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Family Ties 2: Let the Games Begin

by 64Fordman

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Part 2: Let the Games Begin

“I would love to see the letter my dear.”

Ken and Kyle were out with friends and Janice and Kelly accepted Uncle Sy’s invitation to dine out with him. Sy had just returned from a trip and was eager to be updated on family affairs, especially Kelly’s decision on college.

Sy took the letter from Kelly and chose to read aloud.

“Dear Kelly Rivers:” Sy gave a dramatic pause.

“Thank you for your application to Fillmore College and congratulations on your acceptance into the Liberal Arts Program. Our counseling staff is eager to help you select your major during the coming semester to suit your interests and provide a fulfilling and successful future. I am confident your participation on the college swim team will continue our winning tradition. I am looking forward to seeing you at Camp O.”

“Sincerely: Theresa Brooks, Dean of Admissions.”

Sy handed the letter back to Kelly.

“I am so glad you chose the same college your brothers attend.”

“I know I dragged my feet but I think I am making the right decision.”

“I know you are young lady, but what is this Camp O? If the boys attended that I must have forgotten.”

“Oh they did,” Janice broke in, “and it was a wonderful experience. Besides orientation they conduct a week of games and challenges just for beginning freshmen to teach team building, show the value of competition and overcoming psychological barriers. With today’s…”

“Mom! You sound like an infomercial. Tell Uncle Sy about your invitation?”

“Do tell Janice.”

“Heather invited me to spend a week at their family’s ranch in Montana with a friend of hers.”

“Too bad because Mom will be alone that week.”

“I think I missed something, what do you mean you will be alone?”

“The freshman camp is run by students who will be seniors in the fall and Ken and Kyle have volunteered to work.”

“The three of us are driving together,” Kelly added.

“And who is Heather?”

“A young lady I became friends with recently, said Janice.”

“So you are going to Montana?” asked Sy.

“I can’t go.”

“Why can’t you?”

Janice leaned in close to Sy and lowered her voice.

“Because I met these girls at a pool party during our little transformation so she was really inviting Kelly.”

Sy leaned back in his chair and let out a belly laugh.

“If I understood the story correctly you were still you, you just looked like Kelly, and so these girls befriended you.”

“How do I explain ageing 29 years in the last few weeks?”

Sy brought his hand to his chin in serious contemplation. The server delivered the check and the meal was concluded.

It was Wednesday afternoon, a month had gone by since the dinner with Sy and he was at Janice’s having lunch with her and Kelly. The orientation camp started on Monday and the boys were gone with some friends and would return on Saturday afternoon. Sy listened carefully to the details of the travel plans and asked about the Montana trip. Janice told him the girls were leaving Sunday and she had already informed them through Kelly she couldn’t go.

Sy told Janice his plans would have him away the entire weekend. He gave them each a hug and told Kelly to have a wonderful time.

That night after Janice and Kelly went to bed Sy sat at his dining room table with candles lit and incense burning. He was carefully turning the pages of a very old book and talking to himself.

Daylight was filling the room as Janice opened her eyes; she got out of bed and walked into her bathroom.

Janice was looking in the mirror and Kelly was looking back. She went to Kelly’s room fearing the worst and found Kelly sleeping.

“Oh my god!”

“Mom? Holy crap what happened?”

“It’s a mad house; I am living in a mad house.”

“Alright, calm down, we’ll figure it out.”

Kelly turned her mother to face the mirror over the dresser.

“We’re like twins.”

“What am I going to do, it’s not like we can switch places again?”

“We don’t have to, I’m going to camp and you’re going to Montana.”

“It’s crazy.”

“It’s perfect, the boys won’t be back until Saturday afternoon, Heather is leaving Sunday, we only have to get through a day and a half without being seen together. Mom, think about it, this happened for a reason, you have to go to Montana.”

“What will the boys think when I’m not here?”

“You went somewhere with Uncle Sy.”

“We’re going to get caught; running around the house avoiding each other is crazy.”

Kelly picked up her phone and called her friend Cindy. When she hung up she explained to her mom the two had made plans to spend the day together on Saturday and now it was a sleep over. Kelly would return home Sunday in time for Janice to slip out and meet Heather. Kelly held her phone up with Heather’s name and number on the screen and Janice took it, she really did want to go on this trip.

