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Jess' Camping Adventure

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; majick; transform; stretch; wrap; bond; flatten; rollup; encase; transport; inflate; gag; outdoors; cons/reluct; X

"Ready for some more magic?"

Jess grinned. The last time Dale had practiced his magic on her, the orgasms she'd received had been amazing. Now, faced with the idea of another of his seemingly endless array of magical talents, she nodded eagerly.

"Ok, this one requires you to be naked." Hearing this, Jess lost no time stripping off her clothes. Naked, she turned slowly in front of him, knowing full well how much he enjoyed the sight of her body.

"Give me a minute to prepare," Dale said, smiling. "We need to get this done without wasting too much time. Don't forget, we're going camping this weekend."

Jess frowned. That meant this would be a short spell, which meant no fantastic orgasms. Already losing interest, she watched as Dale moved his hands and spoke words that meant absolutely nothing to her.

"All done," he finally said, gently grasping her hands.

"Already? I didn't feel a thing."

"You weren't supposed to." Pulling her hands wide apart, Dale quickly moved them toward, then past each other, releasing both wrists at the same time. Jess felt her arms wrap around her body with the speed her hands had been moving.

Strangely, it seemed her arms were wrapping further around her than they should have. Glancing down, she watched with wide eyes as her arms seemed to lengthen as they continued to wrap around her. Down her body they went, wrapping her hips, her thighs, knees. Finally, it stopped, her arms impossibly long, her hands resting on her feet. From shoulder to ankle, she was, impossibly, wrapped tightly in her own arms.

"What....?" Ignoring her startled protest, Dale knelt behind her, reaching around her ankles to grasp her hands. With a quick pull, he drew them once more around her ankles. Feeling a pull on her thumbs, Jess craned her head to see, watching as Dale stretched her thumbs before securely knotting them together. Her index fingers were quickly also knotted to each other, followed by her other digits, each knotted in pair. Once her pinkies were tied together, Dale stood, nodding in satisfaction.

Stunned, Jess stared at him. She felt her arms begin to shrink slightly, as if trying to go back to their normal length. Unfortunately, her tied fingers meant the shrinking only served to draw her arms tighter around her, fusing her legs together as they did.

"Dale, this is too strange. Undo this, please?"

Dale shook his head. "No time," he said, smiling. "We need to get ready for our camping trip." Gently, he grasped her shoulders, nudging her off balance, then laying her carefully on the floor.

"How can I get ready like this?"

"I'll take care of that," he replied, sliding her across the floor until she lay beneath the door hiding the foldaway ironing board. When he opened the door, instead of the ironing board, she saw what looked like a solid piece of metal. Dale gestured, and, suddenly, the metal dropped toward her, not even giving her time to scream before it slammed into her, making everything go dark.

Light slowly returned, along with the sight of Dale leaning over her. Strangely, there was no pain. Actually, there was nothing at all. She tried to ask what was happening, but, somehow, her mouth wouldn't open.

Dale leaned toward her, his fingers grasping the top of her head and lifting. From this new vantage, Jess could see that, somehow, her whole body had been flattened. Dale was literally peeling her from the floor! He quickly flipped her over, so that she lay face down.

Feeling began to return, though there was still no pain. She could feel the cold floor beneath her. She also felt when Dale placed something soft against her flattened ankles and lower legs. The feeling began to move up her legs. Just above her knees, the soft was replaced by the feel of warm skin. Strangely, she felt this not only on the backs of her legs, but the tops of her feet, then her shins. The feeling of skin on skin climbed up her body until it reached her shoulders. In front, the feeling stopped about half way between her waist and her breasts. Something pressed against the back of her head. Finally, she felt something thin press against her, running from the top of her head down to the middle of her back. More thin somethings joined, running from each shoulder to the same level on her back.

"There," she heard Dale say, "all done. Hope that's soft enough for you." So saying, he picked her up and carried her to a mirror.

The only thing that kept her eyes from widening in shock was the fact that even that much motion was impossible. Dale had put his sleeping bag on the backs of her legs, then rolled her up around it. Her flattened eyes stared out from either side of the thin cord that ran down the length of her nose. This cord, along with one on either side, kept the sleeping bag neatly rolled, and her along with it.

