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A Gift and an Old Flame

by CaptianHarlock

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© Copyright 2016 - CaptianHarlock - Used by permission

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My wife and I were coming upon our 5th wedding anniversary and she was making a big deal of doing something special for our anniversary. A week before our anniversary she told me she had to go on a business trip but would be back in time for our anniversary. This was nothing unusual so I wished her a safe trip and anticipated being a bachelor for a week.

Our anniversary rolled around and Holly was not back yet. I was starting to get worried more and more as the day went on. I was pretty much built up to a fever pitch when the UPS man delivered a package to the house. After I signed for the package I sat down in the living room to see what it was. The package was about 15 inches long, 10 inches wide and about 4 inches deep. It was from a business named Sebastian's out in California. Intrigued, I tore the shipping paper off the box and saw an envelope taped to the outside of the box with my name on it. I opened the envelope and read what was inside.

It read:


I'm sorry I was secretive about the nature of my trip. I have a surprise anniversary present for you and I had to go make the arrangements for it personally. I promise you will like it very, very much. I however am nervous. Please follow all the directions that come with your gift to the letter. Well, I won't keep you from opening your present.

Happy Anniversary!

Love, Holly."

I read the letter a second time still feeling confused. So, she went to get the present herself but mailed it home instead of bringing it home with her. I set the letter down and lifted the lid of the box and looked inside.

I stared at what was in the box with my jaw hanging open. Inside the box was a deflated love doll! It was folded so its face was facing up. It had reddish brown hair. Wide green eyes painted on its face and a bright red, o shaped mouth. It took me a moment to recognize the features. The doll was built to look like my wife! I pulled the doll out of the box and saw another letter, pair of black latex dildo panties and my wife's purse under the doll.

I picked up the panties and looked at them closely. They had a large red knob on the front of them. The dial was turned to the off position and there were a bunch of tick marks surrounding the dial ending with the word MAX. I set the panties down on top of the still folded doll and picked up the second letter.

It read;

"So, how do I look? I AM the doll in the box! Surprised, are you? I discovered these panties online a few months ago and finally worked up the courage to go buy them and use them. I know how you like to tie me up and make love to me and how frustrating it is for you that I don't like being tied up. I do however like it when you take charge. I've discovered I like it when you dominate me. I love feeling I get when I am being submissive to your will. With these panties I have surrendered myself totally to you. You now have utter control of me. As an inanimate doll I am at your mercy. You can use me anytime you want. Keep me folded up in my box. Restore me to human right away or leave me like this for the entire duration of my time off from work. Or... leave me like this forever. I have no control over any of it!

The panties are what control my transformation. To return me to the land of the living all you have to do is inflate me, put the panties on me and turn the dial to MAX. In fifteen minutes I'll be human again. Although I hope you don't turn me back right away.

The shop owner is the one mailing me home. He says that I will be awake and aware the whole time I am transformed and that I will be many times more sensitive than normal. I will be able to feel everything you do to me and feel pleasure from it. He did say however that I would not be able to orgasm as a doll so when (or if) you restore me I will be super horny so be prepared.

Love, Holly"

I set the letter down after re-reading it. I had heard about nano technology like this but wasn't sure I believed it. I picked up my wife's purse and spilled its contents out on to the table next to the doll. Everything seemed in place. I saw her receipt for the plane trip she took and saw it was only one way. I then looked back at the doll. I moved the panties off the doll's face and stared hard at it. I lifted it from the table and unfolded it. Its body hung flaccidly from my hands. I stared at its deflated balloon like breasts and then at its o shaped pussy and ass openings. I suddenly realized I was incredibly turned on. I draped the doll over the back of a chair and went to the shed for my air pump.

I then set the doll on the floor and inflated it. Once I was done I picked it up and looked closely at it again. It was incredibly well made. None of the seams were puckered and the latex felt very thick. I carried it to the bedroom, tossed it on the bed and then fucked it. I didn't caress it, fondle it or tease it. I just did my business and nothing else. When I was done I looked it straight in its painted on eyes and pulled its plug. While it was deflating I cleaned myself off and got dressed. When the doll was deflated I cleaned it up, sucked the last of the air out of it and folded up in its box and put the box in my dresser drawer. If Holly wanted to be an object then that was how I was going to treat her.

Chapter 2

Work was really hectic the next week and I wound up not using Holly that whole week. When the weekend rolled around I got her out of the drawer, used her again and after I deflated her I cleaned her up and tossed her in a corner until I was ready to use her again. She landed face down and piled on herself and she stayed like that until I used her the next day.

I used her about every other day for the next week and a half. Some days I put her away in her box, other days I just tossed her on the floor.

