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The Bottling of Lindsey Stirling

by LatexSuperGirl

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© Copyright 2020 - LatexSuperGirl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; transform; bottle; beach; nc; X

Lindsey Stirling was walking barefoot on the beach one morning while trying to find inspiration for her next album. While walking along a glass Pepsi bottle lying half buried in the sand caught her attention. As far as she could tell it was the only piece of trash on the beach.

As she went to go pick it up she suddenly felt a strong sucking sensation coming from the opening and before she knew what was napping she fell flat on her ass. Looking down to try and figure out why she had fallen in the first place, she was shocked to see that her petite foot had somehow been sucked into the bottle. Lindsey panicked and tried to use her other foot to get the bottle off of her foot but all she managed to do was get both of her feet stuck inside. As Lindsey looked down she marveled at how her feet were both stuck. Logic would dictate that she should be in extreme pain and yet she felt the exact opposite, she felt pleasure.

As the pleasure coursed through her body it distracted her from her predicament; with each passing minute she became yet another inch shorter as more and more of her body was sucked into the bottle. She was yanked out of her trance as she felt the bottle begin to suck harder, looking down she noticed that her athletic and toned thighs had somehow managed to impede the progress of the bottle. Taking the moment of reprieve she looked around before she started to yell hoping against hope someone would hear her and come running.

As she continued to yell she felt the vacuum of the bottle really ramp up and with a loud popping noise she saw the entirety of her thighs instantly disappear into the bottle. With her thighs now in the bottle the vacuum returned to its former level and started on her thin waist. As Lindsey looked down at the bottle she was amazed at how her body is somehow fitting inside of the bottle. As she continued to stare at it she could make out distinct details like each and every one of her delightful toes and even more amazingly the stretch marks she always tried to hide on her thighs. Despite looking completely full she could see the bottle still managing to consume her at a steady rate, slowly compressing what’s already in the bottle downward.

As her tiny waist was quickly devoured by the bottle, Lindsey giggled as the bottle got stuck trying to pull her breasts into it. While nobody would ever accuse her of having large tits, with the rest of her body stuck in a bottle suddenly her tits look quite large indeed from being pushed up due to them resting at the mouth of the bottle! Similarly to when her hips were pulled in Lindsey felt the suction ramp up quite violently again. Despite knowing what was going to happen Lindsey grabbed her left tit with her one free hand that wasn’t stuck inside of the bottle and began to rub her nipple! Just like with her hips with a loud pop she felt her whole world jerk downward as her tits and shoulders were quickly pulled into the bottle.

Lindsey wished she could still look down but with nothing but her head sticking out of the bottle her view was quite limited. As she lay there still yelling for help she felt the suction from the bottle ramp up once more and before she could even let out a moan her world view changed drastically. As she tried to turn her head to see where she was, she noticed that her view was obstructed by the hazy glass of the bottle. She then realized her head must’ve been sucked inside of the bottle. Only after realizing her new situation did she notice how uncomfortable she was. On one side she had the calluses of her left foot firmly shoved up against her face while the toes of her right foot were poking the underside of her chin. The right side of her and all of her facial features were also shoved up against the quickly warming glass cell she had found herself in. Despite all of this Lindsey still tried to call out for help, barely able to mouth the words. She knew nobody would hear her but hoped that eventually someone would find her and release her from this terrible Pepsi bottle!


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