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For 400 Years

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2014 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; MF; M2f; M+/f; discovery; witch; majick; spell; transform; corset; lingerie; bdsm; bond; hogtie; chains; shackles; cellar; stuck; oral; sex; anal; climax; cons/reluct; XX

“It’s a relatively simple spell,” she said. She was dressed simply in a plain grey dress, no tights or stocking and low heels, despite this her 5’ 6”height and the voluptuous shape of her body made her very desirable. She was a witch who had imprisoned in a cellar beneath my house for nearly 400 years.

It all started when I bought this Elizabethan house, it was almost derelict and I worked on it for 2 years to restore back to its original state. I had inherited a large sum from my parents and at 40 years of age could retire and do almost anything I want to.

The house had been a labour of love, it was only when I had completed the upstairs that I turned my attention to the cellars. Cleaning up the 500 year old brickwork I came upon a few loose bricks in a wall, I needed to remove them and refit them with mortar. Once I had removed a few bricks I could see a space behind, using a torch I could see that there was quite a gap, so I took out enough bricks to allow me to climb through. When I flashed the torch around the space I was stunned by what was there, chained spread eagled to a wall was a beautiful woman, her clothes which looked like a old peasant costume were in rags around her head was a metal band pressing something large into her mouth, her fingers and toes were tied together with thin rope, a metal band went around her forehead fasting her head to the wall, she was totally immobilised.

I approached her, unsure as what to do, her blue eyes were open and she was looking at me. I examined the metal gag, but it appeared to be riveted on and there was no way to remove it in the cellar. The chains that held her to the wall were rusty, very old, there were metal cuffs, again riveted, and on at her wrists and ankles, there was no easy way to remove them.

“How did you get here?” I asked stupidly as she obviously couldn’t reply, then thinking a little more clearly “I’ll go and get some tools and see if we can get these chains off you” I left the cellar and returned 10 minutes later with a work light and an angle grinder. The chains were hard to cut through but I finally managed to cut each chain just leaving the metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles she stood still spread eagled whilst I covered her head with a piece of cloth then carefully used the angle grinder to cut the bracket holding the band around her forehead, she collapsed on top of me as there was nothing holding her up.

I half lifted, half dragged the woman back through the gap in the wall and upstairs to the living room, lying her down on the couch, she was even more beautiful in daylight. I used a knife to cut the cords holding her fingers and toes together. “To get these bands off I need a hammer and a punch” I said after examining the band encircling her mouth, “we need to do this in the workshop so I can use a vice, do you think you can walk?”

She nodded slowly, then attempted to get up off the couch, she was stiff like she hadn’t moved in years and it took some assistance from my part to get her to walk the distance to the workshop. Bending her over the vice I trapped one part of the gag strap in the vice and then used a hammer and punch to knock out the rivet. It took a lot of effort, especially as I was being careful not to hurt her, finally the rivet came out, I prised the strap apart and she pulled her head out of it, the strap had a flat metal plate then had gone inside her mouth pressing her tongue down making her incapable of speech. She looked at me carefully, “thank you for releasing me” she said in a soft sweet voice. “Can you remove the head band as well?”

“Yes of course” I stammered, “But I have a few questions, how did you get in my cellar and who put you there?”

“It’s a long story and I am very tired” she said softly. I got her to bend down again and locked the head collar in the vice, the rivet came out fairly easily. I quickly removed the ankle and wrist cuffs

“Do you want something to eat or drink?” I asked.

“Maybe later, but I am very tired and would like to rest” she repeated, I helped her back to the house and took her up to one of the bedrooms, the bed was made and she climbed on top of the duvet and fell instantly asleep, I left her there.

I went back in to check on her a few hours later, she was still asleep, and I could see her chest rising and falling, I checked on her every few hours and left her overnight. In the morning I got dressed and went into her room, she was gone. I went downstairs and found her in the kitchen; she was examining the fridge, opening the containers and smelling the contents with wonder. “How long have I been down there?” she asked.

“I don’t know when were you put there?” I responded.

“Well the King was James, he had just started his reign, so what year is it now?”

“Its 2014 that’s nearly 400 years ago” I was staggered by my own reply, how could this be?”

