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Like, Wow!

by Trashmouse

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© Copyright 2010 - Trashmouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/m; furry; transform; bimbo; oral; mast; sex; cons; X

I wasn't sure exactly how to handle it when Tina came to my front door. It was after ten at night and she only lived a few miles away, but it was starting to snow and I didn't want to leave her outside. Theo wasn't very pleased by this turn of events as we had planned a night spent with each other sans any clothing.

Pulling my robe tight around me I opened the door, glancing back at my lion to make sure he had at least covered himself. He had a pillow covering his lap and was walking down the hallway, his tail flicking in agitation. I sighed and looked back out to door as Tina pushed her way in.

The raccoon looked different then she had just that afternoon at work. She was wearing her suit jacket, pulling tight around her body, and nothing else. Not that much of what she had worn before would fit her with the changes to her body.

The first thing I noticed was her hair, it had been just below her shoulders but now it hung almost to her ass, long strands of if hanging down over both sides of her shoulders. Next was her breasts, her once rather perky breasts were now huge, at least the size of her head. Her jacket was pulled closed around them, but it didn't hind them at all. Her nipples were pressing the fabric out in small tents on her chest. The extra breast flesh made her waist look smaller, which was emphasized by the extra width of her hips giving her an exaggerated hour glass shape.

"Tina? What happened to you?" I asked, closing the door behind her.

She looked me over, flicking her bushy tail behind her as she pulled off her jacket, throwing it onto the floor. "Hi," she said in a breathless voice.

I shook my head and reached out to touch her shoulder. She looked up into my eyes for a single moment then lugged forward, her beast plowing into mine as her arms wrapped around my body. Our lips pressed together as she kissed me, I let out a gasp of surprise as her tongue pressed into my muzzle, nearly reaching the back of my throat.

There was a moment where I froze up, feeling her body against mine as she kissed me, her hands slipping down to grab my ass through my robe. She ground her body against mind and I could feel wetness from her crotch on me.

Finally I got my wits about myself and pushed her away. She stumbled back and landed on her on padded ass, looking up and pouting at me.

I whipped the back of my paw over my muzzle and pulled my robe a little bit closer to my body. My mouth tingled a bit around my lips and her wetness on my robe was warm against the fur of my hips. "What are you doing?" I asked her

She blushed a bit, the fur in her ears turning bright red. "I just wanted to have fun with you," she said in a soft voice.

I shook my head. "I don't swing that way, and neither do you! What happened to you?"

The 'coon girl pulled back a bit and shook her head, pressing her paw against her left ear. "I don't... I'm not sure what... I found a bimbo... I am a bimbo..."she said, her voice waving between her normal voice and the breathy one she was talking with.

Bending down I looked at her, trying to understand what she was saying. "Bimbo? What are you talking about? You're not a bimbo... at least not usually," I said, my eyes trailing down her body to look at her large nipples. They were on top of her wide areola, which capped her new breasts. Breasts which were heaving with each breath she took.

Tina shook her head and looked up at me, her eyes almost doe like. "You're a sexy mouse," she said.

I sighed and stood up, adjusting my robe as it clung tightly over my chest. "You need help, we need to get you to the hosp--" I stopped as the world sipped out of my mind. "The... the... doctor place," I finally said in a lame voice.

She climbed up to her feet, giggling softly as she slipped one paw down between her legs. Her clit was large, pushing out between the swollen lips of her pussy. I stopped and watched her as she started to tease herself, teasing one finger past the wet folds and inside of herself

I shook my head, feeling my hair dance over my shoulders and along my back. I froze a moment later and shook my head again, shivering as I felt my hair move. I reached back with one hand and teased it down my hair finding that it was twice as long as it should have been

Looking down over my chest I let out a small cry, my breasts were larger now, at least double their normal size and pushing open the top of my robe. I pulled the fabric open and ran my paws over my body. My hips had started to gain padding as well.

"What did you do?" I asked Tina.

She giggled and pulled her finger from her wet cunt. She lifted it up to her lips then paused. Taking a sudden step forward she pressed her finger into my muzzle.

