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by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; transform; genie; majick; m2f; plant; capture; bond; insert; denial; reluct/cons; X

In a large, smoky cavern, a strange meeting was taking place. The cavern, lit only by torches, seemed to stretch forever, any sign of walls or ceiling lost within the surrounding darkness. The torches, set on poles, lighted only a small circle of the floor. Within that circle, set back into the shadows nearly at the edge of complete darkness, sat a curved row of seven throne like chairs. Their occupants, four male, three female, gazed silently at the two who stood in the center of the circle.

Of these, one was a dusky beauty with long, dark hair. Veils covered but did not conceal her luscious curves; covered also the large, dark eyes that gazed nervously at the row of thrones.

The second was tall, blonde, firm of thigh and full of breast. Seemingly unmindful of her nudity, she stood with arms crossed beneath her generous bust, eyeing the thrones with obvious distrust.

For long moments, the tableau remained unchanged. Finally, a voice broke the silence.

“Why,” came the sonorous tones from the center throne, “have you brought this woman before the council of elders?”

The dusky beauty opened her mouth to reply, but the blonde spoke first. “Because I’m not a woman,” she said, the anger in her voice matching the flash of blue eyes.

“Not?” The voice from the throne sounded puzzled. “You appear female to me. How is it that you claim otherwise?”

“Ask her,” the blonde replied, turning her gaze on her companion. The eyes of the seated ones followed hers. The subject of their attention fidgeted, then dropped to her knees.

“Forgive me, Masters,” she blurted. “It was not my wish to disturb you with such a trivial matter, but my current Master insisted.”

“And where is your Master?” came a second voice. For reply, the dusky one glanced at the woman standing beside her.

“Robert Todd,” the nude woman said. “I’ve spent my entire life as a man, until she turned me into this.”

“You did not wish this change?”

“I did not.”

“But, Masters,” the dusky one exclaimed, “the thought was in his head. I saw it, and made it real.”

Glaring, the blonde replied, “Maybe the thought was there, but that’s all it was. A thought. An idle fantasy. I most definitely did not wish it. And now,” she continued, turning her gaze back to the thrones, “she says she can’t change me back.”

“Unfortunately,” came a third, female, voice, “what she says is true. Once a wish is granted, it cannot be reversed.”

“But I didn’t wish it,” the blonde insisted. “I want to be what I was before she changed me.”

“This is unfortunate,” said the first voice. “It has been centuries since such a thing has been brought before us. If memory serves, little one, it was your mother who last committed this offense.

“Understand, mortal our rules are very clear. A wish must be spoken before it can be granted. Unfortunately, the one beside you is young. She has not even seen her thousandth year yet. And you are very nearly her first Master. In her eagerness to serve, she did not wait for you to voice a wish. Instead, she drew what she believed to be a wish from your mind. This is not allowed, and it will be punished.”

“But what about me? Does this mean I have to stay like this?”

“It does not. You will be returned to your former existence. However, a certain amount of time must be allowed to pass before the reversal can be accomplished. For now, you will be our guest. The little one will conduct you to our garden, where you will remain until we summon you again.”

Vaguely visible in the shadows, the figures rose from their thrones and filed from sight, males to the right, females to the left, seeming not to hear the blonde’s sputtered protests. In the end, she could only allow her companion to guide her from the circle of light.

In a dark chamber, three female voices spoke heatedly.

“Did you hear the mortal?” one asked. “His contempt for women is obvious.”

“Obvious indeed,” a second voice replied. “And yet, the change was done without being wished. He has every right to be angry.”

“Angry, yes,” came the first voice. “I can accept that. What I cannot accept is such obvious contempt for women. For that, he should be punished.”

“And punished he shall be,” spoke the third voice. “Punished with the realization of what it means to be a woman.” A soft laugh echoed briefly, and then the chamber fell silent.

Robert Todd cursed silently. Bad enough I got turned into a woman. Do I have to think of myself as one too? Unfortunately, that did seem to be the case. He was now a she, and no matter how she tried, she couldn’t view herself any other way. Worse, yet, she found it not the least bit strange or uncomfortable to be, not just a woman, but a beautiful, naked woman.

I’ll be glad when they change me back, she thought, leaning to sniff at a bright colored flowering bush. I wonder how long it’s going to take.

Shaking her head, she turned away, only to freeze as she felt something touching her wrist. Looking down, she was startled to see a vine wrapped around her left wrist. A second vine quickly wrapped itself around her right wrist. Once wrapped, the vines pulled taut, drawing her arms out to her sides and pulling her back against the bush she’d just been smelling. At the same time, she felt vines wrap around her ankles, drawing her feet apart even as she was pulled into the bush.

