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Life on All Fours

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2022 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; transform; M2f; dog; kidnap; bodymod; conditioning; drug; sold; latex; extreme; nc; XXX

This is a work of fiction. People, places and situations mentioned are imaginary and coincidental.

[Editor's note: this one is a tough read, and there is no happy ending. Readers continue at their own discretion.]

Part 1 – Inspection

Bobby stirred and felt something hard under him. Something like concrete, but warm. As he opened his eyes everything was fuzzy and even after several minutes he still couldn’t quite focus. He was lying on his stomach. He wanted to move; to sit up, but his body wouldn’t completely respond. His arms and legs would lie limp and he could barely turn his head.

A long plastic tube was in his mouth and passed down his throat. A whitish liquid flowing down the tube. He wanted to spit it out, but he could do nothing. Another tube ran from a bag and an IV needle had entered his neck. Again, he tried to move; to try and pull out the needle. But his limbs and hands would not respond, except for a tiny movement of his fingers. 

As he continued to lay on the floor, he felt the air from a fan flowing over his body. Then he realized that he was naked! How did this happen? Where was he? 

All he could remember was that bar he went to for Spring Break. He had a couple of drinks with his friends. They saw three girls at the other end and joined them. The two brunettes were hot, but the blonde, well she was an absolute stunner. Her huge breasts were just about to burst out of the tiny halter top she was wearing. After an hour the girls invited them back to their place. Three very horny guys went with them to their hotel suite. They all had more drinks and that’s when things began to get fuzzy. He looked around and saw that his friends had already passed out.

His heart was pounding as he realized too late that the blonde girl had drugged him somehow. He kept trying to move, but then a group of men entered the suite. Shortly after this he felt a needle and finally blacked out.

He could move his eyes, one of the few things he could still control. Everything was dull, gray concrete except for what he could make out was a metal gate. There was a bright light shining above him, but he could not be certain. It was too much for him and his eyes closed shut as he fell back into a deep sleep.

The next time his eyes opened the gate was being opened and he could see two sets of heavy leather boots entering the room.

“Well, there it is. The second I saw it I knew you’d be in the market and I wanted you to get the first look. “ said a man.

“Definitely what I was looking for. Right size and weight. 160 pounds if I’m right.” Responded the other.

“140. We’ve flushed it out with colonics and pumped the stomach. It’s been on the standard diet for about a week now. In a couple of months we’ll have it down to 100, maybe even 90.”

 “Any health issues?”, asked the first man. 

“Nope. No diseases, no drug problems. Heart, lungs, kidneys and everything else are in good working order. It’s already showing positive reactions to conditioning.”

“Let me get a better look,” said the first man.

Bobby then felt a pair of rubber gloved hands on his body and then he was rolled over on his back. He was now seeing a muscular middle-aged man looking down at him. The man had dark blue eyes and black hair which was graying. He saw a smile on the man’s face. A smile that made him tremble in fear. The man’s fingers pried open his jaws and began to examine his mouth.

“Those will go for certain.” The man said.

The second man concurred. “No problem. Probably going to happen anyway. It’s been a pretty standard procedure for most clients.”

Bobby then felt the man’s hands moving down his body. Stroking it. Feeling his muscles. Moving down his body until the hands reached his cock and balls. The man fondled the captive’s cock and even though the touch of the man was repulsive, it soon became erect.

“Hmmm. Nice and firm. Have you made it cum yet?”

“Well, we took several samples using the electrojaculator to check the sperm count. Nothing worth mentioning.”

The captive was rolled back on his stomach and the man continued to stroke and examine him. Rubber gloved hands reached his rear and Bobby felt his legs being parted. A finger began to penetrate his hole. He tried to clench his buttocks together, but he couldn’t. The finger went further inside and the man worked it still further in. Then a second finger entered. Then a third. Bobby tried to moan in discomfort.

Now the pain started in earnest. Bobby shuddered.

“Well, finally got a reaction.” Said the man as he pushed his hand further inside. Tears dripped from the captive’s eyes as the man’s hand moved in and out.

Then just as Bobby was ready to black out, the man removed his hand. Bobby was rolled over onto his back again.

“Satisfied?” asked the second man.

“Yes. Tight, but definitely pliable. What’s the price?”

“Depends on what modifications you want.”

“I sent the specs this morning.”

The second man picked up a tablet and began entering something. “Yep, right here. Now we’ve been able to add a couple of new features including this.” He showed the first man the screen.

“That’s even better.” Said the first man. “You can actually do this now?”

“Absolutely. Now it won’t be able to fully move, but it will function to a degree. As for the price of this unit, $200,000 for the prime raw material, and $300,000 for all the modifications. Initial conditioning included of course.”

