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Forever a Maids shoes

by CaptianHarlock

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© Copyright 2016 - CaptianHarlock - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; witch; revenge; transform; m2object; shoes; worn; maid; latex; memoryloss; objectified; stuck; cons/nc; X

Day Zero

“You shouldn’t have pushed for a divorce Jack.”  Jack’s now ex-wife Mindy told him with an evil looking smile while he was frozen helplessly in place from the spell she just cast on him.

“Per the code of my coven our marriage was the only thing protecting your cheating ass from my wraith.  Against my better judgment I warned you that you might regret divorcing me but you went through with it anyway.  Now you are MINE!”  Mindy finished, her voice cracking like a whip.

“Her spell had me totally immobilized so it was impossible for the expression on my face to mirror the horror I now felt.  I knew from the start that Mindy was a witch.  We enjoyed using her spells in the bedroom but after a couple of years we grew bored with our relationship and we started drifting apart.  It was then I met Liz at work and over the course of a few weeks we became lovers.  It didn’t take long for Mindy to discover that I was having an affair and she kicked me out of the house.  With Mindy and I separated I moved in with Liz and things were going good until Liz insisted that we take our relationship further by getting married.  Mindy is right, she did warn me that there might be consequences of me divorcing her but I never expected she would go so far as to use her powers on me against my will.  That is apparently what she meant all along when it came to getting divorced.  I came home from work today expecting to be greeted by Liz but Mindy was here instead.  I hope Liz wasn’t here when Mindy arrived.  My thoughts were interrupted by Mindy speaking again.”

“Jack, these last few weeks while I waited for the divorce to be finalized I pondered what I was going to do to you.  How was I going to punish you?  I couldn’t decide what would be a good enough punishment for you.”  She said while slowly circling him,  “But now?  Now I know.”  She finished by leaning in close to Jack’s left ear whispering.
“Remember the young, rich business woman I worked for as a maid?  Well, it turns out that she is bisexual like me.  When she found out that you and I were separated she made her intentions known and we’ve been a couple for about a month now.”  She said with a soft look on her face, “I live with her now Jack.  Remember that stiff, formal maid outfit she had me wear?  It turns out she’s almost as kinky as I am.  My new uniform changes from time to time but for the most part it’s an ultra tight, skimpy little pink and white latex french maid outfit.  Does the thought of me wearing that get your crank turning Jack?”  She asked in a breathy whisper while licking his ear.

“She was right, the thought of it was turning me on, but something felt wrong.”

“Awww.  Too bad my immobilization spell is so effective.  Poor, poor Jack can’t get a hard on!”  Mindy said with a laugh while cupping my non-responsive manhood, “I hope you and your harlot had a good time the last time you had sex Jack, because you’re never going to experience again.  In fact, you’ll never be human again.  You see, I need a kinky pair of shoes to go along with my maid outfit and store bought heels just aren’t comfortable enough.”  She said and after a pause she started chanting a spell.

“Never be human again??  Surely she wasn’t going to follow through on that?  Would she?”  Jack’s frightened thoughts were interrupted when her spell slammed in to him.

“First my clothes disappeared and then my body started tingling as it started to move.  Not moving at my will but my skin started melting, running down my body and pooling on the tile floor I was standing on.  In a few seconds my whole body was reduced to a flesh colored puddle.  There was a few seconds pause and then the tingling from her spell kicked in again.  The puddle that I now was started coalescing in on itself and taking shape.  Two shapes actually, just like Mindy promised I was becoming a pair of shoes.  At first my body had formed in to two clumps sitting next to one another but then the shoes I was about to become started taking shape.  I felt myself getting denser as I kept falling in on my self.  My sole formed first, becoming a one inch platform with a 6 inch heel.  Then the body of my new form took shape, hollowing out taking the shape of a high heel shoe.  Finally the front part of the opening of me formed a frilly border with a dainty bow on top and a frilly strap formed out from the back of my heel.  I then went from being flesh toned to the frilly parts of me turning white and the rest of me turned pink.” 

“Hmm...  It looks like you turned out right.  Now to finish you up.”  Mindy said as she scooped him up and looked closely at the results of her handiwork and then tossed the heels on to a chair.

“Finish?  What does she mean?   OOHHH!  throwing me on to the chair was really disorienting!  I see from both halves of me and the two different points of view I had as I flew through the air would have had me puking if I was still human!”  His thoughts were interrupted by Mindy’s renewed chanting.