The moment I tasted her juices on my tongue I closed my muzzle down around her fingers. I started to suckle at it, working my tongue along the digits length to get every drop of the sweet nectar. My eyes locked with hers for a moment and I let out a pleased whimper.

She pulled her finger out of my muzzle then sat back on the couch, spreading her legs. "More?" she asked.

I looked at her for a moment, unsure of what I should do next. I wanted to protest or even say something in my defense. Instead I walked towards her, pulling my robe off and letting it drop onto the floor. I felt it catch on my expanding ass, of which I gave a wiggle to work the fabric lose.

Walking up to the raccoon I leaned forward and kissed her, my breasts pressing against hers. Our nipples rubbed together for a moment before I broke the kiss. I looked down and pressed myself a bit closer to her. Her breasts were larger than mine, but I knew that wouldn't last much longer.

Slowly I sank down between the bimbo's legs until my nose was in line with her cute cunny. The scent of it wound its way into my head, removing what few doubts that might have been left in my mind. Letting out a breath I brushed a paw over my head, pushing the long red hair away, and then dove into her snatch.

My fellow bimbo let out a cry as I started to lick at her twat. My tongue pressed deeper then I had ever expected, flicking and teasing around in ways that made the raccoon squirm. She reached down and pressed her paws against my head, forcing me to go deeper into her. My tail flicked in excitement, my own sex leaking my juices down my legs.

I worked at her cunt, my paws running around her hips to rub at her soft ass, stroking and teasing at it as I pleased her. Her juices ran down my throat, warming from deep inside until it reached out to every part of my, from my ears to my tail. I teased back in, lapping more of the sweet juices, my tongue hitting all the right spots to make her moan over me.

Tina was moments away from an orgasm when a new voice broke in. "What the hell?" the voice was familiar, but I couldn't place it.

Sitting up I looked at the lion that stood above us. He was in his own robe, pulling tight around his body and a confused look on his face. "Theo?" I asked, his name coming up from the dregs of my bimbofied mind.

"What happened to you?" he demanded.

I thought about it for a moment, looking down at myself. My breasts were the perfect size now, just a little bit larger than the other bimbo and my hair was resting on the floor around my feet as I sat on my knees. I ran one hand down over my body, making sure I had all the sexy curves a bimbo needed to have.

Letting out a soft giggle I licked my lips, tasting Tina's juices. With another giggle I slipped a paw down and worked my fingers into my cunt, covering them with my heavy juices. I watched the lion above me as his eyes went wide. "Cleo?"

I giggled and looked back at him. "I'm sexy," I finally said, the put my fingers in my muzzle collecting my juices on my tongue, but not swallowing, I knew what I needed to do. Then, without more than and a pleased sound I jumped forward, pulling his robe apart and licking at his sheet. I pressed my tongue inside, letting my juices run down to tease over his limp cock.

He shivered and tried to pull away, but was blocked by Tina pressing against his back, her large breasts pressed squeezing around his sides. I kept teasing my tongue in his sheath, his penis starting to stir and rise up as the last of my saved juices ran over the head. The moment his cockhead was free of its fuzzy home I wrapped my lips around it and started to suck along it. I teased it with my tongue as my paws ran down to my twat, rubbing along it and collecting more juices.

The lion struggled a bit, trying to get away but my fellow bimbo helped him in place. I leaned back, letting his cock pop free and wrapping my wet fingers around the shaft, stroking along its growing length and I licked the pointed head.

He let out a soft growl and started to relax into my blowjob. Behind him Tina relaxed her grip, one of her paws diving down to her cunt then lifted it to the lion's lips. He sniffed at the juices that covered her fingers then sucked them into his muzzle. The look on his face as he tasted her matched the feelings that I had.

I took his cock back into my muzzle, suckling along it as his cock continued to grow. With one paw I reached down to stroke his balls, feeling them start to swell inside the furry sack. His cock was already at the size I remembered it being, but it continued to grow, sliding out and deep into my muzzle, teasing at the back of my throat. I idly noted that my gag reflex had gone away, but I really didn't care, the cock in my muzzle was far too important.