“I suppose you need to know the full story, you might find it difficult to believe, can I have a little bread and water and then tell my story?”

I made her a sandwich with cheese and gave her a glass of water; she sat at the kitchen table. “Firstly what is your name?” she asked.

“I’m Terry, what is your name?”

“My name is Eleanor, I am a witch, it looks like I’ve been imprisoned for nearly 400 years, and I have you to thank for my release, I will reward you. But first my tale, The man who owned this house 400 years old had a son, he was an evil boy, by the age of 15 he was attacking local girls, dragging them off and having his way with them, none were safe. No one could do anything about it, as his father owned all the land and houses around, if you put up resistance he would have at the very least thrown you out. The son’s attentions turned to the daughter of a friend of mine; he caught her in a field one day and brutally raped her and left her there. By the time she was found she was nearly dead, they brought her to me, but she was beyond help and died that night. I decided to exact revenge for this poor girl.

I had the powers passed on to me by my mother, I used them to help the locals with everything from curing sickness to helping them grow better crops, I was well respected, everyone came to me for help, always bringing something, a little food, perhaps a blanket, whatever they could afford, I had never used the powers to do harm to anyone. I worked on the problem for a few weeks, finally I had a spell ready, when next I saw the boy all that was needed was for me to touch him and recite the words. Almost instantly he started to scream and fell to the ground, boils and sore erupted over his body, he was in agony. His father’s men took him back to the house were he writhed in agony for several weeks before climbing to the top of the house and throwing himself off to end his suffering. Little did I know what someone close to me had betrayed me to the boy’s father?

His father’s men came the next day, with a priest and holy water, I was grabbed and gagged and taken to the house. His father said I was to suffer like his son and they dragged me down to the cellars and had the local blacksmith chain me to the wall, the gag was put on me to stop me casting a spell, that’s why they also bound my fingers and toes, so there was no way of me escaping by magic.

I cried to myself when they started to build the wall, left in the dark, it has taken all my inner magic and strength to sustain me for all these years; I am very weak still and will take some time to recovery my full strength, I just need to sleep”

I was not sure to believe the story, it sounded incredible, but the evidence that she had indeed been walled up in the cellar for 400 years was indisputable, there was no way should could have gotten there without the wall being removed.

For the next few weeks I rarely saw her, she came down and ate a little occasionally but for the most part she slept. Every time I saw her she seemed more radiant, I bought her a few simple dresses and shoes, which she was delighted with, we spoke only briefly, but each time I felt happy in her company.

One day she came down stairs, I was working on a door that wasn’t closing properly. She stood besides me as said, “My strength has returned and I feel good and healthy, and I have you to thank, what are you desires? I can help you make your wishes become reality”

“I have money, and a nice house, but have never been able to find a suitable long term partner who shares my interests” I blurted out surprising myself, it seems all to come out then. We talked for over an hour. I told her about my self bondage, dressing up in female clothes, fantasies of being used like a women whilst in bondage, I couldn’t stop myself, it was like she could see into my soul and drew out every secret I had.

“I can help you” she said finally, “I will work on a spell that will give you all you desire, it is a relatively simple spell, but can I live with you here? The world outside is a very different place from that I am used to, if you provide me with shelter, I will help you”

I readily agreed and she went off back to her room. It was a couple of days later that I saw her again. “Everything is ready, lets go to your bedroom and begin” I went without question and led her to my bedroom. “Take of all your clothes and stand by the bed,” she requested. I remove my clothes.

“Now close your eyes and relax” she said in a sultry voice she started to talking in a language that was different from anything I’d heard before, I felt my body tingle, things about me were different, softer, it was if a weight had been lifted off me. I opened my eyes and had to sit back on the bed, as I felt strange and a little woozy. “Relax, everything is ok” she said, “it will take a few minutes for you body to get used to the changes!” What changes I thought, my mind was unclear.

After a while my head cleared, she was still standing before me, I looked down at myself, my chest grown out in a well rounded pair of breast, my penis was gone and I put my hand down between my legs, I had a vagina, my hands and feet were smaller, more delicate. “Come look in the mirror, “ she said. I stood a little unsteadily and she helped me wall over the full-length mirror. Gone was the man, in its place was a slim beautiful woman, 5” 8” tall with nice curves, my hair was long and dark and hanging down my back, my face had feminine features, but it was still me, I had been transformed.

