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by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; F/f; D/s; transform; bond; gag; wrap; toys; insert; cocoon; stuck; cons; X

“You can do what?”

Bob smiled, not in the least surprised by the patent disbelief in Melissa’s voice. After all, what he’d just told her was, by all definition, impossible.

“I can change things,” he said again. “With my mind. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but if I’m close to something, I can visualize the change I want, and it happens.”

The two stood in Melissa’s living room, Melissa perfectly dressed as always, Bob looking somewhat more casual in baggy coveralls. Slowly, Melissa shook her head.

“And you expect me to believe this?” she asked, bringing a nod from Bob.

“Yes, I do. And I picked a very special change to convince you.” Still smiling, Bob closed his eyes and seemed to concentrate.

Melissa watched, her skeptical look fading somewhat as Bob’s whole body seemed to blur within the coveralls. When the image cleared, she gasped. That wasn’t Bob’s face!

The face now smiling back at her was lush, tanned, dark-eyed……and decidedly female. The lush lips, high cheeks, and large brown eyes seemed familiar, but Melissa’s stunned mind couldn’t quite place it.

“Your face!” she gasped. “It’s changed.”

The smiling lips parted. “Not just my face, dear.” The words emerged as a soft, husky whisper, totally different from Bob’s normal voice. Slender fingers slowly unzipped the coveralls, then slim shoulders shrugged, allowing the garment to drop to the floor.

Melissa gasped again. The body in front of her was every bit as lush as the face. Long legs. Firm, flaring thighs. Wide hips. Narrow waist. Large, firm breasts with prominent nipples. The skin was deeply tanned, seeming to glow in the light.

“What…….? How……..?”

Still smiling, the bronze goddess stepped closer. “Don’t you recognize this face, this body?” she asked softly. For a moment, Melissa merely stared. Then her eyes, if possible, widened even more.

“Gina? But how?”

Full lips parted. “I took her from your mind. Isn’t this the way you created her in your fantasies? Or is something missing?”

Stepping back, the woman who slowly. “You created her for a very definite kind of fantasy, didn’t you?” she asked, then closed her eyes. The kneeling form blurred again. When it cleared, the face, the body, remained the same, yet there were changes.

Those full lips were now concealed by a leather panel, with straps circling her head to hold it in place. From Melissa’s viewpoint, the woman’s hands and feet were concealed, but she suspected what she would find. Stepping around the kneeling form, her eyes verified that the hands were now bound together with rope, as were the feet.

“You……you made those things appear on you?” The woman nodded. “Well, make them disappear. I want to know how you do this?”

For a moment, the woman gazed upwards, then, slowly, she parted her knees as far as her bonds would allow. Almost magically, Melissa’s eyes were drawn to the soft mound now fully exposed to the room’s light. Now the woman brought her knees back together, turning herself slightly. Mesmerized, Melissa watched as she slowly turned herself until her back was to the woman watching her. Melissa simply stared, then noticed the woman’s fingers fluttering. At first she was puzzled, then her eyes lit up.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “Sign language. Ok, let’s see. C. A. N. T? Can’t? Are you saying you can’t get rid of them?”

Again, the fingers fluttered out a message. “You need me to remove the gag?” Puzzled, she unbuckled the straps, then slowly drew the penis shape from between the woman’s lips. The bound woman smiled up at her.

“Thank you, Mistress. May this one who wishes only to be yours explain?”

Surprised at the choice of words, Melissa merely nodded. “Thank you, Mistress,” the woman kneeling at her feet said. “You see, this one changed more than her body. While she is like this, she is Gina, and she is yours. She can only use her abilities in certain ways.”

“What ways?”

“This one can bind herself, in any way, either at will or by your command. She can change her clothing, or yours, into any material and style you wish, but only if you command it. She can, at your command, create any toy or bondage device you wish. And, if you command it, she can change herself back into Bob. She cannot user her abilities in any other way, and she cannot change back until you command her to.

“She is also,” the woman continued, “totally submissive to you. Any command you give, she will obey, without question.

Melissa wet her lips, suddenly nervous. “So you’re……you’re really Gina?” The woman nodded. “Where is Bob then?”

