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Four Corners

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+; F/m+; party; transform; majick; M2f; punish; tight-clothing; breasts; leather; reluct/cons; X

Part 1

In the midwest, country roads are generally straight and regular, dividing the land into one mile squares. On one or more sides of each square, you might find a farm, its house, barns and sheds usually situated along the road near the center of its length. There were, of course, variations, but, as a rule, the squares, called sections, were pretty much the same.

One exception, in a wooded area, had become known locally as the four corners. Purchased jointly by four friends, the one square mile piece of land had been divided evenly into four parcels, with one friend living on each. Instead of hugging the road, as farms usually did, all four dwellings sat in the center of its particular parcel.

The four owners had been friends since grade school. As co-owners of the land, they had all worked on each of the four houses, as well as a comfortably appointed building set directly in the center of the section, dubbed the clubhouse. Here, the four threw parties nearly every weekend, with only two requirements for any guest. They had to be invited, and they had to be able to find the place.

Surprisingly, the clubhouse was a very popular party spot. Surprising not only because of its remoteness, but also because of the four hosts. Each was successful in his own way, and each carried an opinion of women that was disdainful at best.

In appearance, the four couldn't have been more different. Steve, the construction worker, was tall and muscular. Taylor, the male model, was slender, almost willowy in appearance. Neil, the options trader, was stocky but fit looking. And Andrew, the electronics developer, was slim and athletic. Each was, in his way, attractive enough to interest women, though that interest always seemed to fade quickly in the face of each man's attitude toward women.

All of the above may seem to be minor, insignificant information, but it all relates to the events that took place on a fateful weekend. It was a weekend to change lives, but it didn't start out that way.

As usual for a Friday night, the clubhouse was packed. The men were eager to pick someone up. The women, it seemed, were equally eager to be picked up, so long as it wasn't by one of the four hosts. Ironically, these four had gained a reputation for being the least successful men in their own clubhouse.

On this night, there was one women all four seemed drawn to. Tall, slender, perfectly built, her long raven hair framing a face of absolute beauty. One after another, the four repeatedly approached her, only to be turned away. As the night progressed, the men's approaches, fueled as they were by alcohol, became ever more direct. After one particularly direct remark from Steve, the woman had obviously had enough.

Turning from Steve, she made her way to the stereo, silencing the music with one jab of her finger to the power button. Turning to the surprised crowd, she raised both hands over her head.

"Party's over," she announced. "Everyone out." Strangely, nobody argued, the crowd quickly filing out the door until only the four hosts remained with the woman in the otherwise empty room.

"Why'd you do that?" Steve demanded, only to be silenced by a glare from the woman.

"You four," she said in a soft voice, "are children. Spoiled children, at that. You need to learn to treat others better. Especially women. In the coming days, you will learn, by experiencing your inner woman."

Steve sneered. "There's no woman here, lady," he said proudly. "I'm all man, and I'd be happy to prove it to you."

"Are you?" As the woman smiled, the room seemed to darken. When light returned, there were no men to be seen.

"Hey!" Steve's clothes had vanished, revealing a tall, muscular frame. A decidedly female frame, complete with large breasts, narrow waist, and toned thighs, between which nestled a softly furred mound. Stunned, he could only stare at his equally stunned and naked friends.

Where Taylor had stood was now a slender, willowy beauty with long auburn hair. Neil's stocky frame had been replaced by one that was almost a caricature, with wide hips, pinched waist and outthrust breasts. Andrew had become a toned, tanned woman with medium breasts. For a moment, the four simply stared at each other.

Finally, Neil broke the silence. "What did you do to us?"

The woman smiled. "I have liberated the woman inside each of you. You will remain this way until I feel you have learned your lesson. And don't worry what others might think. As far as anyone remembers, you've always been this way." She looked pointedly at Steve. "What is your name?"

"My name?" Steve was puzzled by the question. "It's Stephanie. No, it's Stephanie. No, damn it, my name is Stephanie." Surprised by his inability to say his given name, he fell silent.

"See?" The woman glanced at each of the four. "There is no Steve, no Neil or Andrew. Now there is Stephanie, Nell, and Andrea." She grinned at Taylor. "Your name," she said, "can stay the same, since it could be either a man's name or a woman's." The grin faded. "The lesson has begun," she said seriously. "It is up to each of you how long that lesson lasts." With that, the woman vanished.

For long moments, the four simply stared at each other. "How," Andrew finally asked, "did this happen?"

"Ask Stephanie," Neil replied. "She was the last one to talk to that woman before this. What did you say to her, bitch?"

Steve scowled. "Don't call me bitch, bitch," he snarled. "And I don't remember what I said. Besides, maybe it wasn't me. Maybe it was you, or Taylor, or maybe Andrea."

"Gals," Taylor interrupted, "do you hear us? We're talking to each other like we're really women." He frowned. "And not," he added, "the kind of women I'd like to meet."

"What are you getting at?" Steve demanded. "Are you saying we really are women? Maybe you should be more careful what you say before you piss me off."

"And maybe," Neil said, glaring at Steve, "you should shut up before I decide to slap those tits right off you."

At this, both Taylor and Andrew stepped back, well aware of Steve's temper. To their surprise, Steve also took a step back. "Okay," he said quickly. "I'm just saying she needs to watch what she says. We're not women, no matter what we look like."