The man knelt down and looked at the captive. “You’re driving a hard bargain. But I know it will bring in a bigger price at an auction, so you have a deal.”

“Let’s get the paperwork started.” Said the second man. “You figure out what you want to name it?”

The man looked back at the captive and thought. “I had a couple of ideas.” he smiled. “One in particular.”

Bobby watched as the two men walked out of the concrete room and left him alone in pain and fear. His eyes couldn’t stay open and he fell again into a deep sleep.

Part 2 – Serious Changes

He awoke to the sound of the metal door opening. The stomach tube was disconnected and he was picked up and placed on a wheeled cart. The IV was still in him and kept him unable to move. The cart was pulled out of the room and pushed down a corridor. Bobby could see that there were several cells with cage doors, all occupied by young men who also had been drugged and helpless. Most of them were hooded or covered in bandages.

The cart was moved to a set of double doors that lead into a bright white room. In the middle of the room was a table covered in white cloth. He was picked up and placed onto the table. The IV was attached to a steel hook above him. He tried to cry out but it was impossible. A person in surgical garb and mask approached Bobby.

“OK, let’s start,” said the surgeon. “Increase the drip and give me a number 5 blade.”

One assistant fiddled with the IV, while another responded. “Number 5 ready.” And placed it into the surgeon’s hand as Bobby went under once again.

Bobby wasn’t certain how long he had been out. He had drifted in and out of consciousness. He had been returned to the cell and the stomach tube had been reattached. Between periods of being awake he had been moved back and forth from the room, which he realized was an operating room. There was pain in almost every part of his body, but he was too doped up to try and see what had been done. 

After what he thought was a few days, he was able to move slightly. He looked at his hands and saw that they were encased in heavy rubber mittens. His jaws were sore and his face had been also covered in some kind of rubber hood. His vision was partially obscured so he couldn’t see the rest of himself.

Slowly he was brought out of the drugged state and he had some clarity about his surroundings. The stomach tube had been withdrawn, but he was still too weak and could not move his legs to stand up by himself.

On the wall of the cell, a thin rubber tube with a small opening had been placed. The tube ran up the wall and was connected to a large container. Bobby could see a small drop of the whitish liquid at the tip. He also detected a smell coming from the tube. A familiar smell. He rolled over onto his stomach and tried to push himself up. He wanted to move his legs but could not feel his feet. In fact, he could not feel his lower legs. 

He looked down and saw that he had no legs! No, he had legs but everything from the knees down had been amputated and two plastic cups were now where his knees used to be, covering the stumps. He cried out but he could barely open his mouth. He tried to use his mittened hands to remove the hood, but it was impossible to do anything.

In fear, he began to piss himself, but he felt the stream of urine running down his legs, rather than directly hitting the floor. In panic he looked down between the remains of his legs and saw that his cock and his balls were gone! 

“Awake I see,” Bobby recognized the voice and turned around. It was the second man from his first time in captivity. “And trying to get around. It’s going to take awhile to get used to. Probably a couple of months if you are stubborn.” The man had something in his hand. He approached Bobby, who drew back as the man came near. “Don’t move.” He said. Bobby still tried to avoid him. The man sighed and from his pants pocket pulled out a fob on a leather strap. “Come here!” he commanded. Bobby refused. The man placed his thumb on a green button on the fob and pressed it. Instantly Bobby felt a huge electric shock below his waist. He screamed as best as he could as the man held the button. 

The man watched as Bobby writhed in torment. After a few seconds he released the button and the shock stopped. Bobby shook in a fetal position for several seconds. The man took the collar which he had been holding and placed it around Bobby’s neck. Bobby heard a click and realized that it was a lock of some kind.

“Now, any time you disobey you are going to get this.” And the man quickly pushed and released the green button. Bobby once again felt the terrible shock. The man crouched down and removed something from his pocket and held it up to Bobby’s face. It looked like a needle, but with multiple barbs like a fishhook. “You still have your balls, but they have been pushed up into your body and the opening sutured and glued permanently closed. This is an electrode going to a receiver and battery pack which has been placed under your pelvic muscles. As you can see the barbs are like a porcupine quill, such that they can go only one way and can’t be pulled out. There are three in each testicle; one main and two backups. Impossible to remove without extreme surgery and there would likely be nothing left of your balls even if we tried.”

The man stood up and walked to the cage door. “In this kennel you will be kept alive and relatively healthy until delivered to your owner.” The man pointed to the tube. “Your food will be dispensed there. You will not eat until you hear this.” A bell sounded in the kennel. “You will eat until you hear this.” A buzzer sounded. “Any hesitation will result in punishment. Now, eat!” the bell sounded and Bobby quickly hobbled up to the tube and pushed it into his mouth. He sucked on the tube and the whitish liquid entered his mouth. The liquid was slimy and salty, but he continued to suck on the tube as best as he could. “Good dog.” Said the man. After what seemed like several minutes the buzzer sounded and Bobby quickly released his hold on the tube. The man smiled and closed the kennel door.