“I can reverse all of these if you want me too, however it will take me a few days to get my strength back, it takes a great deal out of me to perform magic like this.”

“I look wonderful,” I said, even my voice had changed to a sweet sultry tone, very feminine.

I was stunned by this and continued to examine my seemingly perfect female body. She left and returned to her room. I lay on the bed touching the sensitive parts of my new body. I had some female clothes in my wardrobe, but it was too big for me and too sluttish for every day use. I went to her room, she was asleep, and borrowed one of the simple dresses I had bought for her and pair of shoes.

I left the house and drove to a local chain store; I even had to adjust the seat in the car, as I could no longer reach the pedals as I was. The car park at the chain store was quite empty, it being mid week, I climbed out nervously, wondering if people would stare, no one seems to give me a second glance, except a man in a suit you stared at me and smiled. I moved on quickly. I decided to buy a new wardrobe of clothes and spent over an hour picking up skirts, dresses, bras, pants, suspenders, stockings and tights, all everyday wear.

I found a selection of shoes, my feet were a size 5, I picked up 4 different types, flat shoes, court shoes with 3” heels, sandals s with a strap around the ankle and some 6” patent leather shoes. I found a range of makeup; I wasn’t sure what to buy, but bought something of everything there. I took the trolley with my purchases to the checkout, looking around me, it was nearly all women shopping, none of them seem to be paying any attention to me, and I really was a woman. The assistant was amazed at the amount of clothing I had purchased, she bagged it up and I carried it back to my car.

I returned home and spent an hour trying on the different outfits, they made me feel good and feminine, I felt happier than I’d every felt before. I dressed in a simple outfit and went down to the computer in my study. I logged on and used my credit card to join an S & M contact website. It took me a while to get the right profile and I changed the spelling of my name to Teri, I didn’t have a photo, but gave a good description of myself, and all I had to do now was wait.

Later that evening I checked my emails; there were 6 responses already. I had asked for a dominant male to tie me up and use me, some of the responses were graphic in what they wanted to do with me, I selected a couple of the milder ones and responded.

The next day I went shopping again, dressed in my new clothes, only this time I went to a leather fetish shop I have visited before. I purchased a short leather skirt with a split in the side, I enjoyed trying it on, then a small collar with a buckle at the back and D rings at the front and sides and best of all a corset. The corset was black leather boned; it was fastened at the back with ribbons. The female assistant helped me try it on, but stated that she was jealous of my figure and didn’t need it. I bought the corset anyway and returned home.

I checked my emails again, Robert had responded with some details and a photo explaining what he was looking for, he didn’t live far away and he left a mobile number.

I telephoned Robert, nervous as this was a completely new adventure, and I’d never done anything like this with a man before. He sounded nice and polite, he gave me his address and we arranged for a meeting the following evening at 8pm at his place.

I showered early and started to get dressed, I was struggling to get the corset done up tightly when Eleanor came into the room, she asked me if I needed any help, and I explained about the corset. She stood behind me and pulled on the lacing, she tightened it up and I could feel my waist being reduced, breathing was difficult, I loved the feeling of restriction. Eleanor helped me on with the rest of my clothes, the 6 “ court shoes, black seamed stockings and a white blouse, she helped me comb my hair and put it into a pony tail, she put a little bit of red lipstick on my lips.

I stood and looked in the mirror, the split in the side of the leather skirt and the red lipstick made me look slightly sluttish, I felt wonderful and there was moistness between my legs.

“Am I like a woman in all respects?” I asked Eleanor.

“Yes, you are every bit a woman, you feel everything that a woman would feel, now go out and make your dreams come true!”

I walked down stairs; I had dressed up before in high heels when I was a man, but this felt different, just so right. Driving in the heels was difficult at first, but I soon got use to it, the satnav took me straight to Robert’s door. It was a small modern detached house on an estate with many other similar properties. I parked on the drive as he had instructed and then climbed from the car. Nervously I rang the doorbell, it was opened almost instantly. Robert was as good looking as his photo suggested, 6ft muscular, dark hair, probably early 40s.

