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The Crystalline Insert

by hollow well

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© Copyright 2014 - hollow well - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; gift; store; majick; dildo; insert; stuck; multi-orgasm; transform; entrap; les; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Once upon a time there were two women. They had the luck to have found the ultimate love within each other. Their names were Pandora and Cassandra. Pandora's birthday was approaching and Cassandra wanted to find a special gift for her. She had searched for weeks and just before the big day, she came upon a small curious shop that she had never seen before.

The interior of the store was filled with trinkets and kitsch. Everything looked drab and cheap. An older woman who was a little too tall and had hands that somehow seemed too big approached her.

"Have you found anything that interests you?" she asked.

"Well," Cassandra replied, "nothing has jumped out at me yet. I am looking for a gift for the most wonderful person in the world."

"That is a difficult task, I suppose," the woman stated. "Most of what is on display is common folk antiquities. For someone as special as you have described, you need to find something unique."

"Exactly," Cassandra replied. "I need something that she could not have found on her own anywhere."

"Come with me into the back and I will show you our rare, odd, and perverse collection."

Cassandra followed the woman to the back of the store through a set of curtains and into a dark stuffy room reeking of incense.

The shelves were lined with containers filled with mal-shapen objects suspended in off-color liquids. There was a rack of necklaces of which the centerpieces looked like wrinkled, dry ears. A sarcophagus of some sort was in the corner. A heavy padlock held the container closed. Underneath it on the floor there was a dark stain as though the slow rot of something horrid inside had slowly seeped through cracks.

Shocked and somewhat concerned, Cassandra said "Uh, Pandora would certainly find your collection interesting, but I don't think that I see anything that would be appropriate as a gift."

"Are you sure?" the woman asked.

As Cassandra turned towards the exit, a rainbow of light glimmered high on a shelf. Upon investigation, she determined the source to be a smooth glass object through which the dull light from the dingy bulb bent into a beautiful array of colors.

"Oh! That's kind of nice!" Cassandra said.

"Yes. It is beautiful, isn't it? You have a good eye," the woman replied. "It's a crystalline insert."

"A crystalline what?" Cassandra asked.

"A crystalline insert. It is smooth and becomes quite slippery when wet. It is meant to be held within a person's body."

"Oh!" Cassandra replied. "An insert... I see..."

Cassandra did not think that she had found the special gift for which she was looking. However, she thought it would be kind of fun to give Pandora a dildo. For surely, by the object's shape and the woman’s description, that is what the glass object was. And a beautiful one indeed.

"May I?" Cassandra asked as she reached up to hold the glass object.

"Of course," the woman responded. "This one is endowed with magical powers. It is guaranteed to always yield the most rapturous ecstasy for its owner."

The glass was silky smooth and felt mildly warm to the touch. As the woman talked the crystal seemed to quiver in response to the sound of her voice.

"How much?" Cassandra asked…


Happily, by the time of Pandora's birthday Cassandra had indeed found a host of wonderful gifts.

"I am so lucky to have you as my lover," Pandora smiled as she pulled Cassandra tightly against her. "I am so happy... And all I want to do now is fuck your brains out."

"Then I'll write you into my schedule," Cassandra laughed as she kissed Pandora on the lips. "Hmmm... How about right now?"

"Excellent!" Pandora pushed Cassandra away, untucked her blouse and began to pull at its buttons. "And bring along that fancy glass dildo, too."

"It's not a dildo," Cassandra laughed as she unbuckled her heels and kicked them to the side. "It's a Crystalline Insert."

Belts and skirts, wrapping paper and undergarments marked the path to their bedroom where they lay naked and embraced. Cassandra lowered Pandora to the bed on her back and crouched between her out-spread legs. She gently lay the crystal on top of Pandora’s vagina and began to sing a song of love. The beautiful sound of her voice caused the crystal to vibrate and Pandora threw her head back against the pillow and reached for the headboards as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Cassandra slowly began to work the smooth phallus into Pandora's sex. Before long it slipped all the way in as Pandora's ecstasy flushed from within around the dildo and into Cassandra's hands and mouth. Cassandra gripped Pandora's hips and gently kissed her clit and labial lips as she continued to hum her song until Pandora's moans were squeezed from her mouth by a powerful full bodied orgasmic grip.

"Wow! That was fast!" Cassandra said as she sat up.

Even after her orgasm, Pandora continued to writhe in the sheets. "Don't stop!" she cried.

Cassandra crawled up next to her in bed and pulled Pandora's body into hers. Every place she touched caused Pandora to jump and groan with pleasure. Cassandra held her tight and nibbled on her ears and neck. Before long, Pandora's body was again wracked with pleasure until she went limp in Cassandra's arms.

"Pandora?... Pandora?" Cassandra could feel Pandora's chest rising and falling, so she was pretty sure that she was ok. But it seemed that she had just passed out.

"Pandora!?" Cassandra shook her a little until her eyes opened.

"Oh, my!" Pandora exclaimed. "Let's do that again!"

"Jesus! You horny little bitch, maybe you should take it easy! You scared me for a second there."

"Shhh! My lover!" Pandora replied as she pulled Cassandra's mouth to hers.

"No, Pandora! Really. You're going to get dehydrated and start cramping. Let's take five minutes."

"I'm fine! Come on! Fuck me!"

Cassandra pulled away and left Pandora squirming on the bed sliding her hands up and down her torso and upper thighs.