This is crazy, she thought, watching as one of the bush’s blossoms bobbed before her. I have to get help. She opened her mouth to scream, but before any sound could emerge, the blossom darted forward, its bulbous center slipping past her parted lips, filling her mouth and muffling her cries.

Desperately, she tried to push the thing from her mouth, but it refused to move. She then tried biting through it. Her teeth sank easily through the bulb’s skin, then struck a harder center. After a moment of trying to force her teeth through, she gave up. It was then that she realized she couldn’t pull her teeth free. It was as if they were glued in place now.

“Ah, splendid.” Glancing through the petals brushing her face, she saw three women watching her. All three were lithe, lush and beautiful, yet there was a sense of age about them, as if they were so incredibly ancient that even the youthfulness of their bodies could no longer hide the way their centuries of life rode on them.

“I see you have encountered our rose of pleasure,” the woman in the center said, smiling. “It is perhaps the most ancient of all the plants in our garden, the only one we, ourselves, did not plant or create”.

“You will notice,” she continued, “that we are careful to stand well clear of that plant. It will obey us if we command it. It would even release you, should we so desire. And perhaps we will, in time. Yet, were we to allow ourselves to become ensnared as you are, even our powers would not protect us from its attentions.”

Attentions? Even as the thought formed, Robert began to notice a strange aroma coming from the petals over her face. As she inhaled, the aroma seemed to gently enter her nose, then explode through her body, igniting her nerves. Within seconds, she could feel moisture running down the insides of her thighs. A soft moan escaped her filled mouth as she began to struggle, no longer sure exactly what she was struggling for, or against.

“The perfume of the flower,” she heard vaguely, “is, perhaps, the most powerful aphrodisiac ever known. It also serves as an equally powerful orgasm inhibitor. Between them, the two effects serve to keep you perfectly receptive to the plant’s attentions.”

Suddenly, Robert felt something nudging between her helplessly spread thighs. Unable to resist, she could only moan loudly as she felt herself entered, the large shape pushing deep inside her, filling her until she felt ready to burst. Slowly, the intruder began thrusting, maintaining a slow rhythm that her hips quickly matched.

This was unlike anything Robert had ever felt before, or even dreamed of feeling. Held helpless, unable to move or speak, filled with something that thrust with maddening slowness deep within her, she found her arousal slowly growing, soon reaching levels she had never before thought possible. Escape, resistance, soon faded from her mind, replaced by a growing, soon overpowering need for the release of orgasm. She could feel it, hovering just beyond her reach, kept from her by the scent that surrounded her. So close, so very close, yet the orgasm she craved with increasing desperation remained out of reach.

How long she stood there, the helpless prisoner of this ravishing plant, Robert would never know. Occasionally, a thin, sweet liquid poured from the bulb between her imprisoned teeth, a liquid she greedily swallowed. It did nothing for the growing emptiness she vaguely felt in her stomach, but it kept her going. And through it all, the thing between her helplessly spread thighs continued to thrust, holding her poised on a precipice she desperately needed to cross.

Suddenly, or so it seemed, the intruder between her thighs vanished, as did the one in her mouth. Suddenly freed, Robert fell to the ground, her cries of need now unruffled as both hands reached between her thighs, seeking the orgasm that had become the only thing that mattered to her. A hand reached out of the haze surrounding her to touch her forehead, and Robert’s world went black.

“Where am I?”

Opening her eyes, Robert glanced around, to find herself lying of the floor of the room where she’d first met the council. Vaguely, she realized that the arousal, the intense need, that had formerly filled her, was gone. Slowly, shakily, she rose to her feet.

“You are well?”

“As well as can be expected,” Robert replied to the voice coming out of the darkness, “considering what I just went through.”

“Our apologies. Three of our sisters chose to punish you for what they felt was your contempt for women?”

“Contempt?” Robert snorted at the thought. “I have nothing but respect for women. I just didn’t ask to be one!”

“Your feelings, both for your current situation, as well as toward women, are known to us. As they would have been known to our sisters, had they bothered to look.”

“So what happens now?”

“Enough time has passed. We can now return you to your true self.”

“Um, wait,” Robert said quickly. “Now that you can change me back, does that mean I can be changed at any time? And is there a time limit of some kind?”

“From now until the end of your days,” she heard, “you may return to what you once were.”