“All you have to do is pretend to be me when the boys get back; you have some experience at that.”

Janice pressed call.

The next two days were uneventful as Janice and Kelly mostly stayed in the house preparing for their respective trips other than one or the other going out to run errands. Janice’s concerns had been growing and as the two women sat on Kelly’s bed Friday afternoon selecting clothing Janice received a text that Heather would call at 6pm with final arrangements. Kelly tried every argument to keep her mom from changing her mind but by 5:30pm she had lost the battle.

“I’m going to tell Heather I can’t go.”

“We totally pulled it off the last time on the fly, this time we have the perfect plan.”

“This is completely different, I’m not going.”

“Maybe your right Mom.”

Kelly rummaged through a dresser drawer and tackled her mother on the bed. Before Janice could react her wrists were bound together and Kelly was securing the rope to a bedpost at the foot of the bed. As Janice tried to free her wrists Kelly had rolled off the bed and was tying her ankles to the diagonal head post, pulling the rope tight and stretching her mother fully across the bed.

“What do you think you are doing, untie me right now!”

“You can thank me later.”

Kelly took a sock from the clothing scattered on the bed and stuffed it in Janice’s mouth, securing it with a cotton head scarf. The phone rang and Kelly took it into her mother’s room to answer.

“Heather will pick you up in front of St. John’s Church down the street at 11:00am Sunday.”

Kelly pulled the scarf out of her mother’s mouth and Janice spit out the sock.

“You are grounded young lady.”

Kelly began to tickle her mother’s feet.

“You know you want to go, just admit it.”


By Saturday morning they had two sets of luggage packed, all with Kelly’s clothes. A suitcase and overnight bag was next to Kelly’s dresser ready for camp and a similar pair was in Janice’s closet.

Janice sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee as Kelly came down the back stairs carrying her high school back pack.

“Cindy will be here any minute, are you ready?”

“I guess so.”

“We had a great two days as sisters and you’ll have a great time with Ken and Kyle; you guys should do something fun tonight, it’s not every day you get to be me.”

The sound of a car horn came from the driveway.

“Got to go, remember the plan for Sunday morning and don’t forget to sleep in my room tonight. Love you mom.”

Kelly was texting her mom for the third time as Cindy drove her home Sunday morning and for the third time was getting no response. She asked Cindy to drop her off down the street because she wanted to surprise her brothers and approached the house on foot. Kelly became worried when the Jeep was not in the driveway, her mother would have called if the boys didn’t arrive home.

Nothing seemed wrong from outside; Kelly used her key to enter through the back door into the kitchen. On the table was a note:


Staff had to be at orientation camp a day early and we
thought it would be fun to kidnap Kelly. See you next

Love you.

Kelly ran upstairs to her room to confirm her fear; the bags next to her dresser were gone. As her mind raced through possible options the front doorbell rang. She had to go to her mom’s room for a window that looked out front and saw a black Mercedes Benz stretch limo at the curb. The doorbell rang again.

“Hi Kelly, You weren’t at the church, are you ready?”

Kelly stood at the open door with a blank stare.

“Heather, hi, how are you, give me five minutes.”

Kelly slammed the door and reopened it.

“Oh my god I am sorry, come in, sit down, I’ll be right back.”

Running back upstairs and into her mother’s room Kelly paced the floor.

Alright think, think, think! What are my options?

I can stay here all week by myself. That would suck.

I can drive all the way to camp and try to rescue mom; Risky.

I can go to a ranch in Montana in a stretch limo. I’m all packed.

Kelly put on some better clothes then grabbed the bags from her mother’s closet and went down stairs and out the front door with Heather. A man in a black suit was standing on the curb with the car door and trunk open. Alison was already in the car when Kelly and Heather got in and the three began talking. Kelly remembered her mom said Heather was 23 and Alison was 21, they were both attractive girls and very nice but Kelly got a strange vibe from them, like they were more then friends. She thought it must be due to unfamiliarity. The limo pulled away from the curb and headed down the street.

* * * *

At a truck stop Ken and Kyle were under full verbal assault as they tried to untie the bound and gagged pole cat in the back seat of the Jeep.