I still had a week and a half left before I had to use her panties to restore her. I thought that I would get bored having nothing but a love doll to fuck but the longer she was like this the more turned on I became over the power I had over her. I was only calling the doll 'her' out of years of habit. Holly was human, but now she was just an inanimate object, a latex balloon manufactured and painted to look like a woman. She will stay a doll 'till I decide the time was right to make 'it' human again. The power was addictive. I used the doll every day the remaining time I had left before Holly had to return to work.

I had enjoyed using the love doll so much over the month I actually thought really hard about just throwing the panties responsible for the transformation away and keeping the doll forever. I decided that it would be better to turn it back into Holly so I wouldn't have to answer the slew of questions about her whereabouts.

I inflated the doll, slid the panties on, spun the dial to max and sat back to watch the show. The dildo was vibrating fast enough the doll started wobbling! This went on for about ten minutes until the doll started to change. It was like watching a morphing program on the computer. In the span of thirty seconds the artificial looking love doll changed into my writhing, bucking wife. She looked like she was experiencing one hell of an orgasm! After her release she stripped the panties off her and yanked me onto the bed! She was still horny after her massive orgasm! We then proceeded to have the wildest sex I'd ever experienced. After we were done she described to me her experience as a love doll to me. She said that no matter how turned on she was she could not get relief when transformed. Something about the transformation prevented release. She then said it was the most erotic experience of her life.

A couple of weeks passed and our sex life was pretty good. She was horny just about every day. Just before I had to leave for a one-week business trip Holly told me she would have a surprise waiting for me when I got home. I told her I was looking forward to it and couldn't wait to get back so I could see it.

The week passed by slowly and I was relieved when I pulled in to the driveway. I saw Holly's car wasn't in the driveway so I went into the house set my suitcase down and turned on the TV. As I was watching TV I noticed something. None of Holly's things were in the living room. I got up and looked around the kitchen and was her coffee mugs were missing. Her bicycle wasn't in the garage and all of her stuff was gone from the bathroom. Did she leave me? I walked back to the bedroom to see if her clothes were still here and what I saw floored me. The love doll was on the bed wearing the panties! I walked up to it and was a letter sitting next to it on the bed.

It read;

"Karl, I completely submit my entire Being to you. I am your love doll forever if you want me to be. When I was a doll the first time I could see you and your lust filled face with my painted on eyes and saw how much you enjoyed using me like the object I was reduced to. I enjoyed the feelings as well. I have sold ALL of my possessions and under the bed I hid 20k in cash that I give to you to do with me as you will. I told everyone I know that I am going to Africa to join the peace corps and that I would be out of touch for a long time. So you are now my sole owner and keeper.


I looked back and forth between the letter and the doll on my bed. A smile appeared on my face.

I re-read the letter just to ensure I read it right and then stared at inflatable doll, deep in thought. After a few minutes I decided on what I was going to do with her... I mean it. I pulled the inflation plug, took the panties off, folded the doll up and put it in its box and put the box in the closet and then counted my cash that was under the bed. Sure enough, I was 20k richer now. My wife, for all intentions no longer existed. I then walked over to my jewelry box on my dresser and put my wedding ring in it.

Chapter 3

I then spent the next 4 months tinkering with the dildo panties, modifying them slightly to further my plans for my doll. I was able to add a remote control to them so I could effect immediate transformations instead of waiting for the panties to cycle through their routine. While modifying them I discovered an unused circuit in the panties. Apparently the company that made the panties had another model on the market. One that turned its wearer into a mannequin! The company must have built the capacity for both in every pair sold and the control knob would only be connected to one function. I further modified them so now I could choose her transformation and remove the dildo from the panties. The doll stayed folded up in my closet in its box the entire time.

After the panties were done I spent another 6 months modifying the basement in my free time. The basement was now a fully stocked dungeon filled with leather and latex outfits and bondage gear. I also built a small room under the stair case complete with hidden door.

After 10 months in my closet I couldn't even imagine what was going through Dolly's mind but she now faced a choice. If dolly would become my living slave as well as my inanimate slave we would explore the depths of sensuality. If she refused, I would make her a love doll permanently only to be used by me when I couldn't be with a real woman.

I got dolly out of its box, put the panties on and used the pump to inflate her. Once it was inflated I pushed the button on the remote and watched dolly come to life. When she was back to being human she just laid on the bed limp with a vacant, blank eyed stare with drool dripping out of her slack lipped mouth. A few minutes passed and I was starting to get worried. Just as I was about to go to her she came back to her wits.

"Karl, what's going on? Why is everything so fuzzy?" she asked.

I then explained my plan, the modifications I made to the panties and how long she was in the drawer. I then told her the consequences of denial.

Tears sprang up in her eyes and she said, "Why are you being so mean?"

