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From One Prison to Another

by Kinky Katie

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© Copyright 2013 - Kinky Katie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; costume; public; tease; drug; bond; gag; transform; statue; sex; oral; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

One rule for princesses at the Magic Kingdom is to always, no matter what, stay in character. This includes maintaining the high-pitched voice Disney princesses are often potrayed with.

This princess, Rapunzel, was portrayed by a young, pert, four foot ten inch, 22 year old vixen. She twirls her long blonde hair, which was perpetuated by the flowing Rapunzel wig. Her tight, pink dress spins with the girl. Playing with her hair keeps Katie, immersed as Rapunzel at the moment, occupied while waiting for the next guest at the meet and greet.

A strong man, resembling Rapunzel’s lover, Flynn Rider, approached the woman. He smiled at her. “Hey there.”

In her still incredibly high pitched voice, Katie-turned-Rapunzel replied. “Hello! I’m Rapunzel! And who are you?”

Looking her up and down, the man responded. “Well, I’m Jacob and it is very nice to meet you.”

"Oh no, no, we must remain curteous and respectful of the women here." Rapunzel told Jacob off about his eyeing her. "Where are you from, Mr. Jacob?" She asked gesticulating properly like a real princess.

He winked and said, “I’m from a land far far away. Think we could get a picture?”

"Of course! Come stand by me and take my arm, Master Jacob!" She said as the photographer prepared to shoot the young bombshell posing dreamily with the park guest. "Say cheese."

As the flash goes off, Jacob groped Rapunzel’s ass roughly. She perked up and grabbed his wrist. “No, no, sweetie!” She said with a lovely, halfway-annoying, high voice.

"I know you loved it. If you want, meet me outside on your break." He whispered into her ear, giving her one last pat on her rump before leaving Rapunzel’s presence.

The girl portraying Rapunzel told the woman portraying Snow White about his rude and abrasive attitude. She, too, was high-pitched and aghast. Together, they marched to Jacob and took him to the underground facilities of the park so he could be confronted away from the children.

Jacob spoke first. “So you brought a friend. Who might you be?”

"I’m Princess Snow White!" Miss White replied in character.

"Well then," Jacob began turning behind the women. "You two ladies need a Prince Charming?" He finished, slipping his hands down around both of their waists.

"Oh my! This is not a park for sex, sir. This is for children and wonder!" Snow replied.

"Oh, I know that." He said with a chuckle. "But right now I see no children and I wonder why Miss Rapunzel showed up if you don’t want more. Are you a little tease, blondie?" Jacob said moving closer to Rapunzel.

Rapunzel fought her urge. “No! Not at all! I’m here to make kids happy!”

"I was a kid once. Make me happy." He rebuttled, moving in closer, nibbling her ear affectionately.

Rapunzel closed her eyes and moaned a bit, but Snow White slapped her. “Katie, stop.” She whispered in her normal voice.

Jacob decided to put an end to the impedement between he and Rapunzel’s affair. “Look, ‘Miss White,’ if you don’t want a piece of me, you can go. I think your friend here wants a little happy ever after anyway.” He said, massaging Rapunzel’s ass.

Snow White gasped and stormed off, ashamed of her friend as Rapunzel as she began to succumb to her horny desires.

Jacob refocused on Rapunzel. “So, how long you been up in that tower? You kept yourself busy?” He asked grinding against his fair maiden.

"Not too long." She answered, flexing her body to fit with his. As he moved his hands up her back slowly, causing a spasm, she stopped him. "Oh, fuck. I have to go back to work. Stay at the Pirates ride. I’ll meet you once I’m done."

"You got me all worked up. I’ll punish you later…don’t be late." He said before pulling Rapunzel close one last time to kiss her aggressively.

Rapunzel returned and met with children and park-goers like nothing happened. She was innocent as could be. Snow White approached her. “What happened? You didn’t, did you?” She whispered to her friend.

"He’s coming back to my place later."