“I know camp doesn’t start until tomorrow but we have to be there this afternoon to get things ready; now do you have to use the restroom?”

Janice glared at the boys with the eyes of an alpha predator, her hair disheveled and hanging in front of her face, breathing through her nose like a bull ready to charge. It was a side of their sister the boys had never seen; she got out, slammed the door and walked toward the building.

“That was frightening,” Said Kyle.

“Should one of us have gone with her, it is a truck stop?

“You do whatever you want, I’m staying right here.”

Janice returned to the car and got in the back seat, her hair restored to a pony tail. The boys looked back at her and there was a long silence.

“I’m O. K. lets just go.”

Ken started the car and the trip resumed.

* * * *

In the back of the limo things were going well, Kelly was becoming comfortable with the girls and they were having fun. She learned Heather worked in the marketing department of her father’s company and was working on her masters, but right now she was concerned at what she was seeing outside; signs for the airport.

“I’m sure we talked about flying, didn’t we?”

Kelly stuttered for a few seconds.

“You’re not afraid to fly are you?”

“Oh no, I just didn’t plan on spending that much money, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

“You’re my guest, besides it’s a private plane.”

Kelly’s mind pictured the kind of small planes she had seen on the news sticking out of the sides of buildings when the limo stopped next to stairs covered with red carpet. Kelly’s jaw dropped as her eyes moved up the stairs to the gleaming white aircraft, it had a company logo next to the door with red and blue strips down the side and a big American flag on the tail. The jet was a Gulfstream V, the holy grail of corporate aircraft but to Kelly it could have been Air Force One.

“My dad had to go overseas and took the big plane.”

Kelly couldn’t process that comment and set it aside. After some safety instructions from a very handsome pilot the plane began rolling. As Kelly watched the clouds float by she congratulated herself on her decision and hoped her mom had fun at camp.

* * * *

This was definitely a kid’s camp Janice thought as she made up a bunk in one of the two bunk houses on the girls side. At least she got to pick the bunk she wanted before everyone else arrived in the morning. Ken and Kyle and the other students who would be running this place were at a meeting with some men who looked like construction workers. They had turned the large lawn area behind the camp into a weird looking amusement park.

That evening the students handling food service made a wonderful meal; they all sat around a fire outside as Janice began to accept the situation and have fun with everyone, especially her sons. After everyone went to bed the boys came into the bunk house where Kelly was sleeping with their duffle bags and made up a couple of bunks.

“Aren’t you staying in the staff house?”

“We didn’t want you to be alone this first night, though Kyle wasn’t sure coming out here was safe because you scared him.”

“You were like a pit bull in the car.”

“A pit bull, you want to see a pit bull? A couple of third rate kidnappers you are.”

Janice was punching the boys in the arm and verbally taunting them before they all fell to the floor in a three way wrestling match.

“We’ll show you third rate kidnapping.”

When the wrestling was over Janice was rolled up in a blanket, tied down to her wooden bunk with the generous supply of rope from the boy’s bags and laughing into the duct tape covering her mouth.

“I think Kyle will sleep better now, good night sis.”

They each kissed her forehead, turned out the lights and climbed into their bunks.

* * * *

As the chauffer driven car that met them at the airport rounded a curve Kelly could see a giant house in the distance.

“Is that your ranch?”

“We’ve been on the ranch for an hour, that’s the house.”

Kelly put the response next to the big plane comment, as they got closer the structure was making the five bedroom house Kelly’s family lived in look like a storage shed.

“Is there anybody there?”

“A few employees live a couple of miles away, but they won’t come to the main house while we’re here.”

* * * *

Janice spent Monday in an orientation lecture, campus safety lecture and meeting her daughter’s dorm mates, but this was Tuesday and the games would begin right after breakfast. That’s where Janice learned the games were versions of TV shows like ‘Fear Factor’ and ‘Exit’ and each game would have a coach and a team chosen at random.

Many of the games were rescue themed where one team member was the hostage. In this game the team had to complete a relay race through an obstacle course to reach a big red button that would stop the water wheel Janice was strapped to from turning. Janice was now wearing a two piece swim suit and swim goggles and the wheel was partially submerged in gross looking green slime.

