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The Host

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; experiment; naked; bedroom; sex; transform; M2f; assimilation; alien; toys; insert; denial; cons/nc; X

Tony Walker couldn't believe his luck. With multiple convictions for assault, rape and murder, the best he could have hoped for was life in prison filing an endless series of appeals to hold off the inevitable death sentance. Then, amazingly, he'd been taken from his cell and sent here. The army, he'd been told, needed his help, and the court had agreed to commute his sentance. All he had to do was help the army for a few years, and he'd be a free man. It was unbelievable.

Of course, Tony had no intention of staying. First chance he got, he'd be gone, and he defied anyone to find him once he'd gone underground. It had only been luck that they'd caught him to begin with. That, and a nurse with a black belt. Repaying her for his time in a cell was right at the top of his list, once he'd escaped.

For now, though, he'd have to play their game. Which, at the moment, meant waiting for some kind of specialist who wanted to talk to him.

Strange kind of room for a conversation, he thought, glancing at the small but comfortable looking bed in the corner. Other than a table and two chairs at the other end, that bed was the only furniture in the room, making Tony wonder just what this room was used for besides talking to specialists. Then, as the door opened, he forgot any such mundane thoughts.

Entering the room was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, her charms made obvious by her total lack of any clothing. With something approaching awe, Tony stared at the long, toned legs, flaring hips and tapered waist. The woman's upper half was just as toned, the chest supporting large, firm breasts with pronounced nipples. Briefly, he gazed at a face of serene, almost unearthly beauty, framed by waves of raven hair, before returning his attention to the more interesting view lower down.

"Anthony Walker?" Like her face, the woman's voice, with its soft, measured tones, carried an air of almost unearthly serenity. Tony's eyes were drawn up to meet hers, his gaze seeming to sink into deep green depths. Tony was surprised to find that words were hard to come by, trying twice to answer before settling for a simple nod.

The woman didn't walk across the room; she glided. Every step, every motion, contained a grace, a fluidity, that he'd never before seen. Watching her bronzed, nearly golden skin ripple with each step, Tony felt his throat go dry. Halting before his chair, the woman reached down and, without a word, began to unbutton his shirt.

In seconds, it seemed, Tony's shirt was gone, along with the rest of his clothes. Drawing him to his feet, the woman led Tony to the bed, releasing his hand and flowing down onto the mattress. As she spread her legs and lifted her arms to him, Tony happily joined her.

Never a big fan of foreplay, he positioned himself over had and immediately thrust downward. He was surprised to find her already wet, her soft warmth gripping him tightly as he began rocking his hips in a slowly increasing rhythm.

She likes this, he thought, feeling her legs close slightly so that they rested against his. At the same time, she entwined her hands with his, drawing his arms down so that he lay flat atop her. Lifting her head, the woman kissed him, her tongue spearing between his lips.

Tony couldn't believe it. In this position, all he could do was rock his hips, but that did nothing to hinder the massive orgasm he could already feel approaching. Almost frantically, he rocked faster, moaning into the kiss as his orgasem grew, grew....and then stopped.

Tony was stunned. He was there, damn it, right on the edge of the most massive orgasm he'd ever had, and then it stopped, leaving his whole body vibrating with need. As he desperately rocked his hips, seeking that one last push, he began to feel something strange. It was as if his skin were being coated with something. He tried to look, only to find himself unable to lift his head. His lips, somehow, seemed to be locked to hers, her tongue still thrust deep within his mouth.

Rolling his eyes, Tony could barely make out his own shoulder. As he watched, something moved across his skin. He had no idea what it was, but it was the same golden bronze color of the woman's skin.

As he struggled to understand, the woman's head seemed to rise, her face pushing inward as it slowly engulged his. Something touched his eyes, and everything went dark. Unable to move, he could only lay there as the feeling of being coated covered every inch of his body. There was a brief, intenst tingling, and then the feelings vanished, leaving other, equally strange feelings in their place.

He still couldn't see, but he could feel very well the sensation of warm skin beneath his own. The woman's tongue still filled his mouth, leaving him unable to speak, and he could still feel her muscles gripping and squeezing him as he lay buried deep within her. Impossibly, he could also feel something withdrawing from between his lips, though it left his mouth as full as before. Worse, he could feel something penetrating him, buried deep between his thighs.

Finally, his eyes opened, though he wasn't sure the sight that greeted him was worth being able to see. Beneath him, a pale, pinched face looked back at him. A male face, gazing back at him with tired brown eyes.

Shocked, Tony tried to roll from atop this stranger. Instead, he felt his body rise to hands and knees. As it did, he felt something slip from within him. Once it was gone, his body rose to its feet, gazing down at the naked man, who lay still, appearing almost boneless. In stark contrast to the limpness of his body, he was erect, his manhood quivering as if seconds away from massive release.