“The air seemed to grow heavy and the lights dimmed in the apartment while she chanted.  She finished the spell with a clap of her hands.  Thunder pealed in the distance as she clapped and the lights went out!  At the same time I felt a wrenching sensation deep inside and then the lights flickered back on.  This was something completely new.  I had never felt like this every other time Mindy used her magic on me.  What did she do?”  Jack thought worriedly.  

“Alright my kinky looking shoes, from this point forward reality has been re-written.  It only knows you as this pair of shoes and within a few hours everybody you have ever known will forget you!  I haven’t erased you, even I am not powerful enough to do that but I was able to make so no will ever think about you or remember you.  Even other magic users will not be able to detect that you are anything but what you are now.  I am the only one who will remember that you were once a pathetic, cheating asshole.  She said maliciously,  “And yes, in case you were wondering that includes you!  Your point of view will start shifting and over time you will stop thinking about yourself as a human named Jack.  You will start thinking of yourself as my shoes and lose your sense of self.  Then over time you’ll cease to think at all and truly become a pair of inanimate objects.  You might last a year or you might only last a month.  The beauty of it is the more I wear you, the faster reality works to change you!”  She said, finishing with a wicked laugh as she scooped her new shoes up and threw them in a shopping bag and walked out of Liz’s apartment, stepping on a dress that was lying on the floor and leaving the door open behind her.

Day 5

“Oh God, she’s had me like this for five days so far!  True to her word she hasn’t said anything to me since she turned me in to a pair of shoes.”  Jack thought to himself as Mindy dusted the book shelves in her employers / lovers study.  “Uh, it’s still super disorientating when she moves around in me!  The vertigo I experience when she’s moving around doesn’t make me pass out anymore at least but I wish she would turn me back now.  I’ve learned my lesson Mindy!  I swear I have!  I’m sorry for cheating on you!  Please don’t leave me like this!”  Jack helplessly pleaded silently to his ex wife.

Day 11

“OH!  It must be morning already!  Mistress Mindy just pulled me out of the dark closet and is slipping me on her beautiful fee.....  Damn!  It just happened again!  Mindy is NOT my mistress!  She’s my bitch of an ex-wife that’s left me stuck as these infernal heels!  OOOO!  Mistress is using me to look pretty!  I’m glad I help complete her outfi.....  AGH!  Ever since I stopped feeling disorientated while being worn it’s been harder and harder to remember who I am!  I’m Jack!  I had a life and a job as....   as.....   Did I have a job?  I had to have....  Didn’t I?  OOOO!   Mistress just rubbed me across her calf.....  NO!  I am Jack.  I am Jack.  I am Jack.”  The shoes repeated that mantra over and over hoping to hang on to himself.

Day 22

“Shoes are happy Owner wears us everyday.  It’s sooo lonely when she leaves me over night in the closet or cast aside in other owners bedroom.  Shoes especially likes it when Owner wears us while attending other owner in her bed!  We love making owner look sexy!”  The sexy heels thought to them self.  “Shoes FAVORITE part of the day is the most bittersweet as well.  Being cleaned and polished by owner at the end of the day feels heavenly!  The loving care she gives us makes us love Owner more and more!  It makes being put away not seem so bad.”

Day 29, A Few Minutes Before Midnight

“Shoes....  Love...  Owner.  Shoes....  Love...  Owner.  Shoes....  Love...  Owner.  Shoes....  Love...  Owner.  Shoes....  Love...  Owner.  Shoes....  Love...  Owner.  Shoes....  Love...  Owner.   Shoes...                   Love...                       Owner...  Shoes...                   Love...                       Owner...  Shoes...                   Love...                       Owner...  Shoes...                   Love...                       Owner...  Shoes...                                                                      Love...                                                          Owner...  

Midnight, Start of Day 30


Morning of Day 42

Mindy stretched as languidly as she turned off her alarm and sat up in bed.  A smile formed across her lips as she gazed contentedly at the engagement ring that her Mistress, lover and now fiancée gave her last night at dinner while out on the town.

She got out of bed and quickly powered up her body so she could shimmy in to the tight, pink latex maid dress that Mistress liked so much.  Mindy then did her hair up in a loose bun, set the ruffled white latex maid hat in place and applied her make-up.  Once she had her hair and make-up done to the standard her fiancée demanded she sat on the edge of the bed and slipped her white latex stockings on and then tied the little, white latex apron and choker on and  then walked over to the closet and opened it.

She picked up her pink and white heels that would complete her uniform with out giving them any special thought.  Even though she was the only being in existence that knew the true nature of the heels she was slipping on her feet, she had moved on with her life the moment she had finished casting her spells on them.  They were just part of her uniform, nothing more.


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