"You're wrong, Stephanie," Andrew remarked. "We are women. We look like women, we sound like women, we're even addressing each other as women. We know what we are, or what we used to be, but none of us can put it into words, even to each other." He shook his head. "We're women, and we're stuck with it, at least until we learn this lesson, whatever that is."

"I'm going home," Taylor announced, turning toward the door. "With any luck, I'll wake up in the morning and find out this was all a bad dream." Suiting actions to words, he slipped out the door. One by one, the others followed, until the clubhouse sat dark and empty.

Saturday morning, Steve entered the clubhouse to find the other three already there. As he closed the door, Neil glanced up. "Where have you been?"

"Trying to mow my yard," Steve replied, reaching up to cup large breasts. "Problem is, these things keep bouncing all over the place. Damn near bounced me off the mower. What about you three? What are you up to?"

"Trying to figure something out," Andrew replied. "Tell me, is your house different?"

Steve scowled. "Damn thing's womanized," he replied. "Looks like it was decorated by the Lady's Auxiliary. And my clothes are all gone." He glanced down at the snug shorts and crop top he wore. "Except for work clothes, it's all like this. And it's too warm out for denim and plaid."

"At least yours fit," Neil remarked, plucking at skin tight shorts and tank top. "All of my stuff is about a size too small." He glanced over. "Why us and not you?"

Taylor and Andrew looked more comfortable in loose shorts and T-shirts, but only slightly. "You just can't see what's underneath," Taylor replied. "All I could find were thongs." He squirmed slightly. "Feels like it's going straight up my crack."

"That," Andrew remarked, "is why I decided to go commando."

"Same here," Neil replied, glancing around. "And it's obvious from all the bouncing going on that none of us are wearing a bra. But we're here to figure out what we need to do. That woman said learn how to treat people, and this was how. So...."

"And how," Steve interrupted, "is having tits gonna teach me how to treat a woman." With a grin, he reached up and squeezed his own breasts. "Unless she means how to treat her in bed. These might be good for practicing that, anyway."

"Fine," Neil snapped. "You go play with yourself like a slut. And if you're lucky, we'll figure out a way to save your ass before I decide to take a strap to it."

Steve's eyes widened. "You wouldn't." Taking a step to one side, he dropped quickly into a chair, breasts bouncing wildly.

"Don't tempt me," Neil replied with an evil grin that made Steve's eyes go even wider.

"Girls." Hearing Taylor's voice, Neil grew serious once again.

"You're right. We need to figure this out, and bending Steph over a bench, pulling down her shorts and spanking her isn't going to do that." He grinned again. "Does sound like a lot of fun, though." Steve's response was to sink into the chair, as if trying to bury his ass in the cushions.

"Anyway, we've got all day to talk this through. If we get hungry, we can grab food from one of the houses. So, any ideas?"

And so the day passed, the four talking quietly, sharing ideas and suggestions. As they did, all noticed a subtle shift in the group. Before, Steve had always been the leader. Now he seemed perfectly happy to remain in the background. Neil, the ardent follower, now took charge. Taylor and Andrew remained basically the same, with Taylor an almost fawning follower, while Andrew retained his traditional role as the group's designated target for jokes and insults.

With a break for lunch, the discussion continued all day. Then, as afternoon began to wane into evening, all four began to find themselves growing restless. Conversation faltered as the four seemed to become increasingly uncomfortable and unable to remain still. Finally, Neil rose to his feet.

"I've had it," he declared. "I need to get out. We can try some more tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to town."

"Like that?" Steve's eyes widened at the thought.

"Why not? Everyone thinks I've always been this way, so who'll notice anything unusual. I'm going to see if I can find something a little less tight, and I'm going out. Anyone care to join me?"

"I'll go," Taylor said quickly. Andrew nodded quietly, then all three turned to Steve, who seemed to squirm slightly under their gaze.

"Fine," he finally said, "I'll go. But only for a little while, and then we come home."

"Of course." Neil smiled. "Now, let's go find some clothes."

"You call this clothes?" Steve stood defiantly in the center of his bedroom, shaking his head at a mirror. Unable to find anything he thought fit to wear, he'd called Neil, who'd dug through the closet and found this dress. Although, to Steve's eyes, it didn't quite qualify.

With thin straps, hardly thicker than string, the dress went on to display a plunging neckline reaching almost to Steve's naval. Only a thin strap at nipple level kept his large breasts from bursting out of the tight fabric. Below, the cloth bottomed out just beneath his thighs. Turning from his reflection, Steve stared at Neil.

"You expect me to wear this?"

Wearing skin tight, black leather pants, along with matching leather top, Neil nodded. "I do."

"But," Steve protested in an almost pleading voice, "can't I find something else?"

Neil shook his head. "No time. Taylor and Andrea are waiting downstairs." He grinned suddenly. "Just be careful how you bend over."

Reluctantly, Steve followed Neil downstairs to meet the others. Taylor, even now displaying a model's priorities, looked stunning in a knee length, form-fitting gown, while Andrew sported a light, knee length summer style dress. Watching from the bottom of the stairs, both grinned at Steve.

"Be careful with stairs tonight, honey," Andrew quipped. "I can see everything you've got from here."

His face flushed, Steve tried unsuccessfully to cover himself. "She wouldn't let me wear any panties," he pouted, glancing at Neil.

"Of course not," Neil grinned. "That would spoil the lines. Now, ladies, what say we go out, have a few drinks, and forget our troubles for a while?"


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