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Girl Power

by Julien Sorel

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© Copyright 2018 - Julien Sorel - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M+/f; college; scifi; revenge; capture; bond; naked; metal; cocoon; encased; transform; F2powercell; boat; lake; hum; vibrate; arousal; engine-bay; hood; sensors; climax; reluct/nc; X

In 2035, the science department of Atwater College, a small and prestigous New England school, was shaken up by the arrival of a shy exchange student from Poland named Malgorzata. Not that Malgorzata was a disruptive presence: she was a pleasant-looking but unspectacular blonde, short and slender, mild-mannered, and very quiet. The reason that Malgorzata shook up Atwater was that the science department there was world-class and fiercely competitive, and Malgorzata had been doing some amazing things with the new techniques in botanical gene-splicing. One by one, the other students dropped by her lab station to see what she was up to, and came away buzzing with stories of amazing organic transformations, far more sophisticated than the college-level work of her peers.

The annual Atwater public science demonstration was coming up in a few months. It was a high-profile event that drew attention from the science world, and top honors in the competition the last two years had gone to Win Ravenhill, a rich, handsome, extremely gifted student who specialized in electrochemical organic processes. He was well into a project that he expected to net him a third award (he was outfitting lab rats with tiny implanted flashlights that were powered by their own electrochemistry) when he started hearing about what awesome gene splices the new Polish girl was doing.

One day Malgorzata was standing at her locker when she found herself surrounded by Win and two members of the pack he traveled with at all times. The 5'3" blonde looked up at the boys, who towered over her.

"You're not planning to enter the science demo, are you?" said Win. "I really don't think it's a good idea your first year here."

Malgorzata's face wore no expression.

"Take this as a warning," Win said. "Do you hear me? I thought you could speak English."

"I speak English," said the girl, with no emotion and almost no accent.

"So just don't enter, and everyone will have a good year," said Win.

He turned and walked away, followed by his flunkies. "She's kind of a dog, isn't she?" said one of the boys, laughing.

"Oh, I don't know," said Win. "Nice body on her, did you notice? I'd fuck her." Win's opinion went unchallenged, as was usually the case.

Malgorzata did indeed have a nice figure, with a very slender waist, a round and mobile ass, and good, if slight, proportions. Her face was a little comical, but there was something endearing about it, especially when she ditched her clunky glasses and wore contact lenses. And she didn't seem to be easily intimidated, because her name was published shortly after on the list of students who were displaying work in the science demo.

"That bitch," said Win when he heard. "She needs a good lesson in how things are done in this country." Win's stepfather owned a boathouse on the river that ran through the college campus. Win holed up there a few days with his lab equipment and toolbox, working on a fun way to put the Polish girl in her place.

One afternoon, after a long session in her lab, Malgorzata grabbed the handle of her locker and felt a little jolt of electricity before her brain went fuzzy. Win's two lackeys emerged from the shadows and approached the blonde, who was standing very still, as if frozen in the act of opening the locker door. They quickly clipped a tiny device onto Malgorzata's earlobe, activated it with a remote control, then pulled her hand away from the locker. Malgorzata continued to stare into space even after she lost contact with the locker handle. Each boy took one of her arms, and the trio walked out of the building.

When the little Pole's head finally cleared, she was standing in the middle of the boathouse. Her arms were fastened to something behind her, and she was stark naked. Win was sitting in front of her; the other boys were in the process of binding her with some kind of metal belts that they were circling around her body to form an unbroken sheath. Wires ran out from under the casing and down her legs. There was a piece of tape on Malgorzata's mouth. But she couldn't even make a mmmphing sound behind the gag. Win had outfitted her with an electric collar that immobilized her vocal cords.

Malgorzata had very pale, translucent skin, and she turned an unholy shade of red all over her body as she realized that she was naked. Win had never seen anyone blush like that before. But the blush was being covered up quickly by the metal casing, which the boys were tightening around her piece by piece with Allen wrenches. Finally all that could be seen of her was her face, her chest, and her feet. Her small, cute breasts hung over the topmost metal belt.

"You're taking us for a ride, bitch," said Win. "Let's go." The boys tipped Malgorzata backwards. To her horror, the metal cocoon kept her totally rigid; only the bounce of her breasts indicated an organic life form. The boys carried Malgorzata to a boat that was docked at the lake side of the boat house. They turned her over and slid her, tits down, into a bay in the back of the boat. Unable to resist, the encased girl felt her nipples scraping softly against some material in the bottom of the bay as she moved forward. When she reached the end of the bay, a funny electric buzz started in her breasts, raced through her body, then subsided. Malgorzata felt no pain, though she was having difficulty focusing her thoughts.

