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Don't Be Trippin

by Sup2

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© Copyright 2013 - Sup2 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/mf; outdoors; woods; discovery; transform; majick; barn; cons/reluct; X

They slowly crept threw the woods. Rumor had it there was an old man still lived in the ranch on the far side of the valley. He was said to be magical and had gifts hidden on his ranch. Cindy didn't believe in any of this bullshit. She was here so her boyfriend would stop talking about it. 

"Damn it!" Will huffed. "This trail is no good either." 

"Can we just leave now? There's a reason why it's called a rumor you know?" Cindy grew more irritated. "How long are you going to keep this up its getting dark?"

"I know its here Cindy, believe me and when we find it it'll be so cool!" Will seemed completely un-phased by the last few hours of failure. "Come on I knew it was that path to the right!" 

It was well past dark at this point. For all Cindy knew they were lost, she had stopped paying attention hours ago. Mindlessly following Will through the forest then suddenly he was gone! 

"Fuck, Damn it! Owe my head, what the hell is sticking in my back?" Will had tumbled down a hill in the dark. 

"Will!?! Will are you ok?" Cindy tried to get closer to the edge but the shade of night kept Will from her eyes.

"I'm fine!" Cindy could hear him shuffling threw leafs and twigs. "Whoa…"

"What?" Nothing. "Will!" 

"I think I found it! Cindy come down here! I found it!"

"Uh how? I'm not busting my ass sliding down a hill in the dark"

"Just go down slowly come on I want to check it out."

She examined what little she could before starting her way down. The decent seemed to take forever. 

"I'm gonna go take a look I'll be back." Cindy could hear him shuffle off.

"No Will! Wait!" He was already gone. "Why? I should have just told him no. This is so stupid!" She lost her footing, landing hard on a large rock. "Ahhh ssss gah" Tears welled in her eyes. Her ankle was in tremendous pain. "Will! Wiiiiill!" Cindy cried with no answer. She laid back trying to forget the pain waiting for Will to return. Slowly her eyes closed. 

Something cold and wet bumped into her face. She shook her head while trying to fend off her attacker.

"Now Brownie don't get too excited." An old man jumped off the horse and offered her his hand. "Hello there miss." 

She hesitated for a moment but seeing no alternative she reached for him. "I hurt my ankle I don't know if I can walk."

"mmm good thing Brownie found you then." He hefted her up to her feet holding her arm around his shoulder. "Ready?" he nodded at the horse. She gave a nod. "One, two Three!" He lifted her up with amazing ease for an old man. 

"So what were you doing on my land at night by yourself?" He turned the horse around and started walking pulling her along.

"Well my boyfriend was with me, he has this crazy idea that you have magical powers and you give people gifts or something." 

"Oh, hehe I don't know about all the magic stuff but I do make these!" He held a limp balloon in his hand, the kind you use to make balloon animals. "Name an animal! Any animal, I'll make it or your money back!"

"I didn't pay you anything…" She got the joke but wasn't in the mood to play along.

"Well then there's nothing to lose! Come come pick an animal." 

"Ugh, um I don't know?" Why was he pestering her? Couldn't he tell she was in pain? 

"Brownie likes horses." He hinted. "Sure she has some biased of course." He chuckled to himself.

"Sure make me a horse." Before she even finished speaking it was in her hand. He must have made it before she said any thing, for all she knows that's all he can make. Ha! She laughed in her own head, poor old guy is probably lonely. "Thanks, for finding me." Sure he was creepy and old but he did find her and he wasn't hurting her, yet. She needed to keep a level head. 

"Your welcome." He gave her a wide smile. "When we get to my home I can fix up your leg too. Now about your boyfriend, He was with you last night right?"

"Yah, his name is Will."

"Ah yes Will I remember him he came by my place early this morning."

"He did? Did he tell you where to find me? Is he ok?"

"Oh he's fine, He's probably in the barn still boy didn't know I saw him hehe"

"He forgot about me! Jerk I'm gonna… I'm gonna do something to him!" She was pissed. "He didn't even tell you where to find me!"