"By the way," Dale said, sliding her into a plastic bag and sealing it shut, "we're taking my bike. I know how much you hate sitting on the back of the seat. Now you won't have to."

Jess felt a moment of panic as the bag containing her was sealed. How would she get air? Slowly, she realized that, somehow, it wasn't a problem. Flattened people, evidently, didn't have to worry about breathing, since flat lungs can't take air in. Slightly calmer, at least in that respect, she watched as she was carried out to the garage and strapped in place below the headlight of Dale's bike.

For a while, all was relatively quiet. Sealed within the bag, her flattened ears didn't hear as well as she was used to, so she was surprised when her view suddenly shifted. She had been looking at the garage door from a slight angle, due to the lean of the bike on its stand. Now her view was level, telling her that Dale had mounted the bike. She heard and felt the motor throb to life. The garage door powered up, and they were on their way.

The ride, for Jess, was a totally new experience quite apart from her current situation. She was seeing the road exactly as the bike itself would, if the bike had eyes. Her flattened head permitted no peripheral vision, so her only view was the top of the bike's front tire and the road ahead.

Later, when Dale stopped for gas, a young man approached the front of the bike, staring intently at Jess. "Hey, man," he said, "there's a girl's face on your sleeping bag. How'd you do that?"

"It's my girlfriend," Dale replied.

"Wicked," the young man said, then grinned. "But if she looks that good in real life, I think I'd rather have her inside the sleeping bag. How much of her does it show?"

Dale carefully removed the bag, and Jess, from the bike, rolling her so the other man could look. Jess felt fingers poking at her breasts, which, evidently, were located on the opposite side of the bag from her face. The man asked Dale to unroll the bag so he could see all of her, but, much to Jess' relief, Dale declined. Instead, he put her back below his headlight, paid for the gas, and off they went.

Finally, as the world began to darken, Dale turned off the road, following a narrow track deep into the woods. When he stopped, the bike sat beside a small pond. Evidently, they had arrived.

Again, things went quiet, leaving Jess to wonder just what Dale was doing. When he finally removed her from the bike, she could see that he'd set up camp. The tent was up, and a small fire burned within a ring of stones.

Dale carried Jess into the tent and placed her on the ground. The cords vanished, and the feeling of touching her own skin began to vanish, letting her know that she was being unrolled from the sleeping bag. When she was flipped onto her back, it was to see Dale leaning over her, holding what looked like a tire pump with a needle attached to the end of the hose.

He wouldn't, Jess found herself thinking. "He couldn't possibly.... He could, and he did, slipping the end of the needle between her flattened lips, then working the pump until, with an audible pop, her body returned to its normal shape.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"How do I feel?" Jess couldn't believe the question. "How am I supposed to feel? I've been turned into a pancake, rolled into a sleeping bag, and hauled around on the front of your bike. And I hope for your sake that was you poking my tits back at the station. Now you let me out of this right now, or I swear you'll nevmmmmppphhh!"

As Dale stepped back, Jess tried to force something resembling words past the gag that now filled her mouth. Her grunts faded as she felt him fumbling with her fingers, undoing the knots that held them together. When only her ring fingers remained tied together, he stood her on her feet, then knelt and quickly released the final knot.

With a snap, Jess' arms shrank back to their usual length, so fast that she swore she had friction burns all along her body. Jess reached for the gag, but Dale grabbed her wrists, stopping her.

"That," he said, "stays in. At least until you've calmed down." Jess stared at him before nodding slowly. She knew full well that, should she try to remove it, she would quickly find herself unable to do much of anything.

"Now," Dale said, smiling, "do you remember that orgasm inhibiting spell?"

Jess' eyes widened. The last time he'd used that spell on her, she'd endured three hours of the most delightful torment as he explored her body, followed by even more torment as he'd made slow love to her. When he finally allowed her to cum, it was so strong that, afterwards, she couldn't tell if the sparkles she was seeing were after effects, or people for miles around were feeling the sudden need for a cigarette.

"Let's see how much you can enjoy this," Dale went on, leading her unresisting into the tent. "And tomorrow, I'll show you my idea of a hammock!"

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