"Mean? What are you talking about? You willingly turned yourself into a lifeless doll and the told me you were mine to use as I pleased. My idea at least lets you be human sometimes. I’m just taking your fantasy to its ultimate conclusion. Well, what’s your decision? Forever a doll, hardly ever used or my lover and slave." I replied.

Even though she had acted hurt by my ultimatum she was rubbing her thighs together her expression was turning from one of fright to lust. Looking down, she said in a quiet voice, "Slave."

"Good. Your only name for now on is Dolly and you will only address me as Master. Now turn around."

She nodded and wordlessly obeyed.

I handed her a one piece black latex discipline catsuit. It had built in feet, mittens, an open faced hood and cut out breasts and a zippered crotch. It was made of 1/4 inch thick latex. The suit laced shut in the back. She is a size seven. The suit was a size five. it took about 15 minutes for her to squirm into the suit. When I got to the hood I inserted tight fitting ear pieces and ran the cords through the end of the laces. Once the suit was on I laced it tight, not stopping until the lacing met. Despite her tears and quiet sobbing her nipples were rock hard and her face was flushed.

"Does this turn you on Dolly?" I asked.

With her eyes closed she moaned, “Yes, Master."

"Good." I said.

I then guided her arms into a black latex arm-binder. Again the arm-binder was smaller than required. After I fastened the shoulder straps I laced the binder until the ends of the lacings met and Dolly's elbows were touching and her shoulder were pulled back leaving her back arched and making her 34C’s stand out proudly. This made Dolly moan out in pain. I used that opportunity to force a three inch ball-gag past her teeth.

"MMPPH!" she shouted in protest.

"Shut up Dolly! Because it's going to get worse." I snapped at her causing fresh tears to spring up in her eyes.

I pulled the strap tight until the straps dug into the corners of her mouth and then I pulled it another notch tighter for good measure. I then pushed in on the ball so her lips framed it nicely. I then inserted form-fitting earbuds in her ears. These were going to be used for her conditioning. I then pulled a thick, black latex discipline hood over her head the only openings it had were nose tubes. Once the nose tubes were in place I laced it until the ends met. With the hood laced tight, the thick latex pushed her gag in even more.

I then walked her down to the basement and hooked a chain attached to the ceiling to her arm-binder putting her in a strappedo position. With her arms mostly out of the way I laced her into a black latex under bust corset pulling her 21 inch waist down to 19 inches. I could hear her breath whistling through her nose tubes as she fought for air. I then released her arms from the chain and helped her stand upright. I put an extreme neck corset on her. With the size of her gag and the severity of the collar Dolly's face was almost pointed straight up at the ceiling. I added a black leather body harness to her bondage. It had a strap over each shoulder with a D-ring embedded in each, above her breasts, under her breasts, around her waist and over her crotch. When I got each of the straps tight I cranked down on them an extra notch, making it even harder for her to breath and driving her dildo deeper into her crotch. With the huge gag in her mouth and the thick hood over that I almost couldn't hear her screams of protest.

The entire top half of her body was now immobilized. I was very turned on watching her sway slightly back and forth, only able to use her legs to balance herself with. I walked her over to two cables dangling from the ceiling and attached them to the rings in her shoulder straps and turned on the winch. When her feet were about two feet off of the ground I turned the winch off and proceeded to lace black patent leather ankle ballet boots on her feet. They were rigid so she would not be able to bend her ankles and the inside of the toes came to a point so all of her toes would be mashed together causing her pain when she walked. I then added a short 9 inch spreader bar to her knees and a longer bar to her ankles. I then lowered her back down to the floor until her full weight was bearing down on her feet.

This time I heard her scream a little clearer. Her breath was coming in short, quick gasps and she was trembling. I was finally to the part I was waiting for. I held her upright and steady and pushed the mannequin button on the remote. Her next breath came out as a snort of surprise as the dildo leapt to life deep inside her crotch. Her trembling stopped almost immediately and as I, listened her breathing slowed down and stopped. I let go of her suddenly still form and it tipped slightly backwards, taking up the little amount of slack that was in the cables. I put my hand on her breast and squeezed. Her breast was rock hard. I then rapped the back of my knuckles on the breast and heard a hollow thunk in response. Dolly was nothing but a mannequin now!