“Come in” he said beckoning me into the hallway. “You’ve told me what you want and so we better get started, from now on you call me master!”

“Yes master” my voice was sweet and submissive. I followed him upstairs to a bedroom there was only a single metal framed bed in the room, a table with a variety of items on it and a wooden chair.

“Right stand there and put your hands behind your back” he commanded, he took a piece of black cotton rope from the table and tied my hands palm to palm clinching them tightly, then he used another piece and tied my elbows, I was surprised how flexible I had become, when he managed to get them to meet, this rope was clinched, I was truly stuck. He presented a gag to my mouth, this was the ring gag we had talked about, and he inserted in my willing mouth, buckling it behind my head, the straps cutting into the side of my mouth.

Next he tied my legs, above and below the knee then the ankles, I was teetering on the heels. With strong hands he helped me to a kneeling position. I was trembling with excitement, not fear, I knew what was coming, and I was powerless to prevent it. Robert removed his clothes, his cock was already erect and I could see a little pre-cum leaking from the end, he presented to my mouth, first just rubbing my lips, I could taste him, then it was pushed slowly inside, it kept on going until it was touching the back of my mouth, I was reflex gagging on the obstruction, but the ring gag held my mouth open.

Robert moved his engorged cock slowly back and forward, the feeling of being so helpless and used was amazing, then he put both hands on the back of my head and started to pump harder, I couldn’t pull away and breathing was difficult, I was starting to panic, but he then let out a large sigh and went still as he pumped a discharge of semen down my throat, I swallowed automatically, then he withdrew.

Robert helped me to my feet and placed me face down on the bed, he produced another piece of rope and attached it to the rope between my wrists, he then took this to my ankle ropes pulling my wrists and ankles together in a strict hogtie, he tied the end of the rope to that around my knees, there was no way I could reach the knots that held me so tightly. Robert left the room without a word switching off the light. Hogtied on the bed I could do little more than flop onto my side, I was tied tighter than I had every achieved myself, lost in a sub world.

I must have fallen asleep, it was still dark outside I heard the bedroom door open and Robert step in. Without a word he came to the bed and untied the rope keeping me in the hogtie, then he unfastened my wrists and elbows, there was a sense of relief of being able to move after a few hours of restriction. He lifted my hands above my head pulling them towards the top of the bed, he tied each wrist to the corner of the bed frame, I did not resist, just lay there passively. He then untied my legs and tied each ankle to the bottom corner; I was now spread eagled on my back.

He started to stroke my stockings with one hand, the other moved inside my blouse, stroking my breasts, this felt wonderful and I squirmed with the building excitement. His hands went down to my skirt and hitched it up to reveal my panties, his fingers explored the edges before moving them inside, finger felt my wet clit, slowly moving inside me, pleasure and a feeling of wanting more came across me in waves, he withdrew his fingers and with one hand pushed my panties to one side and he used the other to guide his cock into my womanhood.

The touch of his cock inside me, as it forced its way into was electric, I almost came immediately, he continued on probing with his cock till it was buried full length in me, it felt like it filled me completely. Robert started to move back and forth the rhythm building, my body was tensing with the coming orgasm, I came in a rush arching my back as I lifted my bound body toward his, he carried on the rhythm getting stronger, my orgasm kept on coming I felt an almost out of body experience, then he came with a strong sigh and collapsed, spent, breathlessly on top of me. After a few moments he climbed off me, I could see he was smiling to himself.

Robert left the room and I could hear a shower running. I was lying there feeling the combination of his and my juices seep from my legs, sated and very happy. I must have fallen asleep again for when I awoke it was daylight, I was still spread eagled on the bed, the ring gag hurt my mouth, but the rope around my wrists and ankles were tight and I had little movement. Robert came in dressed in a suit. “ I have to go to work soon, so I will untie you, would you like to see me again?” Still gagged I could only nod agreement. He quickly untied me and removed the gag, helping me to stand as I was a little unsteady, he helped me down the stairs and I went out to my car.

