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Femmi Weed

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M+/f; field; femmiweed; transform; M2f; majick; naked; discovery; group; oral; sex; cons; X

There is a legend in the back woods, if a young lady of "shall we say" modest appearance were to find a field of yellow and purple flowering weeds, and had the courage to roll around in them naked, she could change her destiny. To me it was just a fairy tale, but I didn't grow up around here either. There was no proof of this other than the anecdotal evidence of a disproportionally high percentage of attractive and buxom ladies down south near our university, like the one my buddy was dating that danced in my dreams almost every night. Thin flannel shirt, cut off blue jeans, and a pair of cowboy boots, all topped off with a Stetson hat.

Whatever made women desirable to men, some of the ladies down here seemed to have a triple helping of it, all while maintaining a warm and friendly smile, and that fantastic accent. The guys, (in a moment of intellectual honesty), admitted that it all could be a story designed to encourage young ladies to roll around naked in a field where guys like us could watch them, and I saw this as much more likely despite the obvious physical attributes of my buddies girlfriend.

For purely scientific purposes several of us decided to go in search of a field with the required weeds growing, and observe any women who came to visit. We finally found one at the back of an old farmand we visited it both in the daytime and at night, and we saw nothing out of the ordinary except once when we saw a group of guys in the distance apparently looking for the same thing we were. I came back to the field several times on my own just wanting to see a girl rolling around naked in the field as proof that somebody besides us guys believed this stupid fairy tale. I had the place to myself, and the day was picture perfect, and I decided to see what it would feel like to roll around naked in this field myself, if for nothing else but to work on my tan.

I peeled off every stitch of my clothes and dumped them near a tree, and I walked toward the center of the field barefoot, going around the sharpest of the stalks as the tall weeds dragged on my body. I laid down in the center of the field among the tall weeds, confident nobody could see me unless they were right on top of me. The sun was bright and the area so peaceful that I decided to work on my tan, first laying on my back, then flipping to my front and closing my eyes for a short nap in between...


I was woken from my nap by the sounds of excited voices, and bodies crashing through the weeds of the field I was laying in. Should I stay low and hide, or jump up and make a naked dash for my clothes to avoid the embarrassment of discovery. I couldn't tell who the guys were, but they were getting closer as if they knew somebody was here, and I realized too late that the guys were following the path I had beaten down on my way in.

I had a quick decision to make, do I hide and almost certainly get caught naked rolling around in weeds rumored to change one into a sexy woman, or do I run for it and possibly escape. I decided to run for it, and I jumped up and bolted for my clothes, tearing through the tall weeds in the process. I failed to accurately identify where all the guys were standing when I made my panicked run, and as a result I found myself running right at one of them. He pointed excitedly and yelled, "there she is", and I turned to see who he was apparently pointing at right behind me. I didn't see a thing, but momentarily lost my sense of direction and plowed right into the poor guy who was unfortunate enough to be standing between me and my route of escape. I expected with our differences in size that I would have flattened him, but instead I bounced off of him and he wrapped me up with my arms pinned behind my back as I struggled helplessly.

I was stunned and had no power in my arms to fight off the thin young man holding me, but as I regained my composure I became aware of "MY" naked large breasts gyrating wildly about in front of me as I struggled. His friends were on me in seconds, not that it appeared he needed the help, and one of them each held one of my weak arms as the others inspected their captured prize. I looked instinctively to see what they were looking at, but in my position all I could see were my deeply tanned arms and legs, and large breasts. The only rational explanation was that this was some kind of nightmare, and that I was still sleeping in the field of weeds.

Since it had to be a dream, or a nightmare depending on your point of view, and as how I had always been curious what women get out of sex, I figured this could be my only chance to ever find out. "You boys don't have to fight over me, I'm sure there is enough here to go around" I said in what was now apparently "MY" sultry southern accent. My obvious invitation seemed to clear up the confusion my dream captors had as to what to do with me. There were hands curiously pawing at me everywhere, and when one of the bolder ones slipped a probing finger inside of me I moaned, clearly letting them know I was enjoying myself. The guys walked me over to the soft grass outside of the field's weeds, and I felt myself being lowered down to the ground as I let them do whatever they wanted to me. I wasn't just a passive participant either, and I did everything they expected me to, and it felt wonderful...

...I woke from what I thought was the weirdest dream I had ever had, and the fact that it was with other guys meant I wouldn't be telling any of my buddies about it either. I stumbled half awake in search of my clothes, disorientated because I wasn't in the center of the field where I started. I was sore all over from sleeping on the ground, and had an awful taste in my mouth in addition to feeling sticky everywhere. It was dark out by the time I woke, and it had just started to rain which was what probably woke me from my naked nap in the first place. I couldn't find my clothes in the darkness, and I started to panic until I saw a porch light through the distant trees, and I decided to walk that way in search of shelter until the morning when I could find my clothes and get back home. I was exhausted like I had just ran a marathon, which was odd seeing how I apparently slept the day away, but I still needed a dry place to sleep to gather my thoughts.

I found the old farmhouse with the porch light on, but by the time I reached it I was soaked to the bone and reminded of my nakedness. The barn looked deserted and dry, and that suited my needs perfectly as I only intended to sleep on the rough hay bales until first light and then slip away before I was discovered.