"The insert," Cassandra said.

"Yes! It feels so good."

"We should take it out! You're going to have a heart attack if you keep this up." Cassandra reached between Pandora's lips to attempt to grasp the end of the dildo.

"Ooo! That's right, my love! Right there!"

Every time she tried to pull the dildo out of Pandora's sex, her fingers would slip and the insert would remain within. Each attempt drove Pandora further up the next wave.

Cassandra had four fingers shoved within Pandora's pussy tenuously grasping at the glass dildo when Pandora fell into her next orgasm and the dildo slipped from Cassandra's grip and pulled further inside...


Two days later, Cassandra returned to the location where the shop had been, but now there was only a locked door. When she looked through the window she could see no merchandise. It was as if the shop had never even existed.

Was she on the wrong corner? Frantically, she looked up and down the street. She did not see the store anywhere. But, in the distance, she saw the woman who owned the shop standing, staring at Cassandra. Relieved, Cassandra started toward the woman, but the woman turned around and started walking away.

"Hey!" Cassandra began to run down the street. She saw the woman turn into an alley.

Cassandra ran around the corner and made it about another five paces before she realized that the alley was a dead end and the woman was nowhere to be seen.

When she turned around to check the street again, the strange woman was standing right there looming over her.

"Agghh! Oh! Thank god! I need your help. Cassandra is... How do you take the crystalline insert out?"

"Are you not satisfied with the insert’s performance?" the woman asked, her grotesque hands folded together at her bosom.

"My friend! It's killing her! She won't eat! I have to force her to drink. Whenever she is awake she is tortured by an inconsolable lust for sex that prevents her from doing anything else. If I give her relief… If I satiate her pleasure, she may pass out for a while, but by the time I revive her, she is already rutting again. How do you stop it?"

"It is the design of the insert to always provide the most rapturous ecstasy. I told you that when you purchased it. It sounds like as though it is working as advertised."

"Damnit, she'll die if she doesn't eat! Is there no way to take it out? Please!"

"No. It will stay for the rest of her life. For it is her lust that gives the insert its power.” The woman’s face twisted into a shape that could be construed as a sort of grin. Her yellow eyes beamed for a moment.

“What!?” Cassandra screamed, her stomach churning with fear. “No! Is there no way to provide her relief? There must be something!"

The woman looked down her nose at Cassandra. "There is something, I suppose, that you can do to help her cope with her lust."

"Please!" Cassandra fell to her knees and begged the old woman. "Anything! I'll do anything!"


Thirty minutes later, Cassandra was naked, crouched between Pandora's legs. Cassandra had drawn the symbol on Pandora’s forehead, as the woman had taught her. Pandora was barely responsive. Her body only twitched slightly whenever Cassandra touched her.

Cassandra spread her lover's lips until she could see the tip of the Crystalline Insert. She nestled her face between Pandora's legs. Using her mouth to form a seal around the end of the glass, Cassandra began to suck in as hard as she could. She heard the old witch's words in her head. "Pull with your lips as hard as you can!"

"Come on, Cassandra!" she thought to herself. "Suck!"

"Even when you feel like you can suck no more," the woman had said. "Don't stop! Your lover's life depends on it!"

Cassandra was running out of breath. "Keep sucking!"

She thought she was going to pass out. But she had to keep it up! Hoping, praying that the insert would break free! Please!

Suddenly Cassandra felt an electric vibration shoot through her lips and mouth and into the rest of her body. Pandora's raspy voice was screaming in ecstasy with a surprising degree of strength. Cassandra felt a rush of lubrication pulse from Pandora's sex. There was a flash of red light, the sensation of slick glass moving, and waves of pleasure pulsating down the length of her body.


The next morning as the sun was rising Pandora awoke from a rash of lust-filled dreams. She was sore and weak. "Cassandra?"

There was no answer.

Slowly Pandora climbed out of bed. The sheets were damp from the two and a half days she had lain there writhing in ecstasy. "Cassandra?!"

Pandora stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed some cheese and orange juice from the refrigerator. She was famished.

After eating and drinking Pandora finally started to feel her strength return. She took a long bath. She changed the linens on the bed. In the afternoon, she went to the grocery store to replenish the pantry and prepare for a new week.

In the evening as the sun was setting, Pandora took off her clothes and lay down in bed. Her hands drifted down between her legs. She pushed her fingers inside until they bumped up against the glass dildo which was still within her. Her nipples hardened. Her lips began to swell.


As the last rays of sun dipped below the edge of the earth, the unquenchable lust flooded into Pandora's body and left her writhing with an unquenchable need for release.

At the same time, the lust drained from Cassandra's body - a reprieve from the monumental ecstasy - a break that would last until the sun rose again. She looked around her surroundings but could see nothing in the darkness. However, she could feel smooth glass walls of the container that held her and she heard a familiar pleasant hum as she tapped on their surfaces to ascertain their strength. Also, she heard moans of ecstasy rising and falling and reverberating all around her - a tender song which sent tingles down her spine, and the voice - she knew it so well.

For, as she had pulled on the Crystalline Insert with her lips, she had thought that she would pull the evil thing within her. Instead, though, it was she who had been pulled within. She had been sucked into the Crystalline Insert and was now trapped inside and as there was no exit, there she would always remain, locked forever with in the dildo which, in turn, was anchored within Pandora's sex.


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