The feelings when Robert was using me were wonderful, but I wanted more, to be used more, more bondage, more humiliation, so I went home and rebooted the computer and looked for any new replies.

I found one reply, that interested my greatly, so I emailed some further details about myself and what I was looking for then went upstairs to my room. Eleanor came in a few moments later, she asked if I had enjoyed myself and what it felt like, I told her every detail that I could remember and that I wanted more, she smiled and left me to get a shower and some change of clothes.

That evening I received a response to my email, again a telephone number was supplied, which when phoned was answered quickly, Gary was very interested in meeting me for some fun, so we arranged a session for the next evening.

I dressed in a very short black satin skirt and white blouse, black seamed stockings and 6” heels completed the look, I put on more make up, which made me appear even more sluttish than before and left the house around 8pm for the hour long drive to my next adventure.

I arrived at the house, it was a modest semi-detached property, the door was answered by Gary, he was standing there in a t shirt and jeans, probably in his mid 20s, he was nothing remarkable, he ushered me inside to the living room. There were 5 other men, again in their mid 20sts, sitting around on the easy chairs and the couch watching football on the TV all looked up at my arrival, there were admiring glances and few lewd comments.

Gary spoke first , “Ok so you want to be tied up and used and abused by all of us?”

“Yes” I responded, now I was here this was a little bit more real that I had bargained for, but I my body wanted this.

First Gary took some rope and tied my elbows my wrists to the opposite elbows behind my back, then he tied more rope around my arms and chest, under and above my breasts and clinched the ropes under my arms, this had the effect of making my boobs still out further, tightly restrained by the blouse. “Right then” he said, “who’s first?”

“I won the draw,” said a dark haired bloke, he looked possibly the youngest there. He was sitting in an easy chair. I knelt down in front of him and he unzipped his jeans, his cock was springing to attention and I bent forward and took the end of it in my mouth, his friends were egging him on as I started to take it further into my mouth, he came quickly and urgently. The young bloke got up and another took his place, his cock ready and waiting, I was damp from the excitement as I took him in my mouth, his cock was much bigger and he started to fuck my mouth with some enthusiasm, he came holding my head with his hands as what appeared to be an endless stream of his fluid went down my throat.

The other four men followed quickly, each returning to watch the television whilst one of the others had their way with me. I had cum running from the corners of my mouth dripping onto my blouse; all I could taste was the salty semen.

Once they had all used me once Gary suggested that he get me ready for the second session. He brought in a wooden table about waist height about 3ft Square; I was hustled over to it and ordered to bend over the table. Gary then took some rope and tied each ankle to a table leg spreading me, he then took a second length of rope and tied it around my neck, and he then tied this to the runner on the bottom of the table. The rope around my neck was not too tight, but the constriction only added to my excitement, I was not waiting for the next event.

Gary came behind me, he hitched up my skirt and slid his hand into my panties, finding my wet slit, his fingers lingered there, I was moaning with the attention and anticipation of what was to come. Gary withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his cock, he started slowly, the feeling was incredible as he started to enter me, within a few strokes I was starting to make noises like an animal and I had a monster orgasm, my knees went weak and my breathing was heavy. Gary came almost immediately, probably spurred on by my own orgasm.

“Wow she certainly is a slut,” one of the said. Then another came behind me and entered me. He was slowly pumping away and I was again getting more worked up. Another of them stood in front of my face and presented his cock to my mouth, I opened and he pushed it inside, he started to move back and forth whilst his mate pumped away from the other end, again I came quickly, trying hard not to bite down on the cock in my throat as I came, he suddenly withdrew and squirted warm cum all over my face, his mate seemed to cum at the same time. This went on for the rest of the evening; each of them must have taken me at least twice. I must have cum at least 7 times.

Some time around midnight the men had started to drift off home, and I was left alone with Gary, still tied to the table, with the all the men’s’ fluids dribbling down my stockinged legs, dried cum all over my face. I was still secured over the table, the ropes were cutting into my body, and I was starting to get uncomfortable. “There is one hole we haven’t tried,” he said.

I was alarmed at this and replied quickly, “We discussed this we agreed that you wouldn’t do it the first time!”

