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by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; computer; magic; transform; leather; transport; screen; bond; display; cons/reluct; X

With a soft sigh, Bianca tossed her towel aside and settled into her computer chair.  The shower had felt good, but now she had the rest of the evening to deal with.   Briefly, she considered dressing, then shrugged the thought away.  After all, who was going to see her anyway?

Looking for something do pass the time, she went to google and typed in “magic” to see what might come up.  Boredly, she scanned through the listings.  Then, near the bottom of the fifth page, she saw something called Magic Interactive Screensaver.  Intrigued, she clicked.

According to the site that came up, this was a new kind of screensaver, one that featured a magician who did tricks at the user’s command.  A screenshot showed a man in black pulling a rabbit out of a top-hat.  Curious, she downloaded and installed the program.  Going to her screensaver properties, she selected the new program.  Then, unwilling to wait until it kicked in normally, she clicked Preview.

On her screen appeared the same man in black, standing behind a table laden with what she assumed were magical items.  At the bottom of the screen she saw a box listing several tricks.  Below that she saw: “Speak clearly to tell Leonardo the Magnificent which trick you wish to see.”

Glancing at the choices, Bianca said, “Rabbit.”  Quickly, the man grabbed a tall hat from the table, held it so she could see that it was empty, then, with a flourish, reached in and pulled out a rabbit.  Afterwards, the screen reset to the original image.

One at a time, she worked her way through the list of tricks, but there was nothing there that she hadn’t seen a hundred times before.  Besides, she thought, it’s not really magic, right?  Just some imaging program somebody wrote because they had nothing better to do.

When the final trick was completed, Bianca leaned back with a sigh.  “Boring,” she murmured, reaching for her mouse to click out.

“Indeed?”  Surprised, Bianca stared at the screen.  This was the first time the magician had actually spoken, and she was amazed at the smooth, realistic sound of his voice.  “Perhaps you would rather see something a bit more unusual.”

“Um, sure,”

“Please say yes or no.”

“Ok.  Yes.”

Immediately, the magician vanished, as did everything else on her screen.  Bianca stared mutely at.......nothing.

Well, she thought, if nothing had a color, this would be it.  Indeed, there was no color.  No grey, no black, no white, no color of any kind.  A little warning bell rang inside her head, telling her to look away, as if human eyes weren’t meant to see this.  But she continued to stare, unable to tear her eyes off her screen, troubling as the view might be.

Slowly, she reached toward her monitor.  She knew she couldn’t actually touch this strange nothingness, but something compelled her to try.  Hesitantly, she poked the screen with one finger.

“Damn!”  Somehow, her finger had become stuck to the screen.  Cautiously, she pulled back, but her finger remained securely fastened to the surface of the screen.

Unwilling to risk yanking her monitor off the desk, Bianca grasped the edge with her other hand and pulled once, sharply, with no results.    As she shifted her grip slightly for another try, her thumb slipped onto the screen surface, becoming stuck as well.

“Now this is great,” she muttered, glancing down at her mouse.  With both hands stuck to the screen, she couldn’t even click out now.  To make matters worse, she now felt a soft pull to her thumb, drawing it to the center of the screen beside the trapped finger of her other hand.

“Now what?”

“You will see,” came the magician’s voice, followed by a soft laugh.  “Or, rather, you won’t see, but you will feel.”

As Bianca pondered the meaning of those words, she suddenly felt something touching her trapped digits.  Looking, she saw nothing, but her senses told her that something soft and vaguely rubbery in feel was slowly inching it’s way along her skin.  In moments, both hands felt enclosed, though she could still see nothing.  Soft, barely felt tugs moved her hands, so gently that she barely noticed.  By the time she realized something was going on, both of her hands were pressed palms flat against the screen.  Several discrete tugs, followed by a few outright yanks, showed her that, not only could she not move her fingers, she also couldn’t move the monitor.

“Oh, now, this is great,” she muttered sarcastically.

“I’m glad you approve,” came the magician’s voice.  “And the best is yet to come.”