Janice was strapped to the wheel at the 9 o’clock position with her arms at her side. An air horn sounded and the first guy took off across the starting line. At the same time the wheel started slowly turning carrying her up and over the top. The other team members were yelling at the guy to encourage his performance including Janice, he was a little chunky but she was giving him a chance.

He had to get through three obstacles before the next runner could start and he was still hung up on the first when Janice’s head entered the slime. She held her breath as she felt her body being enveloped. As her feet submerged and the gelatinous substance oozed between her toes her head emerged from the other side. The slime slid off the goggle lenses clearing her vision; still on the first obstacle, time for a new tactic.


He was moving again; just needed a kick in the pants thought Janice while yelling go over and over as he approached the next obstacle and her head approached the slime.

Standing on the grass next to the wheel dripping with the green goop she had been dragged through seven more times before someone reached the button. There was no ladylike way to do it so she just pressed her hands against the back of her bikini bottom and pushed the slime out from inside. Fortunately there were outdoor showers provided.

* * * *

The first full day at the ranch was spent riding horses and canoeing across a private lake to an island for a picnic lunch. Today Heather was showing Kelly the house and the three were now in the basement. They passed wine racks, storage rooms and giant furnace and hot water tanks and came to a sliding steel door mounted on the concrete wall.

Heather explained the people who built the house must have thought the world was going to end as she slid the door open. Stairs led down to a large main room and a hall with several smaller rooms including a full bathroom. For a bomb shelter it was very nice, carpet, finished walls and ceiling and tasteful lighting. The décor however was definitely medieval and Kelly was quietly holding her curiosity.

“This is the room I told you about where we play.”

“Was all this stuff here?”

“The room was here, I’m responsible for the decor.”

Kelly walked up to a set of ankle stocks; it had a thick timber about ten inches high with four identical size holes spaced equally along the center mounted on a square frame with a bench on each side. Heather opened the stocks which were hinged on one side; Kelly wasn’t sure why she was drawn to it but she sat on the bench and placed her ankles in the outside holes. She leaned forward and placed her wrists in the inside holes and commented they were too big.

Heather told her they were not for her wrists and motioned for Alison who sat on the other bench and placed her ankles in the inside holes. With the stocks secured the girls sat facing each other with their ankles trapped. Heather got two pieces of rope from a cabinet along the wall and tied the girl’s hands behind their backs and removed their shoes.

“There is a game we like; we’ll do an abbreviated version for demonstration. I’ll ask a question and the first to answer wins. Name the fortieth President of the United States.”

“Whaaaat?” said Kelly

“Ronald Reagan.”


“Ouch;” the riding crop landed on the sole of Kelly’s right foot.

“Name the founder of AOL.”

“Mark Andreessen.”

Kelly howled as the crop landed on her left foot.

“What kind of questions are these?”

“We had American history and business history, and you’re not doing very well for someone about to start college. We’ll have one more question for the big win and I’ll make it a freebie.”

Heather put the crop down and held her index finger up to Alison.

“Name the Olympic gold medalist swimmer who became a major motion picture star and married Fernando Lamas.”

Kelly had a blank stare.

“She just passed away.”

“She had her own line of swimming pools.”

“You are a swimmer right? Alison.”

“Esther Williams.”

“Awe, I knew that.”

Heather untied Alison’s hands and placed a three minute egg timer on the stocks. Kelly was helpless as Alison tickled the bottoms of her feet while the sand slowly filled the bottom of the glass. Kelly was getting the impression Heather was mostly in charge.

* * * *

Janice had to climb a rope suspended from a beam and retrieve a green streamer for her part of today’s challenge. The goal was to finish before a timer reached zero and Fat Albert was dropped head first into a pool of hungry sharks, they were actually inflatable pool toys but they looked pretty hungry; she failed.

That night a few girls including her daughter’s dorm mates grabbed Janice in her bunk and tied her hands and feet, cleave gagged her with a sweat sock and stuffed her into a sleeping bag. They carried her outside, placed her against the flag pole and secured her tightly with rope from her shoulders to her ankles and used a folded pillow case to tie her forehead to the pole after placing a pillow behind her head. They told her this was a performance incentive and returned to the bunk house.