“Well no, you said you’d prefer not to, I didn’t agree not to!” he said laughing.

“Please I said no” now very alarmed, I struggled but the ropes were too tight and I had almost no movement.

Gary went behind me; I felt something pressing against my bottom hole. I tried to resist but the pressure was relentless, my muscles finally succumbed to the pressure and he forced his way in, without lubrication it was agony and I screamed, he leaned across me and put his hand over my mouth as he started to fuck my arse, he was banging away like a train and it seemed to take an age before he came. I lay there passively, having no further resistance.

Gary untied me from the table and removed the ropes around my arms; I stood up unsteadily, and pushed down my rumpled and stained skirt. He helped me to the door without a word, opened it and virtually threw me outside. I had been truly used and abused, which was what I had asked.

I returned home, it was after 2pm when I got there, Eleanor came to my room, she helped me undress and take a shower, her hands were soft and she was gentle with me caressing my skin. She asked me all about it and I told her everything, she seem excited by my story, I was just tired, my pussy and bottom were sore from the attention, but despite this I was happy with the evening.

I slept in and was awoken after 10am by Eleanor bringing me tea and toast in bed. She sat on the bed and made me re-count the evening’s events again. I asked her if she had ever done anything like that, she laughed, “I am still a virgin, no man from my village would dare come near me, they were all afraid I’d turn them into a toad or something!”

I laughed as well, she went around to the other side of the bed and climbed in under the covers, she was dressed in a simple plain grey dress that was not particularly flattering, but she never wore anything that could be called sexy. She snuggled up against me, her warm body felt good next to me, so I turned towards her and held her. We stayed like that for some time, then she moved her head towards mine and kissed me gently on the lips, it felt like being kissed by an angel. I returned the kiss, then found her hands on my naked back stroking and soothing, I started to respond, and the kissing and stroking got more frantic, her hands caressed my breasts, I was tingling with excitement.

She removed her dress, she was naked underneath, I moved my head down and suckled her breasts, she was breathing heavily, she put her hands on my head and pushed me further down on the bed, I knew what was expected of me and my mouth soon fond the tuft of dark hair above her slit. I brought my tongue out and flicked it quickly across the opening, she moaned, her hands pushed on the back of my head forcing me down, I started to lick her very moist slit, tasting her in my mouth, I probed deeper and deeper whilst her moans get louder and longer, she came with a rush and a noise like angels screaming, I continued to lick as she came, and came in a seemingly endless orgasm. Once she had calmed down I lay next to her again, she was smiling the smile of contentment. I kissed her on the lips and held her tight. We both fell asleep in each other arms.

That night, Eleanor came to my room again, she brought with her some rope and I allowed her to tie me spread-eagled on the bed. Then she smiled and climbed onto the bed, her head was between my legs, licking and sucking my swollen pussy, she knew what she was about and the orgasm was mind blowing, she left me tied there all night. In the morning she came and released me and we held each other again. This was the pattern of our lives for the next few weeks. I hardly left the house other than to do essential shopping. Eleanor would tie me in different positions to a chair or hog tied on the floor and bring me to orgasm; sometimes she would allow me to please her.

After a very pleasant day when I had been bound in a couple of positions and made to cum until I begged Eleanor to stop, we lay together in bed.  I asked her, “Why do you never leave the house, it’s been months since you were released, but you’ve never put a foot outside the front door?”

She looked at me, then sighed, “The truth is I cannot leave the house, when they were imprisoning me, a priest put a curse on me binding me to the house so I could not leave, you see I am still trapped here!”

“What was it like to be chained to the wall with no hope of escape?” I queried.

“I was unable to move any part of my body, the bands were very restrictive, my body yearned for some stimulation, not being able to touch myself totally helpless for all at time.” She said.

“I would love to have that feeling of restriction!” I responded.

“But you cut the chains and bands, so they are of no use to us now!” she said almost innocently.

“The chains could be replaced, all I did was knock out the rivets, and these could be replaced with padlocks, would you chain me up like you were if I repaired everything?” I was excited and moist at the prospect.

“Of course I will do anything to please you” with that she turned to me and kissed me on the lips, her fingers stroked my thighs and in a few moments we were again making love.