She looked in disbelief. “Really, Katie? You’re really that horny?” Her whispers grew louder.

Rapunzel tried to main character. “Yes, I am. You know about my Disney princess fetish!”

Ashamed, Snow White sighed and muttered, “I guess she’ll keep the outfit on.”

Meanwhile, Jacob was growing impatient at the Pirates ride. He was tapping his foot and growing bored as his darling Rapunzel was already five minutes late. Just then, Rapunzel dashed to the ride, lifting her dress so she would not step on it.

"I do love that outfit on you." He said taking her in from head to toe.

Rapunzel giggled, curtsied, and twirled en pointe. She blushed and looked up to the right before smiling brightly and shimmying her hips.

"Those hips…I have a thing for princesses."

"Luckily you’ve found one." Rapunzel said, tilting, and blowing a kiss.

"I mean a real fetish." He said, blushing, thinking it might be a turn-off.

"Tell me more, Master Jacob."

"I’ll give you the whole story, but not here."

"Where then? Maybe my place?"

"Absolutely. Take me to your chambers, m’lady."

"Tower or apartment?"

Unable to control his pleasure, he said, “Oh god. The tower.”

"Looks like we won’t be leaving the tower."

"No, we’ve got all we need right here." He smiled and rubbed up against her so she could feel his excitement.

"Not where there’s children." She giggled and pulled on his sweatshirt’s drawstrings.

"Then, you better take me away my long-haired beauty." At this, Rapunzel brought her back to the costume house and gave him a Flynn Rider outfit.

"It’s a good fit." He said, admiring its depiction of his "package."

"Remember to stay in character." Rapunzel reminded him, not once breaking her character stride and high-pitched voice. The first child entered.

"Hello! I’m Rapunzel! And who are you?"

Child after child visited the tower and it went on for hours until the queue reached its end. The park closed and everyone left once Rapunzel brought her new prince to the second story of the tower.

"This is cozy." Jacob admired.

"I love being dressed as Rapunzel!" Her character remained unbroken.

"Whatever you do, don’t take that off. It’s perfect."

"I rarely do, sweetheart."

"Good, you certainly won’t need to tonight… at least, not all of it."

"Ooo, you’re a frisky guest!"

He smiled and held out his hand. “Come to the window with me?” She clasped him and followed. “Take a look outside, Rapunzel.” She complied and he moved behind her. “Keep looking out there.” He pulled her legs back slightly so she was bent over, with her top half out the window. He looked up her dress and stared at the beautifully plump ass. Rapunzel stuck out of the building like a fair maiden as her booty was treated far differently. Jacob massaged the back of her panties with two fingers, pulling the tights down.

"Feeling a bit frisky tonight, Flynn?"

"More than a bit, Rapunzel." He replied, pulling her panties down and inserting one finger.

"Hehe, what a great feeling to be looking over my land and getting fucked by a hand!" Rapunzel giggled like an airhead and continued her whimsical, childlike, innocent presence through rhyme.

"Are you ready for an adventure, princess?" Jacob pulled his pants off and began to tease Rapunzel’s pussy.

"I’m ready, my prince!" She said maintaining a high pitch.

He put his hands around her waist and pulled the princess onto his dick. He thrust faster and faster as she gazed wistfully out the window. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" She shouted into the magical night sky. He lifted one of her legs to get deeper, but her incredibly lengthy hair was in the way.

"Do whatever it takes to rip through my ass!" Rapunzel shouted. To hear an "innocent" princess shout this sentence was humorous in itself. Jacob grabbed Rapunzel’s hair and pulled her back making her arch it, increasing the tightness of her ass. "It hasn’t seen much action in my twenty-two years in the castle." Rapunzel explained.

"It’s about to see twenty-two years worth." Jacob went as deep as he could into her ass, ripping it up into shreds. He didn’t stop and just pumped faster and deeper as her hole accommodated.

"Oh my!" Katie somehow maintained her role as Rapunzel. She was completely devoted to it. On the other hand, her ass was devoted to something else.