I turned off the panties and removed the spreader bars off of the mannequin's legs and wheeled a display stand that had two spreader bars on it over to the mannequin. I unbuckled the crotch strap on the body harness and opened the crotch zipper of the discipline suit. After some finagling the dildo came free from her polymer pussy. I set it down and lifted the mannequin on to the stand. When the rubberized rod slid home I attached the mannequin's legs to the spreader bars. I then zipped the crotch on the suit so it was touching the rod. I was now down the final two steps to finishing my bondage mannequin. I wheeled the mannequin over to the corner next to an air compressor put on a breathing mask and started coating the mannequin in black liquid latex. A few hours and many coats of latex later I had a shiny black bondage art piece. I then wheeled it over to a computer I'd put in the hidden room under the stairs of the basement and plugged the earpieces the mannequin had on in to the sound card and started the conditioning cd. In one year Dolly would not even remember a person named Holly let alone realize that was who she is. I took one last look at my handiwork shut off the lights, closed the hidden door and walked back upstairs ready to start looking for a girlfriend.

Chapter 4

As I was walking upstairs I remembered a girl that I'd always wanted to date and vice versa. Her name was Donna and we had met a few years ago at a theater convention. She had kept in touch with me and I decided to give her a call.

A few days later she arrived at my house and we hit it off well. She was a natural redhead, 20 years old, 5' 4" tall, 110 pounds, petite but curvy.

"Hi Karl!" She yelled when I answered the door.

"Hi, yourself." I replied with a smile.

We spent the next couple of hours catching up on lost time. She told me that she was very jealous of my wife for taking me away and that she wanted to date me. I told Donna about Holly 'going overseas to join the peace-corp.' and how I just started thirty days of vacation because I had just applied for a divorce. I also told Donna that I wanted to get serious with her. She was overjoyed upon hearing this and she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss. She broke off the kiss and we talked for a couple more hours. I finally broached the question of her turn ons. When I first met her she was wearing a latex mini skirt so I asked her about it. She told me she still loved latex. She also made a confession.

"I.. also like to be turned into... things." she said with a blush.

This was almost to good to be true I thought, "Things?" I asked.

While still blushing she said, "I have this fetish of being turned into objects. I... get turned on by it." she stammered.

I then told her that I like the thought of turning people into objects. With a sigh of relief she talked to me about a ring that she bought.

"I found this when I was in New York." she said as she handed me a ruby ring. "I use that to turn me into various things. It only lasts for an hour when you transform yourself but I've yet to find anyone willing to use it on me. Will you?" she asked with her heart in her eyes.

"What do you mean it only lasts for an hour if you use it on yourself?" I asked.

"It's a fail safe. There is no time limit if someone else changes another person. All you have to do is think about what you want to change a person into and it happens." she explained.

"Ok, what would you like me to change you into?" I asked.

She got very turned on and said, "Something you can have fun in bed with."

I pointed the ring at her and a moment later I carried love doll Donna upstairs to bed.

In the two weeks that followed, Donna moved in with me and in our free time we experimented with the ring and had fun with latex and bondage.

One day, when it was Donna's turn with the ring she turned me back to normal from being the panties she'd wore the last couple of days, asked me to try something a little different than what we'd done before. When I said ok she hit me with the ring. I looked at her with a perplexed look on my face because nothing had happened.

"Do you like it?" she asked with a mischievous smile.

"What do you mean? Nothing happened." I replied.

"I turned you into an android of yourself. A robot!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, cool! Why though?" I asked.

She aimed the ring at herself and she was an android also and said, "Because, we're going to switch places."

"Ok, how?" I said, getting turned on.

"There's a button just behind your left ear. Push it." she said.

I did as she said and everything went black and then came back normal except I was staring back at myself.

I looked down and saw Donna's body dressed in a latex french maid costume!

"How..?" I stammered in Donna's voice.

In my body and voice she/he said, "When you pushed the button behind your ear it ejected the memory module and your body was in total robot mode. I then used the ring to turn me into an android. I then commanded your body to eject my module and put it in your body. I then had my body get changed into that outfit before I put your module in place. And since I transformed myself it only lasted for an hour so I waited to plug your module in 'till just seconds before my body turned back to normal."

I turned to look in the mirror and got a close look at what I looked like now.

'I' was dressed in a black latex, short sleeved french maid dress with white latex ruffled trim. It had a low cut bust and a skirt that only went a couple of inches below 'my ass. A black latex under-bust corset was laced tightly around 'my' waist and a white latex french maids' apron was tied on over it. 'my' hands arms were covered in long, black latex gloves that stopped only two inches from 'my' armpits. 'my' legs were encased in black latex stockings that went up to just two inches below 'my' crotch. 'My' feet had on black patent, five inch stiletto heels that had a strap secured by a tiny padlock just above the ankles. I took 'my' latex gloved hand and lifted the skirt and was black latex panties with white latex ruffles across the back on 'me'. Next I looked at the face in the mirror and saw "my red hair pulled back tightly in a bun wearing a maids cap. The face had smoky made up green eyes, a rosy blush on its' cheeks and full cherry red painted lips all over a satiny foundation.