The next morning, Ken was up early and found his sister tied to the pole. He laughed as he pulled the gag out of her mouth and let it hang around her neck.

“Thank god, now untie me; I’ve been here all night.”

“I’ve spent nights like this rock climbing, no big deal, and I wouldn’t want to interfere with you bonding with your dorm sisters, I’ll see you at breakfast I’m sure.

Ken replaced his sister’s gag and went about his business.

* * * *

Kelly, Heather and Alison were sitting on the floor of a large bedroom on the second floor of the house. Heather asked Kelly if, between the discussion at the pool party and last nights demonstration, she was comfortable and ready to continue. Kelly’s mom apparently made some kind of arrangement with these girls, Kelly thought carefully.

“Just to make sure everything is crystal clear, why don’t you go over it again.”

“Alright, we’re a couple and we play together and we would like someone to play with both of us. Since we like you and trust you and you’re into the same games we are, we decided to approach you with the idea and you seemed interested. The deal we discussed hasn’t changed, we are open to anything between us and you can participate as much or as little as you want, if anyone feels uncomfortable we will all stop.”

When in Rome thought Kelly.

Heather and Alison were both hogtied on the bedroom floor wearing bra and panties. They were ball gagged and blindfolded and the first to escape would win. Kelly reclined on the bed watching and flipping through an issue of ‘In Style’ magazine.

Heather watched as Alison untied her ankles, as the only thing Heather had managed was rubbing off her blindfold. Kelly told Alison to untie her friend and use all the rope to tie her to the wooden desk chair, and don’t bother removing the gag.

When Alison was done, Heather’s wrists were tied together behind the chair and to the chair back. Her upper body was tied to the chair back and her legs were tied to the front chair legs at the ankles and knees.

“Do you have any toys?” asked Kelly

Alison got a butterfly vibrator out of a drawer and positioned it inside Heather’s panties. Kelly instructed her to turn the remote to the lowest setting. She took Alison’s arm and pulled her into a tight embrace, she placed a hand on the back of Alison’s head and began a slow deep kiss in front of Heather while her other hand grabbed her arse while grinding her hips against Alison. Heather’s eyes went wide watching.

“As the person in charge, I am giving you permission until sunrise to use Alison any way you want at which time her use will be at my discretion. If you get yourself out of her ropes by then she will be down the hall,” Kelly said as she blindfolded Heather.

“Let’s go baby.”

Kelly entered the bedroom about and hour later; Heather’s situation had not changed.

“Not making much progress, I think you need some incentive.”

Kelly got behind Heather so she could whisper in her ear and massage her breast through the fabric of her bra.
“Picture this in your mind, Alison is tied spread eagle to a bed completely naked and helpless being diabolically tortured until her delicate little flower gives up its sweet nectar, over and over; of course if you prefer to stay here with your battery operated friend that’s cool.”

Heather struggled with the ropes and moaned into her gag as Kelly left the room and returned to the bed Alison was on. She was neither naked nor tied, the two were playing Scrabble while they let Heather simmer, taking the opportunity to bond.

After another game they decided to release Heather, her arousal was at full boil and when she heard the ruse she tackled Kelly and yelled for Alison to help.

“Come on get off, no tying up the babysitter,” joked Kelly

Kelly could hear the activity down the hall as she laid hogtied, ball gagged and blindfolded on the bed while the two girls did whatever they were doing.

A couple of hours of debauchery later they came back and untied Kelly and things got back on track. Heather and Alison spent the rest of the night tied side-by-side to a bed.

* * * *

Janice stood ready as the runner approached her mark, the screaming intense as it was girls against boys, as soon as the girl grabbed the yellow streamer hanging from the pole it would be all up to Janice. Meanwhile, a blond, one of her daughter’s dorm mates this fall, was tied to a post getting balloons filled with paint hurled at her by the boys with a small catapult about twenty five feet away. Aiming the crude device was haphazard and the girl hadn’t been hit, yet.

The streamer was pulled from its hanger and Janice began running. She had to sprint to a platform, climb a ladder and swing on a rope across a pool to another platform, climb down and sprint to a red flag, easy.

