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Jim and Christina

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2010 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; F/f; bond; slave; transform; age regression; revenge; cons/nc; X

For the past year, they had been the most unlikely of couples. Christina, child of wealth and privilege, with her mansion and her Jaguars, and Jim, with his apartment, his old Chevy, and his job as a customer care agent. In spite of their differences, or maybe because of them, the two had hit it off almost from the moment they met. And while Christina could never really understand it, she gladly accepted the fact that Jim had absolutely no interest in her money. She had offered him a new car, his own house; she had even suggested he quit his job and live with her. Jim had gently declined each time, leaving Christina to ponder something she had never before encountered, a man who wanted her only for herself.

Now, as Jim approached the gates of Christina’s mansion, he, too was pondering. Today, he meant to share with her a secret he’d never told anyone before, and he could only guess at how it would change their relationship. Just the possibilities excited him, as he jumped from his car and rushed to the door.

Inside, Christina returned his hug and kiss with something just a bit less than her usual passion. Jim, his mind on what he was about to reveal to her, barely noticed her distraction. After pouring drinks, they settled onto a sofa to talk.

“Now,” said Christina, glancing at the clock, “what is this big surprise you have for me? I have an appointment soon, so I’m afraid this will have to be quick.”

Though puzzled by the cool tone of her voice, Jim nodded. “Have you ever,” he asked, “had a time when you realized that you were different? That you could do things nobody else could?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m sorry,” Jim replied. “I can’t really explain it in words. I’m afraid I have to show you.” So saying, he rose and began removing his clothing.

“Jim, really,” Christina said, looking vaguely disgusted. “Since when did you need some story to have sex with me? Besides, I’ve already told you, I have an appointment.”

“I know,” Jim replied. “This will only take a moment.” Standing naked in front of her, he closed his eyes. For a moment, his form seemed to blur. When it cleared again, Christina gasped.

Standing naked in front of her was a young woman. Slim, with toned thighs, trim waist, and medium size breasts, her blue eyes gazed out from a face of almost pixie-ish beauty, framed by auburn hair. When she spoke, her voice was as soft and sensual as her body.

“This is Jaime. I created her when I was 15, and she’s kind of grown with me.”

Still staring at the vision in front of her, it took several tries for Christina to find her voice. “How…… did you………?”

“How did I do it?” The woman smiled. “I honestly don’t know for sure. I only know that, when I was 15, I discovered that I could change myself. I created Jaime, and she’s been a part of me ever since.”

Suddenly serious, Jaime perched on the edge of the sofa. “You’re the first person I’ve ever told this,” she said in a low voice. “I’ve never met anyone before that I felt I could trust.”

When Christina didn’t answer, Jaime continued. “Please understand,” she said, “I’m happy being Jim. But I’m also happy being Jaime. And I want to be Jaime for you. If you want her, that is.”

“Want you? How could anyone not want you? You’re beautiful.” At a sudden thought, Christina smiled. “And now,” she said, mischievously, “I know why you’re so good in bed. You know what pleases a woman, because you are one.”

Jaime blushed hotly. “Actually,” she admitted, “I’ve never been with a man. I’ve never wanted to, and I still don’t, to be honest. I just did to you what feels good to me, then let things go from there.”

Christina frowned thoughtfully. “So you’re saying you want to have sex with me in that body, as well as your original one?”

Jaime’s eyes fell. “Well, there’s more,” she whispered. “You see, in this body, I can be, well, submissive, in ways I can’t be as Jim.”

Christina’s eyes widened slightly. “Are you asking me to dominate you?” For a long moment, her eyes lingered on the woman perched before her, then she shook her head. “Change back, please, so we can talk about this without that body distracting me.”

“I can’t.” At Christina’s shocked look, Jaime hastened to explain. “I was afraid I’d chicken out, so I made it impossible. I can’t change back until you say my real name.”

“So you’re stuck like that?” Jaime nodded. “And you did this for me?” Another nod, and Christina leaned back, her face thoughtful. “And how do you propose I dominate you?”

Instead of answering, Jaime rose and walked to the door, picking up a duffel bag she’d dropped just inside the doorway when she’d entered as Jim. Turning, she walked slowly back, every move so sensual that Christina felt her own nipples harden. Reaching the couch, Jaime knelt and opened the bag.

First to be withdrawn was a set of leather cuffs. Her eyes never leaving Christina’s, Jaime buckled them around her wrists. A second set of cuffs soon adorned her ankles. A bright red ball gag came next. “Please be gentle with me,” Jaime whispered, before popping the ball behind her teeth and drawing the strap tight. Finally, Jaime took out a wooden box, which she handed to Christina. Inside were locks and keys. Seeing these, Christina nodded.

“Kneel,” she commanded. Jaime responded by dropping to her knees. Moving quickly, Christina locked Jaime’s wrists together, then her ankles. Noticing that the bag didn’t seem to be quite empty, Christina reached inside, drawing out several ropes of various lengths. Smiling, she took the shortest length and secured Jaime’s wrists and ankles together. Satisfied for the moment, she sank back on the sofa

“This could be interesting,” she said, reaching down to stroke a breast. Jaime’s eyes closed and she moaned softly through her gag. “And you can’t change back until I say your male name?” Puzzled by the question, Jaime shook her head, then moaned again as Christina’s hand slipped down between her thighs. For long moments, she stroked Jaime’s most sensitive flesh, feeling the wetness gather there. When she withdrew her hand and sat back, Jaime moaned her disappointment.

