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Forced Dominatrix Transformation

by jeffapr202006

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Storycodes: Solo-F; machine; altered reality; transform; domme; bodymod; latex; corset; boots; gloves; insert; mind-control; arousal; denial; stuck; climax; cons/nc; X

Jessica shifted in her seat after changing the settings on her special laptop, having an altering reality machine at her disposal was awesome but would never replace her good friend for many years. He had given it as a gift to her after helping him realize his life long dream on being on TV. She never really knew how it worked and before he passed away a few years ago, he let her know that this was the only one of it's kind. Jessica was a talent agent that everyone in Hollywood came to when they had a unique character to cast, she just seemed to always deliver. What no one knew was that many of these "Actors" were actually Jessica herself. From a little boy to an old lady, she was able to type the command in the program and become what seemed like an impossible character to find.

Darren from one of the studio's had emailed her a new request. When Jessica opened the email, she couldn't believe what was being requested. They were looking for fetish queen that is a reluctant dominatrix. She would be compelled by her body to dominate others and be mortified about the way she acts and the way she looks. She would have cartoonish size breasts and outfit on. This is nothing she ever had been requested to find before and seemed more of something for a porno. It must be for a spoof movie she thought and knew that there was no one in her catalog that fit the bill.

Knowing she would have to be the one to fill this role, she was both disgusted and aroused at the same time. Switching over to the special laptop, she used her fingerprint to unlock the computer and booted up the program. The program had an avatar that reflected the requested changes in order to make tweaks. Jessica had a default profile that she had saved that would bring her back to her current body and form. She started a new profile and thought about what to call her new reluctant dominatrix form. After a few minutes, she came up with the name Deb Cox. Moving over to the sliders, she moved the sliders in this fashion.......

-For her breasts to EE size

-Hair to jet black

-Complection to paste white

-Waist 18 inches

-Tendons shortened to require 6 inch or higher heels (so she could handle wearing dominatrix boots for extended periods of time during filming)

-Ankles weaked to require tight fitting boots in order to walk. (so she could handle wearing restrictive boots for extended periods of time)

-Piercings both nipples will have large smooth rings, clit ringed as well

-Fetishes Strong latex fetish due to unable to wear anything else but latex, allergic to any other fabric


Looking at this fierce woman in avatar form really got Jessica inspired to add some other attributes to this persona.


-Chain to connect both nipple rings

-Seamless indistructable latex corset that comes just below the nipples, extends down to hips, and has a strict posture collar for the neck connected to the corset on the back side

-Seamless formfitting crotch high indestructible latex boots that has a 7 inch heel with no platform

- Seamless formfitting indistructable latex opera gloves that go to the armpit

Jessica staring at the new form scratched her head, there is something missing from this character. Then like light being switched on, she added.

Deb has an integrated latex chastity belt that is part of her body that can not be removed, she has an internal male member in her vagina that is always erect and keeps her frustrated at all times. She can feel everything including the member since her nerves extend through the member. The latex outfit controls Deb at all times only to give her control at certain times to tease her into thinking she can get out of this predicament which could never happen. The internal member was in order to give meaning to Deb Cox's name, this would give her.inspiration on being Deb. On the avatar, it only looked like Deb had a pair of latex underwear on with a round donut area where the internal member is located


Looking at her creation, Jessica shuddered looking at this woman. Could she actually go through with this? All of her other creations had some morality about them, this woman is forced to be something she doesn't want to be. Her finger was just off the enter key not knowing if she was going through with it, her phone suddenly rang. Being startled she hit the key by accident and the changes started. Within 30 seconds, Jessica became Deb Cox. Deb did not realize what the internal member was going to make her feel. She had to concentrate hard keep the member from moving, as soon as her mind drifted, it would start moving again. She thought about removing it but wanted to keep the significance to her name.

She wanted to get the audition over with so she made her way over to her closet noticing the loud squeaking of her outfit as well as how restrictive it was. Also having the feeling of both her vagina and the male member was way too intense. Having feelings in two sex organs had no description she could even think of. She reached down to see if she could get it to leave it hang until audition time but found it would only come down an inch before there was too much resistance and it slid right back in making it quite impossible to remove. She sure was Deb Cox! Grabbing her longest coat out of the closet, she noticed a scratching sensation in her gloved hand when it touched the cotton fabric. Attempting to put it on, her body started to burn badly and she pulled it off as quickly as possible. Deb went to the computer and added that she had an all latex clothing collection, as well as latex bed sheets and a dominatrix styled home in case she needed to rehearse. Reality shifted, Deb heard squeaking in the closet and the entire house turned into a gothic castle style house. Strict latex hoods of high quality appeared on shelving, sex toys showing up everywhere. Going back to the closet, she found a long latex trench coat that covered most of her body which only left her collar, gloved hands, and booted feet showing.

Two hours later, Deb arrived at the studio, it was hard to work the pedals of her car with the tight, thick, restrictive boots on. She decided to bring a whip along to complete the look. She made her way over to Darren to start the audition. What surprised her is that Darren looked at her with a disgusting look and said, "Who are you and what are you doing here?". Deb stated that Jessica sent her over for an audition for the role outlined in the email. Darren's look softened and said, "I'm sorry but someone hacked my email account and sent out emails to several people in my contacts. I thought Jessica would think that email was a joke since this character was so extreme. I would never think she would be able to find someone like you! Tell Jessica I'm sorry and let her know my hat is off to her to find the impossible. Have a great day and let her know I will make it up on the next one."

Deb walked out of the studio defeated and sat in her car. Taking the boots off would make driving easier, so she reached down to pull the right boot off. Pulling as hard as she could, it wouldn't budge! Inspecting both boots she now realized there was no zipper on either. Same with the corset and gloves. Trying to roll the gloves off her arms proved quite futile. She wished she would have brought the laptop with her to go back to her normal self but was resigned to having to get home to change back and have a nice bubble bath. She got back several hours later due to not being able to concentrate to stop her male member inside of her, there was several times she had to pull over to have an orgasm.

Walking in the door she started feeling odd like she was loosing control of her movements. After removing her coat, she started to make it over to the computer. Just a few inches away from the mouse, her gloved hand stopped. The latex outfit had stopped her, it wasn't going to allow her to change reality back. Deb struggled as hard as she could but couldn't inch her way to the mouse. The outfit turned her away and strutted towards her bed. There were people to dominate and the outfit was done for now letting Deb think she had control. Maybe next week it would let her think she was in control again and make her think it will allow her to access the program. Deb meanwhile was screaming in her mind trying to gain control again.

Is this the end......


Two weeks later, Deb awoke taking her gloved hand to move her long hair out of her face. The past few weeks have been humiliating to Deb. Mainly having women squirm to any advance Deb made, and also getting stimulation from them starting at licking from the tip of her boots to working her member at the doughnut area to get her off several times a day. Trying to forget the humiliation, Deb finally realized she had control again. Complete control! She jumped up forgetting about how bad her feet felt in the restrictive boots. It was time to get out of this nonsense.....

Deb made her way to the computer to right this. Moving the mouse around she got the welcome screen up. Putting her thumb down to unlock the computer nothing happened. Son of a Bitch, there were gloves on her hands that couldn't be pulled off due to her commands and there was no way to get her fingerprint onto the pad. Maybe if she could transfer her fingerprint from a drinking glass or something else she touched before the transformation.

to be continued...

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