Bobby looked at the man and as best as he could said “AYYY?”

The man looked at Bobby and pointed the fob at him. Bobby shrunk back in terror. “’Why?’ I suppose you are trying to ask. Well, the reason why is because your owner wants it and because I can give him what he wants. We haven’t even started yet.” The man chuckled. “By the way, don’t ever try to talk again or you know what.” With that he walked away.

Part 3 – Red Light, Green Light

The next day, Bobby was placed on the cart and taken to a different room. This room had a large tub filled with a yellowish liquid. The attendants removed the rubber hood from his head and the mittens from his hands. He began to cry as he saw that the surgeon had removed his fingers and thumbs, turning his hands into paws. He turned and looked into a mirror. What had they done to his face?! He looked at his mouth. His upper and lower jaws were extended out four or five inches and narrowed. All of his teeth had been pulled. His nose had been extended out. In short, he had a snout! His outer ears had been cut off and two floppy ears were now on the topside of his head. What was worse was the feeling on his lower back he had had since he had been in the operating room. On the base of his spine was a real tail!

The attendants picked him up and lowered him into the tubs. The liquid began to sting his skin. Another attendant, dressed head to toe in rubber took a sponge and began to apply it to Bobby. The smell of the liquid was awful as well and Bobby tried to climb out of the tub, but he was shown the fob and he settled down. The attendant rubbed the sponge over every inch of Bobby’s body. After about two hours Bobby was allowed to leave the tub and he was hosed down with plain warm water. As the days passed, Bobby noticed that his skin was becoming more pale with each bath in the tub; until the day when he looked at his paws and realized that he had been bathed in a bleaching agent. Every inch of his exposed skin was now a dull white. Mirrored spotlights were shining down on him. Bobby looked at his reflection and realized that he was completely hairless. The liquid was also some kind of depilatory.

Each day he waited for the bell to ring so he could eat. He was so hungry! They only fed him once a day and it never seemed to be enough. As time passed the end of the tube changed shape. It was becoming longer and thicker, but the hole in the tip was the same and he had to suck harder and harder to get any food out. He had gotten used to the white, slimy and salty liquid and in fact was enjoying the taste and wanting more of it with each feeding. He was longing for mealtime and wanting to hear the bell again.

A more humiliating change had also occurred. After a few days of regular feedings, Bobby felt a churning in his bowels. He tried to hold it in, but it was no use. He placed himself in the corner of his kennel and then whimpered as a large solid turd exited his rear and dropped to the floor. This would occur every four days and once it occurred, it stayed on the floor until the attendant would come for another bathing session. The kennel would be hosed down and ready for Bobby when he was returned.

During the following days there were now other changes to his routine. Instead of placing him on the cart, the attendants clipped a leash to his collar and guided him to the bathing room. On one day the attendant didn’t even clip on the leash, but allowed Bobby to leave the kennel and walk down the corridor himself. At the end of the corridor was a door which Bobby had previously seen lead outside. Despite his fear of the attendant shocking him, he bolted towards the door. Just above the door latch was a small box with a red and green light. The red light was illuminated and Bobby came within six feet of the door when he felt that horrible shock in the remains of his balls. He writhed and backed up until the shocks stopped.

Panting, he looked up at the attendant who simply smiled and pointed the fob at the door and pressed another button. The light turned to green. “Well, don’t just stand there. Time for more training.” Said the attendant. Bobby slowly approached the door. The attendant pulled on the handle and opened the door. Bobby walked through to the outside and onto a large grassy yard.

The attendant stood in front of Bobby. “Sit!” he said. Bobby looked a bit confused. “I said SIT!” as he held out the fob. Bobby sat as best as he could. “Good dog.” said the attendant and produced a small white bone-shaped biscuit and placed it in front of Bobby’s mouth. Bobby smelled the biscuit. It had a familiar smell. He opened his mouth and the attendant pushed the biscuit inside. It dissolved quickly and Bobby realized that it had the same taste as his regular food. He began to salivate as the biscuit ran down his throat and gave him a warm feeling inside.

The attendant once again clipped the leash to the collar and began to walk. “Heel!” he said and Bobby quickly followed. Once again, a biscuit was a reward for obedience. This was now a daily routine; usually two hours a day, everyday. “Sit”, “Stay”, “Lie down”, “Roll over”, “Heel”, “Paw”, “Beg” and finally “Speak”. 

Yes, “Speak”. Bobby knew that he had no choice but to follow what they wanted from him. He wanted to defy them. To not give in and debase himself still further, but when the attendant said ‘Speak!’, Bobby reluctantly said, “ARF, ARF!”

