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by CaptianHarlock

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Storycodes: F/m; transform; plastic; m2object; balloon; inflate; helium; float; tease; objectify; F/f; f2object; mannequin; gown; worn; cupboard; stored; stuck; cons; X

It all started when I was on lunch break. I was sitting outside eating at a pub when a dark haired beauty walked by and glanced at me. I followed her with my eyes as she walked by. When she was out of sight I resumed eating.I looked down at my plate and took another bite of my food and when I looked up she was sitting in the chair on the other side of my table!

“Oh! Hello, I didn’t see you sit down. Can I help you?” I asked, startled.

“No, but I think I can help you though Cory.” She said cryptically.

“Wha... Do I know you?” I asked.

She chuckled darkly then said. “Not yet, but you soon will. More importantly I know what you want more than anything.” As she said this she touched my hand with a lingering touch. The skin where she touched me tingled.

Flabbergasted , I pulled my hand back gripping it with my other hand. I looked down at my hand and stunned I saw something strange and amazing! The back of my hand where she touched it had taken on a rubbery shine. I touched the three inch patch and it felt just like rubber! My jaw dropped and I snapped my head back up ready ask her how she did that and she was gone again!

I looked back down at my hand to make sure I wasn't seeing things and the spot was still there. I looked at my phone and saw I needed to get back to work. Work was boring and I kept running a finger over the rubbery spot on my hand the remainder of my shift. I locked the door at closing time and went back to the office to take care of the closing checklist. When I got to the office the dark haired woman was sitting seductively at the desk!

“How...How did you get in here?” I stammered.

“The how isn't as important as the why now is it?” She asked with an arch look as she stood up and sauntered to me. She looped her arm around me and traced her finger over the rubber patch on my hand and said. “You haven't been able to stop thinking about this all day have you?”

I shook my head 'no'.

“It's rare to find one like you. I could take control of your body and make you do anything I want but I don't think I'll have to, will I?” She asked.

Without another word she tapped me on the tip of my nose with one of her long, painted nails and I saw a bright flash of light and it felt like I was falling!

I landed softly and I could not move or see! I started panicking and failed around... or at least tried to. I could not move! What the heck happened? What was obscuring my vision? And, and why can't I feel my limbs??

Whatever was obscuring my vision was lifted off of me and I saw the dark haired woman towering over me and she looked like she was hundreds of feet tall! She reached down and picked me up with her forefinger and thumb and raised me up to her face. As I was being lifted I was upside down like she was holding me by my feet.

“Well, aren't you just a cute little thing.” She said with a wicked grin. She then walked out of the office with me out to the stock room and went directly to a helium tank that we keep for blowing up balloons.

She then grabbed me with her other hand and stretched me out and slid me onto the nozzle of the tank! I mentally shuddered. It felt good! She twisted the knob and helium rushed into me causing me to swell and inflate! As I kept swelling the pleasure kept building and just when I thought I could take no more she turned the valve off. She then tied my end in a knot and tied a string to me and let me go letting me float upward! I stopped floating up as I got to the end of the string and bobbed around in the air. She took me back to the office and pointed at my clothes and I watched them disappear. We them left the store and she got into a car with me and drove away.

My skin felt stretched to the bursting point and I was disoriented with the bobbing and floating around in the car. Though the near-orgasmic haze I was worried at what was happening. This was one of my deepest fantasies coming to life but the woman, who knows my name and I still don't know hers has not said another word to me since she transformed me into this balloon. She's treating me like an object like I am instead of the person I just was.

After a while she pulled into a driveway and parked the car in a garage. She grabbed me by my string and walked with me into the house. I spun around a couple of times as I bumped into the top of the doorway as she carried me in.

The woman was then addressed by an impossibly proportioned, short nude woman that was standing demurely at the door. “Welcome home Mistress Vanessa. How was your day?”

“Oh, Kristina. I see Amy is feeling sentimental again and re-animated you.” Vanessa said in a voice full of scorn.

“Yes Mistress Vanessa. I live but to serve both you and Mistress Amy. May I take your coat Mistress?” She asked softly.

“(Sigh...) Yes, slave hang my coat up and put this balloon in the bedroom. Amy and I will have fun with it later.” She said.

The slave Kristina took me from Vanessa and carried me into a bed room, tied my string to a knob on the dresser and then left the room turning off the light as she went. All I could do is float there, helplessly waiting for someone to come in a do something with me.

After some time had passed I was startled back to attention as the light came on and Vanessa came into the room arm and arm with a blonde woman that I assumed was Amy. They were followed by the slave who stood just inside the door and off to the side with the hands clasped in front of her and looking down at her feet.

The two women talked softly with each other and then starting kissing each other passionately. After a while Amy broke free and said. “So, who's the new addition?”

“Just someone I ran across that has transformation fantasies.” Vanessa said as she got off the bed and walked over to me grabbing me by the string.

“I think his reality will be much different from his fantasy!” She said with a sneer and pointed at me again.