"Where should I finish, my princess?" Jacob mumbled through the pleasure.

"I bequeath the decision to you, Flynn."

Suddenly, he pulled out, spun the bitch around, and shoved his cock in her slutty whore mouth. It served as his royal cumdump as he released a massive load into her facial hole. “Fuck, yes.” He muttered at the feeling of her thin, pink lips wrapped around his shaft.

Rapunzel’s eyes widened and her throat palpitated as she tried to decide what to do with his cum. He pulled out and she looked at him, tilting her head inquisitively.

"Swallow it for me, princess." Jacob pled. Rapunzel complied, maintaining her innocent eyes, but her throat gulped every last drop down.

"Happily ever after…" Jacob smiled. "Can we take a walk?" Rapunzel nodded happily and stood up. The two walked out of the tower. "So where is the Rapunzel ride with the animatronics?" He asked her. She pointed to the ride and grinned, skipping there, leading him, and holding his hand.

"I’ve been meaning to come here." Jacob said.

Rapunzel replied. “It’s my favorite ride! It stars me!”

He chuckled. “I know, my princess. Let’s go inside.”

"Yay! We get to ride!" Rapunzel squealed. The line between her knowledge of her real life and her Disney acting job starts to become blurred. Does Katie know she’s not really Rapunzel? Jacob noticed she was really into her character and he thought he would test it.

"Hey, Rapunzel. Do you know anyone named Katie?"

"Katie…Katie…nope! Don’t think so!" She responded, giddily awaiting the ride.

"Strange. I could have sworn that was her name." Jacob thought. "Shall we look behind the scenes?" He asked.

"Are we allowed?"

"Sure! There’s no one here but you and me. Take me to where you show up!" Jacob commanded, smiling. This was her first order.

She lead him through the ride to the hollow statue of Rapunzel. Katie, the fake Rapunzel, posed in front of it, flashing her teeth. Jacob pulled something out of his bag.

"Hey, girl, do you want to try this sweet? It’s new and really good!" He offered with excitement.

"Princesses love candy! What kind is it?"

"Strawberry!" He lied, holding out the pill that would knock her straight out.

"My favorite! It’s sweet like me!" She giggled and ate it, looking at Jacob oddly. "What was-?" She passed out before finishing her question.

Jacob looked at the unconscious woman and decided to fuck her and cum inside her. He then removed the statue and substituted Katie, dressed as Rapunzel, in its place. He wrapped her in ropes not visible to the average rider. He placed a gag inside her mouth and closed it so it, too, would be invisible. Rapunzel was limp in her new position. She couldn’t move at all as cum dripped out of her. As a goodbye, Jacob came on her face once more.

He spoke to her limp body. “This is the part you don’t read about. You’ll be here until you’re as hollow as the last one.”

When Rapunzel woke up the next day, she tried to make sense of where she was. Eventually, she realized she was on her own ride, unable to move. Tourists were visible passing by the bound girl and she involuntarily moved to the animatronic’s pre-programmed movements.

Jacob left knowing there was nothing she could do. No one would know there was an actual woman on the ride. No one would know he was the perpetrator either. Except for Rapunzel, of course.

A little girl shouted on the ride. “Mommy! They didn’t pain Rapunzel very well. Some paint is dripping and her face is peeling.”

Then, Rapunzel realized who did this to her, and that he came inside and on her. She tried to yell back to the tourists, but her gag muffled the cries. They were unheard over the loud music on the ride. She could only think about her predicament. In her mind she was able to shout, “I’m not Rapunzel! Get me off this ride!” Her thoughts were stuck in a high-pitched voice, but Katie had snapped out of her fugue state as Rapunzel. She knew her true identity, but she couldn’t move at all. Katie could only think. She was all too aware of her dire doom and the fact that no one knew there was an actual human trapped on the ride, permanently for the rest of her life. Inevitably, she would go insane.

Jacob left the park and had one last look at the tower. From one prison to another.


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