As she wondered what the voice meant, the strange feeling began working its way up her arms.  As it passed her elbows, Bianca discovered that her arms were now locked in place, stretched out to the screen.  No amount of effort on her part could bend her elbows even the slightest bit.  The same thing happened when the feeling reached her shoulders.

From her shoulders, the feeling spread down to the tops of her breasts, where it stopped.  Her relief was short lived, however, as the feeling began working its way up her neck.  As it slipped around her chin, Bianca clamped her lips together, suddenly afraid of this invisible whatever-it-was getting into her mouth.  The feeling climbed to just under her nose, then stopped.

“Of course,” she heard, “you can exit this program at any time, simply by clearly saying the word ‘stop’.”

“Mmmmm.   Mmmmm?”  Belatedly, Bianca realized that her lips had been sealed shut, allowing only hums to emerge.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch that.”

“Mmmm!  Mmm mm mmm!”

“I’m sorry, but this program does not recognize that language.  Shall we continue?”

Bianca now felt the strange sense of enclosure creeping down her body.  Her breasts were soon covered, though, of course, still plainly visible, their shape and natural movement seemingly unaffected.

When the sensation reached her waist, it paused.  Instead, Bianca began feeling a soft upward pressure against her lower arms.  Quickly, the pressure became distinctly uncomfortable, causing her to raise herself slightly out of her chair.  As soon as she did, the pressure stopped, leaving her locked in place with her ass hovering over the chair’s seat.  Bent awkwardly, she could feel her ass being covered, then her thighs, then legs.

Once the feeling reached her ankles, pressure on her upper arms lowered her back into the chair.  Once seated, pressure behind her knees drew her feet from the floor to be covered as well.  Once covered, her feet were allowed to once more drop to the floor.

“Well, now,” she heard, “that was interesting, wasn’t it?  Now for the fun part.”

As Bianca watched, her hands seemed to darken, her normal healthy skin tone deepening to a dull, shiny black.  Quickly, the blackness spread up her arms.  When it stopped, it looked as thought she now wore opera length gloves of black leather.

“There are many different looks available,” the voice from the computer said.  “And you will get to experience them all.”

Suddenly, Bianca felt pressure against her sides, pinching them in.  Rolling her eyes, she saw that she now appeared to be wearing a corset of black leather, to match her gloves.  Her legs darkened, taking on the sheen of polished leather.  Pressure from beneath raised her feet, feeling just like she wore heels.

“Almost done,” she heard.  “Only one more thing to do.”  As she heard these words, Bianca felt a soft pull against her hands.  She watched, horrified, as her hands seemed to sink into the monitor.  Desperately, she fought to pull away, but nothing seemed to help as her arms slowly vanished into the screen.

Slowly, despite her struggles, Bianca’s body was slowly drawn into the monitor.  For a second, her feet protruded, then they, too, vanished.  The screen flashed the words, “Program Complete”, then changed to her regular desktop.

* * *

“Bob, you have got to see this.”

Curious, Bob glanced up.  “Where did you get that, Jim?”  His companion shrugged.

“Bought it at one of those seized property sales.  Some woman vanished, and her landlord was selling her stuff to cover the back rent she still owed.”

“Nice computer.”

“Yeah, but that’s not what I meant.  Check this out.”  As Bob watched, his friend opened the screensaver window.  Highlighted was a program called Magic.  Smiling, Jim clicked the Preview button.

On the screen appeared an empty room.  Well, not quite empty.  In the center of the floor rolled a beautiful woman, naked except for a black leather corset, and the black single sleeve that pinned her arms behind her.

For a moment, Bob watched as the woman on the screen writhed helplessly.  “Not bad,” he commented.

“That’s not all,” Jim told him.  “Just watch.

After another moment, the sleeve vanished, replaced by ropes binding her wrists together.  More rope appeared, drawing her elbows together.  Her ankles, also bound with rope now, were drawn toward her ass, pulling her into a strict hogtie.  As she rolled onto her side, the corset vanished, even as a set of clamps appeared on her nipples.  Grinning, Jim turned up the volume on his speakers, filling the room with soft, muffled moans.

“In the settings,” Jim informed his delighted friend, “there’s an option to add to this.  I think I’m gonna check that out tonight after my shower.” 



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