The daily training continued with a sort of obstacle course where he had to climb up and down ramps, go through tunnels and mazes, and worst of all, fetch a ball. The attendant would show the ball and throw it to the end of the yard. Until ordered, Bobby waited until the command to ‘Fetch!’ was given. He would then immediately run to the ball, pick it up in his mouth and bring it back. Another delicious biscuit was given and Bobby so much wanted his biscuit.

In time, Bobby’s skin was now pure white and the scars from the operations were no longer noticeable. He had learned all too painfully the consequences of disobedience. The feeding tube had continued changing length, girth and shape. Bobby did his best to get the entire length of the tube into his mouth so he could suck out every drop of food. He paid no real attention to how the tube looked, until several days later when he saw that the tube was now in the shape of a large cock and balls. But still, all he wanted was to swallow every morsel of that tasty meal. Sticking his tongue wherever he thought he could get one last ounce, but yet knowing that when the buzzer sounded he had to let go, even though he was oh, so terribly hungry.

There was nothing he could do. His greatly reduced strength and weight were no match for any of the attendants, and his amputated legs could not carry him very far. Without fingers he could not grasp any weapon or even fight anyone off. Any resistance he had left had been completely broken, and he just complied with any command he was given, no matter how debasing it was.

“Yes. A total success to basic conditioning.” Said the man over the phone. “I can get transport ready whenever you want. Next week? How about next Thursday? Weather should be good. You are going to be really happy with the results. If I knew how good it was going to turn out I would have priced it another 50 percent higher. You got yourself a great deal with this one. OK, see you next week.”

The man hung up the phone and called one of the attendants. “Get the ink crew in here tomorrow. Number 5 will need to be shipped and delivered in ten days.” The attendant acknowledged the order and the man sat back in his chair and smiled. “Best job I ever did.” He said to himself.

The next morning, Bobby was taken out of his kennel and led into the operating room. He balked as he feared going under the knife again. What more could they possibly do? The attendant showed the fob and Bobby slinked through the door, shaking in fear.

He was placed face-down on the table and strapped down. His head was propped up with his face looking at the edge of the table. His collar was secured making head movement impossible. In moments he heard the sound of footsteps and the clanking of metal. There were three separate voices in the room, all unfamiliar and he couldn’t tell what they were saying. A set of hands began to stroke his back, rear and his leg stumps.

“Babs, you'll start here. Chris, you take the back and shoulders. I’ll work on the rest.” Said one voice. Bobby shuttered as two other sets of hands touched him. From the corner of his eye he saw a man dressed in leather entering his restricted view. The man pulled up a chair and Bobby saw the smile on his face.

“Nice job on the head.” The man said. “Now this is going to take some time buddy, and I’m not going to tell you it won’t hurt. It’s going to be really painful, but the doc is going to dope you up so you won’t care that much until after it’s all over.”

Bobby felt a needle in his rear, and things began to get fuzzy. Then came a sound which was sort of like a bunch of angry bees. Bees which were now stinging him! He moaned as the three tattoo artists began their work. They worked for several minutes, stopping to examine their work and then continuing. Bobby looked through a haze as the one man began applying the needle to his face, at the tip of his snout.

“Yes, yes. It’s not pleasant, but necessary.” He said as he continued his work. Bobby felt the needles in many different places on his body. Sometimes the pain was so intense he would pass out, only to awake to more pain. He was on the table for who knows how long. It was hard to tell what they were doing. When the needles stopped and the straps undone, Bobby thought it was over, but then he was flipped over on his back, re-strapped and the stinging started again. He finally passed out from the pain.

Bobby awoke inside his kennel. The pain was intense and he didn’t want to move. He lay there for hours just trying to endure it.

Part 4 – The Rose Garden

After a couple of days, Bobby had recovered from the ordeal and looked at his reflection as he was given his bath. His body was now decorated in multiple black spots…like a Dalmatian! His ears and tail were also black. The tip of his nose had been turned black as well

The attendant looked at Bobby. “Yes Girl, you are just about perfect.”

“Girl?”, Thought Bobby. Then he realized without use of his cock and balls, what else could he be called? He began to tear up again.

“None of that Sweetie. Here, have a treat.” And another biscuit was offered. Bobby took it without hesitation and the warm feeling enveloped him again.

“Heel!” said the attendant and Bobby followed him through another corridor where a large dog carrier had been placed. “In!” said the attendant and pointed the fob. Bobby knew there was no way out and walked towards the open door. Just before entering the carrier came the words “Stop, sit!” He did as ordered and waited while the attendant jabbed him with a needle. “OK, up and get inside!”

Bobby entered and reached the back of the carrier. With great effort he was able to turn around to face the door of the carrier which had been locked shut behind him, just before he fell into a deep sleep.

