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The Female Transformation Spell

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: mpov; fortune-teller; M2f; collar; heels; majick; tricked; nc; X

The fortune teller was telling me my future and I was not impressed or believed in her abilities. I had paid 200 dollars for my fortune and I felt it was not worth it and I wanted my money back.

The old fortune teller told me "I can sense your skepticism. I have other abilities including casting spells. I can cast a spell that would make you a believer of my skills. If my spell does not work I will refund your money. Are you man enough to try?"

I looked at the old fortune teller still doubting her skills "Ok, I'm game. What kind of spell?"

"A female transformation spell. A spell that will turn you into a submissive woman and sought out by men."

"Yeah right! You are going to change me into a woman. That's impossible...lets do it...I will soon be getting my money back."

"Step into that small changing room and the first item will magically appear. Be warned you will find the items seductive and will not be able to resist. And a man will claim you have the guts to enter the changing room?"

What the hell, I'm not scared and don't believe in her spells. I walk into the changing room and the first item I see on display is panties. I pick it up, I begin to feel the sexy texture of the pink satin material. My eyes are drawn to the sexy lace of the panties and before I know it I'm removing all my male clothes.

I put the sexy pink satin lacy panties on and I quickly noticed that my once hairy legs have now been transformed to hairless slender legs. The satin material feels great against my cock, I want to stroke my cock but the next item appears...a sexy bra.

The bra is a sexy pink lacy bra, I easily put the bra on and suddenly my hairy chest has become perfect female breasts. I look into the mirror and now see a pretty woman staring back at me with pretty long brown hair and red lips. As I stare at my own beauty I realize the fortune teller was correct and I am falling deeper into the spell. I need to stop before it becomes too late but the next items appear...a black pencil skirt and a red silk bow blouse.

I quickly put on the tight black pencil skirt and it hugs my ass and legs well. Now I hold and feel the red silk. Looking into the mirror as the silk seduces me...pulling me into a deeper spell. I need to break the spell, I remember what she said about a man claiming me. I have to get free before it's too late...but the red silk is gorgeous.

I put on the red silk bow blouse and make the perfect bow. I stare into the mirror, I start to pose wearing the sexy silk blouse and pencil skirt. As I pose I feel there is something missing...high heels.

The sexy black 5 inch ankle strap high heels appear and I'm now totally under the spell. I caress and feel the sexy heels and I think these are truly “fuck me high heels” and any man would fuck me good. I try to snap out of it...what am I thinking? I don't want a man to fuck me! But the sexy heels are calling me and I put them on. I almost feel like I can never remove them.

I'm starting to snap back into reality and I'm about to remove the sexy clothes when I hear the fortune teller's voice "There is the last item and this item is very seductive and once you put it on there will be no going back. Your new man...your Master will be waiting to claim you soon!"

Suddenly a shiny metal slave collar appears and I gasp. I'm trying to remove the sexy silk blouse but I can not stop thinking about that collar. I go to the collar, examine it, touch it and it arouses's making my pussy wet. I'm so deep into the spell I don't even realize that my once large cock has changed into a fully functional pussy.

I feel the collar in my hands and notice that there is no lock on the metal it should be safe to put on for a few minutes and then remove it. I place the sexy metal slave collar on and I stare at myself in the mirror. I'm amazed that I look so sexy in the red silk blouse with the slave collar on. My mind begins to have a fantasy when I snap out of it...time to remove the collar.

Shit! There is no seam on the collar anymore...I can't remove it! Then I notice a tag in front of the collar and it says Property of Robert! My male mind is returning and I'm failing to remove the collar when the doorway magically appears.

Suddenly a chain leash is locked onto my slave collar and I feel a yank on my leash. I can see only a shadow at the other end of the doorway. It looks to be a large man holding my leash. He yanks my leash again even harder...pulling me forward towards my Master.

I'm finally thrust through the doorway and I'm standing next to the man who claimed Master. I'm crying as I realize there is no escape from this horrible spell and my Master’s growing bulge!


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