I suddenly realized I was breathing heavily and I felt flush and weak in the knees and that I was very wet between my legs. This was turning me on!

I was so wrapped up in what I was feeling that it surprised me when Donna wrapped 'his' arms around 'my' waist and whispered in my ear.

"You're incredibly turned on right now aren't you?" 'He' asked.

All I could do is nod.

"Would you like me to turn you on even more?" 'she' asked as 'she’ caressed and squeezed my breasts.

I gasped sharply at that. A woman's breasts and nipples were a lot more sensitive that a mans! My pleasure rose to another level.

I then felt my body’s lips brush gently against the nape of 'my' neck and 'my' knees almost buckled from the intensity of the sensations I felt.

Donna then led me to the bed and told me to turn around so I was facing the bed. 'She' pulled my arms behind me and worked a black latex arm-binder over them. She secured the shoulder straps and laced the binder up until my arms were touching a couple of inches above my elbows, causing 'my' breasts to jut out, straining against the latex covering them. It made me moan in discomfort.

"Oh, don't complain. I know how much 'your' body can take." Donna said as 'she' kissed my neck again.

She then told me to open wide as she jammed a large harness ball-gag in my mouth.

"MMMPPPHHH!!!" I squealed in pain.

"Shush, that didn't hurt all that bad" 'she' chided me as she cranked down on all of the straps on the gag. 'She' walked around in front of me and pushed in on the huge ball making my lips frame it right. 'She' then pulled the gag strap one notch tighter so it was pushing cruelly into the corners of my mouth.

'She' then reached under my skirt and pulled my dripping panties down to the floor and helped me step out of them. She then added a two foot long spreader bar to my ankles completing my bondage. While I was still standing 'she' starting eating 'my' pussy out while ‘she' used his arms to help me balance. ’She' expertly used his tongue to takes me to the brink five or six times before taking me to the most fulfilling orgasm i've ever experienced!

"MMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, although not much made it past my monster gag. ’She' then lifted me onto the bed, undressed, and put a condom on 'her' hard on. I was then taken for the wildest ride of my life!

"MMMPPPHHH!!!!" I screamed again in an even more intense orgasm than the first. I bucked and thrashed on the bed under what used to be my body as I heard Donna grunt in orgasm also. My next action was to pass out from the exertion, tight corset and the intensity of the pleasure.

Chapter 5

When I woke up I was laying on my side on the bed. I quickly discovered I was still in Donna's body and that I was still in bondage. The gag and arm-binder were still in place but the spreader bar was gone. I heard the shower going so I turned over on to my stomach and levered myself off of the bed and teetered over to the bedroom mirror in the heels I was wearing and stared at my reflection. The sexy latex bondage goddess looking back in the mirror was getting turned on just by gazing back. I saw my face was getting flush and my breathing was quickening causing my breasts to heave. A sudden heat radiated from between my legs as I felt myself getting wet again.

I was so absorbed in what I was seeing and feeling I did not even hear that Donna had finished her shower till the door to the bathroom opened and my body came walking out.

Donna walked up to me and stood next to me and put 'her' hand on 'my' butt and said, "So, how did you enjoy your first orgasm as a woman?"

“Mmmmm.." I moaned and leaned my head on 'her shoulder.

"I thought so." She said as she slapped my ass and started getting dressed. She put on my underwear and and a sweat suit and walked over to me.

“Mmmmhh?" I moaned questioningly, turning my pinioned arms in her direction.

"No, I'm not going to release you. I'm not done with you yet!" She said as she pulled a posture collar out of my closet

She fitted it around my neck and laced it on tight. It was flared so it rested on my shoulders and had a strap on each side that went under my arms and anchored it in place. With the gag in my mouth and the severity of the collar my head was looking almost straight at the ceiling. My neck was totally immobilized.

She then guided me on to the bed and sat me on the edge. She then slid black latex vibrator panties up my legs and slid the vibrator home and made sure the panties were firmly in place. She then snapped a 12 inch chain to my heels and a leash to the front of my collar. She helped me stand up and led me out to the living room by the leash.

The walk to the living room was a challenge for me. The posture collar wouldn't let me look down enough to see where I was going. The hobble chain forced me to take small mincing steps and every move I made caused the vibrator inside me to move making me very horny. She helped me get down on my knees next to the easy chair and attached an 18 inch bar above my knees forcing me to sit with my legs spread. She then strapped a latex covered serving tray around my waist and fastened the support chains to the ring on the collar holding it level. I was then pulled up so I was standing on my knees and strapped a blindfold on me. I then felt her position me so I the tray was level and then I felt the tale-tell tingling of the ring being used on me. I felt her let go of me and then I felt her rap her knuckles on my head and hearing a hollow sound.