“In that case, would it be ok if I stayed this way for a while?” Memories of the rose flashed into Robert’s mind, and she shivered. “I got to feel what it’s like to be a very horny woman, but I never got to feel the end. I think I want to, but under my terms, and when I’m ready.”

“So be it. From this point on, you shall be Roberta Todd. All records will show that you have always been Roberta Todd. Should you at some point choose to return to your former self, reality will be restored to the way it was before. Does this suit you?”

“It does, thank you.” She watched as a man appeared from the shadows, accompanied by the genie who had brought her here. The man looked strong, fit, even handsome to Roberta’s female eyes, but, as with the others, there was an air of ancientness about him.

“Do you know this one’s name?” The man indicated the genie beside him.

“She never told me,” Roberta replied. “I always just called her genie.”

“Her name is Jasmine. As her punishment for her actions, she will serve you for five hundred years.” The man suddenly smiled. “Or until you die, whichever comes first. She will also be the one who will return you to your former self, should you choose to do so.”

Jasmine moved to stand before Roberta, then dropped to a kneeling position. “Is there any way I can serve you, Master?” she asked, and then blushed. “I mean, Mistress?”

Roberta smiled. “Some clothes would be nice,” she said. Almost before she finished speaking, she found herself draped in a fashionable dress. A comfortable bra supported her breasts, while the soft feel of cotton told her she now wore panties. A simple pair of sandals completed her outfit.

“Now that you are suitably attired,” she heard, “there is something I believe you should see.” Roberta glanced up to see the man watching her.

“Ok,” she replied. “But first, what’s your name?”

The man smiled. “I’m afraid,” he replied, “that you would not be able to pronounce my true name. For now, call me Ali.”

Nodding, Roberta followed Ali from the chamber, emerging into the garden. She shivered as memories of her last experience here coursed through her. Ali smiled, then beckoned her down a path. The same path she had followed before.

As before, the rose stood apart from any other plants, but that didn’t mean it was alone. Three shapes writhed in its embrace. Though blossoms covered the lower parts of their faces, Roberta recognized the three women who had taunted her while she stood helpless in the plant’s embrace. Their moans filled the air, while, between each woman’s helplessly spread thighs, a stalk slowly thrust its blossom deep within them.

As Roberta stared at the helpless women, she felt Ali move to stand beside her. “A fitting punishment,” he said, “don’t you think?”

“How long will you leave them like that?” she asked, unable to tear her eyes from the incredibly erotic vision before her.

“Oh,” came the offhand sounding reply, “I think a century or so should prove suitable.”

Roberta thought about being held in the plant’s embrace for a century, helplessly aroused beyond the point of resistance, yet unable to achieve orgasm. She shivered from the pure mental and emotional horror of the thought, even as she felt herself grow damp from the endlessly erotic nature of the punishment.

“You may now return to your world,” Ali told her. “But, before you do, know this. We exist to serve. For thousands of years, we have served humans, and we take great pride in the quality of that service. Your own service was unpardonable. For this reason, and this reason alone, we have chosen to place Jasmine in your service. See that you do not abuse what she offers.”

Thinking quickly, Roberta turned to Jasmine. “Since you serve me, that means you have to obey me, right?”

Jasmine nodded. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied. “I shall obey your every command.”

Roberta nodded. “In that case, here’s my first one. If I ask for, or command, anything that goes beyond what I’m allowed, you will tell me, instead of obeying the command.” She glanced at Ali. “That way, we’re all protected, just in case I get carried away.”

Ali nodded. “A wise choice,” he said, his face thoughtful. “But, if I may, I have a question. Why have you chosen to remain as you are? If it were only for the chance to experience a female orgasm, that could be arranged very easily, and then you could go back to the way you were before.”

Roberta met his gaze, her own eyes just as thoughtful. “As a man,” she said slowly, “I really wasn’t all that happy. What Jasmine read in my thoughts were me wondering if life would be any different as a woman. And,” she confessed, grinning wryly, “a desire to find out. I may realize as I go that I was happier as a man. I may not.” She shrugged. “I guess that’s something I’ll figure out as I go.”

“As you wish.” Ali turned his gaze to Jasmine. “Your service,” he said, “begins now.” He clapped his hands once, and the garden vanished.

Roberta looked around at the walls of her own living room. Beside her, Jasmine stood attentively. “What is your first wish, Mistress?”

Roberta frowned. “We definitely need to school you in modern English,” she said, then smiled. “But that can wait.” Taking Jasmine’s hand, Roberta led her toward the rear of the house.

“Now,” she said, “about that female orgasm…….”

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