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Dream come true

by Joe

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© Copyright 2008 - Joe - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; magic; transform; M2f; cons; X

She brought up a mirror for me to see my new body. “Look at the new you,” she said and as I looked my heart sank. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my dream come true. Of course I should probably tell you the story of how I got here first. As a child I’ve always wondered if I was born with the wrong body and mind, as if they didn’t match. I had been a cross dresser for most of my life, but I never had the money to get the surgeries done. Then late one night I was messing around on the web and was looking at some transgender websites when I came across this one page that would change my life forever. It advertised that they could change you to a new person and for cheap too.

I looked over the page and didn’t see anything that screamed fraud. It seemed a little odd though. They were talking all mystical as if they could change a person through magic. They even offered a refund if you had no change. I thought to myself what the heck why not try it the worst that could happen is it doesn’t work and I don’t have to pay anything, so I looked up the price and it was only a thousand dollars. This I had sitting in my account. So I planned it out, got the phone number and went to bed having all kinds of dreams of what I would look like afterwards each better than the last image.

The next morning I went to the bank and withdrew the money. Then I called the number, I was told to meet the lady at the library at two o’clock and she would show me where to go after we met. She also told me that I would need to bring a change of clothes that would suit the person I was going to be. I grabbed the clothes & put them in my backpack and left on my way to the library. I sat for a good hour waiting when she arrived.

“You're Jim right?” she asked. I just nodded I was totally nervous. “Follow me and I'll take you to her”.

I followed her to this small warehouse it looked a bit rundown, but still sturdy. She walked me into the building and sat me down in a small waiting room. About fifteen minutes later this other lady came into the room and asked me a bunch of personal questions about my past and what I desired. After the questions were finished she took me back to this therapist looking room and told me to sit on the couch.

“Wait here I have to get a few things ready. You can go ahead and change into the clothes you brought while you wait.” and then she left the room.

I threw on the clothes that I brought in a hurry. First was the red C cup bra, matching red panties then the red lace bottom tank and a short ruffled jean mini skirt, and a matching pair of flip flops. She came back a few minutes later with her assistant. She set a few candles around all the points of the couch. Then she lit them and dimmed the lights.

“You are sure this is what you truly desire right?”

I looked at her without hesitation “yes yes it is.”

She started some chant that was in a language I didn’t recognize. All of a sudden a stinging sensation started to fill my body, at this point I was a little freaked out, her assistant looked at me.

“Calm down it’s ok it’s all a part of the process, the stinging will subside.”

So I sat back and relaxed a little but I couldn’t fully calm down after all I wasn’t sure of what was going on. All of a sudden everything went a little fuzzy like if I was on nitrous. I came back to see her standing in front of me with a mirror.

I looked into the mirror and saw my face, it was the most beautiful face I had ever seen. My breast were full and real. My hair was long and shiny it was past my shoulders a little bit. I felt a lot smaller and my hands were very tiny, the shoes I had brought were about three sizes too small so I figured I would have to go get some afterwards. The clothes were a bit big but not too bad. She told me she could shrink the clothes so that I could at least make it to the store looking normal.

That’s when I realized that my dreams had come true that I was finally the person I dreamed of being.

“There are a few things you will need to take care of before we are finished.”

I looked at her confused.

“Basically I cannot change your voice until you take care of things like your apartment, you will have to leave it as your landlord does not know you as a woman so he or she will think something is up if they see the new you but not the old you, so you will have to tell them that you had to leave for some reason.” So she handed me a phone and it was a quick simple phone call, I made up some lie about how my aunt was in bad health and needed someone to live with her. She then told me to do the same about my job.

After all that was done she sat me back down in the couch and started to chant again this time I felt the stinging in my throat. A few minutes later she said all the transformation was done. I said thank you but it wasn’t in the voice that I was familiar with it was a new very feminine voice this made me crack a huge smile on my face. She just smiled and nodded back at me. “Jeanie here will take care of the rest of the particulars with you, have a nice day and enjoy your new life.”

Jeanie took me back to an office full of printers and computers, sat me down in a chair and started asking all of my previous information. She took my drivers license, social security card and all my credit cards. She went into the computer and pretty much wiped me completely off the face of the earth or at least the information earth. Then she started putting in new information for me she said for an extra hundred dollars she could leave my debt out and not give it back to me, so I agreed.

She asked me what name I would like to have.

“Lacy Nicole” I said after giving it a little thought.

She typed that in and said we were done. “Congratulations Lacy you are a new woman I hope that you enjoy your new life! Now all that’s left is payment”. I handed her the $1100 and she shook my hand and told me to see Eve before I left as she had one last part to take care of before I left.

I walked out of the office and she was standing there with an incense stick, she chanted a little verse and told me that now everyone in my life would now have only memories of me being a woman and never as a man, it would take a little getting used to, to start with but I should have no major problems. If I did have any she gave me her card and told me to call if there were any whatsoever. She even told me that if I later decided she could do age regression to whatever age I desired and everyone would also know me as that age but it was a one time deal.

I thanked her again and left the building as a new woman got into my car and actually had to move the seat way forward, I chuckled at this. On the drive home I got checked out several times by guys and even had one holler out his window at me, this sent a wave of excitement through me. This was the new me and it felt good to be able to be myself and no one would ever know who I once was. Now what would the rest of my life be like I wondered. Shoot what would my first night be like even?



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