As soon as Malgorzata was completely inserted, a little green light that Win had fastened between her big toes came on. The boys latched the girl into the bay and got in the boat. "Let's see what she can do," said Win, and turned the key. The engine kicked over, and Malgorzata blacked out for a second. When she came to, the motor of the boat was humming, and she had the strangest vibrating feeling all over her body.

"All right!" said Win.

Malgorzata had generated enough power to start the engine. The boat headed out onto the lake. The girl embedded in the boat felt water splashing on her bare soles, and could hear muffled conversation above her. But her mind kept wandering, and she was lulled into a pleasant, tickly feeling. Suddenly she felt herself being removed from the bay, and realized that the boat had stopped. How long had she been on the water? She must have been drugged...or else the current was affecting her brain.

When her sense of time finally returned, Malgorzata was standing in the boathouse again, naked as the day she was born, and the boys were staring at her and laughing. Groggy, she put one arm across her chest and the other hand over her pussy - where she felt her sex juices running down her legs. She frantically tried to wipe the fluid off her thighs with her hand, which only drew attention to her condition.

"I dumped your clothes outside the door," said Win. "If you hurry, they might still be there."

The door opened onto a public park. Still very light-headed, the naked blonde opened the door and stumbled outside, where at least twenty people got a good look at everything she had. One teenage boy started photographing her with his cell phone. Malgorzata quickly pulled on her dress, grabbed her bra, panties and shoes, and ran barefoot out of the park. It was dark by the time Malgorzata arrived at her boarding house. She greeted her landlady and chatted with her briefly, without telling her what had happened. When she got upstairs, she ran a hot bath and sat in it for over an hour, despite the fact that the bathroom was shared with three other students. She went to bed early, but did not turn the lights off, and did not close her eyes. Sometime in the middle of the night, she stripped off her nightgown, lay back on her pillows naked, and masturbated, thinking about her boat ride.

Malgorzata did not withdraw from the science demo. In fact, she went nearly without sleep for a week to perfect a new technique that would make her show even more dazzling. The flowers and plants she displayed bore an amazing, detailed likeness to whatever subject she chose. Some flowers were portraits of individual members of the department; one plant in the show looked like a sailing ship, complete with a female form as figurehead. She won first prize.

Win said nothing to Malgorzata, and showed no sign of rancor at losing the competition. But, at the end of the school year, Malgorzata boarded a train that was to take her on a week's vacation to Canada, and never arrived at her destination. Win was spending the first part of the summer in a family house in the Catskills. He had dismissed his usual crew of followers and was staying in the house alone.

On his third morning in the house, he got up early and went out to the garage. He lifted the hood of one of the cars in the garage and looked down on little Malgorzata, lying naked and face down across the engine, arranged like a squatting frog so that her petite frame could fit under the hood. She was fastened down with about thirty screw-tightened metal bands, effectively turning her into part of the engine block. Her nipples had been clamped into mounted electrical sockets, and electrical stimuli and sensors had been fitted into her pussy, mouth, and ass, and taped onto as many erogenous zones as Win could get a readable signal off of. She had gotten more or less covered with engine grease while she was being installed, and was so filthy that she could barely be recognized; handprints and the smudges of tools were visible on her pale skin.

As the hood opened, she looked up at Win under heavy-lidded eyes. It was the only motion she was capable of. "You knew I wasn't going to just let it go. Did you secretly want me to do something like this? I bet you're into it," said Win. Malgorzata lowered her eyes. "I kind of like you, you know," he said. "Even if you did completely fuck up my resume." Win gave Malgorzata a light slap on her firm, grease-smeared ass. The naked girl tensed up a little.

"This should be a lot more fun for you than that boat ride," he said, then slammed the hood closed. Malgorzata got a little light through the car's grillwork, and from under the engine. Win sat in the driver's seat. He had added an extra indicator light to the dashboard, and labeled it with with a piece of white tape on which he did a crude drawing of a pair of breasts. He turned the key clockwise; Malgorzata's indicator light went on. Under the hood, Malgorzata felt a jolt, as if someone had given her a sudden shove forward.

Smiling, Win pumped the gas pedal and turned the key all the way to the right. Malgorzata saw stars as the engine cranked; in a few seconds she was coming like a four-alarm fire, and the engine turned over gloriously, sending a wave of current back through her spasming body. Win played with the little exchange student for a while, revving the engine and watching her indicator light flare and dim. Just when Malgorzata thought she couldn't take any more, Win put the car in gear and pulled out of the garage.

A steady, tingling energy spread through the girl's exhausted muscles, giving her relief from the convulsions of ignition. And yet she started to come again, slow and sustained. Too bad I couldn't have entered this car in the demo, thought Win as he put Malgorzata onto route 28 and picked up speed. It would have kicked the ass of those stupid flowers. Irritated at the memory of defeat, he downshifted, just to see Malgorzata's indicator light go bright.


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