"Calm down he had a long night. Forgive the poor boy."

"Something happened to him?" Nervousness to fear to anger back to fear, Cindy was rather surprised she hadn't started crying yet.

"Yes but he's don't worry lets get you inside and fix you up." And there they were standing in front of a small house. She could see a barn a little way off and a pasture with lots of animals of all sorts. He helped her down then picked her up. Cindy had felt un-easy around him before but he really had a pleasant aura about him that she found comforting. He carried her inside and laid her on a small couch. 

"I'll be right back, just try to relax." He handed her a pillow and left the room.

She looked around the room. The walls were adorned with old paintings and pieces of armor. In one corner was a red dress displayed on a mannequin, it was very pretty. 

"Belonged to my late wife, she designed it herself. A true master piece, they don't make them like this any more." The old man chuckled. He placed her ankle in a splint and wrapped it tightly which hurt at first but slowly faded to a dull pain.

"So can you take me to Will please?"

He shrugged. "I suppose so." He picked her up again, his strength never ceased to amaze her. As he walked out the door she realized she was still clutching the balloon horse he had given her, odd. 

As they walked the distance to the barn all the animals seemed to stare at her. "Will!" she called out. The man kept walking. "Will!" something stirred within. They neared the door. Just on the other side she could hear him moving to her. They crossed the threshold.

"Will? Where are you?" The only creature in the room was a large black horse. He came very close to her then grabbed her balloon from her hand with his teeth. "Hey stop it! Stop him Mr.!" She tried wrestling with the beast but her horse tore releasing the air to the world.

"He's just happy to see you is all, can't wait for you to join him." He set her down next to the horse who kept pressing his head into her. 

"What are you talking about? Make him stop. Will isn't a horse!" That nervous feeling she had when he found her in the woods returned ten fold. 

"Well I didn't want you to be afraid but, I am the 'magic' man and I do give gifts. It's not a balloon animal either. The gift I give is happiness. Will has embraced his gift and you will too."

A chill went down her spine. Will… the horse was nodding at her. No this wasn't possible! She stumbled forward. Will caught her and held her up. No the horse held her up. "You're not Will!" She pushed off of the horse and fell to the ground. "And you're insane!" She pointed to the old man, or rather where she thought he was but found no one. 

She stared at her outstretched finger. Her nail was black. She held both hands now closer. All her nails were black! He fingers seemed like they were being bound, pulled together by an unseen force. The skin of her hand slid up her digits as her blackened nails conjoined. 

Scared she got up and tried to run away, but with the first step on her bad foot she fell again flat on her stomach. Making another effort she discovered her hands looked more like hoofs.

"No! Please don't do this to me! I'll do any thing!" Her clothes were getting tighter. Her jeans were cutting into her hips. "Ahhh Please!" Will nipped the seams of the jeans and they fell off with little resistance. He then did the same to her shirt and bra, leaving her with nothing but her embarrassing granny panties. She tried to push them off with her hoof hands and Will tried to grip them with his teeth but could not. She then felt a new pressure at the base of her spine. Her new tail sprouted pushing the panties enough for Will to grab them. No longer in pain from her clothing she tried to plea again for help, but all that came from her mouth was a series of horse sounds.

She tried to push herself up again to run but found she could not. While struggling with her clothing her hips had realigned and her ankle still troubled her greatly. She resigned, there was nothing she could do!

Her hair grew down her growing neck. She could see her nose get wider and longer. Her ears became tangled in her hair, before flipping a few times to free themselves, as they moved to the top of her head. She peered over her back to discover a full horses tail swaying gently behind her now horses rear. Light brown hairs appeared over her body to complete her. 

Will nickered at her gently trying to push her to her feet. She tested her foot to find it was fine. She stood and pondered her new form. She actually felt great, powerful legs beneath her, and the heart of a god thumping in her chest. She smelled the air, so pure. She looked over her mate, so arousing. They touched noses then rubbed necks. This wasn't going to be so bad.


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