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The Herd

by Jo

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© Copyright 2011 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; captive; bond; enema; machine; drug; mc; transform; milk; nc; X

One and one is two, two and two is four, four and four eight, eight and eight is and one is! time...feel good time...

Kristen allowed herself to be guided through the house. She had met Emile about a week ago at the sponsors' dinner. She'd been serving. He ate sparingly.

"I eat to be polite, but I greatly prefer my own food. You understand."

She didn't really, but she nodded and smiled politely.

Later as she cleaned up, "You are a student here?"

"Yes,. I'm a sophomore."

"Your major?"


"As was mine!  My specialty was increasing milk production in cows and also green, sustainable farming."

"I'm what could be called a Gentleman Farmer. It's a hobby, really, but I take it seriously. I've achieved perfect sustainability. I keep a small herd of 20, well now 19 head. Every so often I invite some special friends over for dinner. But the herd will soon be at 20 again. Anyway, their waste goes to feed the crops. I also milk them regularly and their milk along with some of my harvest is their food. Which creates waste, and on and on. It's all very green and totally organic. Perhaps you would like to visit my home, see the operation. As a biology major, you should find it interesting."

And that's how it started. One thing led to another and now she was a guest at his house. It was a big house, but not a mansion. But the land!

"Nearly a thousand acres tucked between a national forest and the river. I don't get much company out here, and that's how I prefer it. I have a caretaker, Robert. He's probably out in the barn at this time of day."

"Don't you get lonely out here?"

"Me? No. I have my herd. And when I feel like outside company, I make an invitation."

He took her hand and kissed it.

"Tell me about yourself. You have family?"

"Yeah. My parents and a sister."

"Are you a close family?"

"They are. I'm kind of the black sheep. I ran with a rough crowd, but I gave that up a couple of years ago. My folks aren't ready to forgive me and, honestly, I couldn't care less."

"So I would gather that you rarely visit."

"Don't visit at all."

"Why am I telling you this? I'm sorry I didn't mean to blurt that out. It's not them, it's me. I live my life my way."

"What about friends? A boyfriend?"

"Uh uh. I'm not really a people puppy. And I'm too busy trying to get my act together to have time for that nonsense."

They had worked their way through the house and were walking by a field.

"Are those what I think they are?"

"If you mean an illegal, hallucinogenic plant, then yes. It's another reason I appreciate the isolation. No prying eyes. I provide a few special products for a select clientele."

They walked into the barn. There were a couple of horses in their stalls. There were also a few goats milling about.

"Would you like to meet the herd?"

He gestured at a door, opened it. Kristen stepped through and stopped. Emile was close behind and prodded her forward.

There were girls. Two rows of naked girls. They were back to back, separated by a narrow aisle. Each girl was bent over, her tits resting in glass bowls, but they weren't simple bowls, they were half full of milk and the tits on the girls were grotesquely large.

Each girl had a tube in her mouth that contained a whitish fluid. Each sucked greedily as if half starved. And on the back side, two more tubes. One was in the girl's ass, the other in her pussy.

There was the sound of machinery, pumps, and the sound of 19 girls grunting and moaning.


"Meet the herd. They all have names, but I won't bore you with that, except to say that you are going to take Becky's place." He gestured at an empty space.

"What!? What did you do to them?"

"The same thing I'm going to do to you."

"No! You can't!"

"Can't is not a word in my dictionary. Robert."

Kristen hadn't noticed the man, hadn't heard him approach. He was a giant, a head taller than Emile who was nearly a head taller than herself. He grabbed her arm and dragged her to the line of girls.

"NO!  Please! You can't do this! People will know!"

"On the contrary, you said yourself that you have no family to speak of, no friends. No one will know. Soon, not even you."

The implication of that last comment was lost on the struggling girl as the giant fixed her in place.

First he bent her over and brought a U-shaped rod over her neck. He slid a bar up the ends of the rod, up against her throat, trapping her head. He gripped each ankle, set it between two bars, which promptly closed on them. He did the same with her wrists, securing them between bars on each side of her head. He pulled out a knife and stripped her.

"Oh please! Please don't do this! Let me go. Please!?"

Her cries were cut off as the giant shoved the shaft into her mouth. It was penis shaped and hollow with a plastic tube. The girl milk flowed. Kristen had no choice but to swallow, or drown. She swallowed.

The giant was busy behind her and presently she felt the tip of a large nozzle press against her ass. In a moment it was inside of her. It was distinctly uncomfortable, but didn't hurt. It was like a trip to the dentist, there was pressure, but no pain. Her brain was trying to process this, but she was becoming befuddled. Somewhere her mind made the connection. It was the plants. He wasn't feeding her just girl milk - it was drugged! She felt a different pressure, a bloated feeling, as water was pumped into her bowels.

A shaft went into her pussy, the flared base fetching up against her clit. It started to buzz.

Lastly the bowls. The giant smeared some kind of grease on her tits and raised the bowls. There was a faint hissing sound, then the bowls sucked her tits into them, drawing her nipples deep into the little chrome cups. There began a rhythmic pulsing, sucking on her nipples.

Minutes passed. Kristen thought she'd burst from the water that filled her gut. But then there was the sound of the pump again and the pressure eased. But no sooner than she'd been emptied, than she was filled again.

"This is your new life. Twice a day you will be fed, twice a day your milk will be drawn. There is no milk now, but a combination of the appropriate hormones and some serious machine sucking will have you giving milk like a heifer in no time."

"The enema ensures nothing goes unused. As you've experienced, you will be filled and drained twice during each feeding."

"As for the sexual stimulation, I can't prove it, but as that old ad boasted 'Milk from contented cows' and I think it enhances the product." He shrugged. "Can't hurt."

"Out in the pen you'll have a trough of feed. All top quality, organic stuff, grow it myself. And, of course, you will receive plenty of healthy exercise."

He squatted before her.

"You no doubt are feeling a bit woozy. Well, you saw my special crop. One particular plant is highly addictive and highly illegal. But the price you pay for that pleasant high is the loss of brain function, permanently. I'll control the amount you receive. I mean, even a cow needs a few brain cells."

"Oh, and you asked about loneliness. It may border on bestiality, but I am not at a loss for, er, companionship."

He stroked her cheek, then stepped away.

After her feeding and milking she was led, or more accurately, driven out into the pen.

"Git 'em Sparky."

And Sparky got 'em. The dog chased the girls, nipped at their heels, herded them around the pen at a trot.

They kept the girls in a large cage at night. She tried to talk to the other girls, but she got no response. Each day she felt her mind slipping. She'd fought it. She spent her time remembering everything she could: her family, her school work, books she'd read, even mathematics. She was good at math, was getting a free ride on a math scholarship.

Kristen moved to an empty spot in the line. The giant fixed her in place, pushed the plug into her mouth,  inserted the tubes into her ass and pussy, attached the milker. Girl milk flowed into her mouth. She sucked greedily. Water flowed into her ass. The buzzing started between her legs. And the girl milk, her girl milk, splashed into the bowls.

One and one is two, two and two is four, four and four



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