When Bobby finally recovered he felt he and the carrier were rocking back and forth. There was a cold dampness in the air and he was a little dizzy from the motion. He looked through the gate in the carrier but only saw a white plastic wall. He heard a motor of some kind and yet he heard…birds. Birds like seagulls. Now he realized that he was on board a boat moving toward somewhere. 

He lay in the carrier wondering where he was going. After a while he was starting to get seasick from the boat’s motion. He couldn’t vomit because there was nothing in his stomach to vomit. In fact, he was extremely hungry. Painfully hungry. How long had he been like this? His hunger pangs grew as the boat continued to move to its destination.

The boat started slowing down and he heard the sounds of waves hitting land. There were sounds of gulls and voices as the boat finally stopped. He could see two or maybe three men approach the carrier and pick it up. He saw that the boat had been tied to a dock and the carrier was being taken off the boat. The men moved the carrier to the end of the dock and lowered it down. Then he heard the boat start up and leave wherever they had taken him.

It was a few minutes later that he saw someone walking down the dock towards the carrier. He heard the lock being undone and saw the door opening.

“OK, out girl,” came the voice. A familiar one. He slowly left the carrier and looked up. It was the man who had purchased him, his owner! “Oh, they did a fantastic job on you!” the owner said. “Now, SIT!” Bobby did so quickly.

The owner walked around his new purchase. Bobby sat motionless as he knew what would happen if he moved. The owner had a leash in his hand and reaching down, clipped the end to Bobby’s collar.

“Heel!”, commanded the owner as he began to walk up the dock and towards the shore. Bobby quickly followed. The owner then approached a dirt trail that began to incline up a hill. Bobby’s training in the obstacle course helped him in climbing up the trail. As he followed the owner, Bobby looked down at the dock. There was a small inlet which led out to a large body of blue water. The water looked very rough and he saw a small boat which he assumed was the one he had been on, going off towards what looked like a large piece of land. He felt a jerk on his collar. “Eyes front, girl…or else.” Bobby kept his eyes on the owner’s feet as they continued up the hill.

When they reached the top of the trail, Bobby saw a small white house with a covered porch surrounded by a meadow. Large groups of trees hid the compound from any boats passing by.

“Go ahead, take a good look girl,” said the owner. “This is your home now and you will get to know just about every inch of it.” He then removed the leash and placed it in his pocket.

Bobby was starting to feel the effects of not having eaten for who knows how long.

“I’m going to get changed, so you can explore the island.” He then turned and went towards the house.

Bobby looked around. For the first time in months there was no one to stop him. He started back to the top of the trail. To try to get to the water. He was a good swimmer and even with his truncated legs he still might be able to ‘dog paddle’, oh how ironic that name was, and swim to a passing boat to rescue.

As he approached the trail he saw a small box mounted to a tree next to it. The red light glowed. He couldn’t go there! Bobby turned and ran as best as he could next to the other trees until he saw another trail. There was another box at the entrance, but the light was green. He ran past the box and down the dirt path. The trees obscured any view other than what was ahead of him. After about a minute, the trail opened up to another smaller clearing. He could see the dark blue water but there was no sign of another trail going down to the shore. As he slowed down, he noticed that dozens of rose bushes had been planted. As pretty as it was he kept trying to find another way out, but realized that there was only one path.

He heard a ‘crunch’ behind him and he turned around. The owner was there, smiling down at him. Bobby also saw what he was wearing: a skin tight rubber suit, with knee-high riding boots. He looked at the muscular man and shook in fear. Then Bobby’s eyes went towards the owner’s crotch. A codpiece tightly covered an erect cock and balls. Something was happening to Bobby. He couldn’t take his eyes off the owner’s huge member! He stared at it and he felt a longing.

The owner placed his hand on the codpiece and released it. His hard cock stood out. It throbbed and Bobby began to salivate. The cock looked just like the one at the feeding machine. Bobby began drooling. He couldn’t help himself! The hunger pangs were worse than ever! He wanted food and there was only one way to get it.

The owner looked at his dog. The drool dripped out of his snout and onto the ground. “They really did a number on you, didn’t they girl? I bet you're hungry.”

“OH YES!”, Bobby wanted to scream. He was so, so hungry!

The owner took the fob and pressed a button. There was the sound of a bell. Bobby rushed over to the huge cock and without hesitation, opened his mouth, took its entire length into his mouth and began to suck on it.




Trying to get whatever he could.

The owner pressed another button and the buzzer sounded.

Bobby released his mouth from the Master’s cock. He wanted to cry out. To plead with Master to continue. He didn’t even realize that he now thought of the man as his Master. He would do anything to relieve the massive hunger he felt.