"All right 'Donna' you're now a bondage maid end-table mannequin! And I think you will stay that way for the rest of my two week turn with the ring." I heard her say in my voice.

I was stuck like that for 11 days. The whole rest of the vacation time I had taken from work. Donna would turn on the vibrator at different times during the day keeping my inert, plastic body in a constant state of arousal.

On the last day of my vacation she used the ring to turn me human again. I had spent 11 days totally teased and aroused but unable to orgasm. My entire body was shaking with pent up sexual energy. I felt the tray, hobble and spreader bar being taken off me and then 'she' scooped me up into her arms and carried me to the bedroom and set me on the bed. ‘She’ pulled the dildo panties off of me and and ravished me while I was still gagged, bound and blindfolded.

"MMMMMMPPGGGG!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, through the gag and quickly passed out.

When I woke up I noticed that all of the bondage had been removed but I was still in the latex maid uniform and corset with the high heels still padlocked on. I walked over to the mirror and saw that even though the maids cap was still in place that donna's red hair was all disheveled and mostly out of it's bun. I pulled it off and removed the pins from my hair and let it fall free.

I then walked out to the kitchen on unsteady feet and saw Donna in my body sitting at the table eating a sandwich.

"Hey sleepy head! Come on over and have a sandwich!" 'she' said.

"Don't mind if I do." I said with a smile.

After we were done eating she asked, "So, how was sex and bondage from a woman’s point of view?"

"I never realized how sensitive a woman’s body was. At first I had reservations about having you in my body having sex with me but I think I am ok with it now." I said with a smile.

"Ok enough with the idea to stay switched for a few weeks?" ‘She’ asked with a smile.

"A few weeks! Why?" I asked.

"Well, I like the switch and I want to experience life as a man for a while. I am good at sales so I should be able to do your job and I don't have a job yet so you could just lounge around the house enjoying my body or you could get me a job." ‘She' said.

I sat back and thought about it for a few minutes and said, "Sure, I think that might be fun."

The whole rest of the day we spent instructing each other on what we each needed to know about living as each other. I told her all about the software I sold and the people she would be working with. Donna instructed me on how to sit like a woman with legs together or crossed even if I was wearing pants. She also instructed me on how to wear woman’s clothes and make up. 'She' even had me practice applying make up doing my hair and putting on clothes and walking in heels. The make up I did pretty good with as I was in theater in high school and college. The high heels were a different story. She told me to wear her 4 inch pumps every waking moment when I was at home for practice. At the end of the day we made slow passionate love to one another and fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning I got up with her to help 'her' get ready for work. Just as 'she' was ready to walk out the door I said, "Hey, we should call each other the names that belong to our bodies. I should call you Karl and you should call me Donna even at home so we stay in the habit when we go somewhere."

She flashed me a smile and said, "Thats a great idea Kar..Donna! Have a good day!"

With a quick peck on my lips the new Karl headed off to work.

Chapter 6

I was an odd sight that day. I was wearing one of Donna's... I mean my sweat shirt and pants wearing 4 inch stiletto pumps. I cleaned up the maids outfit and tidied up the house. When I was done cleaning up the house I went downstairs and cleaned the dungeon and polished the bondage statue that used to be Holly.

I had a hot meal ready for Karl when he came home from work. "Hi Karl, how was your first day at my job?" I asked as I gave him a hug.

"Oh, it was ok. Sweats and heels?" he asked.

"I did a lot of housework." I said as we sat down to the table.

"Well, I’m glad you practiced your walking but what about your make up and hair? You need to practice those every day also." He admonished me.

"You're right I suppose. I just forgot about it today." I replied contritely.

"When you apply for a job you will have to look perfect for the interview. A woman’s looks are very important in first impressions Donna. Cross your legs!" He scolded.

"Ok, ok! I'll practice. I promise." I said as I crossed my legs.

Karl and I talked about different things as we finished dinner. We then went to the bedroom for sex and then went to bed.

A few weeks passed and I practiced everything he told me to. I was walking good in my heels and my make up came easy to me now. The only thing I still had a hard time sometimes was with was my hair. Living like this was was a blast for both of us and the new Karl got as good at my job as I was, but I noticed that he seemed distracted in recent days so I decided to do something about that. I decided to surprise Karl when he came home from work today. I showered and shaved my armpits and legs and went down into the dungeon and picked out an outfit that would be sure to get his blood pumping!