I was approximately a foot tall as a balloon and I started changing shape while sinking to the ground. I was stretching out length wise but shrinking in width. Once I got a couple of feet long I started twisting in on my self while I was sinking to the ground. My long body was being twisted more and more rapidly and by the time I touched the ground I was shaped into a balloon man! Once My new 'feet' touched the ground I could move again! I looked up with my featureless head and ran as best I could for the door.

With an evil chuckle she kicked me up into the air towards Amy who smacked me back into the air to Vanessa. They were playing catch with me! As they kept bouncing me back and forth I kept flailing around trying to escape but my efforts were futile.

“You know Vanessa this is fun and all BUT this isn't why we came in here.” Amy said with an arch look.

Vanessa replied in a throaty tone. “Quite right Amy. Let fix that.” And with a negligent flip of her hand I lose the ability to move again. Once again become completely inanimate.

Vanessa says. “You too slave.” and in my peripheral vision I see Kristina freeze and take on the shine of plastic. It looked like she was turned into a mannequin!

The two women went for what felt like hours on the bed. Eventually they lie still and Amy's arm lifts lazily from the bed and with a flick of her wrist the lights turn off. Sitting still for a long period of time was boring but I apparently could not sleep in this form so I lay on the ground staring straight ahead all night out into the darkness.

Amy got out of the bed in the morning and left the room. Vanessa slowly sat up in bed and stretched languidly and then looked at me. She lifted her arm and I started floating in the air towards her coming to rest in her hand. She then laid back down on her side with me in front of her and said. “What are you thinking in there? Is living out your fantasy living up to your expectations? Or are you scared out of mind and descended into madness now? Heh, want to know something? I don't CARE what you think. There is absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop me. I could turn you into anything.”

She pointed at me and I felt myself loosing shape, becoming cylindrical again. This time I felt more solid and compact, rigid even. She picked me up and walked over to the mirror and held me inf front of it. She turned me into a dildo! With another flick of her wrist I morphed into a bra. Then into an ashtray! With a final flick of her wrist I was a helium filled balloon again.

“See, you can be anything I want but I will tell you what you won't be. I will never turn you back to yourself let alone make you human again. Ever.” She said maliciously, drawing the word ever out evilly.

With that she tied a loop into the end of my string slipped it onto the wrist of the slave turned mannequin and left the room.

Days passed as both Amy and Vanessa came and went from the room. Neither one paid any attention to me at all. Amy would occasionally stare at the mannequin, affectionately stroke it's cheek and then move on. Each day I lost a little bit of the helium that kept me afloat and eventually I was almost all the way deflated resting on the ground. With the lack of interaction with anyone I started withdrawing into my mind. I barely noticed the humans coming and going. I just knew that I 'was'. I existed and that was about it.

I barely noticed at first when I was picked up by somebody. I struggled to concentrate and saw a dark haired woman looking at me. What was her name again? ….I can't...remember.

“I think you will do nicely for the party tonight my little sad looking balloon.” She said as she pointed at me. I started gaining size and weight and was becoming some other material than rubber. I became more an more voluminous and eventually folded over on myself, draped across the woman’s arm. She then picked me up by my shoulders and spun me around. She disrobed and slipped her self into me and walked to the mirror.

What I saw was beautiful! I was caressing her body as a blue, draped chiffon gown with a built in sash that had a blue fabric rose on the side.

“Ah, you turned out well my little balloon! Now let's go meet Amy at the New Years party! Maybe I can find more victims tonight!” She said with an evil laugh as she grabbed a small blue purse and strode out of the house.

The party was long and her and Amy looked like they has a good time. The whole time I was draped over this beautiful woman who I finally remembered as Vanessa it felt like I was being stimulated sexually. The feeling built and built but I never was able to finish. It built so much that I eventually lost track of everything but the pleasure I was feeling.

When I came back to my senses such as they were it felt like I was still being worn but in front of me I could see her and Amy sleeping in bed. I took a few minutes but I finally realized I was being 'worn' by the mannequin.

In the morning the dark haired woman got out of bed and pulled me off the mannequin. While I was draped over her left arm she pointed at the mannequin and it floated up in to the air separating at it's joint lines as it did. She then flicked her wrist and the pieces of the mannequin flew into the closet and clattered to the ground. She then pulled a hanger out of the closet and slipped it into my shoulders and hung me up in the closet with her other clothes.

After the closet door shut I heard her say. “I know I keep asking Love, but don't you think it's past time to get rid of the slave?”

“Hmm, I suppose you are right. She's become boring to have around.” Amy replied.

A couple of days passed and the closet opened again and I heard the mannequin being re-assembled. The slave sobbed, asking what she did wrong that made them want to get rid of her. They said it was just time to move on and then I only heard Amy and Vanessa talking after that. I heard plastic clunking around and then silence as they walked out of the room.

Since then I have heard my owners come and go. I can't remember their names anymore. They even get clothes out of the closet but they have yet to take me out. All I know now is that I am a beautiful, blue chiffon dress that yearns to be worn again.

Yet all I do is hang on my hanger in the dark and wait.

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