Even as he stared, Tony's body turned and moved across the room. Surprised, he tried to halt, but his body simply kept moving, opening the door and striding down a long hallway. Reaching another door, his body entered an office where two men sat with expectant looks on their faces.


"It is done." Another shock. The voice, without doubt, had come from him, but he hadn't spoken. Couldn't speak, his mouth still filled. Worse, it was the woman's voice that had answered, not his.


Instead of replying, Tony's body turned toward a mirror mounted on one wall. In the reflection, Tony saw, not himself, but the woman. A version, at least. This woman appeared to be slightly shorter than the one he remembered, her hips slightly wider, her breasts slightly larger. Still, the reflection he saw was an almost exact duplicate of the woman who'd entered the room such a short time ago.

"Assimilation complete." With these words, Tony felt himself turn back toward the two men, his body sinking into a chair facing them.

"Excellent," one of the men said with satisfaction. "And Mr. Walker?"

"He is well," was the reply. "His structure accomidated me quite willingly, much more so than my previous host. That individual survived the seperation and is resting well."

"Very good. We'll see to him in due time." The man paused for a moment. "Anthony Walker," he finally said, "I know you can hear me, even though you can't answer. You are now part of perhaps the greatest endeavor mankind has ever undertaken.

"Some years ago, a strange fireball was observed descending through the atmosphere. At the impact sight, the remains of a strange, alien vessel were discovered. The vessel was heavily damaged, and there was no sign of life, so one man was sent inside to examine the interior."

The man paused. "One man went in," he said after a moment, "but what came out was no man. Instead, it was a version of the very same woman you saw earlier. It was quite a shock, or so I've been told. Still, it was possible to initiate communication, though it proved necessary to teach the woman English before she could speak with us. And it was quite worth the effort, I assure you.

"The woman, we learned, is from an ancient species whose home world lies on the far side of the galaxy. They are highly intelligent, possessing knowledge we here on earth couldn't dream of achieving for centuries, if not more. This species developed rapidly, becoming dominant on their world long before man evolved here. In fact, there was only one thing that kept them from leaving their world.

"They have no body. That is, no solid body, with bone and muscle. In their natural form, they are large, gelatinous blobs, well adapted to their own world, but entirely too fragile to endure the rigors of space travel. They are also highly adaptive, which allows them to form symbiotic relationships with host bodies.

"Which is exactly what happened when another race discovered their world. The creatures assimilated their bodies, which allowed them to return to the explorers' home world, where they entered into an agreement with that world's leaders. In exchange for host bodies, they would share their knowledge. Various criminals were offered as hosts, allowing the creatures to expand ever further into space. Until this one reached us."

"Basically," the woman's voice said, "you are inside me. Literally." At this, Tony felt the muscles that still gripped him squeeze, causing him to moan silently. "Your penetration of my genitals, along with my penetration of your oral cavity, created the connection that allowed the assimilation to occur. Your heightened state of arousal allowed the process to begin, and now allows it to remain stable. Which means, unfortunately, that this same level of arousal must be maintained at all times.

Had he been able, Tony would have screamed. His body still teetered on the ragged edge of massive orgasm, every nerve screaming with need. His mind struggled to achieve coherent thought through seemingly endless waves of pleasure and denied release. Already, he could feel his mind dimming.

"Still," he heard, "it does have benefits." With these words, the creature now controlling Tony's body held up a rather large dildo. "It does allow me to experience human female sex. I very much enjoy the sensation, although, regrettably, I can only experience what you might call the real thing when exchanging hosts. Still, this is quite pleasant."

The hand lowered slowly. Seconds later, Tony felt something press into him, penetrating him. "Our nervous systems," he heard, "are connected, which means you feel what I feel."

Tony was stunned. He could still feel her clenching him, squeezing him, holding him at the very edge. At the same time, he could feel the dildo pushing into him, filling him completely. This new sensation, combined with what he already felt, quickly overwhelmed him, his mind slipping away on waves of pleasure.

"I think," he vaguely heard, "that I shall be Antoinette now, though you may call me Toni. This body is quite healthy, with erotic potential I have not felt in centuries of your time. I truly hope he lasts longer than the six years my former host managed. I will be quite sad to see this one wear out."

Six years! The words echoed through what was left of Tony Walker's mind, changing even as they did. "Six years. Six. Six. Sex. Sex for years". Until, finally, Tony Walker vanished, leaving behind only an arousal-wracked shell, host to an insatiable creature which, when it finally chose another host, would leave behind no more than a mindless body, trapped forever in that awful second between lust and fulfillment.

And somewhere, deep within what remained, Tony Walker cried.

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