First I put on purple latex stockings. Then I slid a black latex mini skirt on with the suspenders built in for the stockings, which I promptly fastened. After I took a moment to run a delicate finger up my leg admiring how sexy they looked I put a tight, purple latex tube top on with shaped cups that ended just below my breasts pushing them together giving me fantastic cleavage. Next I put on a midriff length, black vinyl jacket on, leaving it unzipped. I then locked a pair of strapped, purple 5 inch pumps on to my feet. I then teased my hair in intricate curls and painted my face giving me smoky eyes and purple lipstick that matched my clothes. I then finished my outfit with short purple latex gloves that ended at my wrists. I looked wonton and ready for the wild sex I was sure to get from Karl dressed like this!

When I heard the car in the driveway, I went to the door and assumed the best 'come hither' pose I could. With chest thrust out and leaning slightly forward, weight all on my left leg with my other leg in front on tiptoe and my left hand on my hip and my right hand ready to blow a kiss. When Karl opened the door I blew him a kiss. He raised his eyebrows in surprise and while I was still holding that pose I felt my body tingle just a second before he smiled at me. He used the ring on me! I felt an euphoric rush as the transformation turned my warm, soft skin into cold, hard plastic. I was now a mannequin! Frozen in the act of blowing a kiss, seductive eyes wide open and my right hand palm up a few inches in front of my face. Karl then leaned down and caressed my plastic lips with a gentle kiss and then walked past me without a single word. I then heard him walk up behind me and set something down. He then picked me up and I felt myself being attached to a display stand and then he carried me to the spare bedroom and set me in the far corner of the room and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

Time passed. A long time based on the amount of times I counted the when the sun shone in through the bedroom window. Why had Karl left me like this? Had I done something wrong? Was he playing one of our games with me? I started to despair that he was going to leave me like this forever when without warning after about three months being trapped like this Karl opened the door and came in to the room! He walked in the room and put something he was carrying in the closet and then walked right back out without even a passing glance or a single word to me. What was going on?? Why was he doing this to me? I broke down at that point and retreated deep with in myself and quit trying to count the days as I continued to languish, trapped and helpless in my inert plastic form.

One day after an indeterminate time of staring blankly at the opposite wall it eventually dawned on me that there was movement in front of me and that there were people talking in the room standing in front of me. My vision snapped back in to focus and Karl and a woman were there. It took me a few moments to recognize her but Alice, my... Karl's boss at work was standing there with him!

She walked up to me and said, "Well, this is certainly an interesting conversation piece."

"Yeah, I like it." Karl said.

"I don't think I want it around after we're married though." she said.

"I told you that I won't get rid of it. I’m holding on to it for a friend so its not mine to get rid of.” Karl replied.

"I know, but how about a compromise? I have a friend that owns an adult boutique and she is always looking for new displays. You could give it to her on loan. With how over sexualized it is this mannequin would look good there." Alice said.

After a few moments thought Karl said, ”I suppose I’ll be ok with that. As long as I can get it back when I need to.”

"Ok then, I'll go give her a call." she said and then left the room.

Karl then shut the door and walked up to me. “I’m really sorry about this Donna, but I’ve fallen in love with Alice and we're finally getting married next month. I know this isn't what we planned on but I can’t help that my feelings have changed. Alice and I have really bonded and I love her deeply.” He paused momentarily before continuing. “I don't know how long you will be this way or how long you'll be in the store but even though I’m not turning you back now, I will restore you eventually. Goodbye." and that was the last thing he said to me.

I wailed mentally with my hopes dashed as the person who highjacked my life walked out of the room as I welcomely sank back in to the unthinking and unfeeling fugue state that I had fruitlessly pulled myself back out of a few minutes ago.

Chapter 7

I come back to my senses periodically. I have no idea how long it had been since Karl and Alice dissembled me and I was set up in the front window of the boutique. I never woke up during that process. I now spend my time displaying lingerie in a store called Karen's Boutique. I am currently displaying a blue, laced bra and panty set. At least that’s my reflection in the store windows shows me. Donna has taken everything from me. First she took my body. Then she took my identity, my job, my house, my car and finally my very humanity. Donna is the only person in the world that knows I was alive. To the rest of the world I am nothing but an inert, lifeless plastic mannequin in this store window. A human shaped object used to display clothing and nothing more. My sole compensation to my predicament was that my whole form was very sensitive and I orgasm in my mind over and over whenever someone touches me or changes the clothes I’m displaying. During the times that I’m awake at least.

I think approximately five years passed very uneventfully except for my wardrobe changes every month or so. I tried to keep track of time by counting the seasons but I have no way of knowing how long I spent in that unthinking, coma like state that I found myself slipping in and out of. One afternoon on a day a clothing change had roused me out of my stupor I saw someone staring in the display window at me. It was Karl! After a few moments he walked out of my field of vision. He looked older from when I saw him last. A few minutes later the store owner, Karen came into my display and started taking my clothes off. When she had me undressed she dismantled me and put my pieces in a box full of packing peanuts. The box was then taped shut and I felt it being moved and then nothing. More time passed and with all of my senses in the dark I had no concept of time or stimulation. I slipped back into that unthinking, living death and didn’t wake back up from it the whole rest of the time I spent boxed up.