Leaning back I started to work my muzzle up and down his cock, my other hand stroking the growing length, pleased at how thick he had become, almost too big for my paws. I rolled his huge balls in his tight sack, brining out a moan from his lips.

I let his cock pop out of my muzzle and looked up at him. He had changed, the slightly belly that had hung over his belt had been replaced by a tight set of abs and firm pecks topped with thick nipples that matched the pair that both Tina and I had. His mane had filled out and his hair had grown until it reached his ass, flowing around his firm hips.

He pulled away from Tina and smiled at me, his paws on his hips as his foot and a half cock bouncing in front of him, precum running down the shaft. His balls were easily the size of baseballs and hung heavily between his tight legs and he looked at me with the familiar doe eyes and licked his lips.

Standing up I looked over the other bimbo's though the lion was more of a himbo, and giggled. "You're mine," I told him, running a paw down his firm cut chest.

Behind him Tina giggled as well. "Then mine," she said, reaching one paw down to pressing under his tail. He let out a pleased purr as two of her fingers slipped into his ass. He pressed back down at her paw, a smile on his muzzle.

I flicked my tail and pressed up close to him, my own paw slipping back to tease at my ass, I let out a pleased gasp as they slipped inside, almost as easily as they would go into my always wet pussy.

Theo leaned down and kissed me firmly on the lips then threw me down to the floor. I landed on my well padded backside and smiled up at him, my legs spreading without a word being said. The lion came down onto me, his hands slipping between my arms as my large nipple rubbing against his. He pressed down against me, flatten my rack as he kissed my firmly on the lips, I could feel the tip of his cock teasing the lips of my cunt.

With a single thrust he shoved at least half of his huge cock into my cunt. I felt my cunny pull tightly around his shaft but not too tight. I knew that I could easily take the rest of him without anything but pleasure. My tongue played around with his, pulling it into my muzzle as I reached around and stroked along his long hair.

A moment later I felt Tina's paws over mine, teasing along his hair as well then stroking down to the base of his tail. He lifted it up and flicked it in a come-hither motion to the raccoon girl. She bent down and pressed her nose under the base of his tail, her tongue pressing into his ass.

Theo let out a grunt and trusted ever harder into me, forcing the rest of his shaft into my pussy. It filled me to the brink, making me feel so very full, so very perfectly full. I cried out around his muzzle and thrust back against him.

My fellow bimbo pressed back against his ass, teasing deeper into him as he started to fuck me. His trusts were forceful, making my back rub against the carpet as he pounded into me, his balls hitting between my legs. I clawed at his thick hair, pulling him closer as I rocked hard against him, letting out a soft cry as the head of his huge cock pressed all the right places inside of me.

Above me the lion was letting out a pleased grunt with each thrust, his paws digging at the carpet on the floor with each thrust. Behind him Tina continued to tease at his ass, her talented tongue hitting all the right spots inside of him which made him trust into me with ever more strength.

I could feel his precum running heavily inside of my wet pussy, mixing with my juices as it ran down my legs and over his own balls. My body started to tense from deep inside as I felt my own pleasure starting to grow throughout my body, reaching out to jump over my fingers and toes, rushing up and down my tail.

Breaking away from the kiss with my lion I let out a cry as I came, but juices gushing out of my body like a flood. A moment later the himbo pressed tight into my and let out a roar as his cum started to pump into my twat, mixing with my own juices and jetting out with thick squirts. A second later Tina came, her body shaking as the chain or orgasms washed all three of us.

The mutual orgasm lasted for well over a minute as our juices soaked over the floor and the three of us. As it finally past Theo dropped down onto me, panting hard and a moment later Tina curled up with us, cuddling in close.

I licked at the pair of them, murring happily, one paw playing with the lion's hair, the other paw playing with the raccoons hair. She pressed in close as we all kissed all three muzzles and tongues moving between each other in quick succession. I didn't care how it had happened, but I knew that how we were was perfect, and I never wanted to be anything but a bimbo again.



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