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Her Burro

by Doug

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© Copyright 2015 - Doug - Used by permission

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It wasn't so bad. Standing on all fours like that was a bit strange but it didn't hurt. She wrapped a collar around my neck and gave it a tug, so I did my best to follow her. She took me to the bedroom, and as I watched, she got naked. My response was to jump on the bed and take her. When we were done, I expected to be let out of the dog suit, but my wife had other ideas. She got dressed and taking my leash, led me to the kitchen. I saw two bowls on the floor! Watching, she filled one with water, the other with dog food!

“Just eat up, then lay down and rest, you'll need your strength later!”

I tried to eat the dog food, but it tasted awful, and just lapped up some water then lay down. When I woke up she was naked again, and we once again enjoyed ourselves. Then she put me in the back yard! I stayed outside for a few hours before she let me inside and helped me out of the dog suit. That's when I got her. I grabbed her, handcuffed her, and put her in the back yard! I left her out there for about 30 minutes, brought her in the house, and once again went to the bedroom.

It was about two weeks later when she asked me if I would be her doggie once again. I told her that I would, but first we had to do something about the pain in my elbows and knees. For a short period I was okay, but anything over a few hours I was in agony. That's when we started looking for a better solution. We tried some things we found on the internet, but after a few months we knew that we needed a better way to do it, one that would work for either of us. She had also tried being a puppy, and was actually better at it than me!

We found a site that gave a location, and we drove there to see for ourselves just what they do to turn people into animals. It was very enlightening. They had a few people undergoing the transformation from human to animal. A woman was almost completely through the process. She wanted to be a sheep, and she looked exactly like one, complete with hooves and all. Her ears had yet to be fitted, but she looked really good. Another person, a male, was going to be a burro, and he looked just like one!

“He was the hardest to do. We had to make his legs long enough to look right, yet he had to have the strength to pull a wagon, and of course, his face is wider, which means that he has bigger teeth and a longer tongue. But, we have figured all that out, and he has managed to pull the wagon quite well. He'll be going to his owners farm in a few days, as soon as we shoe him and get him registered with the state as an equine. After that he will spend the rest of his days as either a working burro or as the male to keep the harem under control. Right now we think he will be working.”

“What about the dog?”

“They are husband and wife. They both wanted to be dogs, but he was simply too big, so he became a burro. They'll both be on the same farm, just not compatible. As you can see, she will look perfect when we are done later today.. Then we will transport them both to the farm.”

We looked around for a few more hours, saw several people just beginning their transformation into several different kinds of animals, including dogs, ponies and burros. They did tell us that they turned someone into a bird once, but she was truly ugly and although she hated it, the guy told us she was stuck.

“As in all of our transformations, we had to make some skeletal changes to accommodate her wishes, which allowed us to turn her into a rather large bird that looked more like a chicken than not, complete with scaly legs and a beak. I know that she is unhappy, but as we have explained to her, there is no going back. She also stays at the farm. Like all of our animals, we feed her well.”

“Where is this farm?”

“I am sorry but I cannot say. It's for the animals privacy.”

Back at home we talked about what we had seen. Clearly, if I went through their program I would not be a dog, I am too big. More likely than not, I would also be a burro, or maybe a small pony. She could be the dog, or maybe a sheep. After a lot of discussion, she agreed to become a dog, but rather than the farm, she would stay with me. I took her to the clinic the next day. It would be seven months before I saw her as a complete dog. They told me that I could watch, but I declined and went home.

When I next saw her she looked exactly like a dog! About as big as a Lab, with brown fur, what looked like real claws, fangs, and a tongue that was quite long! She had floppy ears and a tail that was wagging when she saw me! Big brown eyes, and a jeweled collar. I was stunned at just how real she looked!

“She cannot talk of course, we take that right away. Her snout is made from her own bones, the ones that we salvaged when we did her legs. That way it is part of her. It was grafted on and has become a part of her face now. We gave her all the shots required by the state and have licensed her with the county. We also put a microchip in her neck in case she runs off.”

He handed me the leash and walked us to the door. She jumped on the seat, stuck her head out the window, and as I drove home I wondered just what she was thinking. But, I was her owner, not her husband any more, so, doing what the doctor told me, I had to treat her like I would any other dog. Once we got home I led her to the back yard, and clipped her leash to the runner and went in the house. I fed her, made sure she had plenty of water, and played with her. We took walks together and I let the area kids play with her, but in the end, she was just a dog. I let her sleep in the house when it was ugly outside, but otherwise she stayed in her doghouse.

About two months after she came home...

“Hi. We have a male that has been transformed into a dog about the same size as Missy, and I was wondering if she has been bred yet?”

It was a great suggestion, so he brought Baxter right over, and we let him loose in the yard with Missy. She was not on the runner, so Baxter had to follow her around, but in the end, her grabbed her by the neck and took her. The doctor and I watched until they separated, then had a beer.