When I came to my senses I was reassembled, dressing in the outfit I was wearing when he first mannequinized me and staring at the familiar wall of my spare bedroom. More time passed and eventually Karl came in to the room and stepped in front of me and started speaking.

"I know that you are probably furious at me for stealing everything from you and I know it probably means nothing to you but, I am sorry." he said.

He then spent the next 20 minutes telling me of his divorce from Alice and how he lost almost everything in the divorce. He also told me that I had been a mannequin for eight years and that he was going to restore me to my own body today.

With that said he lifted me off my stand. propped me up in the corner and aimed his ring at me. After a few moments he said, “I just started a slow transformation to restore you to humanity. While you are transforming I will go to the bank and get you some money I’ve saved for you from the divorce and then we can discuss if you want your body back. With what I have to tell you I don’t think you’ll want to.” He said cryptically and then walked out.

A few moments later I heard the front door open and shut. I felt my pose becoming less rigid and a couple of moments later I took my first breath in eight years! The air never smelled so good! I then felt my body become fully human! I was back in the land of the living and animate! My first act was to take a step forward and fall flat on my face! “Ouch!” I shouted, my voice sounding strange since it had been years since I last heard it. It only took a few minutes to get the hang of walking again and I went out to the living room and saw some clothes neatly folded on the coffee table with the transformation ring sitting on top of them. I slipped the ring on and took the latex clothes I was wearing off and took a shower. A long, hot, wonderful shower!

While in the shower I contemplated my situation. Even though I was human again I was anxious to get my body back. What did Karl mean when he said I might not want to trade back? I have to admit it didn’t look like my body had aged very well which had me worried. I finished my shower and put my hair back in a pony tail and got dressed. I was dressed in the clothes Karl laid out for me. A tee shirt, jeans and sneakers.

A few hours passed and even though I had absolutely no desire to see Karl again, I was getting worried that he hadn't showed up back at the house yet. Another hour passed and I was pacing the floor nervously. Did he loose his nerve to come face to face with me? Had he skipped town in my body? He was going to the bank after all.

Just a few minutes later the phone rang, startling me. I picked it up and said hello.

"Yes, is this Miss Donna Marano?" the voice asked.

"Yes... this is Donna." I answered with a knot forming in my stomach.

"Ma'am, we need you to come to the hospital immediately. Your boyfriend has been in a serious accident and is being operated on right now." The voice said.

Ohmygod, ohmygod, OHMYGOD!!! I thought in panic. ”I’ll.... I’ll be there as soon as I can!” I said quickly, with tears forming in my eyes.

If Donna dies in my body, I’ll be trapped! This can't be happening.

I called a cab and arrived at the hospital about an hour after receiving the call. I ran to the emergency room desk and let them know I was there. They ushered me into a waiting area and said the doctor would be with me in a moment. I paced the room nervously for a few minutes when the door opened and a doctor walked in, followed immediately by a priest.

"He didn't make it..." I whispered as the color drained from my face.

The doctor shook his head no and started to speak.

I didn’t hear a word he was saying. I was too busy thinking that with my body dead I'm trapped as a woman, unable to get my old life back! The last thing I saw was the doctor lunging forward to catch me as I fainted.

After I woke up I had a long tearful discussion with the doctor. During that conversation I found out why Karl made that cryptic comment about me maybe not wanting to take my body back. His... I mean, my body had terminal cancer!! I was floored by that news. The doctor and the police say Karl had a medical emergency related to his condition while he was behind the wheel causing the crash.

I made arrangements for Karl’s remains to be delivered to a funeral home and I went back to what used to be my house.

The next couple of days were hell. Dealing with my mother/Karl’s mother who thought I was dead, Karl's ex-wife Alice and arranging the funeral. The day after the funeral was the reading of Karl's will. I arrived in a black pantsuit for the reading. The only reason I showed up was because his lawyers office had notified me that I was in the will so I showed up.

The only saving grace of my predicament was that Donna had thought ahead and changed the will that I had originally had made. I was the recipient of all of Karl's possessions. The only thing I didn't get was the Alice's half of the life insurance that Karl had. So, I got my house back, the money from the car insurance from the wreck and 125,000 dollars for my half of the life insurance.

That night I sat in the living room of what was now my house again and thought about what to do. Donna only had a high school diploma and no college. If I paid off the house it would leave me with 60 some thousand dollars to support myself. That would only last a few years. It seemed my only course of action would be to go to college and get a degree and get a good paying job as the person I now was, Donna Morano.

End Part 1

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