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Lacey Is Just A Fish Now

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; mermaid; latex; bodymod; cons; reluct; XXX

“I really wish you would stop looking at mermaid stuff Lacey”

“It's fascinating. I know it's impossible and they don't exist but I fantasize all the time about being one.”

“Well I suppose I can't control what you think. I guess it could be worse.”

“You mean having an affair, don't you? I would never do that, I love you too much.”

“Yes, that is what I was thinking, and I adore you as well, even if you are a bit crazy.”

She laughs at that. She never thought she was crazy, just a bit obsessed. She turns back to her laptop and looks for more mermaid stuff in the browser. She immediately finds a new website that is dedicated to mermaids, there are loads of photos of girls who earn a living pretending to be real.

“Look at this Brian, aren't they beautiful?”

“Yes they are, but at the end of the day they are just girls pretending. But I guess they earn a good living doing that.”

What Lacey is looking at Brian finds quite a turn on, he won't tell her that though. They have a really good sex life and it's not long before they are at it on the floor; afterwards they sit on the sofa with a coffee and chat.

“If you are really determined, I will buy a big fish tank and a mermaid costume for you.”

“Wow, really? I bet I would look really sexy in there but the fun wouldn't last. I would need to come up for air every few minutes, that would ruin it for both of us.”

“That's a shame, I was hoping you would really love it.”

“Why don't you buy the tank anyway?”

“It's a bit pointless to be honest”

“Not at all. I might change my mind if it's in the living room. And if you need any money let me know I have £10,000 saved up”

“The biggest tank the company do is less than £5,000 so if you want to go halves I'm ok with that.”


He emails the company to contact him so he can order a tank. It's too late to do it tonight as they are closed. Lacey goes into the conservatory with a drink while he sits at the computer, randomly typing in enquiries about mermaids. He comes across an article about a company that is experimenting on soldiers, fitting them with artificial gills so they can stay underwater for days. He finds the company's website and emails them to find out if it's possible, but like the tank company they are closed. He turns the computer off gets a drink and joins Lacey in the conservatory.

“I don't want to get your hopes up, but I have found a company that is experimenting with artificial gills for soldiers.”

“Really, how does that work?”

“I don't know, I have emailed them to find out more.”

“When you know more please tell me.”

“Of course I will.” Lacey is really excited now and she can't stop talking about being a real mermaid. “Try and stay calm Lacey it might not be possible I don't want you to be disappointed.”

“If it's not I promise I won't get depressed.”

They go to bed early as Brian wants to get up by seven so he can follow up the enquiries before he needs to go to work. The whole mermaid thing has really got to Brian. A few hours ago he was quite uninterested, that's not the case now.

Brian gets up as soon as he wakes leaving Lacey asleep. The first thing he does even before he has a shower and gets dressed is to check his emails. There is one from the company working on the artificial gills with a brief explanation of what they do and a contact phone number. There is also a phone number from the fish tank company, so he phones that one first and orders a tank; he will phone the other one from work.

“Hi, it's Brian. I emailed you about the artificial gills?”

He explains about Lacey and asks if it's possible.

“We think so we haven't fitted them onto a human yet but all our tests are all positive. Tthere are a few issues that need to be resolved, the main one is that human skin wrinkles after a few hours under water.”

Brian never thought of that but on the basis that all problems have a solution he carries on talking to the company.

“The bottom line is would you be prepared to fit gills into my girlfriend?”

“I don't see why not. So long as she signs to say she understands and accepts the risks.”

“Brilliant, OK, how much would it cost?”

“Nothing, so long as we can monitor her progress.”

“Brilliant, OK, so long as I can resolve the skin problem I will do it.”

He finished the call and phones Lacey straight away and explains everything including the skin problem.

“If that's the only problem I would be prepared to be completely covered by a latex mermaid outfit. In fact I quite like the idea of that!”

“OK, I will make a few enquiries today and talk to you this evening.”

The fish tank is being delivered late this afternoon so he will need to leave work early to see it in. A few minutes after he gets home the delivery company arrives. The tank is huge and the only way to get it into the house is by taking the patio door at the back off. The tank comes with a wooden stand, so Brian places it by the tv. Between the three of them they lift it on. He gives the driver a drink before he leaves for his next delivery.

“Let's fill it straight away Brian!”

Brian get the garden hose and puts the end in the tank the other end he puts on the outside tap and turns it on. While they are waiting he reinstalls the patio doors. Then he gets a drink and sits down in the conservatory to relax. He knows it will take many hours to fill the tank so he won't watch it, but Lacey does. After four hours the tank is 90% full so he turns the water off and removes the hose.

“I want to get in!”

“OK, do it!”

Lacey takes all her clothes off, puts a step ladder next to the tank and climbs up to the top. She lowers herself into the water and immediately goes under. He is blown away; he can't take his eyes off her. She can stay under for several minutes and he loves it.

She stays in the tank all evening mostly under water just coming up to breathe every few minutes, before going back underwater. It's gone eleven when she gets out and dries herself and she is already getting quite wrinkled.

“It's a real shame about the wrinkling if it wasn't for that you could stay in there for days.”

“Yes, but if you can have an all over mermaid suit made, I will be able to.”