Bobby’s Master chuckled at his dog trembling before him. He pressed the bell button and allowed his pet to continue.

Bobby once again sucked the Master’s cock over and over. Finally the Master released a huge load of cum and Bobby greedily swallowed every drop. He kept going, trying to get the Master to cum again and again.

When he was satisfied, the Master rang the buzzer. Bobby had taken everything he could extract, but his hunger was still there.

The Master removed a biscuit from a pouch and offered it to Bobby. Bobby detected a familiar smell and took the biscuit into his mouth. It quickly dissolved and the hunger slowly lessened.

“Now that I’ve seen how well you’ve been conditioned, we’ll get to the heart of things. Your name is Sirius and you are a dog. My dog. This is and will be, your home. This island is located on Lake Superior off the coast of Canada. I’ve owned this for many years and I have a special arrangement which treats this as a nature reserve, which means that except for myself, the public cannot set foot on it. I do not live here full time. I live in Toronto but will visit several weekends a year and an occasional week for a holiday. Most of the time I will travel here by boat with an occasional helicopter if the water’s too rough. In the cellar of the house there is a kennel that is equipped just like the place where I bought you. You will be fed twice a day with an automated system. The island itself is out of the way of normal boating traffic. In fact, it is quite dangerous to approach except for a narrow pathway. So, the odds of anyone getting too close to discover your presence are very high.”

Sirius couldn’t believe it at first. How could anyone get away with this? There has to be some means of escaping.

The Master continued, “As I said, this is your home. You will never leave here. Take a look around.”

Sirius turned and walked towards the edge of the hill. Something was on the ground ahead of him. Something rectangular and metal. As he approached the metal he saw it was a bronze plaque about six inches by twelve.

It read “Sparky” and then “Three Years Four Months”. Bobby’s eyes opened wide.

He looked to the right where another plaque had been placed.

“Phydo” “Two years Nine Months”

Then “Rex”, “Bowser”, “Duke”, “Seamus”, “Chip”, and at least a half dozen more: All grave markers.

Finally, he came to the last marker “Sirius” but no dates.

“You aren’t the first and won’t be the last to become my dog,” said the Master. There is no escape. No life except as my dog. Now, you could try to escape, but as I mentioned this island is pretty much escape proof. You could try swimming. The only way you could leave by water is through the inlet out to the lake. However, Lake Superior waters are extremely cold. Duke tried it and even though he was able to reach the entry, he died of hypothermia within less than five minutes. Rex threw himself over the cliff after six months. The others, they just adapted. Phydo tried to starve himself to death, but he didn’t count on something. Something that I just might as well tell you.”

Sirius looked at the Master. Was there anything worse?

“From the first day in the kennel, you’ve been on a steady diet of what is called “Kum”. Kum with a K rather than a C. A nutrient that copies the taste, smell and texture of semen, but will allow you to live off of it. The longer you ingest Kum the more your digestive system makes it impossible to tolerate anything else. You could refuse to eat Kum and starve. However, starving to death takes a lot longer than one would imagine, and it’s a very unpleasant way to die. To ensure that you don’t do anything so foolish, they added a little something else to Kum. It’s a substance that causes a chemical dependency. Yes, the effects are, they say, 20 times stronger than heroin in terms of withdrawal pains. They are very excruciating and combined with hunger, well there hasn’t been anyone who lasted longer than three days before giving in.”

Sirius started to cry. He wanted to speak but he knew that the Master would only shock him.

“So, you are not only my dog. But my very obedient, cock sucking, Kum addicted dog. As time passes your mind will slowly deteriorate, becoming more canine as the isolation and my training will mold you into the perfect pet.” 

From the pouch the Master retrieved four small disks. He approached Sirius and took hold of her collar. He took one of the disks and attached it to a small ring dangling from the collar.

“This one,” he said, “is your dog license from the nearby town. This next one is your vaccination tag. That was part of the injection you were given when you left the kennel. The third one is very interesting. This is a national kennel club ID tag. I paid a reputable dog breeder to include your name in a litter of pups. You are officially registered as a pure-bred Dalmatian. Lastly, this is your tag with just your name: Sirius.”

Sirius shook her head as the Master released his hold on her collar. The tags jingled as her head moved.

“Now that I told you my ‘evil plan’, I want to make it quite clear to you that as part of your new life as my dog, I will never again speak to you as anything other than a dog. No intellectual inquiries, no back and forth conversation. The only thing out of your mouth I want to hear are dog noises. Bark, growl or whatever, but never any attempt at human speech.”

The Master stood up and walked back to the trail leading to the house. He looked back. “Sirius…HEEL!” he shouted. Sirius followed her Master, knowing that she had no choice.

