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The Cotton Crotch

by B. Tweenercheeks

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© Copyright 2019 - B. Tweenercheeks - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; fantasy; desire; hypno; objectify; transform; M2object; panties; worn; used; messy; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

I really never trusted Jennifer. I'd met her late one night when I was working in the quiet of the college library working on a project for work. Jennifer laughed with her friends, and flirted openly towards me - much to the amusement of her friends. Jennifer's devious, hollow brown eyes and dark skin made her look Italian. I could not keep my eyes off the panty line on her tight worn jeans. I'd always loved the look of a cute woman's ass in panties. I'd imagine what she looked like in them, my face drawing near as I slowly eased them down...

We went out a week later. Turned out that Jennifer was a 22 year old first year graduate student studying existentialism and the mind. She made money part-time doing hypnosis.

"Nonsense voodoo" I laughed.

"You should try it" Jennifer said with confidence, "I'm the best there is"

Out dating was good and bad. Jennifer seemed a bit materialistic. She liked the things that a 30 year old date could buy, but when I called her for dates she always seemed aloof. She always had excuses not to go out with me, especially on weekends. When we talked, she could be so cold, matter of fact and unemotional that I thought I'd never get to really know her. But then there was the sex. I'm not some Casanova. I've slept with my share of women, but, I don't know, I'm not so good at being aggressive about trying new things. Jennifer changed all that. She took control of our lovemaking. If I did something wrong, she'd push me into the right position. If she wanted me to satisfy her, well, she just pulled off her clothes and told me what to do. She knew everything about sex. Often, I'd just lay back and Jennifer climbed on top and and rode me. Jennifer was so forceful, assertive and confident that our sex was... great.

Jennifer always was trying to get me to allow her to hypnotize me. "I really am the best" she'd brag "I can get you to do things and experience things that you'd never get to. It's almost as if I can really change you and everything around you."

"NO" was always my reponse.

Soon Jennifer seemed to be busier and busier. Her studies and hypnosis act left no time for me. It really began to bother me. Maybe she thought that I wasn't enough of a man, always letting her take charge in bed. I'd change things. She'd soon see me as I'd wanted her to.

It was 3:30. She'd be home soon. I waited outside her apartment in my car with a dozen roses. In a basket I brought a bottle of wine, music and caviar. 3:30 turned into 10:30 when Jennifer walked towards her apartment.

"Hi Jennifer!" I smiled. "I thought that I'd be spontaneous! Let’s have some wine!"

Jennifer looked surprised.

She started "Well, I have to get up in the morning and..."

I interrupted "Come on Jen, I haven't seen you in a while...can't I come in for a little bit?"

"O.K." she relented.

Once in her apartment I poured each of us a glass of wine. We sipped and talked. Jen told me that she had gone out with friends after school. Soon the wine was gone. I stood and swept her off her feet. Carrying her into her bedroom, she protested, "No, not tonight, I really have to talk to you..."

I interrupted her "But I miss you and what's there to talk about?" I smiled. Jen sighed.

Soon we were naked in her bed. She didn't seem as enthusiastic as usual.

"Wait." She stopped me. "You never have let me hypnotize you. It's so important to me and you never let me. Can't I try?" She pleaded. "We can work whatever your biggest fantasy is into it" she offered.

In a moment of passion filled weakness, I relented. "OK, I'll try, but it'll never work."

So, I told Jen about the first time I'd seen her. How sexy the silhouette of her panties looked under her jeans. Gently, she stroked the side of my head and listened. Soon I opened up completely. I went on and on. I told her I was jealous of her panties. They got to be where I longed to be. I wanted to be the one to embrace her crotch and ass like they did, but no it was more specific than that. "I want to cuddle against your crotch, like, like, the cotton crotch of your panties!"

Jennifer remained quiet. She continued to stroke my head as I talked. Then she spoke. "I told you I'm the best at hypnosis because I am. Instead of imagining it, it will kind of, well, really happen. I've only done it a few times, and there were six of us all working together on it. The thing is that with object hypnosis is that there are dangers..."

I interrupted her "I don't care. If you can do it I want to!" I yelled.

"...let me tell you about the dangers." Jen insisted. "We have to be careful. We have to plan it out. Once you are an object you cease to exist. You are not there to talk. The conversations that we had in the past don't exist anymore. They never existed - because you are an object - and were not there to have the conversation. We need to write it out on paper before so that I'll remember and can hypnotize you back. We also need help..."

"NO." I demanded, yelling. "I want to do this now. You have been so selfish. Now I tell you my lifetime fetish and you don't want to go through with it? You selfish bitch!" A smile melted over Jennifer's face. Her Eyes squinted into a sinister sneer.

"I'm sorry. You're right. The best thing is to do it right now." She relented.