“Bob is still here,” the woman - Gina - replied, “but he is merely watching. Gina controls this body, and you control Gina.”

“But why?” Melissa was still trying to come to grips with all that was happening. “Why would you, er, he, do this?”

“Because Bob loves you very much, Mistress, and he wants you to be happy. He’s always known about your desires. He’s also known that you would never try to carry them out on your own, because of him. So he took Gina from your mind and made her real for you. Now you can be with Gina, you can play with her as you’ve always dreamed. And when you’re done, you need only give the command. Then Gina will be gone, and Bob will return to you, with full use of his abilities, until the time comes for him to be Gina again. This way, you can have both, as your heart desires.”

Suddenly, Melissa felt moisture at the corners of her eyes. Kneeling, she gently removed the rope from Gina’s body, then rose, pulling the other woman to her feet as well, before wrapping her in a tight hug.

“Oh, Bob,” she sobbed softly, her face buried against Gina’s shoulders, “I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I promise, I will love her with all my heart. And when we’re done, when I have you back, I’ll love you just as much.”

Stepping back, Melissa wiped her eyes, then smiled. “Okay,” she said, “so Bob wants me to play with you.”

“Yes, Mistress. And Gina desires it, as well.”

“Then give me a toy that will pleasure us both.”

“Yes, Mistress.“ Gina closed her eyes. Suddenly, Melissa gasped as something seemed to fill her completely. Looking down, she discovered that she now wore only a harness from which protruded a large dildo. From the feel of it, she guessed that the dildo attached to the back side, the one now filling her, was just as large.

Grinning, Melissa stepped toward Gina, who parted her legs expectantly. Stepping close, Melissa bent her knees slightly, bringing the tip of the dildo to bear against the lips of Gina’s pussy. Then, straightening her knees, she drove it home, wrapping her arms around the other woman, and feeling Gina’s arms enfold her, as well.

Slowly, the two women began rocking their hips, working the twin dildos buried within them. Melissa’s hands dropped to cup the twin globes of Gina’s ass, pulling them more tightly together. Gina’s hands returned the gesture, gently squeezing and kneading Melissa’s ass.

Slowly, two sets of hips began to rock faster, as two voices began softly moaning. Suddenly, Melissa threw back her head, locking eyes with Gina.

“Wrap us together!” she gasped. “Let us be totally helpless when we cum!”

Gina’s eyes widened, and Melissa heard her breath catch. Then, “Yes, Mistress.”

Now Melissa felt something wrap around her ankles. Glancing to her left, at a mirror mounted on the wall, she watched as black tape began working its way upwards, wrapping their legs together into a single column. Pulling tight, the tape pressed their legs tightly together, which, in turn, pressed their crotches even more firmly against each other.

Soon the tape covered their asses, mashing their mounds together, driving the dildos as deeply within both pussies as they could go. Their hands, each still cupping the other’s ass, were now prisoners of the tape, unable to release their passionate grip. And still the tape climbed.

When the tape reached the base of her skull, it stopped. Puzzled, Melissa opened her mouth to ask why, only to find it suddenly filled. She felt straps circle her head, holding the gag in place. She could, barely, see similar straps over Gina’s cheeks. The straps drew tight, and she felt Gina’s lips against hers. A double gag, she realized with no panel to separate their lips, only straps through the center for both heads. Melissa’s eyes widened.

Gina, she suddenly remembered, couldn’t remove these bonds. And with the gag filling her mouth, Melissa couldn’t command Gina to change back into Bob, thus freeing his abilities and allowing him to get them out.

Desperately, she struggled against her bonds, even as the tape covered her head, completing the wrap and plunging both women into darkness. The darkness, the total helplessness that she had caused them both to become trapped in, shot through her like a bolt of lightning, a spark that took her exploding into orgasm. Against her, Gina’s body trembled as she, too, found release.

Writhing, the double mummy toppled to the floor. Clearly outlined by the tape, Melissa’s hands clenched at Gina’s ass, struggling to pull her even closer. For long moments, the black shape writhed, then slowly subsided.



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