Part 5 – Conversion

During some of his visits the Master allowed Sirius into the house, rather than stay in the cellar kennel. He would allow her to climb up the stairs and allow her to sleep on the rug in front of the fireplace, or on a dog cushion at the foot of his bed.

Over the next few months, Sirius had to adapt to her fate. The Master’s visits and subsequent training sessions were the only things she could look forward to. The loneliness and isolation were terrible to endure and several times it occurred to her that she should just end it all. She was too afraid of the Master’s displeasure if she had made anything close to an attempt, and backed out when walking towards the cliff, or approaching the water’s edge at the inlet. 

One day, she was looking out over the lake when she saw a boat passing by the island. It was a large fishing charter boat. She felt a thrill as it got closer. Carefully approaching the edge she could see people on the boat. Surely they could see her! 

“HHHEEELLL!!HHHEEELLL!!” she shouted, her mouth unable to form an intelligible word; trying to get their attention. No one looked at her.

“HHEELL!!.HHHEEL!!!HHHEEELLL!!!” she continued to scream and scream, as the boat passed the island.

Over and over she screamed, but it was no use. The distance and the strong winds off the lake couldn’t carry her cries. The following day there was another boat. It must be fishing season for all these boats to be appearing. Once again, she screamed as loud as she possibly could until…

“HHHAAAHHGGG!” and a sharp pain shot through her throat. She coughed as tried to cry out again, but the pain was worse. She could barely make a noise except for a weak gurgling sound. She went back to her kennel and laid down until the pain subsided. After a couple of days, she was still in some pain but could manage short barks. She tried to call out after a week, but her vocal cords had been irreparably damaged by her repeated screaming for help and it was too painful to cry out with any real volume.

The Master continued to further alter Sirius’ mental state by rewarding her for correct canine behaviors, and punishing doing anything human. Cameras had been placed throughout the island so when he was at home he could view her via an encrypted channel. He got her to change even the way she walked; more like a dog than a person getting around on truncated legs. She sniffed the ground when going to relieve herself, to try to find her ‘spot’. There was no longer any shame in peeing or defecating outdoors or in the kennel. On one visit, Master had picked up one of those flying disk toys and Sirius enjoyed chasing after it; even leaping up (although only less than a foot) and catching it in her mouth. Each correct action was accompanied by a ‘Good Girl’ and a delicious Kum biscuit. Sometimes even a scratch behind the ears if she was especially good.

The Master had been quite pleased with Sirius’ progress and had called his supplier for an appointment to take some final measurements for a special purchase he had been waiting for the right time to buy.

Several weeks had passed between visits, and Sirius was longing for her Master to see her. Her memories of her past life were all she had left, and these were starting to fade as the isolation and the enforced training began to play tricks on her mind. When she dreamed, she dreamt of playing fetch or walking along the beach with Master. Running across the meadow after one of the wild rabbits that were the only other animal on the island. The pleasant shallow water of the inlet where it was still warm enough to swim.

It was one evening that Sirius heard Master’s boat as it pulled up to the pier. She waited at the top of the hill as the light on the box was Red. Master greeted her with a “SIT!” and a scratch behind the ears, followed by that wonderful, delicious Kum biscuit. He was carrying a shiny black suitcase. Was it a new toy? The tennis ball she normally played with was seeing better days. He opened the door to the house, but told her to stay. She did as ordered and took the offered Kum biscuit. The Master then threw the disk out into the meadow and she chased after it. Once she took it into her mouth she turned towards the house. “Sit, and then Stay!” came his commands.

Sirius waited patiently as she waited for the door to open. She was starting to feel the hunger pangs again. Her evening feeding was overdue, yet she knew that she had to stay put until the Master called.

She heard a noise and turned her head to see a rabbit scurry towards the woods. She wanted to chase after it, but she had to stay put. Then she heard the door to the house open.

From out of the doorway, Sirius saw something large and black crawl out of the house. It was shiny like polished rubber. Looking closer it had the head of a dog; like a Rottweiler or Cane Corso. The snout had large fangs and drool began to drip out of its mouth. Staring down its body, Sirius could see the huge cock throbbing from below. Instinctively, she started drooling as well. Then she realized that this was the Master!

He crawled towards Sirius. His muscular body looked even larger and more powerful. He approached her and she could only sit there and drool. She was still hungry, despite her fear at seeing this huge dog in front of her.

He took his body and began to push Sirius, growling as if to tell her to move. She stood up and he continued to guide her across the meadow.

They reached the trail to the rose garden. The box light was green and they made their way to the clearing. The sun was setting, and she now understood what was going to happen. The Master had this planned ever since that first day in the kennel. She could not resist and so, she lowered her chest to the ground, raised her rear and parted her legs as far as she could. She felt him climbing onto her back and then Master’s hands grabbed Sirius’ wrists. She then felt the fangs on the hood take hold of her shoulder. Sirius whimpered as he bit firmly down to ensure that she would not try to fight it.

