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Getting up Close...

by TrashMouse

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© Copyright 2008 - TrashMouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; furry; transform; object; clothing; mast; cons; X

I was relaxing on the couch, dressed only in my pajama bottoms, when Theo walked into the living room. He was still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, his mane matted on one side and his tail hanging on the floor. He was only in my pajama tops, which looked silly on him. Not only was it smaller than his frame, the blue contrasted with his tan fur, and it hardly reached the slight curve of his belly.

“Good morning,” I said as he walked past me, muttering a bit. I leaned over the edge of the couch, letting my breasts dangle slightly, and watched him get a cup of coffee. He was useless in the morning without it so I always had a pot on for him. I had picked up a taste for it as well, and a glass was cooling on the coffee table.

My lion turned around and walked to the couch, dropping down next to me, one paw landing right on my ass. I pushed back at it a bit as he rubbed my rump through the thin fabric.

“Last night was nice,” he said as he took a long drink of the coffee, licking his lips as he gulped it down. He held himself for a moment, letting it warm him before he final let out a low purr.

“Yes it was,” I said, turning back around and sitting next to him, then pressing up to his side. My tail flicked out between us and rested on his lap. He moved one hand down to touch the bare skin then leaned over to kiss me. We had been married for three years, but still acted like we were on our honeymoon; I guess that wasn’t that far from the truth as we were always finding new ways to have a good time.

He took another drink of coffee then set the glass down on the table. “How did you learn that little trick anyways?”

I giggled a bit. “Oh, I found a magic book in the second hand shop, it was exactly the sort that I can do so I bought it,” I replied.

A small smile slipped over his muzzle as his ears perked up. He reached up and ran his hands though his mane, working the matted fur free. “If you can do it so could I,” he said in a soft voice. He was right, we did have the same basic magic. It was how we meet in the first place, back in college.

Leaning forward I nosed under his chin. “And what would you do if you had the book?” I teased, licking lightly at the fur.

He turned his head a bit and chuckled. “I’m sure I can think of something,” he said, dropping a hand down to rub over my side. I slipped behind his back and pulled him a bit closer.

My lion shifted a bit against me and smiled a bit. “I should get dressed. It might be Sunday but I have things I have to do,” he said before giving me a kiss on the nose and pulling away.

I smiled a bit at this and tugged at his clothing. “You might want to give me my top back.”

There was a few moments pause as he looked down at the blue top hanging from his shoulders, then back at me. “I don’t know, I think you look nice with your tits out.”

Laughing I rolled my eyes and leaned back on the couch, thrusting my chest out at him.

Theo smiled at me and pulled the top off, throwing it to me. I plucked it out of the air then pulled it over my shoulders, giving it a bit of a tug to make sure it was in place, but didn’t bother to button it up. Putting the coffee cups away I followed after him, watching as he slipped into the shower.

I debated going after him, but decided against it. If I popped into the shower with him neither one of us would get clean before the hot water ran out, which was always a pain for us both. Instead I gathered up the magic book and set it on the bed for him, along with a clean shirt and his jeans.

Buttoning up my shirt I went back into the kitchen and got another cup of coffee, listening to the shower run. I thought about making something to eat for breakfast but wasn’t really in the mood for it all. I finally just dropped back on the couch and relaxed with the TV, not that anything was on.

Finally I heard the shower turn off and a few moment later the built in dryers turn on. Knowing that he would be out in a few minutes I poured him a fresh cup of coffee and set it on the table next to mine.

It took longer than I expected for him to return, and when he did so he was only half dressed, wearing just his shirt with his jeans over his shoulder. His nose was buried in the magic book and his ears were perked up, the small stud he had in each ear twinkling in the light.

“Enjoying it?” I asked with a smile, holding up the coffee cup.

He sat down, dropping his pants on the floor and picking up the cup. “This is very interesting. Pretty simple really, never thought transformation magic could be so basic,” he said, drinking the coffee.

“Don’t waste your time with it now. Don’t you have to get going?”

He looked up patted me, a smile on his muzzle his mane sparkling with summoned magic. “Well there is a small problem.”

I tilted my head to the side, my ears falling back slightly. “What’s that?”

Theo leaned down and kissed me firmly on the lips. As our tongues touched I felt a spark of magic rushing over me, bouncing over my fur and whiskers, bouncing back and forth over my body.

Relaxing out of the kiss I pulled back to look at him, feeling my fur tingle with the power. “Eager to try it out are you?” I asked, reaching down to rub at his sheath.

He nodded his head, smirking a bit. “Well yes, it is pretty easy. And I’m out of briefs,” he said with a soft purr.

