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Chocolaty Goodness

by Dana

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© Copyright 2009 - Dana - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; capture; bond; mould; chocolate; submerge; encase; transform; majick; bodyswap; cons/nc; X

A Halloween Special 2009 Tale

Sandy walked confidently down the quiet streets in Bristol, Germany. She’d come here with a couple of friends; bent on seeing Europe in a single summer. Summer had come and gone, and so had most of her friends. Out of the group of six, only she and Miranda had chosen to extend their visit. Miranda had fallen for a local boy in their travels and Sandy wasn’t about to leave one of her closest friends abroad on her own.

The weeks had worn on as the two young women were escorted to some of the lesser seen treasures of Europe.

It was now the middle of October and as Sandy stood before the window a chocolate shop she got to thinking about things back home. Before going off to college in the Big Apple, Sandy had lived in a rustic little community in Ohio. She thought back to her younger sisters and speculated what the twins would be dressing up as this year.

Feeling a touch homesick, Sandy decided to get some authentic German chocolate to send home to the girls. But as she made it to the front door she found it locked. Her German was poor at best, but over the past few months she’d been able to recognize a closed sign when she saw one.

“Aw come on,” she muttered as she looked around the quiet city block for any open chocolateer. It was late in the day and most of the shops had closed up for the day. She cursed her shortsightedness; it was going to be tough getting the chocolate home to the States in time for the holiday anyway.

She was about to give up entirely and call it a night herself when she saw a tiny little shop with a dim light on its window. She jogged to the end of the block and rapped gently on the door before opening it up a smidgen and poking her head inside.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Are you still open?”

“Why hello dearie,” came a voice that felt like it was right beside her. Sandy jumped and turned to see an elderly woman on the other side of the door. She’s old enough to be my great-grandmother, Sandy thought to herself and she caught her breath.

“You startled me,” Sandy said as she stepped inside the tiny little store and shut the door behind her.

“Gave me a start too,” the old woman chuckled. “Was just about to close up for the night. What can little old me do for you?”

“I don’t want to be a hassle. I can come back tomorrow and-”

“Oh it’s no trouble at all. Spit it out and let me see what I can do.”

“Chocolate,” Sandy said matter-a-factly.

“Obviously dearie.”

Sandy chuckled to herself a bit and just sort of shrugged.

“I want to send something home to my sisters. Something authentically German. Something they’re not just going to come across in the local Albertsons.”

“I think we can manage that,” the old woman said as she headed towards the rear of the store. She passed by exquisite statues made out of chocolate; some of which truly boggled Sandy’s mind. A second-year art major had given her a taste at fine works and the molded chocolate around her truly astounded her.

“These are so impressive,” Sandy said as she marveled at a chocolate rendition of a woman’s hand.

“Why thank you dearie. Something of a hobby of mine.”

“Can I ask how you do it?”

“Bit of a family secret I’m afraid. Now, what type of chocolate would you be interested in? Regular old milk chocolate? White chocolate? Or perhaps something a bit darker?”

“Gosh, I really hadn’t thought about it,” Sandy said as she leaned against the counter and looked at the display below her. “You know… there was one I had when I first got out here… it was so good.”

“Do you remember what type it was?”

“No,” she said, snapping her fingers and staring absently off into the distance. “But just eating it… it tasted so… perfect. It literally melted in my mouth and it… it…”

“It what sweetie?”

“No it’s silly.”

“Oh come on, tell me.”

“Alright… call me crazy… but as I ate it… it made me suddenly feel… young. No… that’s not right. It just… it, gave me a bunch of energy.”

“Well chocolate will do that to you.”

“Yeah, but instantly? It was like… a live wire of chocolaty goodness.”

The old woman pondered this for a moment. Then she looked Sandy up and down before glancing off to a door at the rear of the store. Sandy was off in her own little train of thought and didn’t notice the old woman until she was standing right beside her and touching her arm. She jumped again and put a hand to her chest to catch her breath.

“Frighten easy child?”

“Off in my own little world.”

“Chocolate will do that to you. Come along. I want to show you something in the back that just might be what you’re after.”

“Okay,” Sandy said as she let the woman guide her towards the door at the back of the store. The door opened to a narrow room with stairs leading downward. Like the rest of the store it was dimly lit, but Sandy didn’t think anything of it. She went first down the stairs as the old woman closed the door behind them and proceed down after her. Sandy had no way of knowing that the old woman had locked the door.

In the center of the basement was a large vat of chocolate with an agitator gently mixing it up. Sandy went up to the vat and took a deep breath of the chocolate smell emanating from it.

The old woman watched her for a moment, then walked along to the far side of the room where a large rectangular box made out of clear plexiglass lay on the floor. It had no lid and inside were several straps affixed to the bottom of the box. Though not shaped like a coffin, the case was large enough to hold a person.

“What’s that?” Sandy asked as she came around the side of the vat and caught a glimpse of the box beyond the old woman’s form.