It was then that Sirius felt the Master’s huge cock beginning to push against her rear. She shook and he bit harder, causing a slight trickle of blood to flow down her shoulder. He began to push himself into Sirius. It was not the easiest as the Master only used a bare minimum of lube, as it was not an option for a real dog. Sirius felt the huge member going deeper into her opening. She whimpered again as he would withdraw but go in deeper and with more force. He drove his cock in and out, going faster and deeper. Eventually he got his entire length in as Sirius panted with each thrust. He pumped and pumped until he released the hold on her shoulder and with a loud howl from his throat, his load went deep into her. He continued to thrust in and out, the task becoming easier as his semen was now acting to ease his way in.

After he came the third time, he slowly pulled out of Sirius. She panted as she was unable to say anything. From a pouch, the Master withdrew a huge Kum biscuit and placed it into Sirius’ mouth. It dissolved almost immediately, and she swallowed it as a reflex. This biscuit contained a huge amount of almost pure Kum, and Sirius started feeling a massive wave of euphoria as it started to take hold. 

The Master spoke into her ear, “Good Dog” and then the last words of English Sirius would ever comprehend were:



It was at this point the last of the human once called Bobby had been utterly destroyed. Sirius then fell into a daze and laid on the ground, the effects of the Kum taking hold. Feeling no sensation except for a state of intense, indescribable pleasure.

When Sirius finally came out of her daze, she saw that it was nighttime. The full moon shining down on her body. Slowly she pulled herself up and began to stagger around. She then heard a whistle.

“Sirius! Come here girl!”, shouted the Master. 

She felt the residual pain, but also the massive hunger building inside her. She started back to the house and to Master. She had to go back, she was just so, so hungry. She started to run back. She had to run back. Had to get more of that oh so sweet, wonderful Kum!


“So, what do you think?”, said the agent. “It’s prime rental property and you said you wanted to get away from it all, as you were a writer.”

“Well, the price is right but it’s maybe too isolated,” said the man.

“You said you needed peace and quiet. Now you aren’t completely cut off from civilization. This time of the year the waves are relatively calm to use a boat and the house even has satellite communications, including internet and TV.”

“Hey!” come look at this!” said the man’s wife. They walked down the trail to the rose garden. “That is one hell of a view, and the garden is …oh shit what are those?”

“Oh, it’s something the owner said was to be kept maintained in perpetuity. He appeared to be very fond of dogs,” said the agent.

“I guess so,” said the woman “Hmmm… Sparky, Duke… and quite a few more.” She looked at all the markers. “Hmm they seem to have only lived a few years. Three years, Four years. Ohh…this one only for six months.”

“Well, the weather does make it a little rough on pets. Nights and winters get pretty cold.” Said the agent.

“Last one here.” Said the man. “Sirius…8 Years and 4 months. Unlike the others, this has a little saying. Ummm. ‘Good Bitch’.”

“For a dog, I guess that would be a high compliment. Wouldn’t want it on anyone that I know,” said the woman.

“I don’t know. Your aunt Betty in Calgary might qualify,” said the man. His wife looked at him and he realized that he should have been a little more discreet.”

“Yep, quite a few here. “, said the agent. “Although I don’t see any marker for the other one. Owner must have taken him.”

“Other one?” asked the woman.

“A big black one. People would see it from time to time as they sailed by. Couldn’t get a good look at him being so far away, but I assume he was the male. He seemed to be humping the female all the time.”

“The graves spook me a little, but otherwise I think we’ll take it for the summer. Oh, what is this place called?”, asked the man.

“Well, it has an official name, but most locals call this place ‘Dog Island’.”

The young man slowly opened his eyes and realized that he was in some kind of cage. The drug he was given made it impossible to move. He heard voices and the door to the cage opened and two sets of boots entered.

“Here he is. Freshly caught and delivered this morning. Just starting to get it primed for sale,” said one man. “Now, he’s kind of on the small side, but I thought you’d be interested.”

“Actually, he’s perfect,” said the other man. “I just moved into my new penthouse and I need something more like a toy poodle or miniature pinscher. The place was modified to be sound and totally escape proof, so I can now keep a pet there rather than the island.”

“Usual mods? Now we’ve made a few improvements so that he will actually be able to wag his tail.”

“Hold off on the ‘he’. I had such good luck with Sirius I’m going to need another bitch.”

“No problem. You miss her, don’t you?”

“She lasted a lot longer than any of the others. Hopefully I’ll do even better with this one. Let’s talk price and time of delivery.”

Both men left the kennel and the young man, soon to be called ‘Princess’, laid helpless on the floor, not realizing what his new life would become.


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