Over the next week I managed to replace the chains and bought large padlocks for the metal bands. One evening it was ready. I assembled all the equipment in the cellar and lit the room with a number of large candles to give it that final dungeon effect.

“First we must get you dressed” Eleanor declared. She brought out the bonded corset from my wardrobe and helped me put it on. She tighten it once, dragging the breath out of me, then she made me hold onto the bed whilst she tightened it further, breathing was only possible in shallow breaths, the constriction was wonderful. Eleanor helped me on with some black satin panties and sheer black seamed stockings, she then selected a pair of shoes from the wardrobe, these had 7” heels and straps around the ankles, when they were first bought I had tried them but they were very difficult to walk in and after only a short time my feet and calves ached. Eleanor put them on my feet and did up the straps. She finished with a little makeup and bright red lipstick.

Eleanor had to help me down to the cellar, the 7” heels were hard to balance in, finally we got to the wall were the chains were hanging ready for me. “Are you sure you want to try this and are doing it willingly?” She asked.

“I will do anything for you my love,” I said looking into her eyes.

She guided me back against the wall, first cuffing my arms with the manacles, sliding the heavy padlocks home. The chain was secured to rings in the wall with padlocks, so she could adjust them to take out any slack, my arms were stretched out above me, and I was luxuriating in the moment. Next she put the manacles on each ankle and attached the padlock, she pulled my legs apart fastening them wider that she had been spread. Next she put on the headband, it padlocked firmly to the wall, and my head was now fixed. Then she presented the metal gag strap to my mouth, I opened my mouth wide to accommodate the metal plate, she worked for a few minutes to get the padlocks in place, and finally it was done. The plate stretched my mouth; it was pressing my tongue down making speech impossible, the bands around my head and face kept me from any movement of my head.

I stood there balancing on my heels, with some of the weight on my arms, there was a total feeling of restraint, the bands and chains would not allow any movement. Eleanor left me there for a short while, when she returned she had some objects in her hands. Firstly she approached me looking into my eyes, she showed me a pair of nipple clamps, these were ones I had bought but never used, to unsure if I could stand them. She attached one to the first nipple, the pain was immediate and I cried out into the gag, she quickly attached the second clamp, smiling to me as she did. I couldn’t look down to see these the bands held me tight. Despite the pain in my nipples I was begining to get really horny, but there was little I could do for myself.

Then she showed me a 8” vibrator with wires attached, we had never used one before and I wonder were she had got if from. She pushed my panties aside and pushed it into my moist slit, pushing the panties back over the end to hold it in place. She ran the wires over to a box connected to an electrical extension lead. Then she came to face me again. The Eleanor I knew seem to have changed, the mouth, eyes were harder, gone was the softer lines I knew and loved.

“Thank you for doing this, the curse is now broken, you have taken my place!” I looked her confused, “The curse could only be broken if someone willing took my place, I asked you and you said yes, you are a fool! I knew that you could be trapped eventually. Why do you think I did all these things for you? I have learned all about your world, about your electronic money, the internet and everything else. I can live in your house or leave and travel the world with your money for the rest of my life, which could be a long time, with magic I could live for another 400 years. Unfortunately, you will have to remain here. I can keep you alive but you will have to remain as you are. I have added a little more than I had to keep you amused over the years, you see the vibrator is set at medium, which should probably not allow you to get off on it, as you so desire, but will keep you on edge, as it works from the mains it should last some time, well until the motor burns out!”

I pleaded into the gag, but no real sounds came out, she went over to the box powering the vibrator switched it on. Then she left. The vibrator made me even more horny, but was too low to get me to the final point, I nearly got there but it was just set too low to allow me to climax, I was frustrated.

Some time later Eleanor returned, I almost cried with relief and attempted to ask her to release me. She looked at me and smiled cruelly. “Not quite the end you expected? Perhaps if I get bored with my new life I can come down here and play with you, in a few centuries, perhaps!”

With that she left the room. I heard a noise, scraping and movement of object, I couldn’t turn my head to see, but I knew what it was, she was replacing the bricks in the wall, I was being entombed.


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