I woke to the barn door opening, and when I opened my eyes I was looking at a young man about my age looking like he just won the lottery. His eyes were as big as saucers, and he presented me with a sheet and told me to get up to the house for breakfast. I was instantly wide awake, and unlike last night in the rain I could see myself well enough in the early morning light. I didn't know how it happened, but I discovered I was now the proud owner of a very sexy body without a stitch of clothing to cover it up. I had long legs, large breasts, and flared hips, and no guy hardware at all. I couldn't blame the young man for his reaction when he first saw me, and I just wanted to get in front of a mirror to see what the rest of me looked like. I thanked him for the sheet he had handed me with that same sultry southern accent I heard myself use last night in my dream, and I realized those guys, and what they did with me were likely just as real as I was.

I wrapped myself up in the sheet tightly, and it did little to hide the curves of my body as I followed my young host to the farmhouse. I caught myself placing one barefoot directly in front of the other on the wet grass as I did so, and I felt my hips rock in a way that I just loved when I could steal a covert glance of my buddies girlfriend walking away from me.

I smelled breakfast cooking and when I entered the old house I met my hosts aunt. She greeted me warmly and told me not to worry as they get girls visiting them like this once or twice a year. I put that thought out of my head for the moment and thanked her for her kindness with that same voice, apparently now my voice. She took a second look at me and asked me if I would like a shower before breakfast as it appears that I had a bad time of it last night in the rain, and I thanked her once again. I was told to call the kind woman Aunt Jane, and she admonished her nephew John for not properly introducing himself earlier. I didn't know what to do, but I sensed if I gave them my real name it would change everything, and I told both of them that I couldn't remember my name. It was a lie, and I could tell aunt Jane suspected as much.

I followed John up the stairs and he directed me to the shower, and he told me he would put something for me to wear on the door knob from his cousins old room. I so wanted to explore my new body, and I did so untilI ran out of hot water, and between that and my time in front of the mirror on the back of the door I decided I was definitely hot. John had left a thin white baby doll hanging on the doorknob for me to wear, and I grabbed it discretely and put it on, and I think it made me look even sexier than then when I was naked. I tied the string at the neck to adjust it as long as possible, showing a good amount of my breasts as a trade off to cover my ass when I walked. If John's cousin had clothes like this, she must be something to look at.

I walked down to breakfast and Aunt Jane looked at me, or more specifically my limited wardrobe, and she gave her nephew a scowl and said, "MEN", as she shook her head from side to side with a smirk. "After breakfast I'm sure we can find you something else to wear if you would like dear," she said, "less poor John can't concentrate on his chores".

I thanked both of them again for their kindness and told them I didn't want to be a bother, and I sat my naked ass on the cold kitchen chair and I ate like I was starving. Aunt Jane told me they get several girls a year who try out their field, and every time they are shocked when it works, and usually they wander towards our porch light once they discover that their clothes don't fit them anymore. I almost choked on my food when she said that, as if this kind of thing was normal. She told me I looked magnificent, and asked me how long I was in their field. I told her the truth, that I had fallen asleep in it for a good part of the day, and she laughed and told me it usually only takes a half an hour of so, depending of course on what you start with.

She told me it was old magic, and hundreds of years ago farmers allowed these weeds to grow on one of their fallow fields, and they called them Femmi weeds. In some old language it means fertility, and they not only helped the field to become more fertile, but any creatures that wandered through them as well. The farm girls discovered this quick enough, much to the delight of the farm boys, and one could usually be found easily enough in the old days.

I was confused when she asked me if I was happy with the results, and if I wanted to keep them. John looked like he was about to jump out of his skin when she said that, and there was some part of this bazaar event that I knew I didn't understand.

"Excuse me maam?", I asked.

John jumped into the conversation then, explaining that if I wanted to keep my new self all I had to do was "seal the deal" with the man of my choice. I asked how specifically one would do that, and Aunt Jane seemed happy to allow John to explain what she didn't want to.

"You have one to two days to try out your new body, but the effects are never permanent, and all you have to do to keep it is to... ah... perform a certain act that guys just love. If you perform this act on a regular schedule you get to keep what you have, and if you stop for long enough you go back to what you used to look like."

"What act", I asked, just for clarification. I was pretty sure I willingly performed about every act imaginable with the group of guys that found me in the field the day before, and I now realize they were giving me their approval as they "sealed the deal" for me, if they knew all about this like I now suspected.

Aunt Jane spoke again, "Another effect of exposure to our field, and the magic that goes with it, is every day or two you will be overcome with 'desire' for a man. It's a hormonal thing unlike anything you have likely ever experienced, and if you want to keep this magnificent new body of yours you have to know what your getting into. As far as the specific act, you will desire it and several others like oxygen after a deep dive in a cold lake, it's so much more than just simple lust. If you decide you don't want this new body you will have to deal with those feeling on your own until you change back, but once you 'seal the deal' as John put it, those feelings will become unbearable until you surrender to them."

Aunt Jane misread my expression, "It's a lot to think about dear, isn't it?"

My thoughts were elsewhere, I didn't remember the specific details of yesterday in the field with the guys, but I didn't think it was terrible either. I also became aware of how downright hansom and muscular John was, and when we made eye contact it was as if he read my mind. I didn't know what was happening to me, but all kinds of thoughts popped into my head that would have repulsed me two days ago, except now they seemed like they would be wonderful fun with a guy like John.

I asked Aunt Jane if I could stay around for a day or two while I sorted thing out, and in exchange I would gladly help John with his work around the farm. She said I was welcome to stay and that it wasn't necessary for me to work if I didn't want to, but I insisted.

John found me some more appropriate work clothes from his cousins room, and we have worked together ever since on the farm...

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