I tilted my head a bit, the feeling of magic growing over my body. “Really? Did you check in the dryer?” I asked, still rubbing his sheath, feeling it swelling under my touch, at the same time I was starting to shrink a bit.

“I did dear, but I found a perfect replacement,” he said.

Giggling a bit I pulled my top of, throwing it to the side. “Oh, I can’t wait to be that close to you. Holding your balls all nice and close, warm and tight around you,” I licked my lips a bit at the thought. “Though clean yourself, no skid marks on me!” I said, pressing my hands at him. I pulled them back to look at them, watching as they started to flatted, taking on the white color of cotton.

Smirking a bit my lion kissed my forehead. “Of course, but can’t help any drops that might slip out, and lots of pre if you’re that close,” he smiled to me as I leaned up and kissed him back then he pulled away, licking his lips. “You taste like socks”

I giggled and ran my flat hands over his face; my whole body was starting to feel strange. Looking down I saw that my chest was now flat and the fur was pulling back into my body. With a wiggle of my hips I shook the rest of my pajamas off, letting them pool at the floor. I was eye level with his belly button now.

Theo reached down and ran his hands over my shoulders and head. The pressure was enough to push part of my head in, air rushing from my muzzle. Shaking my head out I tried to get it back into place but I just found I couldn’t move.

“You look so sexy,” he said.

I tried to thank him but I found my voice was gone. A moment later I felt my legs start to flatten out and I crumpled to the ground in a heap of fabric. My arms and legs started to twist around my face flattening out, my mouth becoming the Y-front face inwards to the best part of him. My chest reformed to be the part that went though his legs. My arms became the waist band and my legs the back. There was a final gasp of air as the changes finished and I was left as just a pair of white briefs

Oddly I could still see, both inside and outside of myself at the same time. I could still feel as well as he picked me up in his fingers and stretched me in front of him. “Very nice,” he said. A moment later he walked back into the bathroom and held me up before the mirror.

As briefs went I was pretty plain, just white cotton. The only color was on the waistband, in the form of my name in purple letters, like it was a brand name. I could see a tag stitched to the back of the waistband, right above the tail hole, but I couldn’t see what it said.

Theo flicked me out and lowered be down to the floor. He carefully stepped inside of me and pulled me up his legs, feeding his tail though the hole in the back. As he pulled me tight up to his body I felt his cock and balls press up against my face, warm and soft.

He let out a groan and reached down to rub his crotch through me, his cock already starting to swell and poke against me. I tried to press back, but I really couldn’t do a thing being just fabric now. Instead I just had to be satisfied with the feeling of his cock sliding to his full length against my new body.

Now that he was fully erect he grabbed himself through me. The twin feeling of his hand and cock sent a warm flush through my flat body. Pre-cum was leaking from his pointed tip and it felt so strange as it soaked into my body.

Theo walked back into the bedroom dropped down on the bed. He keep rubbing himself through me as his other hand slipped up the leg hole and started to rub his fat balls. He let out a low growl grabbing himself tightly and wiggling himself so the tip of his cock rubbed over my fabric, leaving a trail of pre over the martial.

I wanted to shiver or moan, but there wasn’t much a pair of briefs can do. Instead I just had to be content with the feeling of his cock moving and twisting against me. The more pre that soaked into my fabric the more I could taste it, even if I didn’t have a touch. Even the scent of his freshly washed fur frilled me.

“Gods,” he said with a growl, his balls starting to pull tight to his body as he pre started to dry up. A moment later his cock bucked as he came, blasting a thick load of his cum right into my fabric face. The taste was fantastic and the feeling of the wetness soaking into my body made me want to cry out in joy.

Panting he pulled his paws away, a few final jets of seed leaking from his shaft. “You feel so nice around my cock,” he said in a soft growl, snapping my waistband.

I found the statement so very delightful.

Standing up he walked back to the living room and picked up the book, flipping through the pages. “Oh, this is important!” he said with a laugh, his sheath twitching.

My first reaction was to ask what, but I couldn’t speak.

He reached down into me and scratched his ass with his claws, one catching at my tag. He paused when he felt it and slowly worked the claw free. “Looks like you’ll turn back this evening as long as I don’t tear you.”

That was good news, as fun as it was to be cradling his cock, I would much rather be sucking it.

Patting his equipment through me he chuckled “Guess you get to be up close with your favorite part of me all day.”

He then started to pull his pants on. I wanted to let out a pleased purr as the fabric covered me, but all I could do was sit, content to be so close to him for the day.

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