"Just relax." Jen continued. Laying back on the bed she kissed me. Soon we were making out. I heard her breath become fast and shallow. As I lay on my back Jennifer climbed over me and straddled my face. I reached out with my tongue and savored her now sopping wet pussy. As I manipulated her lips with my mouth I heard Jennifer talking to me in an easy, reassuring tone. She sounded so relaxing. Soon I could hear her talking but I couldn't hear her words. Her clit had never tasted so good. I felt my slippery lips smearing her pussy over and over. The slow, warm, repetition of my mouth on her pussy intoxicated me. Something seemed odd, but I didn't take notice. Instead I found my self sucking on Jennifer's love hole. I heard a noise. It sounded like snoring. "How could she fall asleep while I'm going down on her?" I thought.

Rolling over and pulling one knee to her chest, Jennifer snoozed, oblivious to my eager cunnilingus. I continued to eat her out when I realized that She rolled over onto her stomach and I rolled with her, effortlessly. "Naw, this can't be" I thought. I looked all around. Her tan legs extended towards the foot of the bed. My senses taste, smell, sight, touch and sound all clustered in her crotch. Any sign of my human form was gone. I was stunned, terrified, anxious and aroused. And now, at perhaps the most momentous point of my existence, what was Jennifer doing? She snored louder. She must be teasing me for being so demanding last night. "I know, I'll pick things up a bit."

Digging my tongue deep into Jen's pussy I worked it in and all around. Jen slept on. "Fine. I kinda like it here anyway. I'm sure she'll change me back in the morning."

Morning arrived with the piercing jolt of Jennifer's alarm clock. I couldn't move. The combination of my saliva and Jen's discharge had dried, gluing what I'd describe as what was once my face to her labia. Waking with her alarm, Jennifer stood up. Shuffling towards her bathroom I felt a pinch as her blood red nails peeled me from her pussy.

"Must have had some hot dream last night." She mumbled to herself.

"Come on, you've made your point." I screamed.

Jennifer did nothing.

Bright light blinded me as Jennifer's silky tan legs slid past me. I lay wrapped around Jennifer's feet as she peed. Quickly dabbing at her pussy with toilet paper, she yanked me back against cunt.

Her pussy now stunk of urine. I hoped that she would soon clean me, but that was not to be the case. I heard the doorbell. A man's voice was on the intercom. "Who the hell is that?" I thought. I heard Jen answer "Sure I'm ready to run, I'll be right down." "RUN?" I thought.

My initial instinct was wrong. Jennifer slipped on silky running shorts. The morning sun glistened as I looked down her leg hole at her tan legs, towards her ankle sock in her running shoes. she bounded out of the apartment. "Hi sweetie" she chirped. "I never heard her speak to me like that." I thought. When Jen started running, I felt a sensation I had never experienced. With each running stride, my new "body" was tugged. I felt myself as her soiled cotton crotch, tugged alternatively diagonally as each foot strode. Jen's crotch soon warmed as she exerted herself. Salty perspiration soon soaked me adding to the gooey mess.

Finally, she stopped. I heard the exterior apartment door slam.

Then the bell of the elevator. They together in elevator. "I'll see you tonight" she whispered. "Who the hell was this guy? Why isn't she paying attention to me?" I thought.

A male's voice whispered something I didn't hear. I heard sloppy kissing and soft moaning. "Why is she doing this to me? Why doesn't she just turn me back?" I thought. Suddenly, things became bright again. Jennifer had pulled down her panties and shorts. "Come on Tom, fuck me now!" she ordered. Some young college kid was having his way with my Jennifer. Pinning her against the wall of the elevator, he rammed his meat in and out of her quickly.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around his waist. "Oh yeah, faster, faster!" She demanded. Dangling around her foot I looked up.

Jennifer's eyes rolled back, with that familiar expression I'd seen so many times right before she came. Soon she and squealed in orgasm. With some slow thrusts and grunts, Tom finished his business as well.

I'd never felt so helpless and humiliated. "Quick, we have to get our clothes back on. Jennifer giggled as the elevator began to move.

Looking up, I saw Jennifer's pussy rushing at me. I cringed. My replacement had stuffed her with his spunk. Her lips were stretched and cum soaked. "Why won't she just change me back?" I thought then I remembered her warning: "...Once you are an object you cease to exist. The conversations that we had in the past don't exist anymore. They never existed - because you are an object - and were not there to have the conversation." Her huge vagina approached.

Grossed out, I tried to turn. My face smeared into the sticky mess of her crotch. I gagged. It tasted horrible.

I suddenly became resigned to the tragedy of my fate. I was exactly what I'd always wanted to be except that as her cotton crotch the humiliation was not just was my permanent reality. Jennifer had no idea her well worn panties were her boyfriend. She was oblivious to my humiliation. Still, there was a tiny part of me, deep inside that loved my new existence. I was helplessly dominated and soiled by gorgeous sexy woman who was unaware of me. As repulsive as this was, the thought of it turned me on.

I heard a voice "What's wrong?"

Looking up, Jennifer's slime-soaked crotched rose away from my face.

Some how I spoke "Well, you taste... different." I felt myself say. "Hey, I can talk!"

Jennifer laughed.

Climbing off me, she smiled. "I told you I was the best. Your fantasy was real, wasn't it?" she taunted knowingly.

I kissed her deeply.


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