The woman turned around and rushed straight at Sandy. She moved fast, faster than any person her age should be able to. Probably faster than Sandy could move herself without a good build up.

She collided with Sandy right at her belly, hitting the poor girl like a defensive football player might hit a wide receiver. It knocked the wind out of her and she was taken clean off her feet. She was propelled backwards and the back of her head slammed violently against the side of the chocolate vat.

As the old woman let go and backed away, Sandy’s unconscious form slumped onto the floor. Only the rise and fall of her chest gave any indication that the blow hadn’t flat-out killed her.

“Good,” the old woman said. “Now, to prepare you.”

Pulling off Sandy’s shoes and socks, the old woman grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her across the floor over to the clear box. She moved up and pulled the girl’s jeans off and threw them aside. A golden watch Sandy’s father had given her was the next thing to go. It slid across the floor and fell into a metal grate in the floor; never to be seen again.

Working the buttons on Sandy’s blouse loose took some time for the old woman. Her old hands had some troubles with the buttons. But within a couple minutes all Sandy had on were her bra and panties; and even those didn’t last for too much longer.

Once she had Sandy completely naked, she lifted the girl up and deposited her naked body into the clear box. Moving slowly and diligently, she affixed the straps around Sandy’s body. An inch wide band of leather wrapped around her waist, holding her firmly in place. Identical straps went around her ankles, thighs, wrists, and neck.

The neck band wasn’t snug, and if it wouldn’t keep her from moving about, the old woman had one more strap to make certain she’d stay put.

But first she removed a ring-gag from a nearby cabinet and placed it into Sandy’s mouth. As she moved Sandy’s long brown hair out of the way and affixed the clasp to keep it in place, she noticed Sandy was starting to wake. Before she became completely around, she pushed Sandy’s head back to lay flat and wrapped a single half-inch wide leather strap over her forehead to culminate her captivity.

She stood back and watched as Sandy slowly became aware of her surroundings. She thrashed as best she could against her restraints, but she wasn’t going anywhere. She spotted the old woman and first cursed her… then begged her to let her go.

The old woman said nothing and knelt down at the bottom of the box, down by Sandy’s feet and pushed the entire box along the floor. What should have been a difficult task for an elderly woman turned out to be as easy as pushing a stick of half-melted butter across an empty plate.

The old woman didn’t stop until the box was right up alongside the large chocolate vat.

It was only then that Sandy saw the spigot affixed low on the vat’s side. It was a few inches above the upper edge of the box, an inch or two just above Sandy’s right shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Sandy tried to ask, but through the gag it came out unintelligible.

“Oh dear, I almost forgot one last… important bit,” the old woman said, snapping her fingers and disappearing from Sandy’s view for a couple moments. When she came back Sandy saw her holding an enormous dildo in her hands. It was huge; bigger than any Sandy had ever seen, much less used. She may have come from a small town in Ohio, but she’d learned a good many things in New York City.

“No!” Sandy cried out. The old woman could tell what she was trying to say, but only smiled.

“Don’t worry dearie. I know how painful they can be. I wouldn’t think of not using lube.”

Reaching over the side of the vat, the old woman dipped the dildo deep into the mixing chocolate. She brought it out dripping with warm dark chocolate. Kneeling down she played at Sandy’s sex with her free hand, lined up the dildo right at the trapped girl’s lips, then shoved it deep inside of her.

It went in without any problems and Sandy screamed into the gag filling her mouth. She felt it pulling her sex out in every direction and the messy chocolate dripping all over her inner thighs. The old woman wiped the excess chocolate from her hand onto Sandy’s belly and came to stand up by Sandy’s head.

She wiped a tear away as it dripped down the side of Sandy’s face.

“Be brave little on. It will all be over soon.”

Reaching out she twisted the knob at the top of the spigot. Warm liquid dark chocolate oozed out of it and splashed down into the box. A moment later Sandy felt it reach her shoulder and begin matting into her hair.

My God, what the hell is she doing, Sandy wondered. She screamed and continued to cry as the chocolate oozed under her body and started to fill up the box around her. The stiff chocolate in the spigot had worked itself clear and now it was coming out just as freely as water out of a sink’s facet.

The warm chocolate worked its way up her sides, all around her body. With her wrists tied the way they were, it wasn’t long before her hands were completely immersed in the brown substance. Her hair was covered and as the chocolate continued to rise her ears were covered, cutting off her sense of hearing.

The old woman moved down by Sandy’s waist again and reached into the chocolate soup. She could feel the old woman’s hand running up her thighs. She would have loved to have pulled away in revulsion, but she was trapped. Unless the old woman let her go, she wasn’t going anywhere. And worse still, Miranda didn’t even know she’d planned on going shopping that day. She’d have no idea where to look for her.

The dildo filling her pussy up shifted a bit and Sandy’s full attention was back on the old woman. She could see the woman speaking, but she couldn’t hear her. Though she had no idea what the woman was saying, a moment later she’d realize what she was up to.