“She seems to have adjusted quite well. Have you?”

“Sure why not?”

“Having your wife become your dog is stressful, and from long experience we know what to do.”

“What's that?”

“Let me take her to the farm. That's where she belongs and you know it. She will be among others just like her. And I promise that she will be well taken care of.”

After some thought, I knew that he was right, and let him take Missy to the farm. When I asked if I could see her, he told me that the only way I would see her is if I were transformed! I kept wondering about her, but knew that the only way I would see her again is if I became a burro. A burro is a member of the equine family that has been bred to do menial work on a farm, such as pulling a wagon. They can live up to 70 years old, but more usually around 60.

I have no family really. I have a brother that lives thousands of miles away and I have not spoken to him in years. Missy and I have no children, and both sets of parents are long gone. Essentially, I was all alone, and if I quit my job they would forget me in a few months. Becoming a burro, while really out there, would not be a stretch since nobody would miss me. I would miss the cold beer, car races and golf, but that was about all. I thought about it for a long time before I decided that I would check into it a bit more.

The doctor was very explicit in his description of what a change from man to burro would entail, including selling everything, appointing someone to make sure Missy and I were well cared for, paying off all of our debts and so on. Then he explained the entire procedure that would change me into a very complete burro. That was my choice rather than a pony. Or a chicken! I simply liked the look. After looking at the pictures, discussing this at great length, and selling everything, I went under the knife. I am pretty sure that it took about ten months, but when they were done, I was a burro. I had a gray hide, hooves with metal shoes, and a tag in my ear.

The doctor pushed a bit into my mouth, clipped on the reins, and led me out to the trailer. The clip clop of my metal shoes on the pavement was a very positive reminder that I was an animal. After a three hour drive I was led out of the trailer and into the barn. Put in a stall, I looked around, and knew that from then on, this is where I would live. A few hours later they took me to the pasture, and let me loose to wander around. Because of all the training before I was taken to the farm, I knew just what grasses I could eat, and which ones would make me sick. I walked out in the field, and knowing what the future held, I tasted grass for the first time.

Life became very tedious and not at all what I expected. In mild rain or shine I was left outside, and got used to the taste of grass. I tried hay once, but that was a very ugly experience. It was also hard to get used to the idea of elimination out in the field, but that passed quickly. About a month after I was at the farm, they hitched me to a wagon, and I began to haul bales of hay from the field to the barn. It wasn't hard since the added leverage of my legs made me very strong. It seemed as if I always had some mutt following me around, and it took me a bit to figure out that it was Missy!

She was a dog, I was a burro, so no interaction was possible, and I made myself forget her. Then they brought out another burro! Up to that point I was the only one on the farm. It did not take me long to figure out that the new burro was a female, and I quickly tried to mount her, but failed. It was a full week until she became receptive, which is when I mounted her. I did not even think that it was strange for me to have sex with an animal, after all, I was an animal too! I took her three more times before she stopped letting me mount her.

I had no idea that we were being watched, or even photographed having sex, but about a week later I was put in a trailer and taken to another farm. Standing there as he held my reins...

“He has responded better than any before, but of course he volunteered. He mounted the jenny as soon as she would let him, and so far they have not fought at all. She cannot get pregnant of course, since she is a real burro and he is not, but he enjoyed it, so we'll make sure that they mate as often as possible. With her, or another female.”

“Have you tried a saddle yet?”

“No, because we have him pulling the hay wagons.”

“And you say he volunteered for this?!”

“His wife is our sheep dog. She tends the flock for us.”

“They are all real sheep?”

“Some, but not all. We have seven that are transformed humans, but you cannot tell them from a real sheep, and all of them have adapted quite well.”

“Why isn't he a ram? I mean, that way he and his wife would be together!”

“We thought of that, but he specifically selected a burro as his choice, so that's what we did.”

I could hear, and still understand everything they said, and while it was all true, it did bring my status into focus. They led me out to the pasture and set me free, and once again the days dragged on. They had me pull a wagon full of kids once, then they gave me another female, and like the first, I took her too. The gave me new shoes, branded me, and gave me a new ear tag, which meant that I was not going back to the first farm where I started.

I was harnessed to the wagon, and after the party guests got on, I pulled the carriage around the estate. I could hear the livery man telling everyone that I was not a born burro. Many wanted to talk to me, but of course I cannot talk, so they were met with mute wonder. I did not hate my life, after all, I had chosen to be a burro. I pulled the wagons, ate the grass, and mated the females they gave me. That is my life, and I am fine with it. Later, they gave me a new female, and right away I knew that she was like me. I mounted her quickly and as often as I could. Then she got pregnant!

They took her away for a while, and I knew that she was delivering the baby. Later I heard the farmer say that they had a fine baby boy! She was returned to the fields a few days later. She gave no sign that she had a baby, or worried about it. She was a normal female burro, a jenny. They kept the two of us together for many years, and she gave birth three more times.

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