“I anticipated all this, so I phoned a company that makes professional mermaid outfits today. I explained what I want and they can do it, all they would need is your measurements.”

“It's all coming together, isn't it?”

Over the next few weeks all the elements of Lacey’s conversion into a mermaid come together. They have a latex mermaid costume made that completely covers her so they can find out if it will cure the wrinkling. It does, so she spends all day and most of the evening in the tank.

The most extreme thing she has had done is an operation to cut her legs longways on the inside and sew them together, and at the same time fit different knee joints that flex both ways. Also she has her feet surgically removed. Brian has had to have a different latex mermaid costume made as her legs aren't the same as before. When she has recovered from the surgery, he now has to carry her up to the top of the tank as she can't get in herself.

“It's like having a creature in the house, not a human!”

“That's what I want. Eventually I want to look like a new species.”

“You are almost that already. When the operation is done to fit the artificial gills next week you will be.”

“Regarding that, I want to have a few more things done. I hope you don't mind.”

“OK, what are they?”

“I want my arms and ears amputated. I want to look like a fish-human hybrid. I think if that's done I think I will look really erotic.”

“Wow, that is really extreme! OK. I thought when you had your feet removed and your legs sewn together that would satisfy you but I guess not. But if that's what you want I will get it done, but I will need to get another mermaid outfit made for you, and you will have to wait till you have healed up before I can put you in the tank.”

“That's OK, I can wait.”

Over the next few weeks Lacey has the surgery to fit the artificial gills and remove her arms and ears. The new mermaid costume is ready, so after a month when she has healed up she will get Brian to put her in the tank.

It's a Friday so he decides its the right time to do it so he can keep an eye on her over the weekend. She is in bed when he gets home, so he goes upstairs, sits next to the bed and talks to her.

“OK it's time now, all the stuff you have been through becomes worth it.”

She can't speak since the operation to fit the artificial gills was done as her throat has been surgically blocked so the water can only pass through the gills in her neck. She is only getting air through her left nostrils now as her gills will only work when she is in the water.

“OK I will explain again how it will all work. As regards your feeding, I will do it though a tube in your right nostril. The food is highly concentrated so you will only need feeding twice a week. As you already know, you won't ever need to go to the toilet as all the food is turned into energy so it won't create any waste. I know you know all this, but I had to repeat it for safety, because once you are in the tank I will bolt the lid on permanently. I know that sounds a bit extreme but it's essential, at least for me it is.”

He pulls all the bed covers off her, gets the new mermaid suit out of the wardrobe and starts pulling it on her from the bottom of her one leg up. It's made to fit tightly and it does. He pulls it on till it's ready to pull over her head. Before he does that he runs a bead of glue/sealer round the two holes where the gills are. He pulls the hood on and presses the covering onto the edge of the gills so no water can get inside the mermaid suit. He has to feed the two long tubes through the holes in the hood, then he does the long back zip up. He bonds the shaped rubber lining inside her mouth and seals it to the hood and the gills so water can flow through her mouth and out through the gills. Her eyes, nose, and what's left of her ears have disappeared under the latex. She can barely see as the latex is quite thick, and she certainly can't hear anymore, without the audio transmitter on.

He lifts her over his shoulder, carries her downstairs, lays her on the floor face down and glues a strip of latex over the zip with silicon glue. He has to wait for all the sealers and glues to fully cure then he picks her up. This time she wriggles quite a lot. He reads that as she is really excited to be finally being put in the tank; the reality is that she is panicking. But he just gets a firmer grip on her and carries her up the ladder. He lowers her into the water, feeds the tube through the hole in the lid and adjusts it. Then he lifts it on and does all the bolts up as tight as he can. Then he does final adjustments to the air/feeding pipe so that Lacey can move about, glues it in place, and trims it so it's only sticking out of the lid by a couple of inches. There is a small hatch in the lid so he unlocks it, adds some anti algae chemical to the water and tops it up with the hose before relocking it.

Brian can't talk to Lacey, so he has to just watch her and he is more than happy with that. The latex mermaid costume is printed with fish scales, so she looks like a fish-human hybrid. She already knows how to swim so she moves easily in the tank. He just stands looking at her with his penis in his hand.

Now she is in the tank Lacey is a bit disappointed. She wanted to do this, but now she has she is not so sure. It was what Brian said to her about being in there permanently that disturbs her. Then she remembers she hasn't got any arms, ears, or feet, plus the gills, and with her legs being sewn together. She realises that she can't live a normal life anymore, so she just accepts it.

He can't control her in the normal way, so has had to think up a new way: a new zapper that he has had fitted into her fanny before her legs were sewn together. The remote he put away months ago, so he finds it, fits new batteries in, and turns in onto number two. The reaction from her is instant. He was warned that anything over five would be painful, so he will only do that if she misbehaves.

The gills open and close on her neck, so he knows she is breathing ok. Her movements are quite fish like; he is already struggling to believe it's a modified human in a fish costume in there, even though he knows it is.

Lacey is quite annoyed that she can't see properly. Everything through the latex is blurred. She can just about make out what looks like Brian watching her, but nothing else.

He hasn't had a shag for months and is really desperate, so he decides to go out tonight to find himself a woman. He knows he won't be able to bring her home with Lacey in the tank.


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