felt incredibly itchy to her, like they were about to burst.

After a while she simply couldn’t stand the pressure and ran to the bathtub. She was certainly not pregnant, but it felt like she was lactating all the same. Applying some pressure to her breasts, Cheryl managed to squeeze the brown substance out of her.

By now her nipples were a deep dark brown and the liquid coming out of them even darker and syrupy in texture. It poured out in the bathtub in huge gobs and the smell was also strange. It smelled of chocolate!

Her skin felt especially tingly now, and she felt especially sensual. Her breasts were now fully stimulated and the brown stuff began pouring in a constant liquid flow.

The smell of melted chocolate filled the room and her body felt like it was about to go crazy. Her lips were brown and shiny and her fingernails looked like chocolate chips. Her skin also seemed to be feeling especially smooth and soft now.

After a while she couldn’t resist the temptation. Letting some of the brown gunk coming from her breast dribble on her hand, she put her finger up to her tongue to taste it.

“This tastes like chocolate! Rich, creamy, sweet chocolate!” The taste hit her tongue like a tidal wave and her vulva opened wide with excitement.

Just tasting the chocolate fluid coming from her breasts was inducing an orgasm. It was an incredible sensation to her. She sat down in the tub and began to stroke her pussy. She was getting extremely wet, hot, and tingly all over.

When she pulled her hand out from inside her clit, it was coated with more brown fluid!

She had to taste it now!

It had the exact same chocolaty taste as the fluid coming from her breasts… both tasted like chocolate. And every time her tongue came into contact with the stuff, she was rocked with an orgasm.

The chocolate was pouring out her sex and breasts in torrents and she felt the warm stuff pour over her like she was an ice cream sundae. She stroked her breasts and clitoris, feeling the flood come out of her like a great sluice. She began to smother her brown body in the liquid, letting it get into her face and hips and every corner, including her hair which she noticed was a glossy chocolate brown now. Her eyes were dark brown orbs of sweet sugary pleasure that she felt like she could just pluck out and eat like milk duds.

After a few hours of bliss, she noticed the tub was now full of chocolate, and that her skin was now a dark glossy sheen. She stood up and stepped out of the tub and onto the rug nearby to see herself. It came as a shock to her then that not a single drop of liquid chocolate stained the rug.

She felt the surface of her skin. It was hardening… like a shiny candy shell! The inside of her vulva and anus felt hard and stiff, like a dildo and butt plug were now deep inside her. Her breasts were now pointed and raised, like a pair of gigantic M & M’s. Her hips had a smooth shine to them and her feet were hard.

Despite the absolute sensation of pleasure she was having, she also began to realize that her body was getting stiff. It was getting harder and harder for her to move around now, as she literally could not bend at the waist.

Running to a nearby phone, she called the lab to tell them of her recent discovery. Luckily for her, the lab was usually open 24/7 for the purpose of pursuing science.

“Doctor Ugarhigh isn’t in right now… may I leave a message?” A young male assistant was talking into the phone. His voice alone sounded extremely sexy to her… but she was getting distracted. This experiement had gone on long enough!

“You have to help me… this is Cheryl… I’m at my house!” she provided her address to him.

“Miss Cheryl… you’re the one we gave the Chocolate Aphrodisiac to, what’s wrong?”

“I’m turning into chocolate, that’s what’s wrong! You didn’t tell me this would be a side effect!”

“What? That’s incredible! We’ll be over right away!”

She hung up the phone in disgust and unlocked the door for them to get in easier and waited.

The more time passed, the more she felt incredibly horny, like she wanted to screw the first thing that came into the house. She stroked her now hardened clit and anus and they felt so ridged and molded. Even her pussy which was now hardened like a candy flower looked beautiful to her. She opened her hard candy lips into a sexy pose like she was going to suck a man off, it was the hottest thing she’d ever considered doing in her life. She flexed her candy hips and started doing poses in the mirror.


It was an hour or so by the time the medical team found her house. They opened it with little difficulty and found the scent of chocolate overwhelming to their senses, despite the Gas Masks they wore. It smelled worse than a coffee house in there.

They finally found Cheryl in her bedroom posing in front of the mirror, except she was now stiff like a statue. She was fingering her shiny clit and anus while curving her lips and her mouth was open wide like she was eager to take something in her mouth, they could only guess. After a few moments, the Doctor finally arrived.

“How is ze zubject?” he asked, “I vish to hear ze ztatus report.” He and the rest of the team were wearing Haz-Mat suits and gas masks, so as not to breathe in the chocolate fumes which would most likely (he had surmised) drive a man insane with lust.

“She’s in hibernation, doctor… pulse and other vital signs are low, but they’re there.”

The assistant technician then asked, “So what will we do with her?”

“Ze test was zuccessful, zis vas to be expected.She iz ze first prototype in ze line of ‘Chocolate-Bunny’ confectionery zat ze president of Kay’s Confections vishes to produce.”

“Yes, but do you think she’ll object once she breaks out of that candy shell of hers? Will she sue us?”

“She cannot break out of ze shell. For to her it is indestructible. The only vay she can be freed iz if zomeone purchases her and licks and zavors her like ze chocolate bunny she iz, even if she manages to free herself, she vill be too obzessed vith ze zex to bother vith plotting vengeance.”

“I don’t follow you, Doctor.” The technician asked.

“Ze woman naturally produces chocolate now, and zis shall be a vay of life for her, she shall produce a natural shell about her body every time she is zexually ztimulated, vhich vill result in her ‘shell state’, and as ze chocolate can only melt vith ze licking, she shall become zomeone’z favorite chocolate bunny for ze rest of her days.”

“I kinda feel sorry for her now… I mean, she was working so hard at her position in the company.” The assistant sighed.

“Do not vorry… Cheryl vill be happy vith her new life, and many other vomen as vell. For chocolate to some vomen is everything, even compared to zex.”

“I suppose so.”

“Ze vorst case scenario vould be that she develops an addiction to ze chocolate in her body, but for now, treat her as Kay’s Confections newest product, for we begin to ship ze chocolate first thing tomorrow.”

“Okay, I understand now…” he smiled and winked. Rolling a dolly with a large crate into the room, they loaded Cheryl into the crate and before sealing it shut, placed a fluffy bunny tail tuft with a special adhesive tape on it and attached it to her rear end, and then placed white fluffy bunny ears on top of her chocolate head. After sealing the crate they slapped the company label and a large ribbon on the box entitled “The Ultimate Valentines Gift”

“Zis shall make ze man who purchases it very happy!” Doctor S. Ugarhigh beamed.

“You truly are a genius, Doctor.” His assistant smiled.

The both of them laughed deep into the night, while a certain corporate woman had dreams of much more than sugarplums dancing in her head… and other places too.


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