Twisting the base of the dildo, she popped a catch on it which separated the inner part of the dildo from a hard plastic sheath around it. As she pulled the inner part of the dildo free, the hard sheath that had been around it stayed firmly in place (thanks in no small part to the raised bumps along its exterior). The end result left a tunnel going directly into the sweet spot of Sandy’s most treasured places.

And as the inner core of the dildo popped free, the chocolate rushed inside of her; causing Sandy to shudder from head to toe in both shock and pleasure.

The old woman dropped the dildo’s inner core on the floor and pulled up a chair to watch the final stretch. The chocolate continued to rise all around Sandy’s prone body. It reached her eyes and the edge of her lips at the same time. She quickly shut them as the chocolate oozed over top of them.

With the gag in place, Sandy didn’t have that luxury. It came dripping into her mouth freely. At first she attempted to swallow it, but there simply wasn’t any way to keep up. She pushed her tongue around until she blocked it enough to keep from choking on it.

Soon all that remained showing of Sandy’s exquisite body was the tips of her toes, her nose, and the last inch or so of her C-cup breasts.

The old woman had excellent hearing and heard Sandy take one last gasp of air through her nose before it too was swallowed up by the brown liquid. Her toes disappeared next and after a little bit longer… her breasts too were covered.

The old woman left the spigot going until the box was filled all the way to the upper rim. When it reached that point she reached over and shut it off before returning to her seat.

The plexiglass box was completely filled now. There were no air bubbles coming from anywhere and the upper surface was as smooth as glass.

“Good chocolate is well aged,” the old woman said as she sat there. “All things become better with age. I’ll give you until the end of the month. We’ll see then if you’re ready.”

The old woman rose from her seat and shut off the lights before heading back upstairs to shut down her store the rest of the way.

The old woman went about her daily routine for a couple more weeks before finally returning to the cellar beneath her store. She drained the box of the chocolate and looked over all that remained.

“That will suffice,” she said at last. “I’ll have some of my people come by later to help you along to my home. Once there… I think a bath will be in order.”

When the old woman got home later that evening she quickly stripped down and headed for her bathroom. As per her orders, men that worked for her had brought home her latest chocolate treasure.

Standing (or more adequately, leaning) up in the tub was a chocolate rendition of Sandy. Head to toe, it was her down to the smallest blemish; even a slight bump at the back of her head. Her mouth and pussy were wide open, just as they’d been held in place when the box had filled with chocolate.

The old woman came over to the side of the tub and looked at the chocolate woman standing there. She licked her lips and leaned over to the wall to activate a bank of powerful heat lamps built into the ceiling above the tub.

She stepped into the tub behind Sandy’s body and held the chocolate form against herself. She reached around with both hands. She fondled the girl’s breasts and as the chocolate got all over her hands she slid one down her belly to Sandy’s opened crotch. Though the girl couldn’t feel any of this, she savored the thoughts running through her head as she slid three fingers inside the girl’s pussy.

Not wanting to miss out on one of her favorite parts, she stepped around to stand in front of Sandy. She leaned over and with two quick bites, bit the nipples clean off.

There was no skin beneath, and no blood; only more chocolate.

“The nipples are the best part,” the old woman said after she swallowed. She leaned in and planted her lips against Sandy’s. Sandy’s mouth held open in permanent welcome, the old woman had unlimited access and pushed her own tongue deep inside.

The lamps were doing their job all so well that Sandy was quickly melting away. The old woman had chocolate splattered all over her body and instead of risking falling over in the tub, she reclined down to lay in the bottom of the filling tub. As Sandy’s body melted away, the tub slowly filled higher and higher.

Sandy’s torso took the longest to melt away, her ample C-cups being one of the last things to fully melt away. The old woman held Sandy’s head in her hands as she disintegrated away completely. Heaters in the tub itself would keep the chocolate from congealing and the old woman leaned back to savor its warm embrace all around her.

After a couple minutes, she slid silently beneath the surface of the chocolate and disappeared completely.

As before with the box in the cellar, there was no movement on the surface of the chocolate. No air bubbles, no shifting; nothing. For hours it was merely a bathtub full of chocolate.

Just before the sun cracked the horizon, a hand emerged from the chocolate. It slowly reached out and grasped the side of the tub and pulled the rest of the body laying beneath the surface up into a sitting position.

Bracing her feet against the sides of the tub, the old woman raised herself up to stand.

But it wasn’t the awkward bent-over stance of a senior citizen. Nor was it the body of a senior citizen.

It was still the old woman, but as she ran her hands over her skin to reveal the pink baby-flesh beneath, she found herself reborn into the body of a nineteen year old.

She ran her hands down her face to clear the chocolate away and opened her eyes. She looked down at her new body and savored it. She licked at some of the chocolate coating the palm of her hand and smiled.

“Ah… the rejuvenating power of chocolate.”


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