Christina, on the other hand, appeared anything but disappointed. “This is perfect,” she said softly. “And you made this so much easier than I thought it would be.”

Puzzled, Jaime gazed up, muffled questions leaking from behind her gag.

“Well, you see,” Christina explained, “I’d begun to grow rather tired of you. That happens quite often, I’m afraid. Actually, you’ve lasted longer than most. Perhaps it was the fact that you had no interest in my money. I’ve never had that in a man before. But the novelty, I’m afraid, has worn off, and now it’s time to move on.”

Jaime twisted in her bonds, grunting into her gag. Christina watched her with a smile, then continued.

“You see,” she said, “the appointment I mentioned was with a young man named Steven. He’s blonde, very athletic, and he would do anything to please me. You see, he is very much interested in my money.”

“The problem was breaking the news to you.” Christina’s smile became cold. “But you’ve taken care of that, haven’t you. I’ll simply never say your name. The person you once were will simply vanish, and you will remain as you are, my beautiful little sex slave. Oh, don’t glare so. I’m sure you’ll learn to enjoy your new life. I’ll take such good care of you, and I’m sure Steven will love having you for a toy as well.”

For a moment, Jaime continued to twist in her bonds, then she froze, her eyes boring into Christina’s. Abruptly, Christina rose and moved behind Jaime. Unable to stop herself, she unbuckled the gag, sliding it gently from the bound woman’s mouth.

“What’s happening,” she asked, as her hands moved to undo the rope linking Jaime’s bonds. “Why can’t I stop myself?”

“Because,” Jaime replied softly, “changing myself isn’t the only thing I can do. I’m controlling your body.”

Christina struggled, but was unable to prevent her hands from unfastening the locks holding Jaime’s wrists and ankles together. Rising, Jaime settled onto the sofa, removing the cuffs and dropping them to the floor.

“But……” Christina struggled to understand. “But you said……. and I didn’t say…… how can you do this?”

“When you didn’t say my male name?” Jaime finished the question. “Call it an insurance policy. I wasn’t sure how you would respond, so I set it up so that I would regain my abilities if you should break our agreement.” She frowned. “And deciding to keep me as a slave, and to share me with another man, would definitely count.” Rising, Jaime blurred back into Jim.

“What now?” Christina asked, suddenly frightened. “Are you going to leave?”

Jim smiled. “Actually,” he said, “I think I’m going to take you up on your kind offer.” At Christina’s puzzled look, his smiled widened. “I’m going to quit my job and move in here. I’m sure you won’t mind, since you’ll be gone.”

“Gone? I’m not going anywhere.”

“Actually, you’re right. At least technically.” Jim’s gaze sharpened, and suddenly Christina felt herself changing. For a long moment, she couldn’t move. Then the change was over, and she rushed to a nearby mirror. What she saw stunned her.

It was still her, and yet it wasn’t. The toned legs, the large breasts, still filled out her shorts and tank top, yet the body was that of a woman in her early 20’s. Jet-black hair framed a strangely familiar face. Christina gasped, realizing he had changed her to a younger version of herself. Then her face changed slightly, and she knew that only she would be able to recognize herself in her new look. Turning, she gazed back across the room……. at herself.

“What……?” Stunned, Christina offered no resistance as her double led her back to the sofa. Cuffs soon adorned her wrists and ankles, the click of locks driving home her new helplessness. For a moment, she resisted the gag, then the ball popped behind her teeth, the strap tightening. Helpless, silent, she was lifted and carried upstairs. The thought occurred to her that she was probably the only person to ever be carried on her own shoulder. She almost laughed at the thought, then the total helplessness of her situation slammed home as she was dropped onto her own bed.

“I would have been Jaime for you,” the image of Christina said, standing at the foot of the bed. “I would have done and been anything you asked. But you had to ruin everything.”

Turning, the new Christina stepped into the bedroom’s large closet. When she emerged, she was wearing a stylish dress suit. The woman quickly applied makeup, then turned to the door.

“Now you just lay there and think about what you just threw away. I’m going to talk to your lawyer. When I get back, I, as Jim, will have power of attorney over all your assets. I’ll create a new identity for you, as well. Then you, or rather, I, will have a falling out with Steven, after which you will vanish on a very long vacation. Maybe I can’t be Jaime for you, but you can, and will, be Chrissy for me for a very long time.”

Ignoring the muffled sobs and pleas from the bed, the new Christina walked slowly down the stairs. She would have to hurry to get everything done before Steven arrived. As she closed the door behind her, she smiled. Maybe she would break up with Steven tomorrow. After all, she was just a bit curious about what it would be like with a man. Still smiling, she climbed into the new Jaguar parked out front and roared away.

Upstairs, the young woman who had once been Christina, child of wealth and privilege, struggled with her bonds, then relaxed in defeat.



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