Janice didn’t have enough momentum and her feet just touched the edge of the platform when she lost her grip on the rope and fell into the pool, of black greasy mud. No problem, all she had to do was shimmy up a pole to the platform.

The pool only had four inches of mud but because she had fallen from the rope her clothing was soaked and after three attempts at the pole she couldn’t make it up. The girls were screaming and balloons were flying and Janice had one more shot.

I guess this would be overcoming my psychological barrier. Janice pulled off the sweatshirt and sweatpants she was wearing leaving just a sports bra, panties and trainers. She leapt onto the pole and wrapped her arms and legs around it, her relatively dry skin providing just enough friction to hang on; she kicked off the muddy trainers and began to shimmy up the pole using the soles of her feet and inner thighs to push up to the platform.

The decibel level of the crowed would have broken the meter as Janice sprinted across the grass and grabbed the flag.

* * * *

Down in the play room a wood bondage table with leather restraints designed to hold someone in a secure spread eagle was currently occupied by fully naked Heather. At Kelly’s direction Alison was applying clothes pins to each of her toes, one on each side of her nipples and two taped to her inner thigh to hold open her womanhood.

Alison held up one leftover clothes pin and Kelly told her to put it where ever she thought appropriate. Alison leaned over the table and used her finger to coax Heather’s love button out of hiding, Heather complaining loudly as the pin clamped down.

Alison, also naked, was then strapped to a bondage chair with leather restraints at wrists, upper fore arms, chest and upper arms with legs spread and strapped at the ankles and knees. Kelly placed a wand vibrator against her crotch and secured it with two straps on the seat for that purpose.

“The first one to answer a question will have a clothes pin removed or the vibrator increased one notch. First one with no clothes pins or the vibrator on high wins, any questions?”

“Why do I have more clothes pins than there are settings on the vibrator?”

“Because you hogtied me to bang your BFF and now it sucks to be you, anything else?”

“Do I get to decide which clothes pin gets removed first?”

“Sadly no, but if you loose all your clothes pins you get the vibrator. Name the rapper who wears a large clock around his neck.”

“Flavor Flav.”


“What the hell kind of questions are these?”

“Mine, what kind of pet does Justin Bieber have?”



“This is a conspiracy.”

When the game ended Heather was ball gagged and had all her clothes pins except for three toes. She was watching Alison, now also ball gagged; enjoy her five orgasm prize while Heather tried to ignore the growing discomfort, especially between her legs. After Kelly released Alison and handed her the vibrator.

“Other than releasing Heather knock yourself out, I’ll be back in two hours.”

* * * *

Kelly pulled her phone from her purse and checked the screen, it was her mom.

“Where are you?” said Kelly.

“We got home a little while ago, I’m in your room, where are you?”

“I had them drop me off at Cindy’s, are you still me?”

“Yes, I’m going to text the boys and send them to the store, and then I’ll drive over and get you, It’s after dark so as long as I don’t get out of the car we’ll be alright.”

Kelly tossed her bags on the back seat, got in the car and starred at her mother.

“I changed back at a stop light, I’m O. K. but there is an old lady with a shopping cart that may never be the same.”

The next day, after a good night sleep, Kelly and Janice sat in the sun room.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get to Montana mom, but I got you this t-shirt.”

“Thank you honey, I got you this from camp.”

Janice reached behind the chair she was sitting in and brought out a plastic golden cup mounted on a black wood base. The brass plate on the base was inscribed with;


“I think you should keep it mom, you earned it.”

“Thank you.”

“So mom, Heather and Alison are really nice and I can see why you like them; but they were kind of expecting me to…”


“And I was just curious about…”


“Because it’s not the kind of thing you learn at summer...”

“Right, there are some things you’re now old enough to know; your father and I played adult versions of the games you play, including when your brothers and you were conceived.”

“Well that explains a lot.”

“When Heather approached me at the party the subject sparked some old embers and I got lost in the moment discussing it with her.”

“My thoughts have been turning more adult for some time.”

“We’ll talk before you leave for school but it can make your intimate life much more exciting and satisfying as long as it’s with a partner you love and trust.”

“So I’ve learned.”

“Pardon me.”

“From Heather and Alison, so Mom how did you win that MVP award?”

“I think I’ll save that story for my grandchildren.”



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